THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) Ending Explained

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In the supernatural thriller, The Autopsy of Jane doe a father and son team (Emile Hirsch, Brian Cox) are tasked with uncovering the cause of death behind a mysterious unidentified body. As they dig deeper into her body, they mysteries only deepen, leading to a surprising truth behind who Jane is. Breaking down the story, the clues that reveal Janes identity, explaining the ending and some important thematic elements.
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6 фев 2019

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solitarymaninblack 5 часов назад
Necrophiliacs might like this Jane Doe.
Owen Wynono
Owen Wynono 7 часов назад
Would def love to see a sequel of her out in the world full mobility, power, and strength.
ImNOTemoMOM ;-;
ImNOTemoMOM ;-; 14 часов назад
Roblox players have a big oof in the chat.
LuckyBlackCat 15 часов назад
Mark Sync
Mark Sync 20 часов назад
Anyone else wank at 6:15?
Karina Reyes
Karina Reyes День назад
You need to watch the kirlian frequency
Charlotte Đ
Charlotte Đ День назад
It didnt surprise me too much . The girlfriend was annoying, i knew that the father was gonna die (although i thought that the son was gonna survive ) and that it wont be resolved by the end. I liked the beginning but as the time went on i was like meh okay
DaiZuKe ARG День назад
TheMike0088 День назад
I actually don't think that Jane was turned into a witch. I think she was one of the few that already was a witch to begin with, with whoever managed to detain her inflicting extreme damage such as shattering her ankles and wrists as well as charring her lungs, along with putting religious markings meant to contain/detain evil power on the inside of her skin, all in an attempt to kill or at least incapacitate her.
Ida Wik
Ida Wik День назад
This easy kissing her and her cears will be gone forever
Amelie Ruppert
Amelie Ruppert День назад
Dude, not to be too rough on you (the video is quite entertaining) but other than retelling the plot and pointing out some of the finer details, what conclusion are you actually presenting that wasn't bleeding obvious from the start? How about explaining that - since Austin kills his father before the regeneration Tommy promised 'Jane' is completed - it is Tommy's failure to endure 'Jane's' suffering to its conclusion, and begging for death instead, which ultimately kills Austin. 1. Tommy promises to do whatever it takes to save his son. 2. He can't go through with it and Austin offs him before the regeneration is completed, condemning Jane to continue in her helpless suffering. 3. She gets angry enough to take Austin's life. (Wouldn't you, having come so close to salvation, only to have it ripped from you, because this man can't suffer for a view minutes what she's been forced to endure for so long?) That's the kind of thesis I would have loved to see in an 'Ending Explained' video about this movie; not a summary with a few details pointed out.
John Nivicela
John Nivicela День назад
Sahgee День назад
Did he already do suspiria? 👀
Sydney O'Bier
Sydney O'Bier День назад
I low key wanted her to come back to life tho 😭
Non Scrawny Kidd
Non Scrawny Kidd День назад
Where's John Doe?
Pizza Guy
Pizza Guy День назад
Before I watch this can someone warn me about jump scares? xD
Aaron Turner
Aaron Turner День назад
I think the reason she had the pristine skin and tattoos insid is because the witch used a virgin for a sacrifice. She then used that sacrifice as a vessel for her protection.
Joe Shopper
Joe Shopper День назад
Ok. I'll check out this video. RUvid has been suggesting I watch it EVERY DAY since it went up. I don't know why.
Morgan Heffernan
Morgan Heffernan День назад
Why was this so spooky. I had to turn on my bedroom light so I wouldn't scare myself.
F0R637 JYNX День назад
Shaggy could beat her using not even any of his power...
Andrew Tran
Andrew Tran День назад
I don't think he wanted his son to kill him, but rather give him the knife to cut his tongue to complete the process. Except his son misunderstood and killed him instead.
reeseslightning11 День назад
I honestly did not expect to enjoy the movie as much as I did.
Donald J Trump The Furry Exterminator
Jane doe? You mean the one from ROBLOX orrrr???
Choco YT
Choco YT День назад
10:04 wtf why did you do that i just got heart attack
Gabrielle Erdman
Gabrielle Erdman День назад
very philosophically explained!!
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 2 дня назад
Wacky Jeffery
Wacky Jeffery 2 дня назад
There is some roblox player named Jane doe
Rohan 2 дня назад
OfficialEDirty 2 дня назад
Should have cut her head off
Cesar Buot
Cesar Buot 2 дня назад
Well, time to sleep in my parents room now
FrostPlayz FP
FrostPlayz FP 2 дня назад
Shaggy's wife
Britty Brad
Britty Brad 2 дня назад
Personally, I enjoyed the visual effects but I didn't care for the movie
Dog God
Dog God 2 дня назад
So instead of those ancient ass people burning said witch, they actually created one?
