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Trusted for more than a century. Innovated and electrified for the next century. Get ready for the all-electric F-150. See the live reveal of the F-150 Lightning on 5.19.21 at 9:30pm ET here: ruvid.net/video/video-Yjisj5T0VqE.html .

Learn more about the Ford F-150 here: ford.to/3f1vbri

Discover more All-Electric F-150 videos here: ford.to/2PW7BDV

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The All-Electric F-150 Lightning | It’s Time | Ford

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May 10, 2021




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Samuel M Bagenda
Thanks Ford
Ross Johnson
Ross Johnson Month ago
Honestly this name is pretty smart, but ford does have a serious problem with coming up with new names
Treat Month ago
Love me my black-only cast in all advertisements !
stephanie4 955
stephanie4 955 Month ago
That looks cool
Cary Huff II
Cary Huff II Month ago
Lol like I'm really going to wait a whole day just to drive my car because it's charging. I think I'll stay with the internal combustion engine it's been good to me. Also lets hope the power doesn't go out in the all electric dream everybody seems to have because you won't even have a generator because "it's bad for the environment". So you'll probably end up waiting days for the power to be restored in the hot summer without any transportation because everything from air conditioners to cars are running off it. Also I hope they find out what their going to do with all these batteries when they go bad because they're pretty toxic.
Robbie Persichetti
If I can get it in single cab shortbox and red then Ill be fine 😁😁
Pit viper Horse2555
If ford messes up I might have to go to Chevy😭😭😭😭😭
Cody Stepanian
Cody Stepanian Month ago
Great commercial! I’m a gm guy but what a great name and logo
BigSlick711 Month ago
Excited to see a 3rd gen finally, i hope Ford has something up their sleeve. The majority of their vehicles have been a hit and i hope this isn’t an exemption. Never selling my gen 2 my garage wouldn’t be complete without it.
donte alexander doss
Truly clever marketing …
FlimsTV Month ago
Game Over cybertruck. FORD will take it from here
Bladimir Genoves
Let's go, do it. I want to ride the lightning!!!
GhostRider_YT Month ago
I'll be there for the announcement at the Ford Factory in Dearborn Michigan! So hyped! 🔥
There is one question I have before I decide if the name fits. *Is it fast?*
Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson Month ago
The eye twitch is genius. 👍
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Month ago
good name,since apparently the mach e is really good, this could compete w the cybertruck probably
Adolfo Bejarano
Adolfo Bejarano Month ago
Future is here...
Manuel Silva
Manuel Silva Month ago
Where's the thunder that should come with the lightning?
Kevin Month ago
This better be fast.
PaltryShelf816 Month ago
2nd EV From ford.... Bravo!
Randy Heatherly
Randy Heatherly Month ago
EV ad campaign in the middle of a gasoline shortage...perfect LOL
Bill Seymour
Bill Seymour Month ago
With a battery mined in Africa by China. Powered by Coal plants. SUCH CLEAN ENERGY!!! Only 70 Grand!!
Ronald Bussard
Ronald Bussard Month ago
My wife has the Mach-E and I have the F150 Hybrid Powerboost. If this thing delivers on at least 400 miles per charge range, then I will surely be trading my current F150 in for it.
ant n
ant n Month ago
Dillon Appodaca
Dillon Appodaca Month ago
I’ve waited how long?? Just for it to be electric....
Lance Julian Dudero
Super Lightning, Super Lightning, Super Lightning, Super Lightning!
Lance Julian Dudero
The name came from SVT Truck is about to returnl
Hood's Homestead
We've been waiting a long time for this! Super excited! Hoping it's not outrageously expensive.
Food. Health. Fit.
Note Pad
Note Pad Month ago
good name,since apparently the mach e is really good, this could compete w the cybertruck probably
Jerry Gostomski
