The Best and Worst Games on PS Now

Drew Gooden
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Video games are good and everything else is bad.
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Aug 1, 2020




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Comments 100
denisa Month ago
no pinned comment 😔
Big Neil And little Neil
How original
Dania Núñez
Dania Núñez 11 days ago
Well no.
Jackson Graham
Jackson Graham 13 days ago
Internal Screams
Internal Screams 18 days ago
mostafa hussein
mostafa hussein 22 days ago
There is some games that they say available until a certain date .. is that means on that date we can't play this games any more if we downloaded them
Misha Musha
Misha Musha 12 hours ago
I love that Gex reference
Andrea Rupe
Andrea Rupe 12 hours ago
RoThotic Day ago
im rly the only one who likes wolfenstein youngblood i rly am a haha videogame go brr kind of bitch
Freesmart Day ago
I dont know what they're gonna do with wolfenstein and fallout and doom after xbox bought them maybe remove them?
sorry drew. you are officially now a dunkey clone and for that I’m reporting you to the police, the FBI, and Santa. sorry!
Crusoe Day ago
Nice glasses, little eyes haha
Ijneb1248 2 days ago
It really makes you feel like you're watching a danny gonzalez video
Sean Campbell
Sean Campbell 2 days ago
Did he say watch dogs 2 is bad???
Jouna 2 days ago
When i feel down i can always count with funny man Drew to have a chill and funny time, thank you
Liberal Dad
Liberal Dad 2 days ago
Watchdogs 2 isn’t that bad
g6ob 3 days ago
7:33 damn straight
GamingWithBB 3 days ago
Xbox 361: now breaking the laws of physics.
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed 4 days ago
"I was awarded no points"... and may God have mercy on your soul
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed 4 days ago
The neon sign behind you looks like "hey gay" and I'm living for it
CJ 4 days ago
Please become a let’s play channel
Iremarl Ilisan
Iremarl Ilisan 4 days ago
Yo i dont plan to buy ps5. Is it still worth it to subscribe to psnow on ps4 NEXT YEAR? Planning to finish my games on cd then i’m planning to subscribe for a whole year. 2021-2022 use
Mavrick Alexander
"-instead of ALIENS, you shoot nazis" ouch drew. I love ya. But demons are in doom, not aliens. Its cool though, were all human.
Scott Hartley
Scott Hartley 5 days ago
Can you do the best and worst of Game Pass? There is some shitty games you should play.
livid illusion
livid illusion 5 days ago
*cries in ps3*
Baker Moravek
Baker Moravek 5 days ago
10:50 Well guess what we got!
The Comical Cat
The Comical Cat 5 days ago
In case you weren't joking; Doom is not aliens, they're literally demons
SkeekS 6 days ago
Talks about PS has an Xbox frame in the background and wears a Nintendo shirt...... DIVERSITY!!
Pixelade 6 days ago
Hey all, drew here
Cosmic Kal
Cosmic Kal 6 days ago
Firefighter Sim game looks like a 2005 PS2 Beta that's not meant to be played yet
Ryann Browning
Ryann Browning 6 days ago
i play rocket league all the time, im champ 1 and its going free to play soon so if u're interested i recommend it
Tom McDermott
Tom McDermott 6 days ago
Did...did Bubsy just say "take that, you cock gobbling monster"?
Ryan Moulton
Ryan Moulton 7 days ago
Someone's been watching a lot of Dunkey...
OnlyAntunes 7 days ago
This is an awesome video to calm down irritated titties of PS fanboys
Trap Hypes
Trap Hypes 7 days ago
3:40 - 3:43 stop the cap
gabi ://
gabi :// 7 days ago
i’m the one playing rocket league with my eyes closed.... i just can’t drive irl or in a game okay don’t hurt me 😔
Deformed Trex
Deformed Trex 7 days ago
God bless
The real David fiesta
Exciting video that makes you feel like Drew, and it has a little something for everyone! 9/10
Molono 7 days ago
I am not a big video game person, I usually stick to pc minecraft or roblox, I am sure I would enjoy other games if I tried, but I love watching people rate terrible games
Tanjib Ahsan Aryan
by any chance is this guy a scott the woz clone
DownToEarth 7 days ago
8:14 I'm sorry what is the bunk house called?!?!?!
landyn _boy
landyn _boy 8 days ago
Mushbrain 8 days ago
This isn’t nakeyjakey!!
