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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! 2020!!!!!!!!
What's your favorite clip???
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Friends in the vid:
Vanoss - bit.ly/LUf7av
Wildcat - bit.ly/11oQ2GF
BasicallyIDoWrk - bit.ly/17DshC6
SQUIRREL - ruvid.net/u-deadsquirrel
OHM: ruvid.net/u-MaskedGamer
Nogla - bit.ly/13vEfIi
Moo Snuckel - bit.ly/11rO5IE
CaRtOoNz - bit.ly/1hb64Nw
Terroriser - bit.ly/12YzHPL
This list was copy and pasted so I might have missed someone!
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Jan 1, 2020




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Comments 80
H2ODelirious 4 months ago
SO what is the best clip in this video?
IVIythicalPhoenix 2 months ago
*This intro has been copywritten by Warner Bros.
Mysticwòlf 2 months ago
Every single one
Tonyisthegoatgod 2 months ago
Did you forget to put nogla in the thumbnail?
CloakedXEye 2 months ago
All the clips were amazing
Kaden Shartzer
Kaden Shartzer 2 months ago
All of them you are the best
Roblox players fang
You are the best
bakamono 5 days ago
Kacyn Guenther
Kacyn Guenther 12 days ago
Ah good memories
Press F to pay respect to the Minotaur
Dwain Barat
Dwain Barat 22 days ago
Happy 20,20🤩
Chloe xx
Chloe xx 24 days ago
Rae 24 days ago
Play bendy and the ink machine please
That one guy
That one guy Month ago
I can’t tell if he’s laughing or calling his crow brethren 1:04
__  AMP __
__ AMP __ Month ago
27:00 I sure do:)
David Southard
David Southard Month ago
Kaisara Matautia
bro delirous i LOVE when u say ewwwwww its funny LMAOOO
Jayden 10 Mervine’s
Do you still play GTA online
unusual freak
unusual freak Month ago
This was before the world decided to collapse in on itself
Mikaelynn Copley
Its 2020 baby 2019 was the best!!!
Paul Lawson
Paul Lawson Month ago
Broooooo when that tea pot came up on human fall flat i was like DANG TODOROKI YOU NEED TO GET OUTTA HERE SHO MAMA COMIN
Paul Bonner
Paul Bonner Month ago
Thanks for popcor
Pup314 Month ago
Delirious, do you like dinosaurs? If so you should check out the dino game, The Isle on Steam.
Noah Hoang
Noah Hoang Month ago
I love you H20 delirious 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Noah Hoang
Noah Hoang Month ago
I m your biggest fun😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🎮🎮🎮👍👍🎮🎮🎮😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shean jaucian
Shean jaucian Month ago
The best clip in the video h20 is the intro
cool dude 101
cool dude 101 Month ago
Noah Hoang
Noah Hoang Month ago
I wish we can be friends.
Noah Hoang
Noah Hoang Month ago
You are funny H20 Delirious
kimkols 2 months ago
32:20 total reliable delivery service that moment delirious got hit by the car omg i laught so much that i couldn't breathe. It was defintely the best.
Dennysunny 2 months ago
What is that for a funny game at begann ?? :D
Private Account
Private Account 2 months ago
WOW i just noticed that the audience in the theater consists off the characters of the videogames delirious played!!! It's not just him and Vanos and the other guys :)
Jack DeLuca
Jack DeLuca 2 months ago
what suuppp. play super smash bros
Bobby Kibby
Bobby Kibby 2 months ago
Why moo's not in the thumbnail?
Anthony Vang
Anthony Vang 2 months ago
Who else saw Steve and Nancy in the beginning of the video? :)
Fer Ramírez
Fer Ramírez 2 months ago
0:43 dudeeeeee JAJAJAJAJAJAJJA
James H
James H 2 months ago
1:00 :53
PeanutZeedYT 2 months ago
ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma 0:05
Sean and dayi
Sean and dayi 2 months ago
It the same one last time but h20 delirious speak and there people behind
Joseph K Griffiths
Joseph K Griffiths 2 months ago
32:35 was the best ahah xD
Tushar P
Tushar P 2 months ago
His laughter is legitimately medicine... I had a bad headache.... I laughed so hard i forgot about the pain... 👌😂
Kit-ana22 Fellow-Kitty
Vanessa and cartoons right next to him xd ❤️to this
DRX Raps
DRX Raps 3 months ago
You missed lui in the description
Alan Vincent
Alan Vincent 3 months ago
hey delirious you were in my game of gta 5
Volta Shark
Volta Shark 3 months ago
Delirious’s Laugh>>>>>>>>>>
Vanessa Vidal
Vanessa Vidal 4 months ago
The tabs
RioKrazy21 4 months ago
1:04 That fuckin laugh Delirious god dam🤣🤣☠
Alessandro Fabiani
Alessandro Fabiani 4 months ago
23:33 so BIDW is Griffith?
