The BEST Moments From Hell's Kitchen Season 15

Hell's Kitchen
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As we say goodbye to season 15, here are some of the best moments.
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.


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Apr 7, 2019




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Comments 2 447
Elias Juarez
Elias Juarez 2 hours ago
Does anyone know kristin’s Instagram?
What the hell is wrong with that fist lady 4:30 its what they deserve not fucking wasting time on a fucking salad bro
Lord Grim
Lord Grim 11 hours ago
nobody: that guy: WE
Callum Bradford
Callum Bradford 21 hour ago
The crowd be sounding like wii bowling
Gus Husla
Gus Husla 23 hours ago
I’d love to serve Gordon a microwaved hot dog on a wet bun.
Ivan L
Ivan L Day ago
Jackie deserves to be home early because her cooking skills sucks...
Yolo Day ago
As a resident in jersey... she doesn’t represent us
BRE oWo Day ago
Matthew Madruga
Matthew Madruga 2 days ago
She is like Jersey, needlessly arrogant
Micah Smith
Micah Smith 3 days ago
I can’t blame the Wellington one completely on Meese I say Kristen was apart of that as well. Meese said she wasn’t sure if it was ready and all Kristen did was just say if you think it’s not ready don’t bring it up. She was standing two inches from Meese she couldn’t of looked and told Meese that it was or wasn’t done. I would say they were both at fault.
Soul D
Soul D 3 days ago
I know they may be VEGETARIAN but they deserve better than this lol.
SwipeGameplay 3 days ago
What an Intro to the video 😂
Xterra Modding Community
Whoever wrote on the back of the chef coat and expected that person to be able to read it is one perceptive individual...
TheHellogoo 4 days ago
Me: when i make food for others Others: "Where's the food?" Me: *i ate it*
President BOOM
President BOOM 5 days ago
Y’all bitches wyldn
Aurma Cool
Aurma Cool 6 days ago
i have an idea wat if chef ramsay Vs his all team? Who will win Xd
Meme Collector
Meme Collector 6 days ago
0:05 damn girl you scare me
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 7 days ago
The trashcan are more full than the diners. 😒😒
Samuel Ling
Samuel Ling 7 days ago
The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver Moon
I laughed when Gordon laughed at his potatoes just because it's so silly
The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver Moon
When Gordon says he's done, you know what's coming next. GET OUT!
The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver Moon
Crunchy Eggplant. Hmmm . . . I've had stuffed zucchini. Now, I wanna try stuffed eggplant
salvador mateo
salvador mateo 8 days ago
A fork on your heads bandana are you kidding me fucking Gross mate
Woomy 9 days ago
Eddie made like 2 mistakes the entrie time and got sent home on bullshit. I think he could've won it
Wolf lover 786
Wolf lover 786 9 days ago
The only reason he gets so angry with them and not the kids as much cause these guys should be pro chefs
John Doe
John Doe Day ago
The adults claim to be pros.
Legging Phambers
Legging Phambers 5 days ago
Wolf lover 786 I think it’s because they are kids
MaryArts 9 days ago
Damn I would have eaten the beef wellington
Grigoriy Grigoryan
Wow, is it a toxic environment...
kevaplaya137 9 days ago
Jackie is fucking disgusting. No one is proud to be from Jersey
Gradual Pull
Gradual Pull 9 days ago
K Gordon
K Gordon 10 days ago
"I am the epitome of Jersey" I've basically lived my whole life in Jersey I have never met anyone like Jackie
Austin Shoemaker
Austin Shoemaker 11 days ago
@5:16 18 million people DO NOT read the magazine. 18 people are SIGNED UP for subscriptions. I Guarantee only a couple hundred thousand to a million people ACTUALLY READ the magazine
Miguel 1
Miguel 1 11 days ago
She really called herself sexy 💀
Alexis Gelis
Alexis Gelis 12 days ago
At least he nailed the prononciation of 'oui'
relentless 12 days ago
your a fat ugly mess
Petre 12 days ago
Wata fac...
Spaghetti overlord
Spaghetti overlord 13 days ago
“I am the epitome of jersey”... ok
Darthspock81 13 days ago
I know they may be vegetarian, but they deserve better than that... damn
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 13 days ago
Wait I just realized it's blood vs crips
IzzyNashty13 YT
IzzyNashty13 YT 13 days ago
I knew there was such thing as plural moose 6:17
Sabri 14 days ago
Akam 14 days ago
Is it just me that Gordon Ramsay doesn't swear as much now.
Andrew Ortiz
Andrew Ortiz 11 days ago
It might be he got sick of it, decided to start insulting people in more creative ways.
Are you Serious
Are you Serious 14 days ago
“I’ll kick your ass n suck your dick all at the same time” Hmm Heard it’s a perfect time of the year to visit jersey
Biswaraj Nath
Biswaraj Nath 14 days ago
Teacher : So miss, would you mind introducing yourself? Jackie's friends : Okay,,,,,....here we go again🤦🏻‍♂️
Lucas Vanderschuit
Lucas Vanderschuit 15 days ago
:10 My kinda girl
Robert Milak
Robert Milak 16 days ago
What does the pig say? Oui oui oui
Miguel 16 days ago
Who puts a salad on top of a pizza??
Lexo 16 days ago
MrCommenterx 17 days ago
Love how the audience is like WHOAAA and tut tut but probably would do even worse
ReducedSpeedz 17 days ago
We’ve served one table of appetizers *Holds up 4 fingers*
Andrew Goldin
Andrew Goldin 18 days ago
I’ll kick your ass and suck your dick at the same time. Wtf? Wasn’t this on cable?
That Birb
That Birb 19 days ago
the first girl made me watch the whole video
no0orano 19 days ago
I know they might be “vegetarian “ but they deserve more than this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no offense 😂😂😂
Yikes emojis
Josie May
Josie May 19 days ago
I should be sleeping... god dammit Ramsey
Danielle White
Danielle White 19 days ago
Now I see why cooks wear bandannas
Good Banter
Good Banter 19 days ago
First girl is walking, talking trash
Steven Sandoval
Steven Sandoval 19 days ago
Frank is Minnie Ronnie from the jersey shore
Steven Sandoval
Steven Sandoval 19 days ago
Lmao fuck that first girl honestly
Tyrone Wynn
Tyrone Wynn 20 days ago
Ariel was deffo the weak chef who got too far
Big X
Big X 20 days ago
Nobody One English boy: OUI
ll Z3L ll
ll Z3L ll 20 days ago
I lost it a 4:24 “What the f*** bro!”
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