Ashley I. Thinks Madison Might Eliminate Herself | The Bachelor: The Morning After

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On this episode of "The Bachelor The Morning After," Zuri Hall and Ashley Iaconetti Haibon break down what happens on the most recent episode of the show. They discuss how Madison revealed she is saving herself for marriage and she doesn't know if she can stay with Peter Weber if he sleeps with another woman on the show. Plus, you can't forget the explosive supertease that hints pilot Pete might have done just that…
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Ashley I. Thinks Madison Might Eliminate Herself | The Bachelor: The Morning After




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Comments 80
Jamie Grennell
Jamie Grennell Month ago
I really just hope that he is not selfish and sleep with anyone AFTER maddie .tells him all this.
Theresa S
Theresa S Month ago
I think Hanna Ann was crying because it was a stress relief .
Anne Nelson
Anne Nelson Month ago
Oh no I think his Mom wants him to go after Hanna from the other season because she is available now!
Karen Ketler
Karen Ketler Month ago
Love your navy off shoulder dress! Where can I buy it?
Christine Gross
Christine Gross Month ago
I think he sleeps with Hannah Ann and Kelsey is gone when final 4 rose ceremony
Gabrielle Desouter
I love ❤️ Madison for Peter! She is a great 👍🏾 girl so lovely 😊 that’s my pick since day one!
Holly House
Holly House Month ago
you all know that Luke P is watching this saying MADISON IS MINE!!! lol
Martin Brady
Martin Brady Month ago
It's a miracle the Muslims haven't already taken over our country. They could do it while Americans are watching this moronic, pointless show.
Martin Brady
Martin Brady Month ago
It's a miracle the Muslims haven't already taken over our country. They could do it while Americans are watching this moronic, pointless show.
lauren padgett
lauren padgett Month ago
it seems to me like Hannah Ann and Madison are the final 2 and He chooses madison and she ends up not coming i predict he’s single now
Colette Crosbie
Colette Crosbie Month ago
Why do Victoria’s hands and nails annoy me lol 😂
wifidi Month ago
Thank you Ashley for commenting on the producer rumor... Pics don't lie. This shall be interesring.
wifidi Month ago
Madison can do better....why would she (a Christian) want a guy that is over sexual with every woman he's dated? Hello, windmill!! Esp after he says he loves her, yet sleeps with another girl in the process. That's why i believe she leaves b4 he can tell her he chose her... Seriously Peter - you knew from week 4, so why would you make the serious mistake of having sex w/another & risk losing her? (*and please... Victory shouldn't hv come on the show...she wasn't ready to open up & strong enough for the drama. Why is he keeping her??) (*Hannah Ann got Peter's love language w/the hand written note). (Kelly wants to be Bachelorette...plain & simple. No thanks). * I would like Taysia for Bachelorette!!😍 anyone else? @ashleyI ?
trumpit 2020
trumpit 2020 Month ago
When a girl doesn't want to be with you, starts acting like Victoria.
Jerry RN
Jerry RN Month ago
Common, Kelly was the victim of producer editing. She stayed out of the drama. Kelly is better off from Passive Pet
Tamara Young
Tamara Young Month ago
I’d like to see Alayah as the next bachelorette. I think she was treated unfairly and I think she’d be more interesting than Kelly.
jennifer alvarenga
Love your show!!! Lmao... your humor is priceless. Thank yiu
Desiree Stewart
Desiree Stewart Month ago
Omg Ashley please stop with the plastic surgery! I remember first seeing you when you were new to the franchise and thought you were gorgeous. Now it’s so weird seeing you look like a different person.
Karra Hammett
Karra Hammett Month ago
I don't see anyone getting a ring at the end. 🤷🏻‍♀️
JoNi Wasson
JoNi Wasson Month ago
Madison leaves before the final rose. But if anyone has watched Hannah B insta gram she is totally hiding some news. And Peter, he is totally on the rebound.
A K Month ago
Victoria f talking about her childish fears is just too immature even when compared to Hanna Ann fake tears burst out. Kelley went home and she’s better for it.
Luc Bordage
Luc Bordage Month ago
Madison or one of the Hannah' s. Three stories floating out there.