Blake Gray
Blake Gray 4 months ago
This gotta be the best intro ever lmao
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 4 months ago
When he starts to wheeze I lost it and my felt like there were gonna be deflated
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 4 months ago
My lungs felt like
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 4 months ago
Jake Thejeweller
Jake Thejeweller 4 months ago
He shot a dog with a tazer dog whispering noise lmao 😂😂😂😂
Sabrina Padilla
Sabrina Padilla 4 months ago
I love that the beginning is like Marvel
Mawd 4 months ago
These RUvidrs are the reason I got through that tough year
roy kosta
roy kosta 4 months ago
37:47 joker laugh.
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 4 months ago
Lol 😂 this is so funny 😂 😊❤️🤣it’s the best funny games
laur_13 4 months ago
I love watching the rewind because it reminds me what games/series I want to re-watch! :) Cheers to 2020 army
First World Problems
I Like how the thumbnail has both of his crews on either side
lx-Insxinty 4 months ago
🥺 💙
Eternity Games
Eternity Games 4 months ago
Emma Madsen
Emma Madsen 4 months ago
I like how the teddy bear got the bigggest popcorn xD
Seanjethro Alvarez
Seanjethro Alvarez 4 months ago
ilove uguys also and ur friends
slashuzumaki 4 months ago
the minecraft clip where you cut off the chickens heads with the axe then when you ohm and squirrel were watching cartoonz cooking chicken with the chicken head in minecraft
Dankuro Kato
Dankuro Kato 4 months ago
Frankly at this point you're more like "The Crowler" than "Batcoon"
TheAngieIshmael 4 months ago
You didn't include the most epic part of RDR2 when you were riding away from everything at the end and the music came on and the chills.....
Allan Perez
Allan Perez 4 months ago
Delirious:hits Noglas Popcorn Noglas:looks at Delirious Also Noglas:T R I G G E R E D
marivic ejercito
marivic ejercito 4 months ago
Adrian Peralta
Adrian Peralta 4 months ago
happy new years h20delirious
Mark Domaschk
Mark Domaschk 4 months ago
I am not making fun of you but I love the crow laugh
Jeramyah Franklin
Jeramyah Franklin 4 months ago
i have delirious phone case i'm in the delirious army
Ibrahim Shukri
Ibrahim Shukri 4 months ago
My favorite clip is when the cops were after Granny and still shooting Granny even though she is dead 🤣 39:30
blackwood gaming
blackwood gaming 4 months ago
I cant tell if the first 1:30 to 1:50 is scary or funny
bugkill27 #2
bugkill27 #2 4 months ago
You can tell how much delirious loves his teddy bear by giving him the large popcorn instead of the medium.
banana nananana
banana nananana 4 months ago
Woah thats a lot but i like it
Vengance Gaming
Vengance Gaming 4 months ago
would love to see a "worst of 2019" video featuring all the fuck ups and outtakes :)
xd Moto
xd Moto 4 months ago
the freaking Tea Pots brah LOL love you Delirious
Whimsical & Cold Fire 5
Best part Description saying he may have missed someone with the friend links. So nice😭
Cameron Harrington
Cameron Harrington 4 months ago
I mean the drawer missed Nogla Marcel and Moo in the thumbnail, likely because they didn't fit.
R3KL3SS Productions
R3KL3SS Productions 4 months ago
Does anyone still care for Dead Realm?
Ryan Vasquez
Ryan Vasquez 4 months ago
Me: Delirious Is The Most Powerful RUvidr Ever.
Devon Bradley
Devon Bradley 4 months ago
been a fan for years now and you still don't disapoint!
t B
t B 4 months ago
Great the chicken!!!lmaooooo
Maurice Herrera
Maurice Herrera 4 months ago
1:00 :53 Me when someone walks into my room in the middle of the night
kevinn415 4 months ago
legendary 🔥
Girly Ant
Girly Ant 4 months ago
When it started with the chicken h20delirious laugh it made me laugh so hard I kinda wet my self and my girl laugh hard she died lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Joseph Mendez
Joseph Mendez 4 months ago
There's always a bigger fish
Eli Donald
Eli Donald 4 months ago
So was 0:50 scary or funny?
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