TheDragonairs Gamer
TheDragonairs Gamer 2 дня назад
What about John Doe
HeyGuysItsYoBoiJoJo 2 дня назад
6:16 you forgot to blur
Dastuffster 2 дня назад
Maybe they could make a prequel to this film explaining exactly how she swallowed the cloth .Maybe she was once an innocent her world controlled by fear maybe she knew the evil was apart of her and tried to thwart it herself by swallowing the cloth but in the end they captured and tortured her... it would be an interesting prequel horror movie
Abigail Christiansen
Abigail Christiansen 2 дня назад
yooo i love this movie
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams 2 дня назад
So she’s a reality warping witch??? Hmmmm scarlet witch vs Jane doe
Kunta K
Kunta K 2 дня назад
Dyatlov pass... Dyatlov pass... Dyatlov pass... We need a dyatlov pass breakdown, as it's confusing as f&$% 😎
Hans Gantzhorn
Hans Gantzhorn 3 дня назад
If i were to work in a morgue i would have a shotgun loaded nex to me at all time "Just for safe keeping"
Hans Gantzhorn
Hans Gantzhorn 3 дня назад
This shit gives me the chills
물건 3 дня назад
What a cunt.
HT T 3 дня назад
Personally I got the impression that she was always a witch. It really explains the major steps the colonists took to bind her magic and seal her away.
Nathan Romero
Nathan Romero 3 дня назад
This won’t get pinned
Christopher0184 3 дня назад
I don't that Jane would survive a direct hit with a hydrogen bomb.
ccrackmyribs 3 дня назад
Okay wayment....I feel like everything was looking up when the dad made the deal with jane and all his shit started to fuck up and his wrists and ankles were breaking and shit. I think when he was on the floor reaching for the knife I thought it was to complete jane's torture on the dad by cutting out his tongue but instead the son takes the knife and kills the dad before janes torture could be completed. Since it wasn't completed, jane never got completely turned back into a normal person and the deal was broken so she killed the son. Am I the only one thinking that?????
FinalSpoonGaming 3 дня назад
i useally watch dead meat, and his videos never scare me. but holy shit. this video did. everything about this movie grabs at what creeps me out. just thing walking in the dark, hospitals, those make me scared as fuc*
Del Ramirez
Del Ramirez 3 дня назад
Please start putting kids videos on your RUvid
FinalSpoonGaming 3 дня назад
it gets deeper and deeper in to the body" thats what she said #4:20
Gregory Hamilton
Gregory Hamilton 3 дня назад
Zeke Gaming
Zeke Gaming 4 дня назад
Shontyse Gaither
Shontyse Gaither 4 дня назад
Do the prodigy next
Slaanesh The Dark Prince
Slaanesh The Dark Prince 4 дня назад
Just remember kids dead girls can't say no😎
Frankie Cuellar
Frankie Cuellar 4 дня назад
I can't believe you still haven't done. "the possession of hannah grace"!?
Cool Goby Fish
Cool Goby Fish 4 дня назад
i felt the ending a very dissapointing. i kind of expected more.
9C Justin Mads Frederiksen Balsmoseskolen
who knew you would learn so much about autopsy from a horror movie
AnarchyPizza 4 дня назад
Absolutely loved watching this movie!
Tyler Rose
Tyler Rose 4 дня назад
ultra instinct jane doe in the next movie
nomjomski 4 дня назад
a pretty weak story to a pretty boring movie
Rabid Glitter
Rabid Glitter 4 дня назад
This was a synopsis of the movie, not and ending explained.
Samuel Bomorse
Samuel Bomorse 4 дня назад
I thought this was a brilliant film. I'd happily watch a sequel or even prequel!
KingTater 4 дня назад
The real story here is that horror protagonists are stupid as hell. If the walls of a building starts to bleed blood and I hear non corporal voices telling you to get the fuck out, you get the fuck out. Shit like that always annoyed me with horror movies as it's a tired old trope used in the majority of them. Alien, The Thing, maybe Evil Dead, the first ones that is, although Ash is dumb a brick, he doesn't follow the stupid idiot won't run away trope, cause the evil will follow him no matter where he go. Hmm, what's more? Event Horizon. They where fucked no matter what they did. Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. Horror movies such as these are very rare.
josh aleman
josh aleman 4 дня назад
6:16 he forgot to sensor ...”it”
Penelope Jenkins
Penelope Jenkins 4 дня назад
Aw thats sad
Dakota 4 дня назад
I was reading another thread about this movie and the general concensus there was that Jane Doe causes people to hallucinate and go on murderous rampages, just like in the first house. There are a clues that point to this, mostly notably the storm raging outside even though the radio at the end said it was the fourth day of sunshine. Jane Doe was never cut into at the end either.
