The Ad Campaign That Saved Old Spice - Cheddar Examines

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Old Spice has been around since 1937, but how has the brand been able to stay current with a new generation? Its successful marketing campaigns are notorious, leading to a massive increase in sales.
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Comments 100
MountainDew Day ago
Let's be real .. People got axe because they expected you can get any girl if you use axe. But soon they realized that it's not true and that shit actually smells horrible. Then old spice smells so good you just wanna be around someone with that old spice smell.
kebin65 4 days ago
And now he's the Hulu guy.
Ima Bacon Boy
Ima Bacon Boy 5 days ago
I got an axe ad sooooo yeah
mr minecraft
mr minecraft 7 days ago
Can you people stop talking about Terry Crew's who gives a FUCK!!!
Chesty McStudmuffin
No self-respecting man would use a product labeled "dove", "suave", or "nivea".
Flame Da Fox
Flame Da Fox 10 days ago
MotherBearth 13 days ago
:59 I never heard of body "ordor." My God! It sounds horrible. :)
Daniyal Shah
Daniyal Shah 28 days ago
Douglas Amagyei
Douglas Amagyei Month ago
Who’s here in 2019 they are not marketing it to women anymore
I want the Old Spice guy. Forget the products.
Conner Mylander
Conner Mylander Month ago
Me personal like the sweet smell axe burned my skin old spice is ok I use right guard it keeps me sweating so much
Sam Booker
Sam Booker Month ago
Great Video learned a lot more than I knew before👑💡
Adalexen The Time Traveling Unicorn
Am I the only female that uses old spice? I mean I love the smell lol, I wanna smell like that xD
Kevin Blanchard
Kevin Blanchard Month ago
They brought it right back home now with the men have skin too ad campaign
Moon Dancer
Moon Dancer Month ago
Old Spice is masculine, like my Daddy!💕
Hong Kong Tony
Hong Kong Tony 18 days ago
Cheers to Dad's hustling while we are wasting our time on RUvid
Rudy Enciso
Rudy Enciso Month ago
David Jones
David Jones Month ago
black guy fine af
BeYob Month ago
360 rebranding? Doesn't that just bring u hack to the original spot? Maybe 180
Wise Owels
Wise Owels Month ago
When I first saw the ad I thought it was ingenious 🧐
CoachHayes100 Month ago
Jeff Hoopes
Jeff Hoopes Month ago
Hisheem King
Hisheem King Month ago
Looks,brains,strong,brave,spiritual wise,knowledgeable yep!👍 Hire a black man done.Ask gucci an fendi.. hell after president Bush bankrupted America they put Obama in an he stabilized it etc.... actually though...we built everything in the world,then created people an taught the world so of course we're the answer to everything🎉✊😜
LynRuiz Month ago
We loved Old Spice Swagger and I bought up every discontinued item I found in stores on sale. Great product 👍🏼
John Hadleigh
John Hadleigh Month ago
I USED OLD SPICE IN THE 1970s I LOST COUNT OF THE WOMEN I DANCED WITH, MY LEVIES AND DAVID CASSIDY HAIR CUT HA HA 65 IN JUNE BUT STILL LOVE IT. Don't tell anyone, I am an old 65 year old Geriatric now - but Remember it on the dance Floor, It as a Jem. WOW
BenzoOfficial Month ago
Yea but I rather not smell like a french whore. (Yea you know what brand I'm talking about.) So I rather use Old Spice (body spray) and Irish Spring (Deodorant)
Tre Lane
Tre Lane Month ago
Comment which scent you use below
Tre Lane
Tre Lane Month ago
I use Amber Ambre btw
Zombie Toes Entertainment
I be been ear and eye force fucked this the commercial for 10 years. I'd gladly, violently, return the favor
GlumGatsby Month ago
That’s *President Obama, you hackneyed host
Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau Month ago
Poor Terry Crews :(
Tim W
Tim W Month ago
You also get more for your money. Look at the ounces. That is the only reason I buy Old Spice over Dove.
HCSR2 Month ago
Terry Crews' adds are too POWERFUL to fit in this little video. AAHHHHHHHHH! EXPLOSIONS!
