The 2020 McLaren GT Is the $250,000 Ultra-Luxury McLaren

Doug DeMuro
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The 2020 McLaren GT is the luxury McLaren. Today I'm reviewing the McLaren GT to see how luxurious it is, and I'm going to take you on a tour of the 2020 McLaren GT to show you all around the new luxury McLaren. Then I'm going to drive the new McLaren GT and give it a DougScore.
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Nov 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Zack Sherry
Zack Sherry 4 hours ago
Doug's the kind of guy to give his own lawn a better Doug score than a McLaren GT.
Phill Schneider
Phill Schneider 21 hour ago
Lol... those golf clubs...
Norbert Trojszczak
I love the clubs trying to attack Doug
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 6 days ago
How many cows died to make this car😂
turboh22lude 6 days ago
Bro those golf clubs had me on the edge of my seat for the whole drive lmao
Keshav Chugh
Keshav Chugh 7 days ago
Maybe it's just me, but I hate the look of those wheels on this car.
Ryan Finney
Ryan Finney 8 days ago
Doug sweating like he stole this.
M Smith
M Smith 8 days ago
I was more worried about the golf club bouncing around the back😁🙌
Nathan Elliott
Nathan Elliott 8 days ago
Doug is looking kinda toasty in there someone give him a ice cream 🍦
Panshul Bansal
Panshul Bansal 9 days ago
The Lexus LC is trying to be the McLaren GT and the GT is trying to be the LC
Shaul Strait
Shaul Strait 10 days ago
Doug talks about how awesome and practical the hooks are in the trunk and than makes a big deal about things flying into the front even though it has an easy solution
Shaul Strait
Shaul Strait 10 days ago
If your so hard that things are gonna come flying into the front chances are that you're on a track or at least driving it hard on purpose in which case why would you even want to have stuff in the back. I also think he is forgetting about something called a sports grand tourer like a lot of BMW cars are and its not meant to be a luxury sedan like he keeps comparing it to
Naz Khan
Naz Khan 10 days ago
Yuk sweaty
H2O jellyfish
H2O jellyfish 11 days ago
If u have ice cream back there it’s gonna melt or be stole bc u can see it
KRONOS 9999 13 days ago
He;s right ,the golf sticks comes out 22:05
KRONOS 9999 13 days ago
So, this is a perfect car for me,and now all i need is money to buy it.
Samyar 13 days ago
3:05 my old 2011 audi a3 has that on the key fob and it can also go back up (hold lock for up and unlocked for down)
Mike Pittman
Mike Pittman 13 days ago
That trunk maxes out at 2 Neiman Marcus bags lol
Snapchat Snacks
Snapchat Snacks 14 days ago
I always liked fast cars with luxury interiors.
Charlie Kahn
Charlie Kahn 14 days ago
Anyone else notice the speaker grilles are shaped like the McLaren logo?
Jeffrey Green
Jeffrey Green 14 days ago
Too much talk... Overkill
not UwU
not UwU 15 days ago
it looks like if the a corvette c8 was about to sneeze
Daniel W
Daniel W 16 days ago
McClaren sees the new C8 - Hold my beer
sam 16 days ago
Need to fire the guy who designed it, White leather over engine? I prefer BMW M8 over it
mahbub anam khan
mahbub anam khan 16 days ago
What do you think Which one is the best Lambo haracan or this????
Saxena Ji
Saxena Ji 16 days ago
I thought it's Ford GT
s c
s c 16 days ago
If the people who bought these cars were not just ramped up stamp collectors this would be the supercar to buy
dane holmquist
dane holmquist 16 days ago
Doug... we gotta work on your style bro lol
João Tava
João Tava 17 days ago
Why would you not get an AMG? I would
Anthony Flahive
Anthony Flahive 18 days ago
Speaking of screens don't forget the new Ram pickup truck models have the big 1 foot long screen and same with Tesla's.
All The Way Live Media
@18:11 lol. saw a whole day of battery life drop as soon as he points to the meter.
Tuffy Tuff
Tuffy Tuff 18 days ago
SUV mix with sport car
Beun007 19 days ago
Cool car but I would rather go for a fine luxury Bentley Continental GT!
Parker Varin
Parker Varin 19 days ago
I miss the old Doug. He used to just show us the car and be done. Now the show is written like an essay by a kid who didn't read the book: 90% fluff.
Oje Oise
Oje Oise 20 days ago
i want one
tyrone boboo
tyrone boboo 20 days ago
Doug the type of guy to buy golf clubs for his McLaren review
Jacob S.
Jacob S. 20 days ago
You could probably hook a bungee cord across the seats using those hooks and it would probably stop most of what might come flying forward.
