The 2020 Genesis G90 Ultimate Is a Bargain Luxury Sedan

Doug DeMuro
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The 2020 Genesis G90 Ultimate is a bargain luxury sedan. Today I'm reviewing the G90 Ultimate and I'm going to show you what makes it such a bargain. I'm going to take you on a tour of the new 2020 G90, and then I'm going to drive the new Genesis G90 and show you what it's like on the road.
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Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 80
savagesinema 13 hours ago
"for added trunk luxury..." Love it!
Pagani Zonda S Roadster
He filmed the Hyundai Sonata in the same spot. Only god knows how he gets his hand on this car models
Zofia Mieczyslaw Kawa
review the Genesis gv80
Talal Abbas
Talal Abbas Day ago
Rims are bad
Dragos Galben
I've just watched this after the Lincoln Continental Black whatever, suicide door.. No offense, but from the quality of the stitching to the luxury features this is a much much much better car - on video. For the life of me I can't understand the price of that one.
Johnathan Leonardo
Who else didnt see the radar sensor until he pointed it out? Now I cant unsee it
PhairrowCire 3 days ago
Knows nothing of not being wrinkled *while explaining coat hooks on b pillar*
16-Bit Bernie
16-Bit Bernie 4 days ago
Doug, the type of guy to make a "Doug the type of guy".
darshika patwardhan
Reminds me of the equus
Exo Cryss
Exo Cryss 5 days ago
Doug , I have a tip for you , next time when you'll make review on a car, make sure you are safe and away from mad people knife's :) Check at 16:53 on rear window behind you :)
Muhammad Iqbal rusty
At least Genesis is an option for big bosses, when they go to work and go home to pick up the Bitch
praline2x 7 days ago
That grill is just so ugly.
Last Of The Dinosaurs
Crack head just bought this around in a cart. I was like 😦 WTF smh, aye you my man... how you get that up on the shopping cart and push it? He said, come one man, you know me baby. I said, what you need? You know the stuff baby. I ain't got no money, but I got this 🚘 Ard let me get that and get up outta here bruh, it's hot out here right now.
ksanqkipsz 9 days ago
Those wheels are hideous! Edit: almost everything about this car is hideous.
Pawel Wieszadlo
Pawel Wieszadlo 9 days ago
All that car and no LED Gauges
Upula Herath
Upula Herath 10 days ago
Doug is the guy who choses a died background and a muddy road for a Asian luxury car review!!
듈리김 10 days ago
you seem to love everything korean
David Humphries
David Humphries 10 days ago
what a car
NeverTalkToCops1 11 days ago
Just got a used one with 17500 miles. Paid $7995.
Sebastian Edward
Sebastian Edward 11 days ago
the 5.0 L V8 will be so damn expensive in my country. could be as expensive as the G 63 in my country
Krish Vaidya
Krish Vaidya 11 days ago
As good as a maybach
Charles Marshall
Charles Marshall 12 days ago
A mechanical nightmare after 4 or 5 years!
R Refos
R Refos 12 days ago
Vs Mercedes??? 😂😂😂
Hyundai corporate really knows which "car guy" they need to throw a Genesis early, before pricing is even finished. There's no more excitable bargain luxury car RUvidr than Doug DeMuro. About the blinkers: I own a first gen Equus from 2003 and the huge LED turning lights are a design element that really made the car back then. I think they might be carrying that over to this generation Genesis.
Thin Line
Thin Line 13 days ago
f sa
f sa 13 days ago
The soft hand touches lmaoo
andrew lee
andrew lee 13 days ago
Let me check my couch cushions for 100 stacks.
Waseem 5500
Waseem 5500 14 days ago
This car is ugly as sh*****it 🤮 🤮 this thing stills a Korean.......it can not be compared to Audi or BMW or Mercedes or Lexus .. Interior looks like a 10000 dollars car...... I don't know how some one can say this is a luxury sedan.... Just look at the rear end it's ugly....... Someone may say its cheap.... Of course its cheaper because there is no quality
Waseem 5500
Waseem 5500 6 days ago
@Kent Harmon Ahhh OK fehrenheit no Celsius
Kent Harmon
Kent Harmon 6 days ago
@Waseem 5500 95° Fahrenheit is not impossible. It's not even the hottest temp recorded here.
