The Almost Perfect Gaming SFF Case - Lazer LZ7

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Lazer3D LZ7: www.lazer3d.com/product/lz7/
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Dec 24, 2018




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Comments 80
Optimum Tech
Optimum Tech Year ago
I have the Streacom DA2 and GEEEK A50 on hand - which one do you guys want to see first? Smash subscribe.
Sparkplugz Month ago
Any chance for a review of the new LZ7 XTD? would love to see if you can work out a way to put a custom loop into this case as it's a phenomenal option for people with a subdued aesthetic but who also care to build a case that fits their studio/entertainment center style
Rangel Costes
Rangel Costes 3 months ago
Optimum Tech you should really check out the lz7 Xtd it has a higher cooler clearance and it can fit a full size GPUs
Robert Burns
Robert Burns Year ago
Oh man, GEEEK A50 please! I've been on the fence about it for quite a while now, and I feel your review would help me decide! Really enjoy your presence.
Michael Thiesen
Edgar Alejandro Villegas
RedBlueWhite 19 days ago
180 + 30 ? Fuck off Lazer.
Lazer 24 days ago
Any way to attach a handle?
Mekon Headed Freak
I enjoy these ITX cases you have to IKEA the hell out of. People that get mad they aren't getting a fully assembled sophisticated case out the box are lazy asses.
NoobieNumber1 Month ago
Does acrylic cause any problems regarding static electricity or is it just super safe to create a case(specially the motherboard tray) with acrylic? And what about polycarbonate?
jsk Month ago
What do you think about the updated version of this case, LZ7 XTD?
EJ R Month ago
Coming back to this video basically a year and a half later and the prices of this case seem to be the same. Unfortunate.
Matthew Bunton
Matthew Bunton Month ago
That's one ugly case.
Jeano Ermitaño
Jeano Ermitaño 2 months ago
Still no taobao/aliexpress version at 1/4th the price.
Noriko Unknown
Noriko Unknown 2 months ago
Not a bad case, in their site they have the lz7 xtd, i wonder if you can look at thermals there.
Brett Monroe
Brett Monroe 2 months ago
"We can expect a price drop in 2019"...Was 148£, now in 2020...141£. Wow, what a price drop. Still way too expensive for an effectively plastic case.
Marcus Öhrvall
Marcus Öhrvall 3 months ago
I would really love to see a review of the XTD version of this case. :)
Bernard Galimba
Bernard Galimba 3 months ago
Would you review the LZ7 XTD bigger version and if you think AIO would fit it? Thank you in advance
Rubiks Guy
Rubiks Guy 5 months ago
Definitely you have to do LZ7 upgrade kit, they call it XTD
maurice long
maurice long 5 months ago
Kind of new at pc building and want to build one of these smaller cases which one is better this case or the Loque Ghost S1
asthmaticrhino 5 months ago
Now they have the LZ7 XTD, it'd be cool to see a follow up and comparison
Rob Hall
Rob Hall 6 months ago
So much for a price drop in 2019, it's now more expensive than when you reviewed it. £165 base is crazy.
sjorsbeans 5 months ago
crazy? it's fucking menthally retharded, you need to construct it yourself aswel.. love these sff cases, the price thought....
Mostwanted 6 months ago
# Perfect CPU case ... It can't fit a full length GPU
ptacnik 6 months ago
I might have missed it. But is there enough room for a standard 120mm fan in the front there? (No GPU in my future build)
Artonox 6 months ago
They should make it aluminium/metal and be done with it. The metal materials are just more luxurious over plastic, and yet it is cheaper
multisimple 6 months ago
thumbs down for the price. thumbs up for this video
MD Mehedi Hasan
MD Mehedi Hasan 7 months ago
Lazer3D LZ7 XTD review this please.
Gregory Dale Mostella
Love it. But the price is killer.
Azahar Purwanto
Azahar Purwanto 7 months ago
I always watch your channel, you should get more views. I hope you can sell the cable module for Ghost S1
bertraminc 7 months ago
Within 10 seconds you can see the screws are not counter sunk... this is the tell that the rest is made with the same lack of understanding of quality.
antonio ceasar
antonio ceasar 8 months ago
definitely i agree about the price, since it's DIY plastic
jd52wtf 8 months ago
15 Minutes at full load is not a good test of thermals. I have a feeling this case is actually quite poor in this regards given the placements of the power supply and the fact that there is no air flow over the CPU cooler. Do you get paid to make this?