Shaun Don Don
Shaun Don Don 20 days ago
The one that looks “different”
Vahagn Yengibaryan
Vahagn Yengibaryan 20 days ago
A poor man's Ferrari
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry 21 day ago
How’s your day? I got hit by my own golf club inside my mclaren GT
alejandro jimenez
how am I supposed to hide a corpse on that trunk...
You Must Observe Security
16:22 Doug the type of guy who sweats in a 250 K car, then turns on the heated seats.
mindtouchone 22 days ago
That's a hatch on every other car but for some quirky reason Doug calls it a tailgate. I thought pickup trucks had tailgates. Search google for photos of tailgates and there are hundreds of photos of pickup trucks. On Apr 17, 2018 Doug reviewed a Corvette ZR1 and called the same part on it a hatch. Maybe it is a pre-senior moment.
Hunter 22 days ago
They should have put the tinting glass on the rear hatch. Also Doug not turning the golf clubs around when he drove the car gave me anxiety.
Larry David
Larry David 22 days ago
Doug instead of carefully lowering the Golf bag into the trunk he proceeds to push it all the way in and possibly scratching the quarter million car paint 😄
Dave Crawley
Dave Crawley 24 days ago
White seats with camel coloured dash leather. That is fucking hideous.
Draggy654 24 days ago
Damn it depreciated 40k in just 7 months
noisyturtle 25 days ago
For Sale: Used 2020 McLaren GT. Lightly driven, heavily sweated in.
J H 25 days ago
Doug’s the type of guy to say this shit’s getting really old.
talal zahid
talal zahid 25 days ago
Mclaren needs to redo their logo
miss hehilll
miss hehilll 25 days ago
With doug i feel like i know all supercars in the world even i'm never watch it on my own..
Ricky Connelley
Ricky Connelley 25 days ago
Dougs fans. The type of people to set and pick apart every quark and feature of Doug and his attire, while never mentioning the several hundred thousand dollar super car he’s reviewing lol.
GeorgePorsche 27 days ago
When this video gets more traction than the actual car, I do love the aluminum in the interior though, but so many better cars for the price
Ardent Bull
Ardent Bull 27 days ago
8/10 handling what gt is better than this
Samuel Stalder
Samuel Stalder 27 days ago
11:58 Finally, they put adjustable polarised sunroofs in cars.
Devson Butani
Devson Butani 27 days ago
It's called a "LIFT BACK"!!!!
Thomson CS
Thomson CS 27 days ago
I like your channel, but only off is that you have very little appreciation for Asian manufacturers and mid range cars. Ex: latest Sonata has some great features yet you had very little appreciation for them.
Mirza Saleh Ahmed
Mirza Saleh Ahmed 27 days ago
22:05 The golf stick goes into action. LOL, the front glass is saved for the day.
Mario Borg
Mario Borg 28 days ago
Why Doug's tshirt is always wet on the arms?
Craig Hall
Craig Hall 28 days ago
19:38 Boy if you don’t turn on that dam A/C 🤪🤣🤣😭
Sethy Sloth
Sethy Sloth 29 days ago
How does this compare to the 570GT? Is it better than the 570GT?
stojo33 29 days ago
wheels are hideous...looks like something you would put on your moms beater car to make it "cool" for her
bogart pogi
bogart pogi 29 days ago
What if your battery dies?????
JJ 00
JJ 00 Month ago
I bet this car doesnt have great visibility out the rear window to begin with, but looks like when you put golf clubs in the back you cant see anything
Viktor Month ago
4:16 That's what she said
Dom Fiore
Dom Fiore Month ago
Doug the type of guy to pronounce ambience ambiance
Chan Yong Fatt
Chan Yong Fatt Month ago
What happened if ppl try to hit the glass of the back trunk🤔🤔
Radim Hanžl
Radim Hanžl Month ago
This car looks so old and it´s a 2020 model :D :D :D Fire that designer!
mstick yes
mstick yes Month ago
This sweaty dude in a 200000 car
Varun Prasath ,Ph.D.
I wouldn't worry about the golf clubs at the back if we was driving a Golf GTI! Haha
Nathan Sandars 'Vectik'
It looks like a corvette c7 had a love child With a Ford gt
clutch GG
clutch GG Month ago
Imma get me one when I get older
Emir Kaan Cati
Emir Kaan Cati Month ago
Being rich is really hard because you can't decide witch car you sould buy.
Triores Thimotheus
Justin AE
Justin AE Month ago
Came here after mkbhd... THISSSSS
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help Month ago
John Henry McMahon
Stunningly gorgeous car. Wowza. And the color! Love it.
nicolas m
nicolas m Month ago
I guess was a hot day Wsnt it?🤣🤣🤣
Maint Tech2
Maint Tech2 Month ago
Doug the type to wear a Tshirt underneath his Tshirt on a hot day
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