The Almost Perfect Gaming SFF Case - Lazer LZ7

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Lazer3D LZ7: www.lazer3d.com/product/lz7/
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Dec 24, 2018




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Comments 278
Optimum Tech
Optimum Tech 11 months ago
I have the Streacom DA2 and GEEEK A50 on hand - which one do you guys want to see first? Smash subscribe.
Robert Burns
Robert Burns 9 months ago
Oh man, GEEEK A50 please! I've been on the fence about it for quite a while now, and I feel your review would help me decide! Really enjoy your presence.
Miikka H
Miikka H 11 months ago
Edgar Alejandro Villegas
Roz Galang
Roz Galang 11 months ago
Streacom DA2 please
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 11 months ago
Mehedi hasan Sizan
Mehedi hasan Sizan 15 days ago
Lazer3D LZ7 XTD review this please.
Gregory Dale Mostella
Love it. But the price is killer.
Azahar Purwanto
Azahar Purwanto 24 days ago
I always watch your channel, you should get more views. I hope you can sell the cable module for Ghost S1
bertraminc 26 days ago
Within 10 seconds you can see the screws are not counter sunk... this is the tell that the rest is made with the same lack of understanding of quality.
antonio ceasar
antonio ceasar Month ago
definitely i agree about the price, since it's DIY plastic
jd52wtf Month ago
15 Minutes at full load is not a good test of thermals. I have a feeling this case is actually quite poor in this regards given the placements of the power supply and the fact that there is no air flow over the CPU cooler. Do you get paid to make this?
I3L33D3D Month ago
Still no price drop, almost the end of 2019...
Odin's Playground
I went for the ghost 👻 expensive but at least it’s proper quality.
S Moon
S Moon Month ago
I know right? Disgustingly expensive still.. Ghost 1 is not on market still, velka 3 is lit but cpu cooler capacity is very limited, m1 is so big and not my style. I am lost among the options. so sad.
LordOfNihil 2 months ago
im still of the opinion that a computer should live in a faraday cage. of course theres no reason you cant accomplish that through coatings on the panels and conductive print medium for the corners.
JINXtheGamer 2 months ago
If you look at 3:47 mark you can see an obvious flaw. With a bit of modification to the size and case structure, it would be possible to put inside single fan AIO with PSU mounted where is the Noctua fan installed. This config would improve all the temps.
intel i9 9900k
intel i9 9900k 2 months ago
cool video
Console Refugee
Console Refugee 3 months ago
Just bought this case and the screws aren’t long enough to screw on the feet?? Or am I not using the right screws or position of feet?? Did anyone else have a similar issue with the screws not fitting the feet???
Console Refugee
Console Refugee 3 months ago
@kevin dolan I saw those and were too short too. I guess I'll have to ask for some,I'll probably just go buy some myself. not about to wait a week for some screws
kevin dolan
kevin dolan 3 months ago
@Console Refugee overclockers should have supplied you with a seperate bag of M3 x 16mm screws. If you contact them they may ship you some out.
Console Refugee
Console Refugee 3 months ago
kevin dolan The Lían Li feet
kevin dolan
kevin dolan 3 months ago
Did you order the Lian-Li feet, or the Lazer3D feet?
The Necrolibriatas
The Necrolibriatas 4 months ago
Check out the steck by nouvolo
Mark Tse
Mark Tse 4 months ago
but its not as strong as aluminum.
George Larsen
George Larsen 5 months ago
Interested to see what thermals would be like if the cpu heatsink fins run towards the noctua as opposed to perpendicular to it, would that even make a difference?
George Larsen
George Larsen 5 months ago
@Optimum Tech appreciate the reply, currently planning a sff build in the skyreach 4 mini, your videos have been a fantastic help!
Optimum Tech
Optimum Tech 5 months ago
Good thinking, it was an oversight on my end. At most you're probably looking at a ~3C difference.
Shini1984 5 months ago
Isn't 2000 rpm kind of loud? Can you make a quiet gaming PC with 1080ti or 2080ti in a mini itx case? I have a relatively quiet PC in lian Li p80, but I'm looking to downsize the monster as it doesn't fit anywhere other than under my custom made table (I made it super tall just for this case, and it fits perfectly, but I plan to move and don't want to take my table).
Oliver Cairn
Oliver Cairn 5 months ago
cant believe thats a 120 or 140mm fan at the front that case is tiny!!
