The Best Great Big Stories of 2019

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It’s time to share our “best of” list of 2019. Take a look at some of Great Big Story’s best videos of the year. Ah, the memories.
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This story is a part of our Human Condition series. Come along and let us connect you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world.
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Comments 80
no 5 days ago
wolfgang evans
wolfgang evans 6 days ago
I'm so flabbergasted
Lexx Camm
Lexx Camm 9 days ago
I really want the sound effect of the "bing" in the intro of these videos. its my favorite lol
ゴ「Sleepless Studios」ゴ
The health inspector is gonna have a field day on the Soup.
Chilli pepper
Chilli pepper Month ago
I love chalk, the way the disappear when i slide it through the board is satisfying, not to mention the sound/screech they made
Green Apple
Green Apple Month ago
when young people trying to save a dying art - that's something.
Andrew Ang
Andrew Ang Month ago
The bamboo guy got balls of steel
Xander O'Neill
Xander O'Neill Month ago
13:33 peep the fake supreme
WaitAMinute _
WaitAMinute _ 22 days ago
Chill 😂😂
Kimbs Salvatore
Kimbs Salvatore Month ago
Very little selection of stories for a year but still good video
Nick_Crouton 666
Doktar Nakamatsuuu
ResidentEvil302 Rican215usa
He didnt invent the 1sr digital watch look it up
Giorgi Lockapishvili
I bet his good at riding other "poles" too 😏
Karrie Langley
Karrie Langley 2 months ago
45 years of soup drippings...disgusting! (0_0)
Jhenifer Acacia
Jhenifer Acacia 2 months ago
The editing of these videos is amazing!!!! Fantastic team of editors!
VantaBlvk 2 months ago
Funny how all these stories are liked to Asians
Jaime Ortiz
Jaime Ortiz 2 months ago
Its a bamboden
il cevin
il cevin 2 months ago
I hope Marco is wearing cycling pants
Max C
Max C 3 months ago
Yai Denduangkeow
Yai Denduangkeow 3 months ago
Tony Tng
Tony Tng 3 months ago
i randomly walked past that beef noodle shop without knowing anything about it, thought i will try it out as it was the first shop i saw after coming out from my airbnb, trust me.... it's nothing special and crazily overpriced for bangkok's food price
noot noot
noot noot 16 days ago
its actually pretty good though, i used to go there quite often. i guess its kinda expensive but i think its at least worth a try and shouldnt be totally discarded
budy salaam
budy salaam Month ago
How the taste compared other beef noodle?
David Hiew
David Hiew 3 months ago
Chalked that as a great big story, for sure .. 😉
Kr4iT 11
Kr4iT 11 3 months ago
Nakamats got no chills
Matt H
Matt H 3 months ago
5:30 damn she got an ass
Kvro Darkdeath
Kvro Darkdeath 3 months ago
Dr. Nakamats is like an insane genius from an anime 😂
Chaos Black
Chaos Black 3 months ago
6:03 so gold phones don't work well
kevin gitau
kevin gitau 3 months ago
They guy doing the seesaw noodles, his balls left the chat
Danielle (Student) CHAU
But I hate math no efence to the people wh9 like math
Danielle (Student) CHAU
Hannah Maya
Hannah Maya 3 months ago
12:48 When you're too lazy to do the dishes...
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 3 months ago
You need to stop Trump from destabilizing China in Hong Kong. Well that's going to be a bit of a difficult task considering the cyber warfare tactics were perfected under the Obama administration. That's really not my problem.
SMAASSHH & WRECK 3 months ago
This is the one restaurant kids can have fun in
Why do the eggs for the noodles look brown!!?
Jisooo 9 days ago
bamboo noodles use duck eggs instead of chicken
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa 3 months ago
Non-mobile cameras are currently in low supply and low demand due to the existence of Instagram. Can you believe 'tis almost the pictorial social media app's 10th anniversary?! What a decade of dope photos shot on earth!
? 3 months ago
At 6:38 they are playing the music from the tide commercials did anyone else realize it
BizzNizz 3 months ago
That tune hasn’t originated from a Tide ad.
The drawing Man
The drawing Man 3 months ago
It’s chalk
RealTv Gaming
RealTv Gaming 3 months ago
Their is a exercise that can damage your spine and a celebrity excersier banned it from his daily plan (ad)
Ben FLIPS 3 months ago
That looks kinda fun
VanGogh22 3 months ago
Why would you not clean the spill over? Eww.
Trill Murray
Trill Murray 3 months ago
That soup ring though... also someone else made a comment about the pot wearing away after all those years of cooking. Maybe they empty the pot into a cambro or something like it, clean the pot, let it dry, and toss the leftovers back in the next morning?
Logan Dude
Logan Dude 3 months ago
Cool Ripple User
Cool Ripple User 3 months ago
Yo bro the first guy got balls of steel, literally
ronak bhanushali
ronak bhanushali 3 months ago
The Dr is a fake
Avery George
Avery George 3 months ago
Retractable landing gear has been around since about WW2, I have slightly doubt the patent guy invented them.
budy salaam
budy salaam Month ago
Hmmm, maybe retractable landing gear consists of many technology. So I think he patented one of the technology.
