THE AREA 51 RAID ON MINECRAFT!!! - (What are they hiding from us?) Ep. 29! #Area51storm 👽 PART 1!

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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 100
H2ODelirious 10 months ago
I want to see many likes for PART 2 of AREA 51! I hope you enjoy this video! What's your favorite clip? For anyone saying it's SCP.... DUHHHHHH It's called Roleplay SMH..... Also NO SHIT SHERLOCK!
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 8 days ago
i wznt to join ur server!
LAURA Hernández
look under are51
Grizzly Paradoxx
Grizzly Paradoxx 2 months ago
E A sports
E A sports 2 months ago
Where is the chaos insurgency
Romy Nobleza
Romy Nobleza 4 months ago
Erea 51 naruto shipuden part 2 hahha xD
white nigga
white nigga 19 hours ago
0:06 4:35 4:54 5:18 6:55 7:17 10:42 12:23 12:40 21:54 24:37
Cole Slinkey
Cole Slinkey 2 days ago
Destiny Bailey
Destiny Bailey 4 days ago
Dennis Raymundo
Dennis Raymundo 5 days ago
The undead dinosaur hahaha 😂
Daniel Diones
Daniel Diones 6 days ago
Delirious 2019: squirrel ur going straight to hell
Gio Ablan
Gio Ablan 7 days ago
The shark is actually a human
ghost I aka smol bean shade I
now i know where deliritoonz came from
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 8 days ago
Urszula Korkmaz
Urszula Korkmaz 9 days ago
Owen Jaradeh
Owen Jaradeh 11 days ago
How did you got the mods
Hydro Cookie
Hydro Cookie 21 day ago
2019 was such a good year and we didn't appreciate it enough
Death Shøt
Death Shøt 29 days ago
You should adopt a baby creeper if you want to obtain the baby creeper you need to to kil the red, yellow, or blue creeper and they'll have a chance to drop their creeper egg let me tell you what they can do and their abilities Red creeper: He is very useless when still a baby but when it grows up it will be able to shoot tnt at your enemy and fight along side you in battles Blue creeper: This creeper is also very useless when a baby when it grows up it will jump onto the air and fall down with an explosion Yellow creeper: This creeper is special when it is a baby it will help you right away giving you several buffs like speed, strength, resistance, fire resistance, etc So that's it
Abdo Hamdy
Abdo Hamdy Month ago
Oskar Nordvall
Oskar Nordvall Month ago
What mods are they using?
jennet joaquin
jennet joaquin Month ago
Don't. Go. 51. Kill you. Police
Luz Lopez
Luz Lopez Month ago
The part that was funny and stupid thing is that dead squirrel killed you H20 Delirious
Kizuki Grisaia
Kizuki Grisaia Month ago
I always laugh when he said "WHAT THE HELL"
Ngoc Tram Truong
13:57 cartoonz go to heaven but nope he go down to hell at 14:01
iD7ro Month ago
i laughed so hard XD
Dog Nipples
Dog Nipples Month ago
Is it u that invited me to Minecraft @motienless12
Aki B.
Aki B. Month ago
So thats were covids from
WILD GAMING 2 months ago
" secret im trance area 51 shhhhh! " r/boneappletea LMAO!
Bradley Brill
Bradley Brill 2 months ago
We are going on a trip in our favorite pice of **** crashing through stop signs we are gonna die
sandra przevalskiene
6:43 thats a gay joke
sandra przevalskiene
3:44 thats a gay joke sry i meast it the other one
Kasper Knudsen
Kasper Knudsen 2 months ago
bool shite
Lucas Huang
Lucas Huang 2 months ago
Lol I ain’t surprised that this is the first role play I saw dilirious do 😄😃😀😁😆
ryan neil tan
ryan neil tan 2 months ago
Bad dead squarel
Xman Plays Minecraft
Xman Plays Minecraft
Xman Plays Minecraft
The 21st,22nd
皿哦日ya gurl
皿哦日ya gurl 2 months ago
H20 Delirious never fails to make me laugh
john batolbatol
john batolbatol 2 months ago
Delirious you are so fuckin' hil-"irious"
anju pun
anju pun 2 months ago
Skull Head
Skull Head 2 months ago
And this kids is why you don’t mess with creatures like this especially if you don’t know what the sign rating means
Skull Head
Skull Head 2 months ago
Green safe, yellow Euclid (be careful) red Keter (your fucked if you mess with them)
Damian Llanos
Damian Llanos 2 months ago
Do dark deception
Nadjir Jaji
Nadjir Jaji 2 months ago
carlos fastlane
carlos fastlane 2 months ago
Next thing you know he is going to die the 50th time
DEAD BANANA 3 months ago
ggermania cirdagab
ggermania cirdagab 3 months ago
Theresa Swain
Theresa Swain 3 months ago
Aaron Mcafee sr
Aaron Mcafee sr 3 months ago
you make my my day is awesome
Noob Ima a noob
Noob Ima a noob 3 months ago
Why don’t u play on vanos’s game and go back to ur zoo
David Ycaza
David Ycaza 3 months ago
Squirrel died by taking candy that's sad too
David Ycaza
David Ycaza 3 months ago
Gorillaphent was killed by butterfly. That just sad
David Ycaza
David Ycaza 3 months ago
Squirrel die by taking candy that sad too
David Ycaza
David Ycaza 3 months ago
gorillaphent died by butterflies that's just sad
Rakha Qaisar makki
Rakha Qaisar makki 3 months ago
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahgbggfgvfvd Va aaaaa0
DIO 3 months ago
Who's watching this while the corona outbrake
Austen Hartmier
Austen Hartmier 3 months ago
In love it
Army Ninja1
Army Ninja1 4 months ago
Makes you wonder who put the owls VANOOS
Alexis Islam
Alexis Islam 4 months ago
and thats how the covid 19 started
Thomas Gaming YT
Thomas Gaming YT 4 months ago
H2O You forgot in the description friends cartoonz and gorillaphent
L Swan
L Swan 4 months ago
Like I said in the last video squirrel is gonna go to GELL see u should listen to me now HUH 🙀
Charlie Crippen
Charlie Crippen 4 months ago
Fun fact When you narrto run you go faster because your hands are on your side and the window goes throw it and it cumpas the air were you can go faster
Jerod Cazares
Jerod Cazares 4 months ago
I’m so proud to be a part of this great big family I’m in the delirious army delirious army delirious out of my mind I-I’m delirious out of my mind
2006thescotts 4 months ago
It took awhile for them to get there with a mine-cart going really fast. How long do you think it would have took if the walked
Mike rojfjdd Ayroso
Mike rojfjdd Ayroso 4 months ago
The final is so cool
Mike rojfjdd Ayroso
Mike rojfjdd Ayroso 4 months ago
I love your video h20 delirious
yeet_t00_reee 4 months ago
Hey Delirious what mod is this?
