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FIFA 19, Alex Sandro, Flashback Sandro
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Wolf Bear
Wolf Bear 11 months ago
Doing a Serie A manager makes my day. Thx sir!🤣
Football is better than other Sports
Can yo please do a review on 91 Marcos Alonso?
imbalancEr 11 months ago
Use him at CDM in 41212(2). He is awesome.
XNbeastX 11 months ago
did the sbc sandro for free and hes homestly the best sbc i have done in a while
Jayesh Moorjani
Jayesh Moorjani 11 months ago
How do you do the skill on 9:55 without touching the ball!?
Gaming Beast
Gaming Beast 11 months ago
Try the 96 Serie striker
yashar talebi
yashar talebi 11 months ago
Finally kicked ballack to the curb and brought in moments vieira .. Nick i honestly think you can go 30-0 bro i been watchin your gameplay on the champions channel n i love it
Riccardo C
Riccardo C 11 months ago
Putting in all the undtradables tots that i dont use.. spending about 70k forr sandro.. not bad..
Gipuzkoa 11 months ago
Telles is still superior
Don’t Worry
Don’t Worry 11 months ago
Owen Haseldine
Owen Haseldine 11 months ago
Best LB moments Carlos
Josh hill
Josh hill 11 months ago
Please can you make a video on how you improved at FIFA
Bertram Bak Holmberg
Bertram Bak Holmberg 11 months ago
Best youtuber without a doubt! Love all your content Nick! Keep up the good work!!
Jakob Førli Brunvatne
Really want to get him but have TOTS Alba and Alonso untradeable :/
Up SCOMO ! 11 months ago
What about playing Sandro as a cdm In a 352 ?
High Pressure - ضغط عالي
Blanc prime moments or MiIitao
Clap ya hands everybody
I'm thinking toty Marcelo is still better he honestly just plays sooooo good every game
sean rodgers
sean rodgers 11 months ago
Alejandro Gomez is rediculous at Central CAM
ExploZion 11 months ago
so how's the militao feeling on the 7-8 chem?
FifaUltimateClips 11 months ago
Can someone help.. TOTY Marcelo or FB Alex Sandro
Matthew_ 13
Matthew_ 13 11 months ago
FifaUltimateClips if u can craft Sandro for cheap from the upgrade packs then Sandro all the way
King SavageFIFA
King SavageFIFA 11 months ago
Nick are you going to xbox for fifa 20 or staying on ps4?
Jose Tafoya
Jose Tafoya 11 months ago
12:10 that's what he said
Josh Kere
Josh Kere 11 months ago
If I have Red Eder Militao and have already TOTS Telles at LB should I complete Sandro?
Adrian Almaguer
Adrian Almaguer 11 months ago
Josh Kere if you have some cards in your club to drop his price by like 40-50% then I’d say go for it and see if you’d like him
Jamal Benshaaban
Jamal Benshaaban 11 months ago
6:35 Nick: "Gullit doesn't miss from that range" 13:45 Also Nick: "HOW DID GULLIT MISS THAT!?" FIFA 19 Ladies and Gentlemen
DELICE 11 months ago
Nick, get that TOTY De Gea out and get 89 Van der Sar, he's so much better imo
DELICE 11 months ago
@Sergio Martinez I honeslty prefer him over TOTY De Gea
DELICE 11 months ago
@Sergio Martinez Yes he's miles better, he is faster.
Zac Mouawad
Zac Mouawad 11 months ago
Why did the second team have all basic chem styles 🤔
Beto 11 months ago
All those who say telles is better have telles untradeable lol
FUT Fungus
FUT Fungus 11 months ago
Follow FUT_Fungus on twitch
hydrated melon
hydrated melon 11 months ago
what the heck the guy at 12:10 was using basic on everyone
hydrated melon
hydrated melon 11 months ago
nick i use him as a cdm in 4231 with prime vieira and theyre such a beasty partnership, his passing is nice and on the ball he is really smooth atleast compared to telles
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 11 months ago
Anyone know what instructions he has on his full backs?
