THE AREA 51 RAID ON MINECRAFT!!! - (What are they hiding from us?) Ep. 29! #Area51storm 👽 PART 1!

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Comments 80
H2ODelirious 6 months ago
I want to see many likes for PART 2 of AREA 51! I hope you enjoy this video! What's your favorite clip? For anyone saying it's SCP.... DUHHHHHH It's called Roleplay SMH..... Also NO SHIT SHERLOCK!
Romy Nobleza
Romy Nobleza 14 days ago
Erea 51 naruto shipuden part 2 hahha xD
xxxtentacion flores
xxxtentacion flores 2 months ago
part 2 delirious
Julio Jr Torres
Julio Jr Torres 3 months ago
shut up my squirrel died he was named Alvin
Henry Joiner
Henry Joiner 3 months ago
Alfred Wendel
Alfred Wendel 4 months ago
hey ummm what mod did you use for the doors i really want to use them if it's okay
K Swan
K Swan 8 hours ago
Like I said in the last video squirrel is gonna go to GELL see u should listen to me now HUH 🙀
unkown smile
unkown smile 5 days ago
Fun fact When you narrto run you go faster because your hands are on your side and the window goes throw it and it cumpas the air were you can go faster
Jerod Cazares
Jerod Cazares 6 days ago
I’m so proud to be a part of this great big family I’m in the delirious army delirious army delirious out of my mind I-I’m delirious out of my mind
2006thescotts 14 days ago
It took awhile for them to get there with a mine-cart going really fast. How long do you think it would have took if the walked
Mike rojfjdd Ayroso
The final is so cool
Mike rojfjdd Ayroso
I love your video h20 delirious
yeet_t00_reee 16 days ago
Hey Delirious what mod is this?
Did they find peanut?
Veronica Honorio
You forgot 682 the hard to Destroy Reptile
Giselle Landeros
Do you know area 51 is due exist
Trevor Williamson
you got what you deserved squirrel you coward
Trevor Williamson
and squirrel still can't fight a fair fight don't surprise me any
Book Halo
Book Halo 2 months ago
Delirious: cartoons look at my eyes pls Cartoonz: *triggered* TAKE THOSE DAMN GLASSES OFF! delirious: shut the hell up!
Naomie Pinder
Naomie Pinder 2 months ago
You should have said deal with it to him
Blue Star
Blue Star 2 months ago
Cartoonz: "I never go straight" So he's gay?
Shade The Wolf YT
Shade The Wolf YT 2 months ago
Monica Griffin
Monica Griffin 2 months ago
when your mom dont got money 6:43
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 2 months ago
That creeper was a cactus
xxxtentacion flores
xxxtentacion flores 2 months ago
part 2
Jessica Nishimura
Jessica Nishimura 2 months ago
Wow 😮 51 É Minecraft jul!!!!!!
Angelpikachu king
Angelpikachu king 3 months ago
The Owls were trying take you guys to Hogwarts but you were to heavy
Naruto 3 months ago
take those damn glasses off!!!! best quote from cartoonz to delirious
Nitro 17
Nitro 17 3 months ago
I wonder how VanossGaming feels watching the beginning of this video
Gacha _Wolfiestar
Gacha _Wolfiestar 3 months ago
Delirious: ".........cuz I dont see you twerking--" Cartoonz: " *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!* "
Duck64 3 months ago
I told my mother that I was watching Disney + when I was watching this hahahahahahah am evil😈
Baronlyonn Andaya
Baronlyonn Andaya 3 months ago
Ive seen in area 51 that there is a actual teddy bear .but heres a TWIST. ITS A COLDBLOODED KILLER and every test subject a teddybear collects EARS and let the victim die within 3 mins and makes a Human ear teddybear
EnokiShuto 3 months ago
Delirious how do you download minecraft on your pc?
zora the hedgehog
zora the hedgehog 3 months ago
Aliens just bullshit
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 3 months ago
What mod is that
Poseidon Frostborn
Poseidon Frostborn 3 months ago
did Cartoonz just admit to joking about being gay ???
Jazz AhShay
Jazz AhShay 3 months ago
area 51
Jazz AhShay
Jazz AhShay 3 months ago
Sharlueq Willems
Sharlueq Willems 3 months ago
I was not first And i was not last I saw them doing the naturo run in the thumbnail I click fast
LAZERBEATER 45 3 months ago
Wow magic
romina alarcon
romina alarcon 3 months ago
Happy 12.5 sub
Connor Bryant
Connor Bryant 4 months ago
i love delirious merry christmas
Guts 4 months ago
22:50 Wonder what those buttons on the walls do.
