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Featuring the track “Great Wide Open” by Thirty Seconds to Mars
Based on the best-selling novel by Garth Stein, THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN is a heartfelt tale narrated by a witty and philosophical dog named Enzo (voiced by Kevin Costner). Through his bond with his owner, Denny Swift (Milo Ventimiglia), an aspiring Formula One race car driver, Enzo has gained tremendous insight into the human condition and understands that the techniques needed on the racetrack can also be used to successfully navigate the journey of life. The film follows Denny and the loves of his life - his wife, Eve (Amanda Seyfried), their young daughter Zoe (Ryan Kiera Armstrong), and ultimately, his true best friend, Enzo.
In Theaters August 9
Directed by: Simon Curtis
Produced by: Neal H. Moritz, Patrick Dempsey, Tania Landau
Cast: Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Seyfried, Gary Cole, Kathy Baker, Ryan Keira Armstrong, Martin Donovan and the voice of Kevin Costner
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The Art of Racing in the Rain | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


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May 20, 2019

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Comments 1 380
Free Souls
Free Souls 11 minutes ago
It's Me
It's Me 6 hours ago
Miloooooo😍 Can't wait to see this film😍😍
305carolann 6 hours ago
The book touched my soul.
Mario Ruiz
Mario Ruiz 8 hours ago
I LOVED the book. I hope the movie is as intense!
Silje R
Silje R 19 hours ago
Already weeping from watching the trailer
Wes Smeltzer
Wes Smeltzer Day ago
I have waited sooooo long for this film...I loved the book
Chance Manning
If it's half as good as the book ima download it illegally lol
Incredibly Awesome
I don't know why I'm crying while watching the trailer and having a feeling that this movie will make me cry 😭😭😭😭😭
Samantha Lockridge
The novel is absolutely beautiful; incredibly touching.
ATAG_Flare Day ago
0:02 no race was ever won in the first corner 2019 F1: races won in the first corner.
xxXUnicorn Slayer69Xxx
Am I the only one who thinks he sounds scouse at 1:06
Comettail 2 days ago
this book was my CHILDHOOD i’m so excited about this 👀
Philip The Titan
Philip The Titan 2 days ago
Can’t wait to see this!
SAVAGE DOGG 2 days ago
dogs and racing? yesss
Marcolas Pereira
Marcolas Pereira 2 days ago
My God...
Muffin Land
Muffin Land 2 days ago
God, this book made me cry ugly, ugly tears in the middle of a drama class.
Amanda O'Neill
Amanda O'Neill 3 days ago
Omg this movie is going to make me cry be i know exactly whats going to happen...
Fall Semester
Fall Semester 3 days ago
Faster Danny, faster.
Ankan Mondal
Ankan Mondal 3 days ago
Jelly Nelly
Jelly Nelly 3 days ago
August 9th 2019 in theaters!!!!!
Todd Kramer
Todd Kramer 3 days ago
A very enjoyable book...excited to see the movie. 😉
Andrewgaming 313
Andrewgaming 313 3 days ago
I read the book I’m so happy
EWicken 5 days ago
Cute film!!! I gotta see it!
Juan D Atristain
Juan D Atristain 5 days ago
0:38 So in this alternate universe the modern F1 logo is actually the classic F1 logo.
Timothy Ng
Timothy Ng 5 days ago
Thumbs up for the Omega speedmaster reduced
Jasmine Almond
Jasmine Almond 5 days ago
I read the book, I truly cried, I’m ready for this
Anthony Napoli
Anthony Napoli 6 days ago
Our shnoodle is named Enzo...
John Dern
John Dern 6 days ago
Literally nothing sad happened in the trailer, yet here I am, sobbing for no actual reason.
Howard the beagle
This was my favorite book that I read last year. I SOBBED when i finished it. My friend happened to come over and I couldn’t stop crying, but I couldn’t tell her why. Ugh. I can’t wait to see this.
Bruce Mcgraw
Bruce Mcgraw 6 days ago
Hopes it's 1/4 as good as the book....it would be great then.
OhItsThat 6 days ago
Seriously? Auto racing to scary for the modern man. Must put doggie in film so they feel comfortable.
Rose Gold
Rose Gold 6 days ago
I've read this book. I was locked up. I have a quote that stays with me to this day and it involves a true test of a champion..... If you read this book you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Wes Smeltzer
Wes Smeltzer Day ago
Allan Alberts
Allan Alberts 7 days ago
meh. not for me.
