The AWD S10's Turbos Are ON! BIG Problems And Solutions in Building The Ultimate Truck Ep4.

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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 100
Crysmatic 6 months ago
gut the LT4 supercharger and just use it for the A-W intercoolers ... super short intake!
Dustin Grant
Dustin Grant 7 months ago
Love the s-10 build.. im looking to do something like this myself
john szwarc
john szwarc 11 months ago
You guys are awesome I love what you're doing to your truck hey check out what I've done I'm also a fabricator do some interesting things I've got a 69 C10 that I have mid-mounted a 454 in the bed click the little picture on the left and check it out I've got a few RUvid videos so might want to check out I think it's right up your alley you guys are awesome take it easy
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 11 months ago
That's why your beard bugs me so much. Hope you get Cooper back in this video.
Josh Schonfeld
Josh Schonfeld 11 months ago
I'd utilize that bed space for the radiator and turbos. Either way this thing is amazing!
Short Bus Racing co.
Short Bus Racing co. 11 months ago
Good old coop,the biggest shit talker and the biggest pussy
silkysixx 11 months ago
Why not run your meth through the stock port injection sites?
Jared THISDELLE 11 months ago
I love the build .......
BadChad 90
BadChad 90 Year ago
Twins Bazal, Twins!
MV60 Year ago
Run injectors in the intake to deal with Di carbon buildup.
Peter DeWispelaere
Yes, your channel is wonderful and I try to keep with all of the new episodes.... U.S. Army/ Army Reserves for 35 years! Iraqi /OEF VETERAN currently somewhere in Africa...
use a water to air intercooler, saves space and add ice for more power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cody Hooper
Cody Hooper Year ago
kid's metal art is awesome
BRI2K TV Year ago
I would just run the heat exchanger in front of the radiatori if I was going to make it look as street sleeper and drop the turbos. I guess since it's just a race truck, I would put the radiator in the back.
So much greatness. Merrrrica fuuuk yeah
David Hamilton
Why not dona an electric davis Craig water pump open up more room and move ac and alternator to the bottom mount will lower center of gravity andndrop some weight also can control the flow of the water pump
badandy122376 Year ago
Why are you shoving an intercooler and radiator with twins under the hood? Tons of heat and a small space to manage it. Rear mount the radiator, and get an air to water intercooler to save space. Seems like a ton of wasted time and resources.
Art Life
Art Life Year ago
Instead of cleaning and reusing many fasteners on my latest LS build, I ordered a bunch of stuff from ICT Billet and it made reassembling the new longblock with my LS1 components sooo much easier and cleaner looking..great company..cheers!
stuart w
stuart w Year ago
cut the v bands straight in to the housings for the waste gates
Glytingen Year ago
Can you show more things that your son has welded up? Looks awsome!
Bastacio 17
Bastacio 17 Year ago
Radiator in the bed with an lines wont cause turbo lag🙏🏽
MrD1ss Year ago
Nothing disgusting. Beautiful dog.
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Year ago
>makes a midengine truck for handling >starts with a truck
Kristopher Wolfe
"Unsemetrical" -Cooper 😁
Franky Flavio
Franky Flavio Year ago
get bigger heat exchanger and get rid of the tailgate and replace it with a massive heat exhanger
Super Conscious
death of channel
Rich B.
Rich B. Year ago
If you bed mounted the radiator you would have enough room to run a liquid to air intercooler for the turbos. Much better cooling than air to air. Just a thought.
brycea0225 Year ago
This thing is like a mini hoonitruck with those turbos like that. It’s gonna be sick
jerm _
jerm _ Year ago
Please build this thing super clean man it will be sick you'll brake the internet
Tots Daniel
Tots Daniel Year ago
Should have got symmetrical turbo's.
Joe Baker
Joe Baker Year ago
You need to race this vs the AWD Cutlass! ruvid.net/video/video-deVdVAP3e74.html
Daver G
Daver G Year ago
15:12 Hot air does rise, but the truck will be moving multitudes faster than that. The intercooler will get very heat soaked from the rad
Daver G
Daver G Year ago
@Fasterproms Still gonna get heat soaked while staging.
Fasterproms Year ago
Yes sir thank you. I think we are in the minority. But we are right! Wanted to build for static and dynamic. Drag racing you are static and then dynamic.
yeeyeet drifte36
Make a roof rack an put the Radiator on the roof rack on the roof
yeeyeet drifte36
Put the rad on the roof
duder280z Year ago
Radiator in back will solve so many problems! Create a few maybe, but those are minor and the benefits outweigh the cons.