Naive Daysダニエル
Hmm someone watches dunkey.....
Josh 8 days ago
Rachael 9 days ago
You should review some Steam games
Inês Etulain
Inês Etulain 9 days ago
i watched this twice and it always makes me want to buy and play videogames. i think the last time i did that was years ago playing mario kart on a wii
Chei Glei
Chei Glei 10 days ago
Oh, you almost lost me saying you thought Fallout 4 is better than New Vegas. Nice save.
アキラ 8 days ago
Red Phone
Red Phone 10 days ago
I like investing in real estate
Mine_Gaming0608 10 days ago
Like your shirt! How old are you?
Ijneb1248 2 days ago
He had sex before
Mine_Gaming0608 10 days ago
Red Phone, I know how hard it is to admit, but... HE IS THE NINTENDO SIXTY FOUUUR KID!
Red Phone
Red Phone 10 days ago
Mid 20s
Jacob Rees
Jacob Rees 11 days ago
I prefer xbox because the only games I play are forza and you can't play forza games on ps4, also I prefer the controller for xbox one
Ari A.H.M.
Ari A.H.M. 11 days ago
Bubsy sounds like if Giovani from Epithet Erased tried to be as annoying as possible.
Christopher O'Connor
Ew he said the B word🤢 B- bubs-🤢🤢 I can't dare to say it🤢🤢🤢
Gabriel Antos
Gabriel Antos 11 days ago
2:06 wait is that gus johnson on that vending machine/!?!?!
Diya Babu
Diya Babu 11 days ago
Video games are good and everything else is bad.
Dirty Mashups Done Dirt Cheap
Oh Drew, you poor naïve man, you have barely dipped your toes in the terrible pool that is Bubsy, for what you have played is the best of what the bobcat has to offer. What lurks in the past would kill a lesser man like you. Ok maybe I'm being a bit dramatic but they're really bad
owen mcclelland
owen mcclelland 12 days ago
3:40 made me laugh out loud
Kasi Kai
Kasi Kai 12 days ago
Too bad they're all unplayable as you have to stream them
emilie w
emilie w 13 days ago
well, i've got good news, drew! my schools mascot is a bobcat. we're the bow valley bobcats. one of our teachers has an honest to god bobcat tattoo. we have an atrocious mural on our gym wall that looks like nothing and everything at the same time. glad to hear we're your favourite!
ethan l
ethan l 13 days ago
is drew a gamer?!
jamyboi y
jamyboi y 13 days ago
I litterally cant play fallout 4 cause im terrified of bugs nevermind huge bugs
jamyboi y
jamyboi y 13 days ago
You said game pass and now ps4 and xbox but what bout psplus
Kotcha 14 days ago
He didn't even mention Bloodborne..
Josean Ponce
Josean Ponce 14 days ago
Bruh cause you suck at driving a motorcycle
Jada C
Jada C 15 days ago
Who are you and what did you do with Amanda?
Brittany Caron
Brittany Caron 15 days ago
Lili Ford
Lili Ford 15 days ago
How did I know that The Last Of Us was gonna be in here- (literally before I watched I said “I swear to god if the Last Of Us isn’t in here I will be enraged) lol
Pritom Kaneria
Pritom Kaneria 15 days ago
do more of this....reaction to best and worst videogames of other gaming consoles
Travis Delee
Travis Delee 15 days ago
Drew could honestly make a video about "how to organize the silverware drawer", and it'd still get views. It's not so much about the content, but also the creator.
kammzy 16 days ago
overcooked 2 probably has be to the most stressful game ive ever played
Donagh Sugrue
Donagh Sugrue 16 days ago
Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for? Pilot's License? What for?
Ijneb1248 2 days ago
Its tail time
William Cutting
William Cutting 17 days ago
Homefront Revolution is on there. Good game.
