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From Gordon Ramsay, to Shaq, to Billie Eilish, Da Bomb Beyond Insanity had its way with Hot Ones guests all year long-not to mention Sean Evans, from time to time. Take a look back at some of 2019's best reactions to the infamous #8 sauce in the Hot Ones lineup-including Stone Cold Steve Austin's heart-rate check and Scarlett Johansson's lap of the table.

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Dec 21, 2019




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Comments 6 439
First We Feast
First We Feast 2 months ago
Do you think Da Bomb should ever be replaced? What sauces do you want to see on the table next year? Hit us with that sauce talk!
Cullen Garrett
Cullen Garrett Month ago
Ute Ajdb
Ute Ajdb Month ago
We want Blove!!
Sidney Eubanks
Sidney Eubanks Month ago
Hell no
daidai907 Month ago
No never!!!!!!!
BeastGamingHD Month ago
Make something hotter than "da bomb". Make "da nuke" -- 10x hotter.
Chris Ventsias
Chris Ventsias 2 minutes ago
They still make Dr pain in the ass rectum wreaker? If so......
King_Moab 2019
This is a great video, didn't know Billy's tounge was so long #dabomb
Alex Alex
Alex Alex Hour ago
Mattric System
Gotta leave Da Bomb... that’s my “oh crap now their going to feel it” moment every episode!
raelik777 Hour ago
The wickedness of the pineapple extract (bromelain, a.k.a. meat tenderizer) in Da Bomb cannot be understated.
Connor Dickerson
Did a hot wings challenge a few days back, da bomb is insane! hotter then any ghost peper sauce iv ever had by a margin!
Srijan Thakur
Srijan Thakur Hour ago
Replace Da Bomb Beyond Insanity with Da Bomb The Final Answer or Da Bomb Ground Zero
Herman Alsaker
Herman Alsaker 2 hours ago
The only one thing I have to do was for a month or a week from a car and then i is a new day 🙏
Casey Jensen
Casey Jensen 4 hours ago
This is a sauce you'd seriously need to try to be able to understand just what they are going through. 😂😂 It's effin gnarly.. I was hurting for a while after trying that sauce for the first time
Harold, 4th of his name.
i have some of this in the pantry right now, it's pretty good
Josh Robson
Josh Robson 8 hours ago
Anyone else feel like "da bomb" sauce is secretly hotter then the two above it, every ep I see that one seems to get the biggesf reaction out of everyone
average metalhead
average metalhead 9 hours ago
I'm pretty convinced that da' bomb is hotter than the last dab, no wonder why no one reacts as bad to it as they do with Da' Bomb
Zept Tillian
Zept Tillian 10 hours ago
How come ken jeong has dissapeared from the hot ones?
Christopher Cantrell
We have a b9ttle of da Bomb and it's freaking hot as hot is hot!!!
PotatoMG 10 hours ago
Kid Tastic
Kid Tastic 11 hours ago
Check out paper bike music video here. ruvid.net/video/video-LhTNcrX7lmU.html Check it out. It is hotter than scarlett Johansson eating da bomb chicken wings.
F C 11 hours ago
who else just started to sweat from their nose
tristan 11 hours ago
0:42 when your printer makes a sound you've never heard before
Youtubers rule Youtube
jamie oliver Pénélope cruz ksi pewdiepie ellen mario batali ryan reynolds hugh jackman chris hemsworth psy snoop dogg russel crowe criss pratt simon pegg jimmy fallon saoirse ronan emma watson
forkda crab32
forkda crab32 12 hours ago
0:41 my reaction when my cum sock is clean
MrKevim 12 hours ago
Where’s Juice WRLD
Daina Williams
Daina Williams 12 hours ago
Just LOL🤪
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith 12 hours ago
Steve o literaly could give two fucks when he ate it
Doc .Rankin
Doc .Rankin 13 hours ago
You guys shouldn't drink milk when doing these sorts of challenges. Milk contains lactic acid (slightly acidic) which doesn't help your burn. Drink water and maybe chew a tums. Your mouth feels on fire because your pain receptors are telling you they are. Rinse with water and help neutralize the acidity of the pepper with a tums. Hope this helps
Charles Wagner
Charles Wagner 14 hours ago
Vandal42 15 hours ago
Why is Da Bomb #8?!?!?!?!