LordOfNihil 9 months ago
im still of the opinion that a computer should live in a faraday cage. of course theres no reason you cant accomplish that through coatings on the panels and conductive print medium for the corners.
JINXtheGamer 9 months ago
If you look at 3:47 mark you can see an obvious flaw. With a bit of modification to the size and case structure, it would be possible to put inside single fan AIO with PSU mounted where is the Noctua fan installed. This config would improve all the temps.
RTX 3080Ti
RTX 3080Ti 9 months ago
cool video
Console Refugee
Console Refugee 10 months ago
Just bought this case and the screws aren’t long enough to screw on the feet?? Or am I not using the right screws or position of feet?? Did anyone else have a similar issue with the screws not fitting the feet???
Console Refugee
Console Refugee 10 months ago
@kevin dolan I saw those and were too short too. I guess I'll have to ask for some,I'll probably just go buy some myself. not about to wait a week for some screws
kevin dolan
kevin dolan 10 months ago
@Console Refugee overclockers should have supplied you with a seperate bag of M3 x 16mm screws. If you contact them they may ship you some out.
Console Refugee
Console Refugee 10 months ago
kevin dolan The Lían Li feet
kevin dolan
kevin dolan 10 months ago
Did you order the Lian-Li feet, or the Lazer3D feet?
The Necrolibriatas
The Necrolibriatas 11 months ago
Check out the steck by nouvolo
Mark Tse
Mark Tse 11 months ago
but its not as strong as aluminum.
Michael David
Michael David Year ago
Interested to see what thermals would be like if the cpu heatsink fins run towards the noctua as opposed to perpendicular to it, would that even make a difference?
Michael David
Michael David Year ago
@Optimum Tech appreciate the reply, currently planning a sff build in the skyreach 4 mini, your videos have been a fantastic help!
Optimum Tech
Optimum Tech Year ago
Good thinking, it was an oversight on my end. At most you're probably looking at a ~3C difference.
Shini1984 Year ago
Isn't 2000 rpm kind of loud? Can you make a quiet gaming PC with 1080ti or 2080ti in a mini itx case? I have a relatively quiet PC in lian Li p80, but I'm looking to downsize the monster as it doesn't fit anywhere other than under my custom made table (I made it super tall just for this case, and it fits perfectly, but I plan to move and don't want to take my table).
Oliver Cairn
Oliver Cairn Year ago
cant believe thats a 120 or 140mm fan at the front that case is tiny!!
Gunter Klaus Muller
Would a 120 aio work in this
kevin dolan
kevin dolan Year ago
Yes you can install a 120mm AIO if you configure the case with DC-DC rear panel and Top XL-Vent panel, you will however need to use a DC-DC power supply such as a HDPLEX to make room for the AIO mounted to the top panel.
SoulRollerFIN Year ago
Could you mount an AIO on the side panel? Since hot air rizes up, it shouldn't get stuck inside even without any extra fans.
Lis Nikoliqi
Lis Nikoliqi Year ago
Sure they're competing in price with the Dan A4, but the Lazer Lz7 seems to run cooler, so thats a win.
Diego Moreno
Diego Moreno Year ago
What you think about the nouvulos steck ?
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen Year ago
I would just run this with all fan grills for maximum airflow. Seems easy enough to clean so a once a month compressed air dusting doesn't seem like a hassle. Pricing is definitely a no-go.
ansyar hamrum
ansyar hamrum Year ago
can u compare size with console like ps4/xbox? (good for pc size console)
Nima Jafari
Nima Jafari Year ago
You could flip the psu and use it as an outake fan
Anatoly Ivanov
Looks like Lazer3D just tries to get to the market with that. After they get money and attention, they may develop it further for manufacturing with more serious equipment (injection molding of plastic corners) which will lead to better part quality (instead of printed) as well as more technological/material options for other parts, like sheet metal frames and brackets for components, since it would be appropriate in that case, unlike current DIY-ish design). It will be noticeable step forward and may take them to "bigger playground".
kevin dolan
kevin dolan Year ago
@Anatoly Ivanov Yes I run Lazer3D! We have a few new products in the pipeline that have already been developed and are production ready, but the current difficulty we are having is finding the time to complete all the background tasks in preparing them for launch (instruction manuals, photography, packaging, etc). Being a small company most of our time is focused on manufacturing the current cases to meet the demand.