Coconut ScienceGirl92
It’s gonna be a sad ending. I feel like Maddison unable to be with peter because he slept with others and he can’t commit to her religion is pretty tragic. Just a guess though
Chelsea V Proctor
Hear me out: As much as I don’t hate Kelly, throw the whole cast away and find a new Bachelorette
Hana Belle
Hana Belle Month ago
He responds so well to emotion....you mean he LOVES emotion?? ha ha Oh, Peter
Josephine Coale
Josephine Coale Month ago
He just wants to get Victoria in bed he won't stay with her
First Snap
First Snap Month ago
See I think Kelley wasn’t being rude. Imo I think that when she said the “I’m a lawyer” I think this was more of I’m ready for love and because I have my career I’m ready I don’t think it was a dig at the girls just her saying she’s a lawyer and the other girls aren’t. And the calling the other girls “little babies” I think it was more again of that the other girls aren’t ready for love and they’re immature.
Boudica Q
Boudica Q Month ago
Boudica Q
Boudica Q Month ago
Shasta Fog
Shasta Fog Month ago
The Victoria's are now BF also.
Shasta Fog
Shasta Fog Month ago
Awhhhh, Maddy is using the bachelor show and looking for love to do her missionary work. Can he be converted?
Tonya Marks
Tonya Marks 20 days ago
He becomes a member of a missionary organization along with her dad
Hello Qutie
Hello Qutie Month ago
I love your hair Zuri!
Beverly Biatch
Beverly Biatch Month ago
Kelly is a normal non drama girl and that makes for bad TV in ABC’s eyes. No wonder they edited that so obviously to make her look bad. I would like to see her as the bachelorette but I don’t think ABC is gonna chose her due to her personality which IMO is a bad decision.
Rico Suave
Rico Suave Month ago
Does anyone think Hannah Anne looks like a young Katie Holmes?
Michelle Barry
Michelle Barry Month ago
I read about the producer too...picture of the two of them with their families. Who knows, maybe this is the "unique" ending he is referring to.
Luv Month ago
Michelle Barry then why tell Madison he’s falling in love with her?? What a douche
The Baking Diva
The Baking Diva Month ago
He’s so in love with one of them that he has to sleep with another 🤔 Shame on him 🙄
He wants to bone Victoria and then get engaged to Madison Scotch free classic lame guy move
Katherine Maya
Katherine Maya Month ago
I don’t think it’s a far stretch after Monday’s episode that it is all about Madison.. the show pretty much spoon fed us that right! Who cares if Ashley read spoilers or not she says no so I believe her. RS gave more details and it all jives with what we saw so again I say umm that’s not a big leap to take after Monday nights episode
Karen Manning
Karen Manning Month ago
I really like Ashley and the interviewer but please, can you eliminate the background music? It's so distracting. I didn't finish watching the video because of it.
Lori Cook
Lori Cook Month ago
I think Peter's not the person or man I thought he was by choices if woman........ Kelly? Was perfect! Maybe he wants a hoochie 🤷‍♀️🌹Victoria!!!
Lori Cook
Lori Cook Month ago
I think it comes out about Victoria and her hometown visit.. does anyone know about the white lives matter model?? Bc I seen a interview on peter and I though he sent her home already...
Fashion Maven
Fashion Maven Month ago
Victoria gives major Susan Atkins/Manson family vibes. Creepy girl
David Powell
David Powell Month ago
Bring the dude along to join the cult? Not good.
ShaJuanda Campbell
What happened to the girl who used to be the host?
lindsay Month ago
The show totally edited Kelley to look bad
Kaylee Brown
Kaylee Brown Month ago
Kelley even said on IG that they gave her a bad edit and she’s not really sure why.
Jerry RN
Jerry RN Month ago
Producers highly edit the show to paint a picture for drama. Ashley should know better then anyone else, kinda surprised.
Mercurial Pierrot
Kelley was blunt, but right.
Ashley Iaconetti
I feel the need to say that I should have picked up on the splicing of Kelley’s lines better throughout the episode and made it aware here!
Claire Marie
Claire Marie Month ago
The bachelor producers really tried to splice and give Kelly a bad edit, but it actually made me LOVE her 😂. I love a girl who tells it like it is. Kelly spoke straight facts. Victoria is a hot mess and Hannah Ann just isn’t in the best life arena to get married. If peter actually wanted to build with someone, get married, and have children then yes, Kelly or Madison are the only viable options. If you want a trophy wife that gets your tea spout hard, then yes pick Victoria F. Hannah Ann is a wild card. I feel like she would be a good girlfriend for peter but she’s not ready to be a wife yet.