Gunter Klaus Muller
Gunter Klaus Muller 5 months ago
Would a 120 aio work in this
kevin dolan
kevin dolan 5 months ago
Yes you can install a 120mm AIO if you configure the case with DC-DC rear panel and Top XL-Vent panel, you will however need to use a DC-DC power supply such as a HDPLEX to make room for the AIO mounted to the top panel.
SoulRollerFIN 5 months ago
Could you mount an AIO on the side panel? Since hot air rizes up, it shouldn't get stuck inside even without any extra fans.
Lis Nikoliqi
Lis Nikoliqi 6 months ago
Sure they're competing in price with the Dan A4, but the Lazer Lz7 seems to run cooler, so thats a win.
Diego Moreno
Diego Moreno 7 months ago
What you think about the nouvulos steck ?
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen 8 months ago
I would just run this with all fan grills for maximum airflow. Seems easy enough to clean so a once a month compressed air dusting doesn't seem like a hassle. Pricing is definitely a no-go.
ansyar hamrum
ansyar hamrum 8 months ago
can u compare size with console like ps4/xbox? (good for pc size console)
Nima Jafari
Nima Jafari 8 months ago
You could flip the psu and use it as an outake fan
Anatoly Ivanov
Anatoly Ivanov 8 months ago
Looks like Lazer3D just tries to get to the market with that. After they get money and attention, they may develop it further for manufacturing with more serious equipment (injection molding of plastic corners) which will lead to better part quality (instead of printed) as well as more technological/material options for other parts, like sheet metal frames and brackets for components, since it would be appropriate in that case, unlike current DIY-ish design). It will be noticeable step forward and may take them to "bigger playground".
kevin dolan
kevin dolan 7 months ago
@Anatoly Ivanov Yes I run Lazer3D! We have a few new products in the pipeline that have already been developed and are production ready, but the current difficulty we are having is finding the time to complete all the background tasks in preparing them for launch (instruction manuals, photography, packaging, etc). Being a small company most of our time is focused on manufacturing the current cases to meet the demand.
Anatoly Ivanov
Anatoly Ivanov 7 months ago
@kevin dolan are you working with Lazer3D? Just in case, I would like to participate if you need mechanical engineer to work on Design for Manufacturability. Working on machined parts, sheet metal and other things.
kevin dolan
kevin dolan 7 months ago
We are looking at CNC machining from ALU for the corner pieces, but the panels will remain laser cut Acrylic so that we can maintain the customizability.
Mytwistedvoices 9 months ago
Happy with mine. I needed portability. My photo is in the comments (Black and white) www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MGRIVNS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
MR Dot1
MR Dot1 9 months ago
you forgot the, or you have rich parents, or 100K+ job, then just buy the thing.. :)
Lord_Disick 9 months ago
Going to take a look at the CG7 too at some point?
Shepard 9 months ago
180$ and you have to assemble it yourself! Can I give you my bank account and all other personal details as well?
valyn 9 months ago
Its easier to install the parts this way
Kesateria Matahari
Kesateria Matahari 9 months ago
ITX is my obsession now.
Arcadia Bar Guadalajara
Try this and make another video: flip cpu fan and psu in opposite direction, upside down. Tell us about the temps. Delid, metal compound... Overclock!!!
Leland G.
Leland G. 10 months ago
Not fond of this case, I think I'd rather have the power supply beneath the motherboard.
catbertz 10 months ago
This case in aluminium, or even steel, would be awesome. Then it would be worth the price for me.
Hap Campbell
Hap Campbell 10 months ago
At 3:20, what is the hardware shown? Is that the GigaByte Z390 with that special GigaByte RGB RAM? Also, is that the Noctua NH-L12S? Thanks in advance. Love your videos.
L Innes
L Innes 10 months ago
Do you think *if* it was possible to have the CPU cooler mounted so that the fins run perpendicular to the intake fan, it would improve cooling performance much? (Or at all) I have been trying to think of ways to bring the temps down in mine without resorting to delidding..
sirboom 10 months ago
Talk about expensive!
sarby wano
sarby wano 10 months ago
Can you do a review for the new Lazer3D HT5?
Harrison 10 months ago
nice edges arent worth a hundred bucks
Michael Garrison
Michael Garrison 10 months ago
CPU temps may be lower if the intake fan was actually blowing down the fins of the cooler instead of hitting the side of one fin
NickAirsoft 10 months ago
I’d like them to make it just a bit bigger or make a bigger version that allows for Zotac’s mini 1080ti
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