The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

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Comments 80
Alexxa Conroy
Alexxa Conroy 6 hours ago
Yes I am watching this for a third time
Sofia Moncayo
Sofia Moncayo 13 hours ago
48:18 A girl says I love you to Shane and he looks back at her and says l love you back. It was just such a sweet moment to me. I had to point it out. You are such an awesome and amazing person Shane. I love you! ❤❤❤ I am so proud of you!
Joseph Deegan
Joseph Deegan 17 hours ago
Shame you need to not hate on yourself, I know I can sit here and say that like it’s an easy thing to do but, I really hope you try to stop being conscious around other people’s thoughts and feelings and just say fuck it and throw it to the wind which then makes a private jet crash into a mountain. Oh well!
Jade Casteel
Jade Casteel 18 hours ago
when andrew looked at himself in the mirror🥺👉🏼👈🏼
Lindsey Marie
Lindsey Marie 18 hours ago
47:50 I’m in quarantine and I’m speechless and i have goosebumps with a tad bit of crying because i have watched Shane since 2009 and I’ve loved him for that long. And seeing him get the recognition is so touching....i hope everyone is doing well...
Devyn Grace
Devyn Grace 18 hours ago
Okay but at around 30:10 we all know he's talking about Onision fat shaming him.
Lourran Souza
Lourran Souza 19 hours ago
Your Local Introvert
Kanye South
Kanye South 23 hours ago
50:44 Remember when we could actually go outside and be in a place with more than 6 people? Yeah me neither
ladynikkie Day ago
53:52 does anyone know the name of this song or the singer? I've been trying to look for it.
IshXO Day ago
Lol that pilot was so awkward
Umi Umi
Umi Umi Day ago
I love Andrew's laugh 😂😂😂😂
Kamryn Barnhart
For me I don’t understand why like when a product comes out people make like videos reviewing it but like do they not understand that the celebrities launching it are going to come across the video and like you expect them not to feel anything like there are people too
Tiptoe365 :3
Tiptoe365 :3 Day ago
39:05 Shane: No I’m a guru.... I’m just new. Me: Gurl you’re a NEW-RU
Callie goff
Callie goff Day ago
who else ships Jeffree and Shane together??
Tiptoe365 :3
Tiptoe365 :3 Day ago
I love this so much. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
lily An
lily An Day ago
shane dawson needs to know that he is beautiful
Emily G
Emily G Day ago
Fan: HI ANDREW! Jeffree: Hi Andrew! Security Guard: hi Andrew Lol I can’t get over it! 😂😂😂
Amari Heritage
Amari Heritage 2 days ago
Wait omg the bodyguard actually rode in the trunk
Kaleab Seme
Kaleab Seme 2 days ago
Jeffree has got more tattoos than the money I have
*"Thats why your not invited, because your big." THAT IS ME.*
*queens at their best.*
kellie g
kellie g 2 days ago
anyone else quaranTEAning
KSH Sisters
KSH Sisters 2 days ago
Who else is rewatching the series in quarantine
abelisbebe 2 days ago
Binging this series in quarantine lol :)
Dirty Heck
Dirty Heck 2 days ago
Your gay
Allison Snyder
Allison Snyder 2 days ago
Yes... yes I am
Ema Naumovska
Ema Naumovska 2 days ago
Did I start crying yes sirr🤣❤
Thrifty Fox
Thrifty Fox 2 days ago
i fucking love that you have big dogs.
natalie spiegel
natalie spiegel 2 days ago
Jeffrey star is my spirit animal like omg.
Azilis Potin-Lussou
are we gonna mention the fact that shane went to that meeting with his jeans cracked? no? ok.
Jocey V
Jocey V 3 days ago
Does Shane’s security have an @??
April Chau
April Chau 3 days ago
It's crazy how he feels so anxious going on a private plaplane months before kobe...
shannon 3 days ago
April Chau kobe was in a helicopter
Kori Bailey
Kori Bailey 3 days ago
Shane: *literally terrified of the most safe plane ever* Me: *spacing out and thinking about that one time my brother(12) flew a tiny plane with me and my mom sitting in the back*
Whitney Henry
Whitney Henry 3 days ago
Y’all made me happy cause y’all were happy
Kendra Avers
Kendra Avers 3 days ago
The ONLY fucking reason people are judging Shane for his body is because they are jealous that he is way more successful then they will EVER BE🤭
Evelyne 3 days ago
50:32 Tbh I love this moment! The guard looked so confused and guinenly thankfull for the cotton candy, its adorable
Gem Rigdon
Gem Rigdon 3 days ago
Shane's security guard is lowkey CUTE
Jacob 3 days ago
I love how Shane is afraid of dying but doesn’t wear his seatbelt🙄
Jacob 2 days ago
Amari Heritage 1) I meant in the car 2) you are still supposed to have it on for unsuspected turbulence, it just allows bathroom brakes.