Earth Man
Earth Man Month ago
We will never forget Gillette's (Proctor and Gamble) attack on their male customers. I encourage everyone to remember their vile attack on males. Look it up if you are not familiar. We will never forget the despicable acts of this company. I will never forget. I will never give them another penny until the end of time.
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez Month ago
Old Spice will burn a hole straight through your armpit. I like their body washes but I prefer not buying from a company whose products are actually painful to use
dnyalslg Month ago
"They targeted Millennials where Millennials live" Of course, RUvid. Well played.
Hekksu Playz
Hekksu Playz Month ago
My brother: Have you seen the Old Spice adds? Me: No? Brother: Brings Old Spice out of the bathroom while putting on video Me: haha this is pretty funny...AAAAAAAH WHY IS HE SO RIPPED AAAAAAAAAAAaAAaAAaaaAaAaa MY EYES Brother: This is why I use Old Spice
Great Big pasta lord
Yea I mean terry crews did a lot to :’(
Bhum Brahmavira
Bhum Brahmavira Month ago
Lesson learned: if you want to sell some shit to a man, market it to their girlfriends and spouses.
william bucci
william bucci Month ago
I did not old spice was that old
Yong Li
Yong Li Month ago
WOOD MINER Month ago
But I like it No.... That's for men
Gabriel Mejía
Gabriel Mejía Month ago
The reason I started using Old Spice is because of the rivalry between Terry and Isaiah.
Kristian Ruiz
Kristian Ruiz Month ago
anyone know what song is played in the background at about 7:15 ?
A. Inai
A. Inai Month ago
Black people always be saving brands
Maggie E
Maggie E Month ago
I’m a 27 year old woman, and my friends and I actually wore old spice in high school.
mr minecraft
mr minecraft Month ago
Old spice....... its not made by shulton!!! You can smell the difference!!! Just like brut its not made by FABERGÉ anymore!!!
Crappy deo, superb commercial...
MariusHKN Month ago
Hire Ricardo Milos and destroy the competition
Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham Month ago
And after that hit revival commercial it went back in the shade
Lolz Fortnite
Lolz Fortnite Month ago
Tiffany Aviles
Tiffany Aviles Month ago
I used to love those commercials! It worked cuz I still buy & gift the brand for the men in my life.
piepods Month ago
WHERE was Terry Crews?
Rohan Saxena
Rohan Saxena Month ago
I hate this kind of toxic masculinity that all these brands promote
Aidan Truax
Aidan Truax Month ago
Dude I love old spices hawk ridge deodorant
Chraman Month ago
You say since 1937 The packaging says established 1938
DRACO FURY 13 Month ago
I had a glass bottle old spice...
Super Skitty
Super Skitty Month ago
Song at 4:07 is catching, does anyone know the name of it?
Kire667 Month ago
i'm still buying axe to this day because of the awesome commercials from 1990s-2000s. I never heard of old spice until I kept seeing them awesome terry crews commercials.
daniel smith
daniel smith Month ago
terry crews was the best
EpicMeme Productions
I'm a dove man Except I use old spice for my deodorant
Dubleclick44 Month ago
Everyone cares about old spice bacause terry crew is in it
Farwa Khan
Farwa Khan Month ago
Axe still smells better, though. My boyfriend wears it and it makes me go crazy 😍
Another One
Another One Month ago
No one can say which ad campaign is gonna be a success or which is gonna be a failure. All we can do is dissect a successful ad campaign and talk about it. If this ad campaign is a failure a video will be made how awful and silly this ad campaign is
Mushroom Congee
Mushroom Congee Month ago
I literally love Old Spice commercials
Emmett Turner
Emmett Turner Month ago
No mention of the stigma of having “old” in the name? It definitely gave Oldsmobile a hard time. ;)
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez Month ago
"Old spice decided to do a 360 re-branding" soooo the same thing?
casually obsessed
I think they mean all aspects of their brand was changed.
Andres Medina
Andres Medina Month ago
no terry no like
Aramati Paz
Aramati Paz Month ago
Ad target to women to sell men's product. That kind of thing that makes no sense without research. Awesome
chivasgold8 Month ago
360 re branding ??? So they make a full circle and end up in same place ??
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller Month ago
Well, now I’m going to search that video
Dee Rob
Dee Rob Month ago
The problem with old spice isn’t the product. It’s the name “Old Spice” .