Anatoly Ivanov
@kevin dolan are you working with Lazer3D? Just in case, I would like to participate if you need mechanical engineer to work on Design for Manufacturability. Working on machined parts, sheet metal and other things.
kevin dolan
kevin dolan Year ago
We are looking at CNC machining from ALU for the corner pieces, but the panels will remain laser cut Acrylic so that we can maintain the customizability.
Happy with mine. I needed portability. My photo is in the comments (Black and white) www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MGRIVNS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
MR Dot1
MR Dot1 Year ago
you forgot the, or you have rich parents, or 100K+ job, then just buy the thing.. :)
Lawd_Disick Year ago
Going to take a look at the CG7 too at some point?
Shepard Year ago
180$ and you have to assemble it yourself! Can I give you my bank account and all other personal details as well?
valyn Year ago
Its easier to install the parts this way
Kesateria Matahari
ITX is my obsession now.
Arcadia Bar Guadalajara
Try this and make another video: flip cpu fan and psu in opposite direction, upside down. Tell us about the temps. Delid, metal compound... Overclock!!!
Leland G.
Leland G. Year ago
Not fond of this case, I think I'd rather have the power supply beneath the motherboard.
catbertz Year ago
This case in aluminium, or even steel, would be awesome. Then it would be worth the price for me.
Hap Campbell
Hap Campbell Year ago
At 3:20, what is the hardware shown? Is that the GigaByte Z390 with that special GigaByte RGB RAM? Also, is that the Noctua NH-L12S? Thanks in advance. Love your videos.
L Innes
L Innes Year ago
Do you think *if* it was possible to have the CPU cooler mounted so that the fins run perpendicular to the intake fan, it would improve cooling performance much? (Or at all) I have been trying to think of ways to bring the temps down in mine without resorting to delidding..
sirboom Year ago
Talk about expensive!
Can you do a review for the new Lazer3D HT5?
Harrison Year ago
nice edges arent worth a hundred bucks
Michael Garrison
CPU temps may be lower if the intake fan was actually blowing down the fins of the cooler instead of hitting the side of one fin
NickAirsoft Year ago
I’d like them to make it just a bit bigger or make a bigger version that allows for Zotac’s mini 1080ti
James Trail
James Trail Year ago
Wow this is so cool. I'm considering building this as a christmas gift. I already have a high power gaming computer
S L Year ago
It's not super expensive, but too expensive as a plastic box.
Efraim Monsale
What's ur cpu cooler? U take off the fan ofbur cpu cololer?
SouthWest Year ago
Could you wear a tighter shirt next time?
atlanticbboy Year ago
I dunno what's funnier... this comment or your username. lol
Mark Woodworth
181 dollars? No, thank you!
Raykahn Year ago
If you use the HDPlex PSU you can have a cpu cooler thats something like 144mm tall, which for a case of this size is amazing.
ulhurusurf club
Gday check out the QBX CASE ..AND MODS ON THE world of the "GRIMSGIVER" RUvid SITE
Yomi Odusanya
Yomi Odusanya Year ago
FINALLY .....Only about 6 reviews of this on youtube. been waiting for your input.....its official this is my dream case
Alasuisi Year ago
in all honesty, i think that some of theese videos about super powerful pc in mini itx cases, are somehow "misleading". i tried a build in a coolermaster 110 (which is roughly the same form factor as this one) 1080 and 8700, the cpu temperatures were barely acceptable with a modest AIO (modest but not trashy, it worked quite well) but the gpu was constantly hitting temp limit and throttling. the whole build sounded like a jet engine and during summer it was unbeareable to sit next to it, imagine having a heater turned on during summer, same effect. In the end i opted for a fractal design nano, which was bigger, but at least i was able to properly watercool both gpu and cpu. Don't get me wrong, those mini itx cases are great, but if you want a balanced system in there, maybe you should dial down a little bit your specs. maybe an i5 (possible a lower tdp version) and a 1060 (maybe a 1070). having an i7 and a 1080 constantly throttling for a reason or another, is just like throwing money in the sink.