Huracan_Hudlum 88
Jesus CRYst
Aidan Gardner
Aidan Gardner 7 days ago
Has anyone else read this book recently in English class?
sergio rodriguez
sergio rodriguez 7 days ago
But can I take my lab tho ! ? Because I’m going to need a shoulder to cry on hahah
Sydnee Earnshaw
Sydnee Earnshaw 8 days ago
Totally forgot about this book until I saw the trailer!!😍 Now I wanna read it again!
721deco 8 days ago
One of my favorite books. I might just have to fork over some money for this one.
Rahul Joseph
Rahul Joseph 8 days ago
*The Dog's not there in the cast section in Google* 🥴
racer111259 8 days ago
the book has been legend for years among the racing set. let's hope the movie captures 10% of the magic....
gorditamafia 8 days ago
I've read the book front to back twice and let me just say, you're going to see full grown men cry in the theaters. It's not just a story, it's an experience.
Justin Connelly
Justin Connelly 8 days ago
The car world meets the animal world, this movie looks hella good
Juicebox95 8 days ago
My college English teacher had the class read this although I didn't really read it. I'm sorry Mr. Alley
mei lasnier
mei lasnier 8 days ago
I loved the book ....I hope the movie is as good as the book
Zachary John
Zachary John 9 days ago
I was racing at canadian tire motorsport park when they filmed this movie at the driver development track
bob Toler
bob Toler 9 days ago
Finally! Pat Dempsey had the rights to this book for years( you have to read it) and I thought it would never get made . Hope it is as good as the book.
Jennifer Barrita
Jennifer Barrita 9 days ago
Yoooo, I remember little 5th grade me crying when I finished the book :'). I know this is going to be amazing! I've been waiting for this movie to be made since then and its been almost 5 years!!! wOaHh. Life's crazy, now all I need is a movie made for All The Bright Places and I'll be good.
Dyteria Swinson
Dyteria Swinson 9 days ago
If you saw a dog's journey you'll get it
Leah Margaret Chon-Lopez
Read the book years ago and still maintain it as my favorite. It's incredibly deep and will RIP your heart apart. The title alone is beautiful and something to be pondered for some time. Really hoping they did the book justice. (BTW... much more heartbreaking than Marley and Me.)
Elyel Barberic
Elyel Barberic 10 days ago
"must be amazing having a body that could hold an entire being. I just hope it would look like me" Hold up what
Car Addict045
Car Addict045 10 days ago
This movie is perfect for me!! I love Dogs and Race Cars I’m definitely watching this!!
Melody Roth
Melody Roth 10 days ago
Milo Ventimiglia ? Count me in!!! 🤗
Jake Yesung Kang
Jake Yesung Kang 10 days ago
This movie is going to be great. The book was bloody fantastic. It helped me through my hardest times, gave me a mantra to live by. I always hoped I could see a film version of it and I just love Paramount for this!
FluffyZergling 11 days ago
welp......time for another manly cry fest
Noelle Ewok
Noelle Ewok 11 days ago
I have the book and read it and cried my eyes out.
Melinda Ahmed
Melinda Ahmed 11 days ago
Ohhh look another trash "feel good" cringe movie
RED 11 days ago
Just found out they're making it PG. To the people who have never experienced this story before, go read the book. I'm gonna skip this watered down version.
Mariano acosta
Mariano acosta 11 days ago
El tráiler te cuenta toda la peli...
JakeSucksAtGames 11 days ago
I read the book so I'm super happy and excited to cry watching this movie
YouDube 11 days ago
THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME OMFGN!! I am straight up crying 😭 I am SO happy they’re making this into a movie Thank you, Garth Stein, Simon Curtis, and 20th Century Fox. Truly. 💚💚💚
Mattheius Twittyham
The book is awesome. Hope the movie can live up to the book.
Ing.Martina Kunkelova
Perfect music Thirty second to Mars Jared Leto voice 👏👍🙏 I am waiting for this movie
LOOK NO BRAKES 12 days ago
Why am I crying? Please help!
Rahul Kapoor
Rahul Kapoor 12 days ago
"No race was ever won on the first corner" Seems like this guy has never watched F1.
Lee z
Lee z Day ago
How sad is that. People pay good money to see a forgone conclusion.