I am Not okay
I am Not okay 4 дня назад
I’d say fuck that shit dad your not gonna catch me up in that bitch
grimfyre 345
grimfyre 345 4 дня назад
You forgot to censor out a nipple on one part in case you want to edit that and reupload it so Susan doesn't get mad
silverdragon0000120 4 дня назад
I would have activated my sadistic necrophilia fetish and would have molested Jane lol
wendigo :Đ
wendigo :Đ 5 дней назад
5:17 the song from the musical "hair", its about hippies. One of them is in the army and a friend replaces him for a day and that exact day they go to vietnam. The dude is in an airplane and they are chasing him with a car, he dies in vietnam. The whole time the song "let the sunshine in" is playing. Btw family guy made a parody of the scene named "let his son die" Edit:it's not the song that I tought
J Vert
J Vert 5 дней назад
I thought this channel would be flooded with copyright strikes and would stop uploading
Cael.Sascha M
Cael.Sascha M 5 дней назад
Will there be a sequel??
Tyrone Fuller
Tyrone Fuller 5 дней назад
Hi I haven’t seen a video of u doing (Don’t Knock twice) can u do one please thanx big fan😘 love ur work
Asma Ur Rahman
Asma Ur Rahman 5 дней назад
want another part of the movie ! n yeah it was quite exciting to listen to this explanation ! thanks
This is one creepy ass movie
Its funny how he said " Its time to get da fuck outta here"
Peter Aguirre
Peter Aguirre 5 дней назад
Enemy with jake gyllehah
Shylock 5 дней назад
The way her body looked so prestine even when dead and buried, should have been a clue already to the supernatural. It was, a thrilling ride though. I didn't expect it on a movie with three main casts and the other one stays still until the movie is finished.
tyrell setness
tyrell setness 5 дней назад
it would make sense that the movie is about depression becasue the blood on her nose makes a semi colon, just a thought
Marcin Jechorek
Marcin Jechorek 5 дней назад
I would fuck that corpse right in the pusseeeeyy
Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin 5 дней назад
I was watching this movie and decided to pause it just to watch this video instead. I was getting too anxious, lol..
Tony Maw
Tony Maw 5 дней назад
It would of been interesting if she came alive and the son like fell in love and like yea
Skull Capton
Skull Capton 5 дней назад
Why u censored them nipples?
Shin OH
Shin OH 5 дней назад
This movie is so creepy and terrifying.
diana M
diana M 6 дней назад
The possession of Hannah grace pls
Brandon Reisman
Brandon Reisman 6 дней назад
Theory . Emma wasn't really killed . There's no reference to her at the end of the film sooo
Mistake Manager
Mistake Manager 6 дней назад
Why did Stanley had to die?
Rowan kt
Rowan kt 6 дней назад
It's hematoma. Not hematoba.
[G]555 6 дней назад
Ø555Ø In other words. Jane is th' reason for th' word B!TCH. So what's "she" gonna do next? kill all entire human's race?
adrian72300 6 дней назад
The title of this video should have been,THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE(2016) Entire Movie Explained
Jane Spring
Jane Spring 6 дней назад
Props to a Canadian classic Kids In The Hall Collection you got back there! :)
Zen 6 дней назад
Isn’t she a roblox myth
Amra 6 дней назад
get it... deadication... llol
supreme son
supreme son 6 дней назад
Her power it's over 9,000
birds_and_ fat_dogs
birds_and_ fat_dogs 6 дней назад
Love this movie and reveiw
jennifer half
jennifer half 6 дней назад
If there was a killer in my house I would be trying to get out too. Dunno what's weird about it..
CoolgamerAlexy's Show
CoolgamerAlexy's Show 6 дней назад
What about John doe in roblox..... oof
Rachel Fourie
Rachel Fourie 6 дней назад
She’s beautiful
Bill Cosby Vs. The World
Bill Cosby Vs. The World 6 дней назад
Ultra instinct?
Yae Yeo
Yae Yeo 6 дней назад
So anyone else here that didn’t watch the movie and has never heard of it but still wants the explanation?🤔
Butter Francisco
Butter Francisco 6 дней назад
Do would you rather,
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