Henry Meredith
Henry Meredith 15 hours ago
Mix all the sauces.
Don't know don't care
We need to get Will Smith to say "Ah that's hot" while eating a chicken wing.
Jeremy Wing
Jeremy Wing 15 hours ago
This show is so hot! My eyes burned after watching and it burned like hell! Thank you bwahhaaa:)
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 15 hours ago
I’d love for Hallie Berry to blow her breath in my face
Ali Q
Ali Q 16 hours ago
1:00 😈😈😈
Brett Ellison
Brett Ellison 16 hours ago
"fuck you Sean"
Sloth King
Sloth King 17 hours ago
0:44 when thanos realized the stones weren't on the glove in End Game
PlayingGuitarRules1 17 hours ago
I am more shocked how much Halle Berry looks like Steven Tyler.
Chelsie warren
Chelsie warren 17 hours ago
Da bomb sauce hits hard I took one dab now it’s in the fridge forever never will try again
Samuel L.Sanga
Samuel L.Sanga 17 hours ago
Distant Vision
Distant Vision 17 hours ago
I once accidentally drank from a bottle that had been sprayed with bear spray. It fucked me up for 2 weeks. It felt like my face exploded, I got dizzy, I puked, and had a bleeding nose. I could feel my blood pressure, and my heart was going nuts.. I could hardly speak, and I had ass-voice for over a week. It got in my nose, and even fucked my hearing up. I swear it was going into my eyes/nose/ears through my sinuses.. Even my lips were burning, and they felt like they were the swollen. That was the hottest stuff I ever tasted. (3.2-3.6 million Scoville)
JKnifeXXX 18 hours ago
mayson lee
mayson lee 18 hours ago
Gordon Ramsays the best. "Now I'm crying over a fucking wing" I'm dead
Artin 19 hours ago
3:57 Your mom does this a lot doesn't she 😉
Clay Coppinger
Clay Coppinger 19 hours ago
3:08 "i just remembered something from a long time ago" LOLOLOL
Pho Twenty
Pho Twenty 20 hours ago
Look at shaq saying they dont know how to make hot wings then proceed to take a small ass bite 😂😂😂😂
guero 20 hours ago
that shit made me hallucinate
Julio Luna
Julio Luna 20 hours ago
watch 0:43 at x0.25 speed ROFL
Benjamin Noble
Benjamin Noble 20 hours ago
Notice, there’s no DJ Khalid, he didn’t make it this far
Saharan Snowman
Saharan Snowman 21 hour ago
I love this show and your TV show is awesome but watching people eat Da Bomb is a part of the show I look forward to thanks for the content keep it up
Spiritual Empress
Spiritual Empress 21 hour ago
I wanna try it. When I get the capsaicin hit and it makes you sweat almost immediately, I’m sold 👌
specific78 21 hour ago
If da’bomb ever gets replaced i am unsubscribing. I always get a little excited when its its the next wing up
Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker 21 hour ago
i feel lim coming out backwards lmfao
lamelama22 21 hour ago
Da Bomb should never be replaced. However, I kinda miss how in the early seasons you also had a similar, hotter sauce after (Mad Dog .357), so it was a good 1-2 punch of death. Now once they get over Da Bomb they seem to be in the clear (at least from the editing), since those hotter ones, including the last dad, are fresh pepper-based sauces instead of an extract-based, which, even though they're hotter, seem to mask the heat more and not hit as hard, and climbing the mountain after Da Bomb always seems to be easy.
Shawn Thornton
Shawn Thornton 22 hours ago
DaBomb should be last. It taste like tar and you probably cant taste the rest of the sauces.
Chaos S
Chaos S 22 hours ago
even though it wasnt shown here because it really wasnt much of a reaction, i liked what Alton Brown said about Da Bomb, "it's hot but its not good"
Psy Why
Psy Why 22 hours ago
"I just remembered something from a long time ago" haha haha hahahaha
XMetalMatter Rammstein
Use The End.
Mr. serious Man
Mr. serious Man 23 hours ago
0:43 Iconic moment 😂
Marcos Codas
Marcos Codas Day ago
This is a masterclass in editing.
John Cocozza
John Cocozza Day ago
Don't ever replace DaBomb
Turkentorque Day ago
Getting it in your body is the painless part..
Flash Movie Trivia
Halle Berry aced it, she da bomb
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