SAVAGE DOGG 2 days ago
AMG Petronas wants to take down this comment 😂
Moottoriturpa 3 days ago
Hope iRacing guys also learn this lesson :D
Charlie Adams
Charlie Adams 9 days ago
Lmao "Monaco"
Ed Russ
Ed Russ 9 days ago
To be fair this guy drives a GT4 Cup car, so quote still applies
gustavo juarez
gustavo juarez 12 days ago
My favorite book finally got a movie !!
Phrog Chief
Phrog Chief 13 days ago
Gonna bring my 7yo son to see this and pretend not to cry...
SleekStratos 13 days ago
I'm not an avid book reader, this one was impossible to put down though, highly recommended. Trailer looks pretty good, I'll buy a ticket for it but not gonna watch it at the theater, I don't willingly go out in public when I'm going to spill tears everywhere.
88laserbeam 13 days ago
Shout outs to Canadian Tire Motorsports Park 👍🇨🇦🍁
Il cazzeggiatore del tubo
Porcoddio se è bello solo la metà del libro vince 3 oscar minimo
Sunil Raj Damodar
Sunil Raj Damodar 13 days ago
The feels are going through the *WOOF*!
Good one!
Good one! 13 days ago
This looks dumb. I'm so keen 😆
Dustin Hunsberger
Dustin Hunsberger 13 days ago
I really hope people read the book before they watch the movie because it's incredible.
Guilherme Ferreira
Guilherme Ferreira 13 days ago
Ford vs Ferrari e agora The art of Rancing in The rain, tô gostando de ver Fox
Jkan2001 13 days ago
Someone cutting onions in here?
Juan Manuel Penaloza
Dogs and Cars: Man's Two Best Friends
rickorty7 13 days ago
Low Down
Low Down 14 days ago
Should of have got Owen to do the dogs voice because he looks like him and should sound like him lol
Ajit Avhad
Ajit Avhad 14 days ago
Dogs are the best thing that happened to humans ... Good we evovled to understand that dogs are just necessary for us.... :-)
Dani. 14 days ago
soleil Jaan
soleil Jaan 14 days ago
Hiro Nakamura is helping him
Apolo Crunch
Apolo Crunch 14 days ago
Alguien se va a morir carajo!
fastasslexus 14 days ago
Very excited for this
David Medina
David Medina 14 days ago
Well that's a nope for me. I stopped mid trailer because I saw where this was going.
Svetlin Nikolov
Svetlin Nikolov 14 days ago
strong candidate for dumbest movie of the year
gabifromhell 14 days ago
00:38 Steffan Bellof 00:41 Ayrton Senna Both clips from Monaco GP 1984, some of the best performances in the rain ever by both pilots. The day the world met the Ultimate rain master, Ayrton Senna.
Aldo Hernandez
Aldo Hernandez 14 days ago
I want to se this movie so bad
Nishit Nalubola
Nishit Nalubola 14 days ago
I mean can't dogs live longer..I know exactly how the story would end.😞
Chris Corley
Chris Corley 15 days ago
Stuber. The Art of Racing in the Rain. Ad Astra. Ford v Ferrari. = 2019 is Awesome.
A. Stelvio
A. Stelvio 12 days ago
You say my words. Thanks
Donald Dressen
Donald Dressen 15 days ago
Loved that book! So excited to see the movie.
Octane Monkey
Octane Monkey 15 days ago
Wait? This isnt the next Air Bud movie?
Bobbie Guerra
Bobbie Guerra 15 days ago
Read the book: Bawled. Saw the trailed in the theater: Bawled. Watched it again now because apparently I have a problem: Bawled.
K B 15 days ago
favorite book, I cant wait!
Michael Acquaviva
Michael Acquaviva 15 days ago
I AM NOT GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE I’m going to regret seeing this movie.
Jake Armstrong
Jake Armstrong 15 days ago
You should sell tissues with these tickets
InstaltechCarAudio 15 days ago
Triple Crown Racing
Guess I’ll cry
Colynda Gayheart
Colynda Gayheart 15 days ago
One of the best books. Def crying my eyes out in the theatre.
elena79rus 15 days ago
I feel like I've seen the whole movie already. 🤦🏽‍♀️
christdragon 15 days ago
DISCO-INFERNO-70 15 days ago
This looks like something made for the Hallmark channel.
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