The Best (And Worst) Celebrity Impressions Of Other Celebs | LADbible

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From Will Smith to Tom Holland - celebs show how impressionable they are!
Starring: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, Tinie Tempah, Jesse Lingard, Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska
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Jan 20, 2020




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Comments 80
Kristjan Čebulj
Kristjan Čebulj 4 hours ago
tessa's goat was the best fucking thing
Paydon Lawson
The sad thing is... my laugh sounds similar to Will Smith's impression of a hyena. 😂🤦‍♀️
Hannah Bruckman
They should really clarify what Freestyle means before they start the game
1 2
1 2 Day ago
Jake Gyllenhaal 😎
Alexandra Delliou
2020: 2860
Tessa Slider
Tessa Slider 2 days ago
I love how this is celebs doing impressions of other celebs and yet it goes: *RWORAHHHHHHHHHHH* little hands *RWOARHHHHHHHHADOJFH;OSUHURI* ~Jake Gyllenhaal
Loren Varone
Loren Varone 2 days ago
Andikan Dan
Andikan Dan 2 days ago
Will smith's impression of a hyena 💀💀
J James
J James 2 days ago
Tom Holland got Chewbacca perfectly!!!!!
Yzabelle Dasha Damocles
I love how they impersonated Nick Fury and Samuel L. Jackson LMAO I'M LITERALLY WHEEZING
Fiorella Calvi
Fiorella Calvi 3 days ago
Tessa’s impression of a goat I just can’t
Sadie Fisher
Sadie Fisher 4 days ago
Maira Telles
Maira Telles 5 days ago
7:55 tom holland though!!
Linda Jürgensen
Linda Jürgensen 6 days ago
1:55 honestly Heath Ledger is SUCH a good guess! He exactly behaved/acted like this, I really miss him❤️
Sujeeta Shankar
Sujeeta Shankar 6 days ago
is will smith putting on lipstick....i am in disguise
tpstps85 6 days ago
Why is no one talking about the Chewbaccas!!
Cyrus Lawyer
Cyrus Lawyer 7 days ago
Malfoygal 7 days ago
My bi ass literally can't decide who to fangirl the most😂😂
Malfoygal 7 days ago
_Ashxd_ 9 days ago
_Ashxd_ 9 days ago
_Ashxd_ 9 days ago
7:55 He sounds like an electric toothbrush! xDD
Suprativ Rava
Suprativ Rava 10 days ago
What the hell is lingard doing with these entertainer's?
Why is no one talking about Tom Hollands dolphin impression hahahaha
Anesta90 Geland
Anesta90 Geland 10 days ago
Im enjoying this😹😹😹
Alexa R
Alexa R 10 days ago
Tom Holland's dolphin impression legitimately scares me
Alexa R
Alexa R 10 days ago
6:56 literally Chris Pratt's voice coming out of Hemsworth's mouth
Hunter Epicness
Hunter Epicness 11 days ago
6:50 "What's his face?" Lol
Tinsel The Riddle
Tinsel The Riddle 11 days ago
Will Smith doing the hyena I’m deadddddddd
Jana Nadeau
Jana Nadeau 11 days ago
Omg why was Chris Pratt doing Hemsworth so GOOD
Charlotte Henderson
Tom Holland was the best Chewbacca
Ruth Daniela Paiz
Ruth Daniela Paiz 12 days ago
i’m so in love with Kristen
Mike Martin
Mike Martin 12 days ago
The Britney Spears one tho
Project 2501
Project 2501 13 days ago
"Hi, I'm Chris' No1. fan, Tessa. - And I'm Tessa's No.1 fan Chris." - You guys disgust me, seriously.
CallMeSya _95
CallMeSya _95 14 days ago
Invite Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman!!
Nadia Kayali
Nadia Kayali 14 days ago
Why did I die laughing throughout the whole video 😂😂😂
Teresa Righetti
Teresa Righetti 14 days ago
Obviously the best are Tom Holland and Jake Gillenhal
Meerah 14 days ago
I see tom, i click
Hemangi ambavade
Hemangi ambavade 15 days ago
I need more Tom Holland
Sophia Davidson
Sophia Davidson 15 days ago
lmfao Jake Gylenhaal. What Octopuses have you heard?~
Mute Besen
Mute Besen 15 days ago
This was a nice content and i enjoyed it.thank you.