Alasuisi Year ago
@Optimum Tech Hey man, i'm not a native english speaker, so what i really meant may got a little bit lost in translation, so please excuse me if i sounded rude. Of course it wasn't my intention to accuse you of intentionally providing wrong information. It's just that i've seen a lot of videso from different content creators and only a few of them talks about temperatures under load. My experience with the coolermaster elite 110 was pretty bad with respect to the components i put inside him, and there was no possibility to watercool the GPU in that case. This LZ7 is a very cool case and luckily i didn't chose it for the price at the time (it seems though that have better ventilation for the gpu with respect to the 110). The problem, i think, is that the gigabyte 1080 itx runs pretty hot itself. My second choice of case was indeed a SFF case, the Define nano is an itx case but not as small as the LZ7, elite 110 and the other cube cases. And indeed i've put inside 2 dual 120 rad. Cpu and Gpu now both run great (we are talking the gpu going from 90° celsius with the stock cooler in the 110 down to 55°/60° under load). Another funny thing that i even didn't consider at the time, was that some Nvme ssds, tends to run really hot under usage, when i watercooled cpu and gpu, i started nopticing very bad performance in the general usage of the pc. of course my first suspects were about maybe a bad application of the cpu waterblock, but cpu temps were more than fine, maybe some bios settigs, but also there i had already all the correct values set, only by chance i stumbled upon the ssd temps that were over 70° and after some research i discovered that even ssds nowadays may thermal throttle. without the air provided by the cpu stock cooler temps went high, so a small heatsink on the little fella and all temps finally were under control. Mine was a very instructive experience but also substantially frustrating XD
Optimum Tech
Optimum Tech Year ago
In no way is my content misleading. I've never recommended your build or that case before. SFF cases out there that can support a 240mm AIO can comfortably run a 9900K and 2700X. I've shown this many times. GPU thermals are typically better than ATX cases since they are usually mounted directly against a ventilated panel or above intake fans.
орешек -_-
печка ХЪ
Edgar Alejandro Villegas
If you like the Lazer LZ7 case you probably will find insteresting the Pervun Systems Cases goo.gl/FVQzfP Check this example Mod Video ROG BOX Custom Parvum Build goo.gl/P3Q9zz I would like to see your review of these cases :-)
MR. Utsas
MR. Utsas Year ago
nice review man.
Spyke Year ago
Price isn’t bad at all! Cheaper than parvum! ^_^
Frank Allotta
Frank Allotta Year ago
I don't understand why this 3d printed case is so expensive. $180 dollars US for something that's 3D printed and you have to assemble it yourself? Geeek makes a better product for a lot less.
FlaxeMusic Year ago
Man, check out the modivio xcase range, I'm not affiliated and don't own yet but I'd love to see you scope the range out, I like the concept more than all other itx designs currently.
Vul Nic
Vul Nic Year ago
Skyreach S4 MINI?? Would love to see a review
Ford Kaisone
Ford Kaisone Year ago
Will the zotac mini fit in this case?
kevin dolan
kevin dolan Year ago
The max GPU length is 186mm, unfortunately the Zotac MINI cards are 211mm long
Kish Baby
Kish Baby Year ago
Price may not be that bad ... if you consider there isn't a smaller, more customizable, better quality case - and it has upgradable modules. My only gripe is that I'd really like a USB 3.1 gen 2 header.
Kathdath Year ago
I want to see you add stats on the Cougar QBX into the mix. It is still one of the cheapest and easiest to procure mITX cases currently. The QBX brought me to your channel, and your review is part of why I bought one. It is cool that we have so many option coming out, but with many requiring either a waitlist or costing a few hundred dollars I am quite happy with my $80AUD case I bought at a local PC parts store.
ulhurusurf club
Kathdath gday ..check out the qbx case mod on the youtube site..world of the "grimsgiver."..he modded a qbx..and added a carry handle...i have copied it and its fabulous..hope you enjoy.
doggaki Year ago
Excellent presentation!!Thx
Reed Wickham
Reed Wickham Year ago
I was all for it until the price... holy shit. For an extra $60 (USD) you can get a behemoth Thermaltake 900. Looks like a slick little build though.
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