A 11 months ago
Hi guys i have 5 fut swap tokens at the moment and want the mid icon pack, am i on the right amount or not??
A 11 months ago
Paulo PSN Thanks man
Papa_Foxtrot_ 11 months ago
3 from objectives, 1 given and 1 from the sbc. You're good
DragoalzZz 11 months ago
I have Alonso 91 eul. Should I go for this Sandro?
Babhs Yoda
Babhs Yoda 11 months ago
If u can fit him in your team and have the coins yes since he is here until friday and probably wont be released again.He is incredible.
Dios. 11 months ago
Completed him. He’s insane. Use an Anchor.
Benjamin Mastrangelo élève
I completed sandro and I play him at Lm In a 352
The King
The King 11 months ago
Laurentino Perez where would he?
Tino Perez
Tino Perez 11 months ago
Why at lm 😂😂
Mike Warmbold
Mike Warmbold 11 months ago
My only problem is he seems to be smaller in game than his numbers say. I switched from Robertson who is shorter but seemed taller
Kdb 133
Kdb 133 11 months ago
I’ve got tots telles red. Is Sandro worth getting? Is he really that much better?
r2105 11 months ago
12:00 this guy doesn't believe in chem styles
VJ 11 months ago
Too broke for FB Sandro so fut swap Sandro it is 😂
El Negrito
El Negrito 11 months ago
Michael Maye
Michael Maye 11 months ago
Please bring back Socrates
FreVzy 11 months ago
Shall i do alex sandro sbc or use digne tots?😅
FreVzy 11 months ago
gchamb13 1 thanks bro i did him and he is god
Griffin Chamberlin
Griffin Chamberlin 11 months ago
Digne is definitely not the best so if you have the money I would do sandro
yannick 11 months ago
8:44 we need to talk Nick.... youtube will ban u
yannick 11 months ago
@John Tah look at him moaning
John Tah
John Tah 11 months ago
yannick what
Cold Fusion044
Cold Fusion044 11 months ago
Go sentinel
Cold Fusion044
Cold Fusion044 11 months ago
I did Sandro for 135k I’m happy
aiman ahmed
aiman ahmed 11 months ago
Bro how to get 80 chemistry?
Mazzuz Bogguz
Mazzuz Bogguz 9 months ago
aiman ahmed wtf
Bryan Arias
Bryan Arias 11 months ago
Do mertens
Mark Blacoe
Mark Blacoe 11 months ago
Really surprised you called out Schulz as the weak link in the 2nd game. With a sentential 96 pace, 97 def and 95 phy. He has almost the same stats as Sandro on an anchor. He’s 140k vs 511k. On a budget that’s your man. I packed him in 81+ and he has blistering pace. Also same height as Sandro. I’ve not really used sandro in fifa this year. Packed the 86 and used a few times and it’s shit at this stage in fifa so can’t compare but would be interested to know. I have a full bundesliga team but have 91 hamsik, 87 bonaventura etc with icons I could build a nice serie a team. Packed 96 quags as well this morning so really thinking about this Sandro card.
michael deley
michael deley 11 months ago
@Nick was he better than your telles ?
Kasper 11 months ago
You said "offside", I'm so happy! :)
Chappelle HD
Chappelle HD 11 months ago
review tots gomez
Chappelle HD
Chappelle HD 11 months ago
review tots gomez
Bels 11 months ago
*Complains about broken mechanics* Proceeds to score the most broken mechanic in the game loooooooooooooooooooool
Bels 11 months ago
Jason Titelman 100%, but because they’re not crosses for some reason they’re not broken. Nicks following kills me 😂😂
Cyberaser 11 months ago
Bad to link without icon CB.
Jason Liang
Jason Liang 11 months ago
Literally strong links to ronaldo lmfao
jaishu123 11 months ago
Cyberaser everyone has an icon CB by now.