Did they find peanut?
Veronica Honorio
Veronica Honorio 5 months ago
You forgot 682 the hard to Destroy Reptile
Giselle Landeros
Giselle Landeros 5 months ago
Do you know area 51 is due exist
Trevor Williamson
Trevor Williamson 6 months ago
you got what you deserved squirrel you coward
Trevor Williamson
Trevor Williamson 6 months ago
and squirrel still can't fight a fair fight don't surprise me any
Book Halo
Book Halo 6 months ago
Delirious: cartoons look at my eyes pls Cartoonz: *triggered* TAKE THOSE DAMN GLASSES OFF! delirious: shut the hell up!
Naomie Pinder
Naomie Pinder 6 months ago
You should have said deal with it to him
Blue Star
Blue Star 6 months ago
Cartoonz: "I never go straight" So he's gay?
Shade The Wolf YT
Shade The Wolf YT 6 months ago
Monica Griffin
Monica Griffin 6 months ago
when your mom dont got money 6:43
THE DELINQUENT 6 months ago
That creeper was a cactus
xxxtentacion flores
xxxtentacion flores 7 months ago
part 2
Jessica Araújo
Jessica Araújo 7 months ago
Wow 😮 51 É Minecraft jul!!!!!!
Angelpikachu king
Angelpikachu king 7 months ago
The Owls were trying take you guys to Hogwarts but you were to heavy
Naruto 7 months ago
take those damn glasses off!!!! best quote from cartoonz to delirious
Nitro 17
Nitro 17 7 months ago
I wonder how VanossGaming feels watching the beginning of this video
bubble wolf
bubble wolf 7 months ago
Delirious: ".........cuz I dont see you twerking--" Cartoonz: " *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!* "
Man behind slaughter
I told my mother that I was watching Disney + when I was watching this hahahahahahah am evil😈
Baronlyonn Andaya
Baronlyonn Andaya 7 months ago
Ive seen in area 51 that there is a actual teddy bear .but heres a TWIST. ITS A COLDBLOODED KILLER and every test subject a teddybear collects EARS and let the victim die within 3 mins and makes a Human ear teddybear
EnokiShuto 7 months ago
Delirious how do you download minecraft on your pc?
zora the hedgehog
zora the hedgehog 7 months ago
Aliens just bullshit
Brandon and Tobe
Brandon and Tobe 7 months ago
What mod is that
Poseidon Frostborn
Poseidon Frostborn 7 months ago
did Cartoonz just admit to joking about being gay ???
Jazz AhShay
Jazz AhShay 8 months ago
area 51
Jazz AhShay
Jazz AhShay 8 months ago
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet 8 months ago
I was not first And i was not last I saw them doing the naturo run in the thumbnail I click fast
LAZERBEATER45 8 months ago
Wow magic
romina alarcon
romina alarcon 8 months ago
Happy 12.5 sub
Connor Bryant
Connor Bryant 8 months ago
i love delirious merry christmas
Guts 8 months ago
22:50 Wonder what those buttons on the walls do.
Katrina Fuller
Katrina Fuller 8 months ago
Noooooo! Delirious the 21th 😭and the 19th and the 22nd and 20th 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 poor delirious
jhofer_1233 playz
jhofer_1233 playz 8 months ago
Thats a ncp
justin Bieber
justin Bieber 8 months ago
Tanner Mc Carthy
Tanner Mc Carthy 9 months ago
Nora Lopez
Nora Lopez 9 months ago
Pls play bendy and ink machine pls!!
Blueowl 64
Blueowl 64 9 months ago
Ha h2o could not take down vanoss
MRÑØÑÆME ??? 9 months ago
Husam Alsarih
Husam Alsarih 9 months ago
dlirios can I be your friend
Joshua Beck
Joshua Beck 9 months ago
Hi guys
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