Jerry Gostomski Month ago
Those were smooth Trucks in their day. So you can have a Tesla performance or a "Mustang" and an "F150 Lightning" in your garage. Ford wins marketing hands down.
The Rockstar
The Rockstar Month ago
Great... you built a truck for city hipsters to take to the mall. Lame.
Varsha Aurade
Varsha Aurade Month ago
Canadian Prepper
"INTRODUCING A NEW NAME" for something that doesnt exist. Its time for a "PREPRODUCTION COMPUTER GENERATED VEHICLE" that we say will be available in 2022 even though we got no batteries or computer chips!!! I can't wait to drive mine in the GTA 6 or some other computer generated universe
selvy priya
selvy priya Month ago
made in maxico??
CODEwater Airsoft and More
Mad respect to ford for this one, cant wait to see it in its entirety
Wrecktitude Media
Nope, screw electric
Chad Soles
Chad Soles Month ago
wiggleworm33 Month ago
If only I could afford one. Truck prices are so far out of reach for so many these days.
P LaP Month ago
Does it need a chip?!
Hard Acres Homestead
Once my ranger is payed off I'm going electric. Hopefully these will be in production by then.
Cristian Seja
Cristian Seja Month ago
As long as its under 60-70k it should be great!
Bryan Kerr
Bryan Kerr Month ago
"Preproduction computer generated vehicle shown", you could have built a prototype for the cost of this spot
Piñata-Whacker Month ago
Hope they have a Harley version - since motorcycle are electric as well
Piñata-Whacker Month ago
As a lightning owner I approve and will purchase the new lightning if I’m lucky enough
GAMEkage Month ago
Hopefully it comes available in a single cab short bed configuration option, that’s all I care about. Rwd or maybe an optional AWD? That would be cool. Using the Lightning name on an electric doesn’t bother me cause it fits pretty well as long as there is still a performance variant (i.e. the single cab option) with bigger brakes and stuff to call back to the first and second gen Lightning being performance trucks. I’m a V8 guy all the way, but electric is the future. I’m still not keen on the idea of the electric Mustang (mostly don’t like that it’s a SUV) but a truck with all the torque of an electric will be sweet. I’m definitely looking forward to what this will be like.
DebtLife Projects
I reacted to this while doing WOT pulls in my built Gen 2 ⚡😁 Video on my channel, along with plenty of Lightning content!
Happily Ham
Happily Ham Month ago
Is this a truck or a movie?
Ken Lund
Ken Lund Month ago
If it is as well built as my Mach-E it will be AWESOME. I love the name.
julian keenan
julian keenan Month ago
I a Model S owner and I love the MachE (I had 2 Fox bodies growing up). You're right, if the PU truck is anything like the MachE---WOW!
GladiatorianGrey 777
Is it optional to have a V8????
Cyb Month ago
Good job Ford. EVs are the future
Ced Mc
Ced Mc Month ago
Yes! !!!
E Schofield
E Schofield Month ago
Wow that’s a teaser trailer for the theaters! I can’t wait for the reveal! ⚡️
Jamie Month ago
Mach-150 would have been cooler
KayJblue Month ago
I hoped it was going to be called lightning, glad it is.
aydriel rios
aydriel rios Month ago
should have kept it a v8 or make it where you can order it with a v8
N. L.
N. L. Month ago
Yes the best of the best f150 lightning.
"Take Electric and turn it into lightning!" Nice
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller Month ago
Regular cab short bed all wheel drive hopefully
Col.henchicken Vanpopbutton
Great commercial and history of the Ford trucks. I love the ghostly headlights on the first Gen Lightning. Gave me a bit of a chill. I have a 94 Lightning with 387000 miles on her. She is getting a bit tired and needs a restoration. So I am very excited to see this third Gen lightning. As the young lady says it's Time!
3rd Coast OBS
3rd Coast OBS Month ago
I'll buy her
S. E. C-R
S. E. C-R Month ago
I can’t wait… This is going to be electrifying!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Boaz Cardinal
Boaz Cardinal Month ago