Alfie Potter
Alfie Potter 11 months ago
You should have put tots Alison in goal instead of de gea would’ve put everyone on full chem💁
Jason Titelman
Jason Titelman 11 months ago
A girl? Kinda rare
Alfie Potter
Alfie Potter 11 months ago
Or ederson🤷‍♀️
Siriwat Ruechai
Siriwat Ruechai 11 months ago
Please try Mertens!
J Dredd
J Dredd 11 months ago
Hi! I really started to enjoy your videos, thanks for this great content. But: Have you ever tested Schulz ? I use him as an emergency soluten to get a yellow link to red jovic and i have to say that he is better for me then Da Costa Tots. Im just asking because you blame him as "not good". Greetings from Germany!
asaditus 11 months ago
180 and 73 jumping is very poor in a game where backpost crosses are used and abused
Mc Chicken
Mc Chicken 11 months ago
Should I do him I have Telles tots untradable I can probably do him for 100k or less
Garrett Schuppner
Garrett Schuppner 11 months ago
First time shot is so broken doesn't matter who's taking it skriniar with 44 shooting scorer one from outside the bix
Big chillin
Big chillin 11 months ago
Do cr7
Alexgoal10 11 months ago
Nobody: Nick: MBAPPÉ!!!!!
Oli Ferguson
Oli Ferguson 11 months ago
I got a red Robertson but sandro fits into my team on Chem aswell do I do him?
jaishu123 11 months ago
Oli Ferguson robertson has no jumping so I'd say yes
TwTi 11 months ago
Sandro: makes simple pass Nick: OHHH WHAT A PASS!
S H 11 months ago
There is a trend that every player he looks at is "OMG INSANE BEST (insert position here) IN FUT!!!"
Beto 11 months ago
It was a good cross to sterling
Frederik Fonteyn
Frederik Fonteyn 11 months ago
Would you do Alex Sandro if you have a red telles?
Zé Miguel
Zé Miguel 11 months ago
i think not, i also have dat telles
MrNigthing 11 months ago
wrong title, Marcos Alonso is the best LB in the game
n4p0815 11 months ago
stop spoiling in the title already man.
Nando 11 months ago
I got Deadeye on FB Sandro
Ruben S
Ruben S 11 months ago
Rocking that In n Out too classic
xChaleur 11 months ago
RIP KDB. He will never touch the ball after that goal from Cruyf
Kion Zolfaghary
Kion Zolfaghary 11 months ago
You should definitely be showing us his best clips from around 10 games if u can as we are seeing you forcing it to that player.
Josh Leader
Josh Leader 11 months ago
8:30 my 94 reus always does that, does anyone know how to stop that and when to use driven properly
Josh Leader
Josh Leader 11 months ago
Fitz me Daddy I hit perfect timed every shot since first week of fifa
Filip Vikenes
Filip Vikenes 11 months ago
Josh Leader time it correctly??
Lagjab Cccc
Lagjab Cccc 11 months ago
TOTS witsel is better than your viera. Pls do a review on him as well
Simon Condell
Simon Condell 11 months ago
these reviews are great
Benpie the senpai
Benpie the senpai 11 months ago
Just found your channel a couple of weeks ago, but loving all the content brother! Looking forward to follow you even more during fifa 20!
Benpie the senpai
Benpie the senpai 11 months ago
@Yo Mama i did like a year ago, just havent changed the picture yet lol
JM 11 months ago
Your opponents were such boneheads today!
luca dantas
luca dantas 11 months ago
Please do Mertens
xChaleur 11 months ago
Alex Telles is like the clumsy Alex Sandro from FIFA 17 and some of 18.
Xerzus 11 months ago
Guardian on TELLES and you’re good
Outman Wawa Dahab
Outman Wawa Dahab 11 months ago
try ederson
Marvin Gregory
Marvin Gregory 11 months ago
ITANI 2.0 😂
paul l
paul l 11 months ago
i completed sandro less than an hour before this video, it made me really excited to play
Dashoost 11 months ago
I was hoping for Sandro TOTS and when I saw the flash SBC I had to have him. He is a God. Gave up my red TOTS Demirbay and TOTS Tah to get him and I have 0 regrets. enjoy
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