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It's Panda's birthday and his one wish is to meet MONSTA X, one of the world's most popular K-pop groups!


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May 16, 2019

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Comments 16 189
Joseph Emman V. Cortez
Who's next? Jackie Chan and Manny Pacquiao in We Bare Bears?
xCalvin781 Day ago
Look at Hyungwonho *Pink hair is Hyungwon* + *navy blue hair with the green sweater is Wonho* Edit: I forgot to put this lol 0:24
Grace Nemet
Grace Nemet Day ago
dude, where did you get the hammer? 0:23
Frantz Maambong
Frantz Maambong 2 days ago
I like monsta x so much
Daniela Navarro
Daniela Navarro 4 days ago
I rarely say this but this is everything
Swastika Thami
Swastika Thami 4 days ago
I like the guy with blond hair😂😂😍😍
Lee Felix
Lee Felix 4 days ago
That monbebe (WBB really dirtied us) hasha
peäch 4 days ago
That's why i like we bare bears.
adia HAHAHAHAHA 5 days ago
HAHAHAHAH ang cute amporky
Shivani Singla
Shivani Singla 5 days ago
Bear saying annyeonghaseyo is so weird yet cute😂
Jeny Exo-L
Jeny Exo-L 5 days ago
*I wANt a ePisOde wIth EXO* pleASSSS😖❤
Chandere Yan
Chandere Yan 6 days ago
0:23 If Ice Bear bursted out of a suitcase in your room right infront of you, who's reaction are you most likely to have?
Burçak TK
Burçak TK 6 days ago
ice bear-imnida killed me
Jaemins Jams
Jaemins Jams 6 days ago
Spaghetti Sauce • 15 centuries ago
Yep this is gonna go to r/fellowkids
Kathryn Landicho
Kathryn Landicho 7 days ago
They literally look like BTS😵
jennie khan
jennie khan 7 days ago
My brother like we bare bear and when he saw this episode i was like see this is k pop and its monsta x..well im not that kind of fan of thier's..🙂🙂
Boys Paradise
Boys Paradise 7 days ago
When you understand all of their conversation because you watch k drama and kpop videos..
Anime Geek
Anime Geek 8 days ago
They just danced into their room
Gamer Ball
Gamer Ball 8 days ago
0:07 are they playing mario ?? No they just monsta x
Sophie McGrellis
Sophie McGrellis 9 days ago
"whoho IS THAT YOU!" *wonho suts window*
BACON LOVE:0 9 days ago
0:13 *Hyungwon's neck is yellow*
Kristin Diamandis
Jan mariel Capistrano
I like we bare bares so much 😍😍😍😍
wish my problems were as small as my boobs
Help me fellow monbebes ! I’m trying to Stan monsta x but don’t know where to start 😭
wish my problems were as small as my boobs
Nope, is it a reality show ?
lost geek
lost geek 10 days ago
Have you watched No Mercy and Monsta X-ray yet??
It's Not A *"5-Minutes Break"* It's A _"4-Minutes Break"_ !!!
Daniela Barahona
Daniela Barahona 11 days ago
I really like how ice bear can talk in a perfect Korean 💜
Batista Borges
Batista Borges 13 days ago
Estou conhecendo o Monsta X agora aqui nos Ursos sem Cursos👍
NizarGorgeous 13 days ago
where’s the full episode 😌😭😭😭
MX MBB 12 days ago
NizarGorgeous ruvid.net/video/video-wuAXdR-szZ8.html
Dika Syarifa
Dika Syarifa 13 days ago
i know that hyungwon love the way he run 0:18 - 0:19
Asami Chiba
Asami Chiba 13 days ago
This kind of reminds me of BTS for some reason :p
ッNicole 12 days ago
@Asami Chiba If you don't want to talk with strangers then don't comment in places where everyone can respond, bye.
ッNicole 12 days ago
@Asami Chiba I know but is still disrespectful... this is about Monsta X
ッNicole 12 days ago
But they are not BTS
Anime\kpop Life
Anime\kpop Life 13 days ago
Love monsta x 😍😍😍😭😍
Daniel S
Daniel S 13 days ago
“HuuUuA, Wonho.. IS THAT YOU??” Literally me when Panda said that. (Bias lol)
Aimara 13 days ago
I’m so proud that Monsta X is playing here~ thank u soooo much for this amazing series of wbb✨👍
Eva’s Losers
Eva’s Losers 13 days ago
“WoNHo Is ThAT yoU”
Eva’s Losers
Eva’s Losers 13 days ago
winter 2298
winter 2298 14 days ago
Is this an actual episode???????😂
Melany Martinez
Melany Martinez 13 days ago
winter 2298 yes, the title of the episode is called Panda’s Birthday
Jazmin Rodriguez
Jazmin Rodriguez 14 days ago
This came the day of my birthday 😂😂😂 love it
Adriana Andrade
Adriana Andrade 14 days ago
What i wanna know is if monsta x actually voiced this? (Idk if thats the correct way to put it but you get what i mean right?)
MX MBB 14 days ago
Adriana Andrade here is the answer ruvid.net/video/video-ZTF8eYW0Uns.html
Brofist ROBLOX
Brofist ROBLOX 15 days ago
;( I am literally sad, Because CN™ Support K-pop... Like if you believe me
Meet Virginia
Meet Virginia 16 days ago
Here is the behind the scenes link to Monsta X dubbing WBB ruvid.net/video/video-ZTF8eYW0Uns.html
green godzilla
green godzilla 16 days ago
I need to show my sister
green godzilla
green godzilla 16 days ago
Is it bts omg
green godzilla
green godzilla 9 days ago
Never mind
green godzilla
green godzilla 9 days ago
moonjin's smile
moonjin's smile 9 days ago
It's monsta x
CS K 13 days ago
You don't know how to read?:v
Felix’s voice does not match his Face
0:19 I could tell that was Hyungwon just by the run
A_Dead_Kpop_ Meme
A_Dead_Kpop_ Meme 11 days ago
carmela calero
carmela calero 17 days ago
Wait is that the actual band voicing them or no?