JahRandom Month ago
The old commercials are cringe inducing lol
John Krukowski
John Krukowski Month ago
I remember thinking Old Spice was for old people when my dad would use it, and not Timber is the only deodorant, body wash, and shampoo that I use 😂
Cathy Baldry
Cathy Baldry Month ago
Sadly he isn't me....lololol
IllisMoreo 87
IllisMoreo 87 Month ago
Of course! It takes two to tango :)
This is false advertising, we all know black people can't smell nice.
Danny Taggart
Danny Taggart Month ago
Wee bit heteronormative tbh
Kirk Claybrook
Kirk Claybrook Month ago
FuckOff with your bigotry
StrictlyWorse Month ago
i don't know. i have used old spice deodorant for as long as i remember, and i'm a Millenial. Axe body spray was for Chads. The smell of that stuff made me ill.
Hizzitah hizz
Hizzitah hizz Month ago
You mean 180 right? 360 would come to a full circle
Christopher Munoz
It's the script. Well written and funny.
helmetless Month ago
And Terry Crews?
Kaloian Mitrev
Kaloian Mitrev Month ago
Yah 30 here I change Chanel once I see it starting literally HATE IT HOW THEY CAL YOU MORON NOT CAPABLE OF BATHING!! Even gifted with it will prefer to be rude than accepting it..
I'm Someone
I'm Someone Month ago
Even before the ad campaign, I hated how disgusting axe commercials were. And more than that I hated the product itself... All my middle school boy classmates were crazy about it. They would be drenched in axe to the point it became impossible to be near them. Old spice spoke to me on a deeper level. Yes, I buy my boyfriend's body care products and my mum buys them for my dad. And the signature old spice smell just makes me feel home. My dad always wore it, and so did his father. I make my boyfriend wear it too.
justinn wong
justinn wong Month ago
wheres terry crews
Mongolian Bornaparte
Russians hate old spies from CIA. Indians hate old spice they prefer fresh spice for cooking. Ameicans love old spice and it's just a marketing gimmick.
Lin 2009
Lin 2009 Month ago
I had a Ken doll in the 90's that had a beard and a tiny razor. Warm water put on the tiny razor would "shave" Ken. He came with a tiny bottle of Old Spice. lol 😂
Evan Gameboi
Evan Gameboi Month ago
Terry cruise
Scott R
Scott R Month ago
360 rebranding! lol
Samuel Goodliffe
6:55 Anyone else see the lady in the background roll her eyes? Hahaha
FrizFroz 21 day ago
Surprised I had to scroll down this much to find this comment!
Doni Siciliano
Doni Siciliano Month ago
Where is Terry Crews??
The Ulmitter
The Ulmitter Month ago
I'm pretty sure that Terry Crews was the reason Old Spice came back
JJ Barajas
JJ Barajas Month ago
PsychoMuffinSDM Month ago
So, the video went viral because of the actor, and had nothing to do with the clever camera work, wardrobe switching, and prop work, and overall craziness of the video? I don't think you understand what made those videos so interesting, and how that cleverness of the production got the old spice name out there again. Don't you think that aspect of the commercial deserves if not most of the credit, at least one mention?
Jo O
Jo O 2 months ago
It needed to die. It smells foul
harharchris 2 months ago
I love Old Spice!
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 2 months ago
We're not gonna talk about how the Old Spice campaign celebrated masculinity as opposed to shaming it? Okay, fine, whatever...
King Jordan
King Jordan 2 months ago
1:00 _“body ordor”_
pioco56 2 months ago
If she likes it, you buy it.
waymond Roland
waymond Roland 2 months ago
Very entertaining and informative
Martin Westerhof
Martin Westerhof 2 months ago
In this I never heard anything about Terry Crews. He is the sole reason I started using Old Spice. It"s funny that the comment section is full with his name though.
nicholas gakuu
nicholas gakuu Month ago
Because isaiah is the one who started their popularity even terry says he did his old spice commercial because he saw how isaiah was great and he wanted to join in....without isaiah terry would have not wanted to do it.
rbk 2 months ago
No one complaining of Toxic Masculinity yet?
Kirk Claybrook
Kirk Claybrook Month ago
Yeah there was some indian soyboy and a gay bigot.
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