I heard natasha was a producer plant to stir up drama when the cameras aren’t rolling
Jenneh Quoi
Jenneh Quoi Month ago
Hannah Ann and Madison
Cat Barlow
Cat Barlow Month ago
Can we talk about what Ashley said about Hannah B says she's single, but there's things that allude to her not being single? That was what stood out to me. Wth is she with?
Catherine yanthan
Now this is making sense Peter's mom says go get her back after Madison left obviously it's her.
Amanda Tidey
Amanda Tidey Month ago
The clips of Kelley where she said "look at me" probably was from the date where she was dressed as a grandma. "I'm an attorney" could have been from just asking her job title..or when she was saying she is an attorney and doesn't feel comfortable wearing lingerie (lingery lol) and "the other girls" could have just been a beginning of a sentence she said. Ugh that editing did her dirty..and they played it over and over the entire episode!
Brianna Month ago
kelley got a DIRTY DIRTY edit there at the end
Ashley Perez
Ashley Perez Month ago
Someone leaves apprently shows next show him talking to his mom and her crying go get her so who knows who is it I hope not Madison I want it be here or either Hannah but we’ll see
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Month ago
Victoria F is a Racist. The whole season looks Thirsty AF. BTW the Black chick on this show is really pretty, love her style.
Nikki Landers
Nikki Landers Month ago
Zuri...the hair is 🔥🔥🔥😍🤗
Vala Month ago
You are right Ashley I. about how it played out for Luke P. last season. We shall see if it will be seen differently now.
Project KJ
Project KJ Month ago
Kelley should be next Bachelorette...she reminds me of Rachel, intelligent, no nonsense, honest.
Taaiebah Month ago
Hannah gets chosen. 100% i agree with Ashley's statement of Peter needing to first meet Madi sexually before making a final decision - because let's face it, she leaves because she realises he slept with Hannah A in the fantasy suite. If he was 100 set on Madi and 100 OK with waiting till marriage, he wouldn't have risked their relationship by spending the night with Hannah A.
Posy blue
Posy blue Month ago
SPOILER So you are telling me that after reality steve confirms that Madisom self eliminates suddenly this is Ashley I's theory?? 🙄
Blanca Alvarez
Blanca Alvarez Month ago
Can i just say i freaking love Ashley!!!
Taylor Month ago
I haven't seen the episode yet, but i really wish they would stop making virginity sound like such a big deal because it's not. Someone is saving themselves big whoop.
Ginevra Williams
Ashley has a good plastic surgeon. He did a good job on her nose and the rest of her face.
Ashley Iaconetti
Ginevra Williams my nose is shockingly real, but thank you for the compliments on my chin and cheek bone filler. :)
Marmi Afrin
Marmi Afrin Month ago
These girls are little babies, not sure why people are coming after Kelley. If I was there surrounded by these people I'd react similar.
That Marble Life
Peter squashed the Hannah b spoiler in interviews. He said that he’s heard the pregnancy ones, Hannah ones and a few others...and he has yet to hear the right one.
Brandon Townsend
Her prediction is probably the most accurate out of all the ones I’ve read.
CJ 83
CJ 83 Month ago
Ashley got more make sense insight than some others who talks non sense lol Glad you notice how madison didnt say back his love confession, she is on her own league and the timing of talking about her faith thing and not judging her about her decision about her virginity and all
iLexy 3
iLexy 3 Month ago
I don't like how you talked about Hannah's list and laughed saying it was just her being like I like you because you're you, because the list was actually a lot longer and there were some deep and meaningful points in it. They just edited it out. I paused it when she was holding the paper and read the whole thing. It was the most endearing thing I've ever read.
Gisfer Flores
Gisfer Flores Month ago
Ashley said it best-“ never witnessed a season where there’s only one right answer and that’s Maddison “
Melissa Faith Yeo
Did someone fart at 6.20 or was it just me?