Ben Lundeen
Ben Lundeen Year ago
Looks like cleetus get his wind boat for the old big block
Curtis Mcquiston
I want to get a better look at that air boat behind y'all
exdime Year ago
RDA in bed K.I.S.S
Peter Lockhart
There's literally so much room there you can run big rad and fans with intercooler out front without any shortcomings.. Keep it simple (well, this one thing anyways!😅😂) Cant wait to see it done..
Goaty McGoatface
come on man "we're nerdy about temps" 5 mins later "I don't wanna move the radiator to the back though"
Matt Wenz
Matt Wenz Year ago
I hope you go out to long beach when its done and go to the hoonigan burn yard lol
Mike Hardeman
Mike Hardeman Year ago
Put it in the bed
Nelson Silva
Nelson Silva Year ago
Rear Mount Rad ftw
Matthew Rodriguez
Rear mount radiator and mirrored turbos do things right .
Dylancooke55 Year ago
If ur taking advice from sloppy mechanics why not just put the gate on the exhaust housing
Christopher Miller
Norman is awesome! He's a big boy when you see him in person.
Jeffrey Murdock
why not move radiator to the bed. keep the inter cooler up front and kill 2 birds with 1 stone
Tyler Panek
Tyler Panek Year ago
There’s a guy named Jesse lee on Facebook that builds the best core supports on the market for s10’s... you gain an extra 3” and it weighs like 20lbs less (don’t quote me on this, I’m just going by memory... might be more or less.) he has then decently priced as well. If you’re looking for less weight on the front end it’s something to definitely look at.
the Wellness Channel
Make sure u do some ram air cold air ducts
William Distel
twin radiators in the bed in front of the rear wheels with vents through the tub for that tuff look. :-) my 2c PS love your channel!
Everett Mccullough
Put the radiator in the bed. The engine and the turbos with thank you!
Jason Spencer
Jason Spencer Year ago
I feel like I've been watching your videos too long.... because I could pick Norman out of a crowd at this point!
ass ripper 69
ass ripper 69 Year ago
ripping asses and ripping awd turbos
Red Rolo
Red Rolo Year ago
Your son has a creative mind.
Josh C
Josh C Year ago
Like everyone else said, Put that GD radiator in the bed., stop hacking that front out and you can have great airflow on both the rad and the intercooler instead of mediocre on both and having a nightmare of a time jamming them in
Brian Connelly
Just put it in the bed already
Adrian Bryan
Adrian Bryan Year ago
Just make the tailgate out of the radiator. Why would you want to put the radiator like considering how much it will be in the way.
paromanin Year ago
can the rad go in the bed? can the intercooler be laid down horizontally under the rad?
Travis Gustin
Travis Gustin Year ago
13yo doing car part art u must be one proud dad!
Daniel Shipley
Suggest putting the radiator in the bed. Also, I believe your assumptions about plenum volume making any difference in throttle response are wrong. Remote turbos, due to less heat energy getting to the turbos would be bad though.
john0270 Year ago
I also vote radiator in the bed!
How about cutting a hole in the tailgate and mounting the radiator in the hole. You could make that look really cool and it would be functional.
xmacias21 Year ago
Remove grill and see what all can be done 🤘🏼
James Arnold
James Arnold Year ago
I think ur beard looks fantastic jeremy! gives these cars atleast +25hp
Swap Time
Swap Time Year ago
Why not delete the direct injection and use a e38 controller and harness on the gen v? I can make the harness if you would want to try it.
God Blessed America
I’ve always wanted to date twins so I could tell her sister “I know what you look like naked”! 😂😂😳
Strong views
Strong views Year ago
Looks like you outed that cleetus did get an air boat for the big block.
Laz Nat
Laz Nat Year ago
Nope that is a LSA build !
Cory Unferferth
Put the radiator in the bed...engine bay will be way too cramped trying to fit a v mount in there..will look super clean with just that style intercooler in the bay.
baggedhemi Year ago
I’ll save you 20 minutes. They have the motor mounted with TT’s. Doesn’t run. Doesn’t drive.
Kyle Lott
Kyle Lott Year ago
Bed mount radiator and run hard lines all the way up
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson Year ago
Tom Steyer is an idiot
Mike Dodge
Mike Dodge Year ago
I love your dogs!
Steven Yarbrough
Get a TBSS Intake, dude!
Anthony Mcdonald
Put it in the bed, the cooler in the front will rock. Don't cover it up with the radiator....
Im bad rotten
Im bad rotten Year ago
Run hoses or alum tubes to bed and locate radiator in bed.fixes all front fitment isdues.
