The BEST Moments From Hell's Kitchen Season 15

Hell's Kitchen
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As we say goodbye to season 15, here are some of the best moments.
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.


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Apr 7, 2019




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Comments 80
damien parks
damien parks 18 hours ago
1:14 that guy in the back had some solid advice
Ryan Spangler
Ryan Spangler 18 hours ago
For a not so difficult job, these people fucking suck
Ryan Spangler
Ryan Spangler 18 hours ago
On a scale of 1-10(ten being hardest), how difficult do you people think being a chef is? Just curious
hobi hobi
hobi hobi 22 hours ago
Gordon: this is store bought!? Do you want to go home?! Me: *while eating salt and vinegar chips* completely unacceptable.
justin batt
justin batt 22 hours ago
What Jackie said was sickening!!! 🤦🤮🤮🤮😢
mo -fortnite
mo -fortnite 23 hours ago
1:26 the face of evil
Fred Day ago
Lets do it guys, oui?
Kyla Jean Hall
a little bit raw? that things still mooing
McDoofus-Kun Day ago
"Ay, ay, all of you come here!"
Okay but, in all fairness, why even have store bought items available in the kitchen in the first place?
Jared 2 days ago
"I'll kick your ass and such your dick" Damn bitch this is a cooking show
Michail Amvrosiadis
Gordon doesn't give a fuck. If he wants to say it he'll say it
Ben's Bonanza
Ben's Bonanza 2 days ago
Gordon Ramsay goes Sicko mo
fia fan.frickin.tastic
What the absolute fuck was that first one
Rafaela R
Rafaela R 2 days ago
Me, a 18 yo girl who doesn't even know how to cook: wow some of them are so bad at cooking
cullermann2 3 days ago
My god the audience is beyond stupid at these tastings
Girl With The Blue Glasses
Jared: Oui chef The rest of the blue team: AlL oF a SuDdEn He’S sPeAkInG fLuEnT fReNcH LiKe WhAt Is HaPpEnInG
Haydee Villanueva
0:16 best intro ive ever heard hahaha😂
just no one
just no one 4 days ago
I can feel the stress out from the screen
bloxy box
bloxy box 5 days ago
im only here from gordon saying f*ck you
Joseph Espinosa
Joseph Espinosa 5 days ago
Wtf is Frank's problem ok ur a chef but calm tf down it isn't even personally offending anyone we get it it's a serious show it's ok to have some light comedy from time to time or what ever tf just cuz he's saying something in French jeez
Enirah Hill
Enirah Hill 6 days ago
Am i the only one who that thinks Chad is cute? ctfu
Obama Prism
Obama Prism 7 days ago
Surprised Kevin getting kicked out isnt in this, he just left, no after interview when they get kicked, his last words on this show were “yes chef”
Easton Siwek
Easton Siwek 7 days ago
The crowd when a contestant uses something pre made: *ooooooooooooo. Ahhhhhhhhh*. Them at home making a pizza: *alright premise crust, canned tomato sauce, bagged pepperonis
Rikki Panero
Rikki Panero 7 days ago
Did she just say.. 'Ill kick your ass and suck your dick at the same time' Dont know wether i feel scared or horny or just shell shocked.
MrLTiger 8 days ago
I love how americans get intimidated by the word "oui" so easily. If I said "DA, DA, DA!" would they think I speak german? probably
Keve kulcsár
Keve kulcsár 9 days ago
Did I just hear Jackie just called herself sexy???
Th3 Realzz
Th3 Realzz 9 days ago
3:00 Why does she act like this?
Th3 Realzz
Th3 Realzz 9 days ago
1:06 was one of the most cringest reactions I have ever seen...
Alcatraz2048 9 days ago
5:00 linda fears. what does she fear? Ramsay? Ducks? please, someone help me
Jenson Wong
Jenson Wong 10 days ago
Beni Zobarič
Beni Zobarič 10 days ago
7:54 homie started saying oui i died ahahahagagagagag
Energised Voyages
Energised Voyages 12 days ago
Introducing the audience was one of the worst decisions they could have done. Gordon: *glances slightly critically* Audience: "OoOoOoOoOoOoOOooOOOOoooo!!"
Hannah Paterson
Hannah Paterson 12 days ago
“Kick your ass and suck your dick all in the same time” Sounds kinda rape-y
TokenFanatic 12 days ago
judging by the epitome "jersey girl" jersey should opt for a replacement
Yung Saucey
Yung Saucey 12 days ago
0:12 damn wya tho
Ciaran Wilson
Ciaran Wilson 13 days ago
Maddie Cody
Maddie Cody 14 days ago
Kristin reminds me of a snapping turtle.
John Rambo
John Rambo 18 days ago