Alanna Duke
Alanna Duke Month ago
I think it’s gonna be really messed up if Madison gives Peter an ultimatum based on her religious beliefs and nobody cares but when Luke P did it it was a problem LOL which I definitely hated him with a passion he is definitely a narcissist but I couldn’t be mad at him for feeling that way if that’s what he believes and that’s what he wants then I thought that was perfectly OK for him to say that and ask that and it was up to Hannah to make her decision from there which she did. And to be honest I don’t know why anyone with any religious beliefs who want to save their self for marriage would go on a reality TV show to win the heart of a man who is known for having sex with a girl in a windmill FOUR times in ONE night! 😂😂😂
Alanna Duke
Alanna Duke Month ago
Alice Pahler exactly! I’m not saying Madison is a bad person but I do think she may want to be the next Colton lol especially after she got caught on her own fan account and I really don’t care what anyone says my friend would’ve lied for me too LOL but she’s a very very pretty girl and I do think she’s a good person I just think she went into this maybe with the wrong reasons because there’s no way that you truly truly have these beliefs and go on the show in hopes that you’re going to find your husband with those same beliefs 🤷‍♀️ does not make sense 🤦‍♀️
Alice Pahler
Alice Pahler Month ago
I think Madison is sincere, but she definitely should not have joined the Bachelor if that is her beliefs--especially since Peter has already stated how he feels about pre-marital sex...he told Hannah on ATFR that in his opinion, Jesus still loves them both, At the very least, she should have made that known to him much earlier on. As for Luke, he used his religion as a means of controlling Hannah, and she finally saw right through him.
Alanna Duke
Alanna Duke Month ago
Gema Rambhajan agreed! I think she wants to be bachelorette, I think she leaves peter and stays gone because she is in hopes of being bachelorette like Colton. I men’s the fact that she’s making fan accounts and commenting on her own pictures says it all, and no no don’t believe the story that it was her friend lol my friend would lie for me too 😂
Gema Rambhajan
Gema Rambhajan Month ago
Alana Duke u hit her where it hurts although I rooted for Madison she shud not b on d show if she is religious.
DeeRo Holla
DeeRo Holla Month ago
Exactly my thoughts. She’s to good to drop her pants. GOOD FOR HER! Go home, pure and without regret .
yleongsg Month ago
Kelly is like the demon version of Andy Dorfman and Kelsey is the blonde version of Ashley I! 😄
Trish0871 Month ago
Wasn’t Peter talking to Kelsey when he mentioned being intimate with someone 6 days before? Or is that a good edit and have him saying that while showing him talking to Kelsey?
Now y’all know Kelly got a bad edit and she was way too mature for Peter because she knows exactly what she deserves. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Victoria is VERY TOXIC, gaslighting Peter and projecting what she is onto him. She has a lot of childhood trauma to heal from.🤕 Hannah Ann is sweet with Peter but there isn’t much there I haven’t seen😕 Why is Kelsey and Hannah best friends all of a sudden🥴 Kelsey TOO has a lot of trauma to heal from because she is waayyy to Emotionally dumping even through I would love to root for her. Madison truly is set on her standards and Peter sadly cannot live up to them. They have to be completely honest with what they desire in a relationship. 😟
Nineveh Zoudo
Nineveh Zoudo Month ago
Hannah Ann is doing whatever she can do, to stay in the game. And yeah, I can understand Madison. I think I’d have a tough time accepting a proposal after knowing that he was intimate with someone else. I get that there are fantasy suites, but, how can you possibly be intimate with someone that your not in love with? And let alone, the person you are not proposing to? I would think that, if you really have deep feelings for someone, then you can’t possibly go there.
Luv Month ago
Nineveh Zoudo and how do you trust them when you’re married??!!
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson Month ago
Well said! Also Why does intimacy have to equate to sex? (Purpose of fantasy room..to get intimate.. or to have sex). For Madison's sake it would have been nice if Peter thought this through a bit more. You stated it best if you truly deeply care how could you be okay with sleeping with someone else!
Carolina Gomez
Carolina Gomez Month ago
Agree 100%
Christine Thomas
Victoria f and madi top two. But madi gets upset about the sex he has with Victoria f and leaves. Maybe he gets victoria pregnant 🤷🏻‍♀️ but anyway, madi leaves and then mama barb says bring her back...
LysetteOne Month ago
I think Peter’s mother is crying for her son finding love not a particular girl. His family is great, but his mother’s emotional scene reminds me of all the girls he gave attention to this season. If a girl was crying and making a scene, he migrated toward her. Maybe Peter is replicating his home life. He lives with his parents. 🤷🏻‍♀️. I loved Kelley’s narration of this latest episode. Nothing she said wasn’t true even if was edited and words were put in her mouth. 🤣
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