Leftover Spaghetti
Leftover Spaghetti 17 days ago
HE CALLED THE ENEMIES IN DOOM “ aliens”! ACCORDING TO MY FUCKING NECKBEARD CALCULATIONS, THEY’RE ACTUALLY DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👺🤡🤡🤡
Ayah Abu Hantash
Ayah Abu Hantash 17 days ago
play detroit becoming human on play station
Cedrick McCafferty
Cedrick McCafferty 17 days ago
I absolutely love overcooked one. When you started to show footage of it, I was already trying to figure out those kitchens 10/10 great game to play with friends and family
Jake Prank
Jake Prank 17 days ago
I haven't been a gamer in 20 years, so it's perfect for me. You can is now for $48. 800games for 75% of one. You can't beat that. Great video, keep up the good work.
natalie mankowski
natalie mankowski 17 days ago
okay, but why does bubsy sound like john mulaney
Grażyna Kowalska
Grażyna Kowalska 17 days ago
You play video games. Your wife went missing in Afghanistan and you play video games.
Mana Shield
Mana Shield 17 days ago
is everyone just stealing dunkey content now?? it's so weird seeing how dunkey's content just spreads throughout youtube with things like the increase in gex references and quotes from him directly.
Redneck Racoon
Redneck Racoon 18 days ago
It’s so funny because I’ve actually tried these garbage games lmao
jon arbuckle from fortnite
Drew The Woz
Victorians Cosplay
Victorians Cosplay 18 days ago
"and I've had sex before" haha funny drew, you and Danny are virgins for life
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine 18 days ago
I’m still mourning the loss of our family PS4. My cousin and her boyfriend stole it the day the grandma who raised me died and we haven’t gotten a new one because they cost so many moneys 😭😭😭😭😭 I never got to play the last DLC to little nightmares, and THEY TOOK BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT TOO! My kids still ask me why they would take it and my oldest says he really misses playing goat simulator. 😂
Internal Screams
Internal Screams 18 days ago
Hi Drew!
Internal Screams
Internal Screams 18 days ago
Whoa dude are you sponsored by Microsoft?
Ijneb1248 2 days ago
No, he had sex before
WATCH&PLAY 18 days ago
That moment when he only rates the last of us 9/10
Quinn 18 days ago
the way he perfectly replicated the ign something for everyone honestly gave me chills what the actual fuck
Sean N
Sean N 19 days ago
The saddest thing in the world is that Jeremy Soule is not making the soundtrack for Elder Scrolls 6, and that Mick Gordon will never work with Bethesda again.
The Vmonster
The Vmonster 19 days ago
How dare you forget about garfield
JACK A BOY 19 days ago
I bought the moutrrcross monster game like 4 years ago
Pedront Teiron
Pedront Teiron 20 days ago
ThyCowardice 20 days ago
Abztheaussiechic 20 days ago
Omg as someone who grew up with sly cooper series and is a fan I approve of you mentioning its existence. 10/10
PunkUke 20 days ago
I got a Red Bull ad at the end of the Monster Energy game.
olbap se aburre
olbap se aburre 20 days ago
Im sorry but Doom and Wolfenstein have literaly nothing in common in terms of mechanics apart from being first person shooters
not Sauer
not Sauer 21 day ago
4:03 “and when you lose, you almost always have no one to blame except yourself” Oh Drew. You naive bastard.
Súpérñátúrál Pøtątø
The last of us 2 was such a bad game. SPOILER WARNING Yes, I'm salty because my favorite character died in it..
Súpérñátúrál Pøtątø
@Ada Lockwood That's understandable but he was the main character of the first 'The last of us' and the game isn't the same without him
Ada Lockwood
Ada Lockwood 19 days ago
i’m upset that *insert character name* died but i wouldn’t call the entire game bad because of i
knightonqueen1 20 days ago
Súpérñátúrál Pøtątø Exactly!!! It was not nice
Baryonyx 21 day ago
I really love re2 and play it almost every day it’s a very well made game and you can tell they put there time into it and i Like how they added other story’s such as the 4 survivor where you can play as hunk and you can also play as the presidents daughter I really love re2
toxic tumor
toxic tumor 21 day ago
You need a haircut
JeJ Johnson
JeJ Johnson 22 days ago
Firefighters came out on my 6th birthday
mostafa hussein
mostafa hussein 22 days ago
There is some games that they say available until a certain date .. is that means on that date we can't play this games any more if we downloaded them
Orange Juice And Toothpaste Lays
I like toy home........
Orange Juice And Toothpaste Lays
SuperMidget 22 days ago
Still think the Gamepass is far superior... This is coming from someone with a PS4 and a PC
Ilmari Ollila
Ilmari Ollila 22 days ago
very good dunkey references
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