MX MBB 14 days ago
Meet Virginia
Meet Virginia 17 days ago
Monsta x did the voices
Stephan Stefanus
Stephan Stefanus 17 days ago
I'm not a fan nor do I care about MONSTA X, I'm not saying they are bad I'm saying it's not for me and I respect anyone who are fans of them. With that said, seeing Panda fanboying over them in this episode puts a smile on my face :)
Celerieey 18 days ago
Elicia Rangel
Elicia Rangel 18 days ago
“People call me a polar bear” “... okay.”
Ahmod Wright
Ahmod Wright 18 days ago
Am I the only who doesn’t think Wonho looks like you know WONHO🤔😂
Reyhan Köse
Reyhan Köse 18 days ago
So cute how they speak english
guillem brothers •vkook•
No mames si hacen monsta x que hagan bts i blakpink :v
CS K 13 days ago
Es una caricatura, no un show de variedades donde invitan famosos todas las semanas.
Noodles V
Noodles V 20 days ago
What’s next? Cartoon Network adding more kpop groups into their show? .____________.
ッNicole 12 days ago
I don't think so... the creators are fans of Monsta X.
FlutterShy Loves Alucard
maybe i should listen all songs from that group named MONSTA X soon
lost geek
lost geek 20 days ago
Yes and you'll love them for sure :)
ara jimin_1995
ara jimin_1995 21 day ago
Bts please..
ッNicole 12 days ago
Here is the behind the scenes!!! ruvid.net/video/video-ZTF8eYW0Uns.html
zby7173 21 day ago
Monsta xxxxxxxxxxxx vs bts like for monsta x comment for bts
-ˏˋcleoˎˊ- 21 day ago
Dương Nghé
Dương Nghé 21 day ago
Is this BTS but We Bare Bears version?!
Salwa Rizky
Salwa Rizky 16 days ago
@Dương Nghé no monsta x is monsta x they are real boygroup from south korean kpop not only bts
lost geek
lost geek 19 days ago
@Dương Nghé Yes!! Check their new songs Who do you love and X-phenomenon!
Dương Nghé
Dương Nghé 19 days ago
lost geek Wow!!!!What!!!!
lost geek
lost geek 20 days ago
@Dương Nghé It is an actual boyband.. do check it out
Dương Nghé
Dương Nghé 20 days ago
Marcella Bida I know it's Monsta X but it's like BTS but We Bare Bears version
Rama Shamo
Rama Shamo 21 day ago
I watch We bear bears every Day and Monsta X too.I wish that 1 Day this Come on TV ♥♥♥♥
Baharudin hasan
Baharudin hasan 22 days ago
Dang put bts next XD
moonjin's smile
moonjin's smile 9 days ago
They won't the creators are fans of monsta x
bad girl
bad girl 22 days ago
k polppp
Mimi Susu
Mimi Susu 22 days ago
Angie Hernandez
Angie Hernandez 22 days ago
Are yall gonna make one for BTS please that would be exciting!
Maria Luiza/Malu Carvalho Barbosa
waiting for them to meet bts, txt, blackpink and twice
Freesia s
Freesia s 12 days ago
Yeah you wish
ッNicole 12 days ago
The creators are fans of Monsta X
Suga Kim
Suga Kim 23 days ago
Naima James-Dales
Naima James-Dales 23 days ago
This is cring af
trần nguyễn thanh trúc
Re watching this , did anyone noitced that Joohoen holding Thor's hammer
Shownu: People call me polar a bear. Ice Bear: Ice Bear: Okay. I also liked my own comment..
Amy- Chan
Amy- Chan 24 days ago
LOL Jooheon at 0:24 has a hammer then just yeets it like nope tomorrow 😂😂
Donkey 123
Donkey 123 24 days ago
Here come the stan accounts
I've been thinking to much help me
Ice bear is low key a sasaeng
Thushari Lanka
Thushari Lanka 25 days ago
Oh i love monster X
Salwa Rizky
Salwa Rizky 16 days ago
MONSTA X not monsTER X
creepypasta Mina Love K-Pop
Why is not BTS
ッNicole 12 days ago
@creepypasta Mina Love K-Pop But he likes Monsta X
creepypasta Mina Love K-Pop
@ッNicole i wish panda Like BTS but panda never like BTS
ッNicole 13 days ago
Because Panda likes Monsta X
Bombok Badral
Bombok Badral 25 days ago
Oh my gosh
Army is the best
Army is the best 25 days ago
The guy with blond hair: 5 minute break Look at his finger 😂
Anabella Martinez
Anabella Martinez 25 days ago
crosober con bts plis
0:23 Everyone are surprised but SHOWNU:.... Nope. I don't surprise Joo-heon: Hold on. I have my hammer here Wonho and Hyungwon: YES!! HYUNGWONHO
Beatriz Huang
Beatriz Huang 25 days ago
Ailurophile Chatoyant
lol the saesang
I LOVE BTS SO BAM 26 days ago
They should have add in BTS .-.
ッNicole 13 days ago
No, Panda favorite group is Monsta X
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