The Ad Campaign That Saved Old Spice - Cheddar Examines

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Old Spice has been around since 1937, but how has the brand been able to stay current with a new generation? Its successful marketing campaigns are notorious, leading to a massive increase in sales.
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31 июл 2018




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TMSlovacek 2 часа назад
I have to admit, while I like to think that I'm not very affected by ads, I liked the new Old Spice ads so much that I actually did consciously switch to Old Spice deodorant because I liked the ads so much.
Hanchock Elias
Hanchock Elias 3 часа назад
Lol I got an Axe ad for this video
Yiffox 3 часа назад
see how gillette crapped out on this idea.....
Kevin Rouse
Kevin Rouse 17 часов назад
Old Spice is shit now, since changing the recipe of their products, what's the point? It doesn't smell good anymore, and there have been lots of complaints that the new recipe is irritating people's skin.
Eau Rouge
Eau Rouge 17 часов назад
We had some kind of stage show in our university, and there was choreographic scene we had to do with girls from another faculty. We hardly ever spoke with each other, and during rehearsal the girl I was "paired" with told me: "You smell really really nice!" And my ex-girlfriend was in love with my deodorant (not with me) and she told me, that it reminds her of her dad's smell (she had massive daddy issues). As funny and "offensive" as it may sound, I knew girls who were really in love with old spice smell.
yakovgolyadkin 20 часов назад
5:52 "Dove men and care..." The product line is called Dove men PLUS care, not Dove men AND care. Like, even just listening to the section of ad that you used under that voiceover would tell you that.
TheCringeLord День назад
1:03Anyone else notice Ordor
Braden Sorensen
Braden Sorensen День назад
I liked Swagger...
Apc -_-
Apc -_- 7 дней назад
Take notes Gillette
Apc -_-
Apc -_- 7 дней назад
Take notes Gillette
George Gibby
George Gibby 7 дней назад
Ajay Achu
Ajay Achu 7 дней назад
Gillette has left the chat 😢
Mudkip Katana
Mudkip Katana 8 дней назад
TL:DR Terry Crews got me to use Old Spice and I really respect him as a person -------------------------------- Terry Crews is the sole reason I began using Old Spice. I'd say that means that their advert campaign was pretty fucking successful if it's getting people to use the product from just a well made commercial. That's not understating the product either. I genuinely like Old Spice for both deodorant and shampoo. I like the way it smells. Terry Crews (Easily one of my top favorite actors from sheer charisma) is just a bonus. And, yes, I did enjoy Terry before hand but his Old Spice commercials elevated my interest in his work. So that campaign actually struck twofold by getting me interested in not just the product but an actor's career and his existing films. I don't keep up with Hollywood like at all. I don't care. But there are a handful of actors I will go out of my way to watch their movie regardless of genre... Even Horror/ Gore, which I REALLY do not like. Terry Crews is definitely amongst those actors along with Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Karl Urban, Kate Beckinsale, Milla Jovavich, and now Chris Pratt. Like I said, I don't like Horror or Gore or anything relating to those but I still watched Hangman solely because Karl Urban was in it. Hangman wasn't too bad in regards to Horror and Gore but I still put things like serial killer mysteries and whatnot under those categories because I, personally, do not enjoy them. That said, if Terry ever stars in a Horror movie, I'll be right at the start of the line getting a ticket to see it because I enjoy his work so much. There's a level of passion and charm that Terry injects into his work that I feel alot of actors miss out on (Including some of my other favorites). And judging from his many interviews that I've watched, he puts that level of gusto into everything he does which is super refreshing to see in someone. I know I'm gushing about him but I genuinely feel like the world sorely needs that level of character and personality in more places. The dude is 50 years old and has more energy and passion than myself or probably 95% of people my age, and I'm 24 going on 25. I'm just under half as young as him and find it difficult to even get out of bed. He gets up at 4:00 am and works out while fasting till 2:00 pm and still manages to go to work and make time for his family. That's insane.
Dan Williams
Dan Williams 8 дней назад
Do you guys know how to spell?
Att 8 дней назад
Some people just wanna listen to Isaiah Mustafa's buttery voice
RoyalMela 8 дней назад
I can not believe feminists haven't publicly cried out sexism in these ads! ...oh wait, it is a man used as an sexual object. Never mind...