Phillip Vue
Phillip Vue 4 months ago
15:16 there actually dragon snails
Katrina Fuller
Katrina Fuller 4 months ago
Noooooo! Delirious the 21th 😭and the 19th and the 22nd and 20th 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 poor delirious
jhofer_1233 playz
jhofer_1233 playz 4 months ago
Thats a ncp
justin Bieber
justin Bieber 4 months ago
Tanner Mc Carthy
Tanner Mc Carthy 4 months ago
Nora Lopez
Nora Lopez 5 months ago
Pls play bendy and ink machine pls!!
Blueowl 64
Blueowl 64 5 months ago
Ha h2o could not take down vanoss
MRNONAME ??? 5 months ago
Husam Alsarih
Husam Alsarih 5 months ago
dlirios can I be your friend
Joshua Beck
Joshua Beck 5 months ago
Hi guys
Leo Soto
Leo Soto 5 months ago
But still safe
aZubnoy •
aZubnoy • 5 months ago
I just looked at the intro... What's going on here?!
Ace_ofchaos 5 months ago
Even on their own server vanoss is still trolling them.
Zack Moffit
Zack Moffit 5 months ago
hi delirious
Sako Al
Sako Al 5 months ago
9:48 cartonz laugh killed me XD
just.typicalchaia_ 5 months ago
I escaped from area 51, don't tell anyone 🤫🤣🤣👽👽👽
MrImpulseGaming Durmax_Alex
what mods are they using like the bikes and dead bodies thing
Jacka 43
Jacka 43 5 months ago
My birthday
Sabrina Petersen
Sabrina Petersen 6 months ago
Sabrina Petersen
Sabrina Petersen 6 months ago
Teddy bear gets all the ladies 🐻
Joseph DuPont
Joseph DuPont 6 months ago
Instead of having everybody threatened to converge on Area 51 why don't we converging on the 15 million dollar mansion Obama bought right at sea level on Martha's Vineyard. It would seem we would want to warn him that when the ice caps melt his house will be underwater and we wouldn't want that to happen would we?
Eletroide 6 months ago
We had a riot at our school. Can u bail me out of jail? I dident even know it was the 20th
Casper Latr
Casper Latr 6 months ago
the owl belong to vanoss
Team Philip
Team Philip 6 months ago
Cartoonz trans
Gimo 6 months ago
MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!
LAVA LAZAR'S LAB 6 months ago
This is a mod I thing??
cameraREDeye 6 months ago
0:48 Gorillaphent uses "HOLY SMITE"! It's super effective! 😂😂😂😂
Felix Encinas
Felix Encinas 6 months ago
Make more fuck yeah
Julien Lujano
Julien Lujano 6 months ago
Jose Munoz
Jose Munoz 6 months ago
Did anyone else see he had no hunger bars
gstoltz3 6 months ago
That’s a Scpfacility
Ninja _vibes
Ninja _vibes 6 months ago
This is site 17 not Area 51 that’s a site 17 card
Brandon Yang
Brandon Yang 6 months ago
How did I miss this!
Star The galaxy
Star The galaxy 6 months ago
Hey delirious
caitlinjane92 6 months ago
Wait, on your screen you can see yourself and everyone else wearing a full hazard suit, but in Cartoonz's POV of Part 1 of this adventure, he only saw them as orange shirts? I guess some stuff for Cartoonz on this adventure was glitched.
Sor 6 months ago
I really like the video
Morgan Dickson (Disgybl 2017)
and friday the thirteenth
Morgan Dickson (Disgybl 2017)
hey i love ur vids can u make more gta and ark plz
rashad ocatenn
rashad ocatenn 6 months ago
The thumbnail of delirious is hilarious his running towards da wol
Foxy 5000
Foxy 5000 6 months ago
time to read51
Mark Steve
Mark Steve 6 months ago
6:03 if he cannot handle vanoss then he wouldn't need to go to area 51. Or will he.....😑
Snow Mex!
Snow Mex! 6 months ago
Play Minecraft with vanoss and the others They need good content like this
Humberto Chavez
Humberto Chavez 6 months ago
You. Kill. Delirious. 1000000
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