Jan-jan Abelida
Jan-jan Abelida 3 months ago
It was Matthew B. Sellers II. Sellers invented the retractable landing gear in 1908
Brian 3 months ago
looks like taint noodle is a better name for someone who puts bamboo on is genitals and food items.
Richard Ferrante
Richard Ferrante 3 months ago
the great big stories, from japan
Zea 3 months ago
Dr Nakamatsu is the cutest old man I've ever seen
sandy Liao
sandy Liao 3 months ago
Vodkalized 3 months ago
The old Japanese inventor one feels like the backstory of a future super villain
greyishgreblum 3 months ago
Bamboo male stud hollow bolt marriage to ceramic female fitting.
MaKos2004 3 months ago
Lol the floppy disk was invented by Alan Shugart in 1967 working with IBM
STALKER 3 months ago
This video was made a year ago Becuz for me its already 2020
Rhianna Lynch
Rhianna Lynch 3 months ago
He beat his noodles with a big bamboo stick...
Nutshell Bread
Nutshell Bread 3 months ago
45 of broth spill over?! I thought that was wood!
LilOddRyan 3 months ago
0:19 *when u have no one to play seesaw with...*
Lakpa Sherpa
Lakpa Sherpa 3 months ago
Looks delicious 😋
MrMyopinionsmatter 3 months ago
Woah. Dr Nakamats is my hero.
Cindy Ho
Cindy Ho 3 months ago
omg why has the inventor not broken the world record of inventing yet? I wanna meet dr nagamats!!!
Shawn 3 months ago
That Asian soup is disgusting...with that ring of petrified soup surrounding it. I got food poisoning just watching it
Nick Peterson
Nick Peterson 3 months ago
Those were the best huh?
Juan Rivas
Juan Rivas 3 months ago
The best great big story of 2019 is Epstein not killing himself
MrMethadrine 3 months ago
like you cant do this bs without a 5 foot bamboo..
Gaming With sh0ck
Gaming With sh0ck 3 months ago
Even ho is now math pro
veena B
veena B 3 months ago
Happy new year @ great big story Hope the 2020 will be of great stories
Το κανάλι του παππού
He is very energetic for 91 years old
Tan Ten
Tan Ten 3 months ago
I don't get it. Why not use markers?
Vesty Steiner
Vesty Steiner 3 months ago
Of course Japanese chalks are better if they were brought to us by Otsutsuki Hagoromo himself ^^
Julius Villas
Julius Villas 3 months ago
Noah Connor
Noah Connor 3 months ago
Tell me if I am mistaken but, if that broth is cooking since 50 years then the taste is propably coming from rusty metall. No stainless steel can hold 50 years of cooking temperatures + water. they rather changed it over the years or... dunno And since they add always more and more on it, iam pretty sure that they dont see the bottom of that cooking bowl.
VantaBlvk 2 months ago
Stainless steel doesn’t rust
helena naumovska
helena naumovska 3 months ago
Noah Connor they actually clean that bowl, infact every day. its just the fact they keep the soup and refill it, that's how it tastes good .
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes 3 months ago
Why does dr nakamats sound like someone from naruto
EXILE MEDIA 3 months ago
Chalks anonymous
Hien Nguyen
Hien Nguyen 3 months ago
Normal do drug , mathematicians do chalk
Eli Schlossberg
Eli Schlossberg 3 months ago
If you ever used Hagoromo you would understand
Aaron Z.
Aaron Z. 3 months ago
Discovering this channel made 2019 so much better.
_Nexus_ 3 months ago
Anybody watching in 2015?
ZombifieD Citizen
ZombifieD Citizen 3 months ago
You can thank the dude ass cheeks for your noodles.
M Ilham Farrohi
M Ilham Farrohi 3 months ago
Customer: This noodles feels so good. Cook: Thanks to my groin. *awkwardly silence*
ShernWei Lee
ShernWei Lee 4 days ago
Bro Would have chuck spoon at you if you say that to me. Don't lump food with Pee
More with Mya
More with Mya 2 months ago
Ok that must feel good tho
Alina Nechiporenko
Alina Nechiporenko 3 months ago
Danielle (Student) CHAU congratulations for being 8!
Danielle (Student) CHAU
I am from Hong Kong and why would u ever say dat and I’m 8
Faith Rains
Faith Rains 3 months ago
Lol 😂. best comment of 2019
kit marz
kit marz 3 months ago
Great job on all your stories for 2019, team. Cheers to more for 2020! 😊
Ryugo7 7
Ryugo7 7 3 months ago
69th comment because I’m a dirty little birdy
Bintang Achmad
Bintang Achmad 3 months ago
is it just me or does the narrator of the second story with dr. nakamatsu sound exactly like gaijin goomba?
Mista, Guido S.
Mista, Guido S. 3 months ago
Aight, epic
grediuce 3 months ago
91 but still full of energy
OatCookies 3 months ago
David Andersson
David Andersson 3 months ago
Repost number 3 of these videos. You guys sure know how to re-use videos and squeeze out all possible ad money
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