Ricardo Gutierrez
Ricardo Gutierrez 9 дней назад
4:14 can someone remind me what this was
AmericanPirateFilms 10 дней назад
I read a lot of people pointing out that the Terry Crews commercials came later after the brands returned to success. This however is simply not true. Isaiah Mustafa commercials were the first but by less then two months. What you really need to see is that the ad campaign was really a multi-prong attack targeting its entire consumer base. This was a brilliant ad campaign that made it's consumer base seek it out over them seeking out their customers.
Jason Bryant
Jason Bryant 10 дней назад
I just love seeing that filming those commercials was as insane as the commercials themselves.
George Motuliki
George Motuliki 10 дней назад
I buy old spice.
Sean Kinner
Sean Kinner 11 дней назад
The more that corporations, hell everyone, understands the power of a womans influence, the better we'll be.
Lee 12 дней назад
Dumbest shit ever... spray body spray *woman rapes you*. lol if that advertising works, you're stupid as.
Ikea Lamp
Ikea Lamp 14 дней назад
Wh-what about terry crews
the giraf
the giraf 15 дней назад
FRISHR 15 дней назад
So this is why they called it “Soap Operas”
Chip O Legend
Chip O Legend 16 дней назад
Yeah axe really repels everyone around me from both genders Old spice they have no complaints
AuH2O 17 дней назад
You gotta be pretty fucking stupid and sheep-like to base your decisions on commercials.
nightmuffin937 18 дней назад
OMG I remember Old Spice: Red Zone
TMISO ༺༊Marvin༊༻
TMISO ༺༊Marvin༊༻ 19 дней назад
Karen took the kid
cole merrick
cole merrick 20 дней назад
Old spice look what you’ve down you made a sexy man right out of my son
DJ Kevgeez
DJ Kevgeez 20 дней назад
Fuck Proctor & Gamble
RedPorkPadThai 20 дней назад
I literally did not know Old Spice existed before this ad campaign
Rohit S
Rohit S 21 день назад
Women would buy this for their men. So its a reverse situation of Paddy's thongs.
Souvik Sinha
Souvik Sinha 22 дня назад
Never had to ask the women - Old Spice Musk is the best aftershave ever .... Still use this .... I probably shave just to wear this
worst videos today
worst videos today 22 дня назад
What guys out there remember Musk or Brut ?
Nic s
Nic s 22 дня назад
“Girls like it, is there a better reason to to wear old spice” As a gay guy I’m gonna need that “better reason”
bradley coward
bradley coward 22 дня назад
U forgot the funniest one
Madara Uchiwa
Madara Uchiwa 22 дня назад
60% of men hygien products are bought by women, wow! Come to think of it, I have never bought any shampoo, or soap, or lotion I just use what I find in the toilet, I don't use razors either, if I want to shave I just use the electric shaver...looks like 60% of us just don't give a fuck or we just don't know wtf is going on.
SuperYtfreak 23 дня назад
4:35 360 rebranding??? Don't u mind 180??? 360 means u get back to point where u started.
Greg McKnight
Greg McKnight 23 дня назад
360 brings you back to where you started.
john hand
john hand 23 дня назад
Aditya Sanjeev
Aditya Sanjeev 23 дня назад
Axe is actually revolting especially in high school locker rooms which were pretty much gas chambers RIP.
BadFellas 01
BadFellas 01 23 дня назад
I may be straight but I would let that guy fuck my arse any day.
riphaven 24 дня назад
long time user of old spice up until the parent company Proctor and Gamble did the Gillette commercial. here i come speed stick.
salvo Zùccaro
salvo Zùccaro 24 дня назад
Arnond35 24 дня назад
“360° re-branding”?
Joe Rob
Joe Rob 24 дня назад
So women is a proxy to get to men. Ah the old Adam and Eve story
cyrilio 24 дня назад
I LOOOVE this campaign. The marketeers behind this are geniuses
0oHangInTheWoods o0
0oHangInTheWoods o0 25 дней назад
I quit purchasing anything from Old Spice BECAUSE of this ad campaign.
mister x
mister x 25 дней назад
You used the word hyper-masculine wrong. You just mean very.
The Wiccan Witch Of The West
The Wiccan Witch Of The West 26 дней назад
I dont quite like those ads because they enforce a narrow idea of masculinity
Leon /Leon88991
Leon /Leon88991 28 дней назад
You forgot Terry Crews’ *POWERFUL* commercials.
aurtura pal!
aurtura pal! 28 дней назад
4:00 vengeance, VENGEANCE. VENGEANCE!! They will rue the day they stopped using old spice!!
jason lul
jason lul Месяц назад
Hahahaha they had a boat called friend ship hahahaha
Bloody FX
Bloody FX Месяц назад
I used to use Axe, saw a commercial of Old Spice and started to use old spice insteadc. don't regret the change at all.