Amari Heritage
Amari Heritage 2 days ago
Ugh do you not understand there is a sign that tells you that you can take your belt off when the plant is stable in the air
Lucia Campillo
Lucia Campillo 3 days ago
hate to bring it down but rich people with private jets cause a lot of pollution and its all i can think about when I see the jet.
Michele Miller
Michele Miller 3 days ago
I dont know why but through out this whole video I couldn't stop smiling
The Official Andy Saenz
Is that Jeffree singing in the beginning of the video?
Grace Tufte
Grace Tufte 3 days ago
I love how much Jeffree actually pays attention to Andrew.
Sky's Baby’s
Sky's Baby’s 3 days ago
Markie plier OH NO
Sky's Baby’s
Sky's Baby’s 3 days ago
Who came back because 2020 FUCKKKKKKED
Jeanette Rodriguez
Shane: I’m poor Also Shane: has 23.2 million subs and 27,019,127 views on this vid rn
Elizabeth Johnston
I feel Shane’s anxiety when getting on the plane so hard
TheUltimateShowDown 69
Ngl jeffree starr looks like a gay jeff the killer with a facelift
Kyle Graeme
Kyle Graeme 4 days ago
I feel like the girl who fell is probably famous on insta now
Bethany May
Bethany May 4 days ago
Anyone watching this while in quarantine???
Abigail Miller
Abigail Miller 4 days ago
Andrews laugh is so fucking iconic I love them all so much ❤️😁😂
The Weirdo Duo
The Weirdo Duo 4 days ago
i love shane and everything he does and his relationships with his friends and ryland. its amazign and when i come back to watch the beginning of all this series it amazes me how people can be so mean everyone diserves to love themselves.
Juliana Nash
Juliana Nash 4 days ago
I haven't really watched the beauty community for awhile and forgot how funny Jeffree is and how relatable Shane is
Nick Alfano
Nick Alfano 4 days ago
Anyone else rewatch her opening the rosé like 30 times?
izzy jimenez
izzy jimenez 4 days ago
when shane walked into the audience I started crying 🥺
patricia 4 days ago
ok if I was at the meet and greet I would've hugged Andrew
Azalee Seg
Azalee Seg 5 days ago
me still watching it beacaus i dont know what to do
Just Wali
Just Wali 5 days ago
Enrique Serrano
Enrique Serrano 5 days ago
What is the song of the Exponsor part?
Lily Wisdom
Lily Wisdom 5 days ago
ive never laughed so much
Kenzie Grace
Kenzie Grace 5 days ago
if i was jeffery or shane i would be balling
sepehr sharafi
sepehr sharafi 5 days ago
First quarter was emotional
Shawny Johnson
Shawny Johnson 5 days ago
I feel like Shane really made jeffree feel like he could trust someone to be his friend and that he could be vulnerable. And jeffree makes him feel like a real person.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 5 days ago
Hi person who is rewatching the series because of quarantine! Take care!
Hari Dixit
Hari Dixit 5 days ago
Hey! Is it just me or is someone else in Love with Andrew's laughter!😅
Hari Dixit
Hari Dixit 5 days ago
No One: Shane and Andrew: Gun Sounds 🔫(Whenever they show ANY bodyguard/security personnel)🤣
Hari Dixit
Hari Dixit 5 days ago
aara matovu
aara matovu 6 days ago
hi shane i'm not mean but i'm 11 and i'm not scared of airplanes
Lorresa Knights
Lorresa Knights 6 days ago
Shane is just freaking out 🤣
Alana A.
Alana A. 6 days ago
Here for Andrews laugh
Mike Beveridge Vlogs
I can’t believe this is free
Andrews laugh is EVERYTHING 😍😍
HMSA Silvers
HMSA Silvers 6 days ago
The part at the beginning when Shane and ryland are making the bed looks like an ad for sheets or comforters or something 😂😂
Sandy Meillier
Sandy Meillier 6 days ago
nul de nul
HyperSniper76 6 days ago
yasssss qveen herby 49:46
Jesse_ T
Jesse_ T 6 days ago
Charlotte Berryman
Did Shane join a cult?
Tressa Oetker
Tressa Oetker 6 days ago
Shane's security guard didn't know how to handle shane. He's trying to be serious and goofball shane makes impossible.
Liliana Thiele
Liliana Thiele 7 days ago
when jeffree said my best friend shane dawson, then he came out to see everyone.. I GOT THE CHILLS
Markeya Sims
Markeya Sims 7 days ago
sooooooo have youu ever thought about getting into marketing 🙄 a forex trader then start investing that money into yourself or flipping homes.
rubymyluv1 7 days ago
46:32 I got chills. 47:31 even bigger chills.
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