if you ever get the chance to go eat at hells kitchen just stay away from the scallops the risoto, the steak and the lamb definately the chicken and salmon and lastly the wellingtons...just have a dessert you'll be fine
Rowan Alsheikh
Rowan Alsheikh 18 days ago
the beginning tho
Admin-1 Umaster
Admin-1 Umaster 19 days ago
When gordon asked wheres the lobster it was hillarious when he flipped the plate and looked under it
J Randall
J Randall 20 days ago
My peepee retreated back up into my body...
Purple Face
Purple Face 20 days ago
0:57 all these mf standing around like meerkats
jarednil69 20 days ago
2 chicken 2 Tuna 2 snapper 2 u UGHHH
Melissa Mettie
Melissa Mettie 20 days ago
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
The first girl .. ew .
TUNG David
TUNG David 21 day ago
Oui 🤣🤣🤣
RossDiamondThief 21 day ago
“I know they may be vegetarian, but they deserve better than that!” HAHAHA even Gordon won’t let vegetarians eat shit😂🤣
L3M0N BASS 23 days ago
M W 24 days ago
Americans: I am from ...... audience: wooooooooo!!!!
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange 25 days ago
Gordon: Wheres the claw? Joe: I ate it. Gordon: Wheres the knuckle? Joe: I ate it. Gordon: Wheres the tail? Joe: I ate it. Gordon: Wheres the rest of the dish? Joe: I ate it. Gordon: Wheres the plate? Joe: I ate it.
Joep 25 days ago
mastshke 27 days ago
0:12 weird flex, but ok.
"Try and talk like that in Brooklyn-" Let me stop you there moron, you would do nothing.
Fauzan Nugraha
Fauzan Nugraha 28 days ago
Wapo man
Wapo man 29 days ago
Ramsay seems to have surprisingly never lost his voice completely on Hell’s Kitchen
Dionisius Jonea Lesmana
of course jacky would laugh at that bison joke
Eclipalypse •
Eclipalypse • 29 days ago
Sharkfin Month ago
"Jackie, you forgot your diapers* in such a calm tone is iconic
A_Random_Nerd Month ago
0:05 Jackie sounds kinky and badass at the same time
Artyom Month ago
First lacks self awareness
Barry Scott
Barry Scott Month ago
‘I’m Beautiful, sexy’ Me: sorry what, I couldn’t hear you over your ugliness
João Tava
João Tava Month ago
When you grow up eating McDonald’s and in your 20’s you think you can cook only because you believe it’s a easier way out of college because your an imbecile. Later you find out not only are you an imbecile that never went to college you are an embarrassment to culinary and all the culture, history and hard work it takes to become a great chef
João Tava
João Tava Month ago
How can a girl that is not beautiful, not sexy say in TV “kick your ass and suck your dick at the same time”? This is someone that has no respect and I can’t believe this show would go this low and allow someone to talk like that and not edit it out
Dark_Matter Month ago
“Wot a shame”
xxDrain Month ago
Why do they even stock canned sauces if it's never ok to use them? :D
The Golden jet
The Golden jet 28 days ago
They wanna look neat
Alana Lester
Alana Lester Month ago
Is it just me or did Chef Andie and be Husband kinda look alike, like related look alike
Anmol Rai
Anmol Rai Month ago
that women at 1:26 is looking scary shit
Ian Rae
Ian Rae Month ago
“I’m tough, I’m beautiful, I’m sexy” Erm...I can see two things wrong with that statement Jackie 😂🤣
Cowman Month ago
“I will kick your ass and suck your dick all at the same time.” Now I don’t mean to bring back a dead meme, but that’s a pretty weird flex...
Rg Tldro
Rg Tldro Month ago
4:31 The Flash (Berry Allen) is that you? 😂😂😂⚡⚡
DEAD MEME Month ago
Best 13 seconds of my life
CrazeyP Month ago
Jackie was pretty... pretty fucking delusional
AsianMari Month ago
I just love Christina and how she began as a contestent from season 10 to being Gordons right hand chef
Magnanimous Contributor
0:05-0:13. So why the fuck is she aspiring to be a chef!?? 🤔
Jason White
Jason White Month ago
I hate the live audience
Aislinn Month ago
Damn Frank really hates the French huh?
R1zen Month ago
0:06 Tough beautiful and sexy? Hell no...
Amrit Thillainathan
Why does chef give raw food to Gordon but throws properly cooked stuff into the bin
Nocturnal Nikki
Nocturnal Nikki Month ago
"I will kick your ass and suck your dick all at the same time" is the most authentic Girl mood I have ever heard. If you have never felt that before ur either too young, lying to yourself, or lesbian.
karen Month ago
“Piadina” is not pizza. 😃 it doesn’t even taste like pizza.
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