Public Health Safety Co.
Public Health Safety Co. Месяц назад
Random gooy
Random gooy Месяц назад
He's my favorite man
Patryk Husak
Patryk Husak Месяц назад
1:30 Give him(...)AIDS
Radthad Extras
Radthad Extras Месяц назад
Wtf Terry crews is where it's at
Mad Den
Mad Den Месяц назад
Honestly they were going for women yes, but I think they were going more for funny
___ ZEKE___
___ ZEKE___ Месяц назад
This makes me want to buy Old Spice
Xipo86 Месяц назад
"influence women have on guys important life decision" Yes on simps and losers.
TovenOvideoRPC Месяц назад
Can't believe you didn't mention Terry in this video. Is there a reason for it?
Aye Jay
Aye Jay 26 дней назад
The video is about when the brand was "saved." Terry came after it was already saved by Isaiah Mustafa.
Rick C
Rick C Месяц назад
It was the Swagger campaign that got me into Old Spice. Girlfriend at the time bought me a Fresh variety pack and it stuck.
Venkman 113
Venkman 113 Месяц назад
And have funny commercials
Venkman 113
Venkman 113 Месяц назад
I think old spice is great
SlamJamThankYouSam Месяц назад
Wieden did all that work, including the Swagger campaign
JD Griffin
JD Griffin Месяц назад
Fail at completely neglecting to mention Terry Crews. He is the reason my bathroom is stocked with Old Spice products. POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR In a can!
McDonald's Big Mac
McDonald's Big Mac Месяц назад
Best product EVER
Fisher Theo
Fisher Theo Месяц назад
6:55 Anyone notice that ellen always has Men remove their shirts on her show. Yeah she's lookin' real ungay right now.
Fisher Theo
Fisher Theo Месяц назад
Diggin' their Current marketing, Men have Skin too.
DatBoi Месяц назад
Terry Crews ?
N A Y 2.0
N A Y 2.0 Месяц назад
*i got a cheez it ad*
Swapnil Sapkal
Swapnil Sapkal Месяц назад
#gillette has a parody for this ad
T1Oracle Месяц назад
The fact that Axe sucked also helped.
jc boy
jc boy Месяц назад
Old spice's ads are great because its so dumb. No really, thats why its great.
Levar Mitchell
Levar Mitchell Месяц назад
Can y'all shut the f up about Terry Crews? He didn't save the brand. He came after Isaiah Mustafa. Ok?
Matt Месяц назад
I don't buy that it was ever fashionable to smell like nasty ass body odor.
such mungow
such mungow Месяц назад
Old spice you Son Of a bitch
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle Месяц назад
Dove is still best
Kj16V Месяц назад
My wife won't let me wear Old Spice because it makes me smell like her grandad lol
Paul Mondares
Paul Mondares Месяц назад
body ordor
AndyGames.Badly Месяц назад
"Mom song" commercial is when I started buying old spice lol -"old spice sprayed a man of my son. Now he smells like a man and they treat him like one"
William Spencer
William Spencer Месяц назад
Music at 7:10?????
Jake Rothstein
Jake Rothstein Месяц назад
Is this Katie Maravich from college humor.
Vincent Cardona
Vincent Cardona Месяц назад
I personally think Old Spice still smells better than Axe.
Harrison Still
Harrison Still Месяц назад
What about lynx?
eisenklad Месяц назад
and now P&G Gillette new ad did the complete opposite of Old Spice
frostbite Месяц назад
baylinkdashyt Месяц назад
The funny thing is, of course, that while the campaign may have saved Old Spice, it didn't do all that much for the body wash - sales were off 7% in the year that this ad campaign ran.
Tre G.
Tre G. Месяц назад
Just glossed over Terry Crews...
steamtacular Месяц назад
In short. Men shouldn't be wearing deodorant.
splashpit Месяц назад
And then Gillette went and threw it under the bus with the blanket boycott.
Liusila Месяц назад
Such a horrid name for a deodorant brand too.
queelude9 Месяц назад
This is what Procter and Gamble tried to do with Gillett I imagine...
WolfieJewels 2 месяца назад
Isaiah mustafah is a legend
imdirtydan now
imdirtydan now 2 месяца назад
What about Terry Crew
Wendin 2 месяца назад
old spice adds are hillarious
pisceanrat 2 месяца назад
He has the sexiest voice
Ben B
Ben B 2 месяца назад
Edward Bernays would be proud...
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