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson Year ago
Sorry it wasn't a woman ,but a man. His name was Officer Kane. Great name for the truck Huh?
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson Year ago
All jokes aside damn good job brother! that motor now reminds me of the alien after it was coming out of the womans belly.. Good job!!!
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson Year ago
Go to James preformance for your inter cooler needs. Motto: It's James ,or Walk...
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson Year ago
Intake you should go through The Giant orange Giraff speed shop. I hear they make quality aftermarket intakes. Holleey ,and edlebrock can't compare!
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson Year ago
You really need James in there to explain why I am not hearing any Bald Eagles...
Fetus McCarlane
When I'm finally born I'm gunna get me one of those !
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson Year ago
What!!! Click Bait!!! I did not here any Bald Eagles! Make it run bfore you title the video turbo's are on!!! This should really be not about bald Eagles ,but about screamin Eagles...ok on with the show...lol
wacko wacko
wacko wacko Year ago
The problem with mounting the rad and the intercooler in the way you are suggesting is that they have different amounts of resistance to air flow. If you mount it like that, the air will prefer to flow through the core that has the least amount of resistance to airflow, usually the intercooler. This means that you will have to run fans on the core that flows less air, and the fans will have to run all the time if it is the radiator core. It will be better to mount them one in front of the other, like most intercooler and radiator combinations, because it forces ALL the airflow through both the cores. As long as you aren't approaching heat saturation (where the air just won't absorb more heat) it will work fine - and that rarely happens with modern rad and intercooler cores unless they are undersized. Mounting the radiator in the bed is what most people come up with and is certainly what everyone will suggest - but bed mounted radiators always leak sooner or later, and you will have difficulty getting enough airflow through the core to keep the motor cool even if you run fans. Ask someone that has actually HAD a bed mounted radiator in a street driven truck - they will tell you how difficult it is to get it to work reliably and keep it that way. Just bleeding all the air out of the bed mounted radiator and keeping air pockets from forming in a bed mounted setup can be a nightmare. Even if you have to build a duct to house both cores so you can direct all the incoming air through them, it will still be the most reliable - and effective - way of getting the cooling you want for both cores. If you need more room for both cores, you might want to consider cutting off a foot or so off of the frame horns in front of the front suspension. The frame in front of the front suspension is superfluous, as long as the front suspension isn't being supported by it, and also assuming you don't have a need for a front bumper. The truck will be lowered anyway, so making a ground effect style front end (usually these are built without a front bumper) will eliminate the need for the bumper and will also redirect a larger amount of air to flow through the cores.
Get mirrored image compressor housings!
charles peagler
why not pipe the heater core lines to the bed and use a custom size core for aux cooling? use the smaller primary underhood as planned. OR do a verticle V mount of multiple small cores like CAT does for thier loaders?
jason hermann
jason hermann Year ago
Why try to fit the radiator in such a small space? Put the radiator in the bed!
Don Petillo
Don Petillo Year ago
Def go to bed with just radiator
River Yarbrough
That’s crazy your son has that kind of skill!
Cyclic M16
Cyclic M16 Year ago
Twin bed side mounted radiators. Kind of like you see in Lambos and Farrari. Leaving the bed open.
Mud Mower gaming
When your trying to beat a 7second drag car lol
Big Worm
Big Worm Year ago
Insert autism radiator in the bed comment here
Bayer-Z28 Year ago
I’ve been wanting to do an LS S10 for YEARS! mine tho, I’d do the exact back down and under to keep the volume down. 😬😬😬 Or...... what hurt would it be to put the RAD in the bed? distance on that doesn’t matter and would make for a cooler engine bay and would lose heat quicker for the coolant to travel back and back up front? 🤯
beforebefore Year ago
Why not use a pair of air-to-water intercoolers? SOOO much more efficient when you use ice-water... and much smaller. Besides, if you try to cross-flow a radiator (or intercooler) that's not designed for angled airflow, it will refuse... air is very picky when it moves fast.
Brandon C
Brandon C Year ago
cut the frame rails and cap them. you can drop the intercooler lower and have more room for the radiator.
Kraig VandeVelde
Instead of one large radiator, do 2 small ones, or put it in the bed.
Bought by the blood of Jesus Jesus
I’d put it in front of the core support. Then ex’s tend the grill out.
DoingStuff Daily
Great channel! Only request, please stop calling an engine a motor! They are not the same.
jaybirdls1 Year ago
Just cut the rest of the cowl out, it’ll look way cleaner and give you room for downpipes
Brett Edwards
Brett Edwards Year ago
Favorite build ap far!
Cizx123 Year ago
I've got it name the truck Kane
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