Emmy Lytle
Emmy Lytle 15 days ago
4:30 it looks like chris is saying that
j tuomiva
j tuomiva 15 days ago
C.H.:s chewbacca was pretty fucking good!
Laila Waqar
Laila Waqar 16 days ago
8:14 tom laugh was ❤❤❤❤❤
Asa Tshazibana
Asa Tshazibana 17 days ago
Pratt did a perfect Hemsworth
Nxox _7822
Nxox _7822 17 days ago
Tom and jake are literally soulmates. Like they know🤣, they aint even taking time
Nate Shaffner
Nate Shaffner 17 days ago
Its confirmed tom Holland is part dolphin
Marin Marquez
Marin Marquez 17 days ago
If LADbible has pedro pascal and oscar isaac do this it would be comedy gold
Myrna De Jesus
Myrna De Jesus 17 days ago
Kristen Stewart: Please wash your hair.
Hugh Fuller
Hugh Fuller 18 days ago
Loved everything about this
ana KOÅLÅ 18 days ago
Do the Chris’s have a strange telekinesis where they can do each other’s voices?
Stank Eye
Stank Eye 19 days ago
Jake Gyllenhaal Impersonates a T-rex had me floored.
yeet berry
yeet berry 19 days ago
@ 10:14 that evil laugh tho
Mr. Who?
Mr. Who? 19 days ago
You should watch the Benedict's Chewbacca impression that he did on the Graham Norton show. That was spot on!!!
Abby Flaherty
Abby Flaherty 19 days ago
Hemsworth did the best Chewie. 😂👍
whuff 20 days ago
4:39 = Flight Reacts
Melina Azabache
Melina Azabache 20 days ago
Goat, T Rex and Beyonce were perfect 😂😂😂😂
Julia Merçon
Julia Merçon 20 days ago
eu veria umas 3 hrs disso
AH Gaming
AH Gaming 20 days ago
*"Why are you mocking me?"*
Samee Ghaffar
Samee Ghaffar 20 days ago
Jesus Christ that Holly Hunter impression was spot on
Supriya Gummalam
Supriya Gummalam 21 day ago
Bring in Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston! They'll kill it!!
Casper Overeem
Casper Overeem 21 day ago
i laughed everytime the people in the background laughed
Mar Pérez
Mar Pérez 21 day ago
Wtf i´ve just seen hahaha
Alexander Filip
Alexander Filip 21 day ago
tom Hollands was easily the best chewy impression
ivica simicic
ivica simicic 22 days ago
i can play that game all day
ivica simicic
ivica simicic 22 days ago
i want that game card jesus that was soo cool and funn
83Jude 22 days ago
Chris Pratt: Come on, GURL!😭
Wenzhong Tang
Wenzhong Tang 22 days ago
tom holland did best chewbacca impression.
Natalie Moreira
Natalie Moreira 22 days ago
The way jack black and tom holland thought freestyle was rapping is iconic
Olivia Ilavarasi A
Olivia Ilavarasi A 22 days ago
1:50 spot on chris hemsworth by chris pratt
Arya Dewata
Arya Dewata 22 days ago
Do you realize the Kristen Stewart's watch seems $20 casio??
Clinton Morgan
Clinton Morgan 22 days ago
Up next: Beyoncé doing an impression of Emma Thompson.
Sophie Amber Sixx
Sophie Amber Sixx 23 days ago
Jimmy page 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lisa simpson
Lisa simpson 24 days ago
"Come on girl"
Frazier Lo
Frazier Lo 24 days ago
2:11 Who is he again?
Izzy Anne
Izzy Anne 24 days ago
“rOaR LiTtlE hAnDS”
elliemillls 24 days ago
I was on my break at work and I have never laughed so much in my life. I feel bad for the other lady that was on break too with me, apologises.... 😂😂
Noelle Campagna
Noelle Campagna 24 days ago
Literally dying 😂😂😂😂😒
Christian Schembre
Christian Schembre 24 days ago
I love how emma thompson doesnt even sing a beyonce song, she just acts like her lmho
Avyaneesh Rai
Avyaneesh Rai 25 days ago
How did 0 goals and assists get on this
Morgan Hackworth
Morgan Hackworth 25 days ago
The best on FARRR The Dolphin Impression delivered by Mr. Quackson himself Tom Holland 5:02
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