And I Approved This Message 💯‼️
Ford Motor Company
Berdugo Socials
Berdugo Socials Month ago
Let’s go!
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia Month ago
When she says to take the legendary, she looks over at the 1st and 2nd gen lightnings. Best part in my opinion.💯💯
Eclass96 Month ago
Fabian Bravo
Fabian Bravo Month ago
The lightning is back ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia Month ago
Loved the first and second gen Lightning in the clip. Please more of them in the upcoming videos. Love the idea
Joshua Spear
Joshua Spear Month ago
The second Gen lightning in the video is mine they rented it out for the shoot
Florencio M.
Florencio M. Month ago
Lightning is probably my favorite line of trucks ever
Gabriel Willen
Gabriel Willen Month ago
Being electric It should be fast enough to earn the lightning badge. The name is awesome and spot on.
Gre Flo
Gre Flo Month ago
I'd better to get me and F-150 now before this thing comes.
sylvainster30 Month ago
Awesome! Next Ford Ranger Lightning! 🤔 Gotta love Ford 🇨🇦🥰😍 ✌🏼😎👍🏼
I just bought a new ranger but I’m super hyped for this.
panchoyou2 Month ago
Perfect timing!
TheBarefoot352 Month ago
Better be fast
Nybball17 17
Nybball17 17 Month ago
Are you guys taking pre orders yet? Take my money
Mike J
Mike J Month ago
I own a Gen 2 Lightning and I'm excited to see this thing and what it can do.
Mustang Sally
Mustang Sally Month ago
Take my money
Jimmie Styer
Jimmie Styer Month ago
My dad had a 93 and a 01 Lightning. I miss those trucks. Had alot of fun with them but it was the sound that I loved the most. So yeah, I'm not really to excited the fact they finally brought it back but it's electric. Was really hoping for a 5.0 with a supercharger or something.
Diesel Month ago
Is this a prototype or the production product? I like the ''Lightning'' name a lot, so appropriate for an electric F150!
MidLifeChrisis Month ago
It will be production, debuts in a couple weeks I believe. All electric
Jacob Cooper
Jacob Cooper Month ago
2022 F-150 Lighting
Jeremy C
Jeremy C Month ago
Troll Face • 53 years ago
❤️ this heart is for you Ford.
Omar Hussain
Omar Hussain Month ago
Good words
Ford 67
Ford 67 Month ago
Cboystv JR
Cboystv JR Month ago
I can’t wait to see the new lightning on the 19th
chaz Month ago
If its fast I will love it
Tomahawk51 Month ago
Joey Bonzo
Joey Bonzo Month ago
People hated on the EV Mustang and I didn't mind it one bit. Excited to see what the EV F-150 is
Dewayne Thibodeaux
Please provide updates on the F1 50s that customers have already ordered and are not receiving.
Rodfather’s Chop shop
It’s so time to bring back another iconic vehicle from Fords lineup and power the lighting with, well,...lighting!⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️😎🇺🇸
M Kim
M Kim Month ago
I 💙 Ford Motor Company
Jack Ripper
Jack Ripper Month ago
yeah boiiii!!!!!!
Conner Kelly
Conner Kelly Month ago
Evan Reyes
Evan Reyes Month ago
IM SO READY!!!!!! I'm a ford guy my dad has a expedition I can't wait to see the f150 lightning 😁😁😁😁😁😁
Warren Trout
Warren Trout Month ago
If only they can sell it for less than $70,000
AG C Month ago
Have had a 1956.. 1957.. 1975.. 2000. 2005.. 2010. 2013. 2017 f150. Just traded in for 2021 f250.. will be trading in 4 this 4 sure. I'm a Ford man n all my co. Vehicles are ford... 🔥
Oscar Vega
Oscar Vega Month ago
If you can provide at least 400 miles of range We would be very very interested
Scott Crosbie
Scott Crosbie Month ago
Wow! Well done Ford on capitalizing on the iconic name! As someone who owned a 2010 and now has a 2019 F150, I am super excited about this announcement. And that front end...❤
Ford Motor Company
Only the best for the Ford fam 💙
Michael McMillon
Diversity ❤️❤️
Drew Taylor
Drew Taylor Month ago
I'm a Chevy owner and even this has me excited. Will be buying electric in 2022. Either Ford or GM.
hollingerm 2020
hollingerm 2020 Month ago
I love f150 lighting, in gas
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