Waseem 5500
Waseem 5500 6 days ago
@Kent Harmon 95 degrees 🤣that's impossible
Kent Harmon
Kent Harmon 6 days ago
@Waseem 5500 I live in georgia, a state in the U.S. where it can be 95° one day, and literally 30° the other. Hyundai's do just fine here, but BMW... we don't go there 😬
Waseem 5500
Waseem 5500 6 days ago
@Kent Harmon BMW is reliable.... Koreans are not.... I live in middle east and in 50 degrees temperatures you can see If the car is reliable or not.... The Korean cars their are always pulling aside on highways with radiator and engine oil and air conditioning problems..... If you want too see if Genesis is a good car just drive it in middle eastern countrys
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 14 days ago
22:13 "That thing" reminded me of my old Galoob Micro Machines.
Jason Nam
Jason Nam 14 days ago
The fact that this car is getting compared with the likes of the s klass, with the massive price gap, is evidence that genesis did this the right way.
muzzzeeeek 14 days ago
Man Hyundai stepped up their game. Looks amazing inside.
FUBAR 15 days ago
I like value
The 6550's
The 6550's 15 days ago
Honda put blind spot cameras in the Civic four years ago.
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Pyotr Tchaikovsky 15 days ago
Rather but used german luxury sedans
Auto Trimmers
Auto Trimmers 15 days ago
They ruined it now it looks like a Lincoln
Zachary Hooper
Zachary Hooper 15 days ago
The 2020 Genesis G90 Ultimate is the ultimate depreciating sedan!!!
Orçun Kökçü
Orçun Kökçü 16 days ago
This vehicle seems the mixture of Audi + Mercedes-Benz+BMW☺️
Meedo Steven
Meedo Steven 16 days ago
10:16 Goddamit, flip the fucking seat belt
Suicide Ghost
Suicide Ghost 16 days ago
This car is so much stolen from bmws design but just ugly af
IA_777 16 days ago
this is pretty much a car for uber users
oHei 17 days ago
Can't wait for 3 years when you can pick one up for 30k.
drw1926 14 days ago
Got that right.
MakeSh00t 18 days ago
GENESIS hyundai changed to only GENESIS
dancingmoons 13 days ago
Lincoln is Ford, Lexus is Toyota, Audi is Volkswagen, etc. You sound foolish saying that. Also, stop capitalizing Genesis like that. You look weird.
bellavista7 18 days ago
6:59 ... seatbelt to the left is curled up.
Matthew G.
Matthew G. 19 days ago
No auto manufacturer can compete with Lincoln’s Perfect Position Seats.
Y Ch
Y Ch 19 days ago
Can you rate yourself and include a Doug score?
Paul Spaccavento
Paul Spaccavento 19 days ago
much more reliable than the benz
Craig Martin
Craig Martin 19 days ago
WTF was that hideous monstrosity he lost it over? It looks like a custom off-road ready Mitsubishi minivan...... that entire thing is a quirk!!
1Post Daily
1Post Daily 20 days ago
When it comes to the American luxury it beats them....
Reggie 21 day ago
Looks like a anime villain’s car
Whitemanfromtowne T
Doug you do decent videos but your voice is very annoyingly doofish and juvenile. You should really consider a voice over change that sounds more adult.
UNSTOPPABLE Gaming 22 days ago
Doug is the thisssss kind of guy
Bender Rodriguez
Bender Rodriguez 23 days ago
Some body panel changes and material changes in the interior don't mean "a whole new model" It's just a refresh. It's not hard to tell if you are really interested or not.
Maria Zamudio
Maria Zamudio 23 days ago
Ummmmmm.....I just had an orgasm?!! Lmfao this car is BEAUTIFUL and on my mind for a future buy hard work hard work and maybe I'll be able to purchase
DC 23 days ago
Did you know what Hyundai in Korean means? It's MODERN.
desertdetroiter 23 days ago
The taillights are hideous.
tommygirl20247 24 days ago
Damn its so ugly.
1230mkelly 24 days ago
The back trunk fin reminds me of my old Acura Legand, before it was discontinued.
Ridowan Ayan
Ridowan Ayan 24 days ago
How many times he said "weird "
Nathaniel Fox
Nathaniel Fox 26 days ago
The grille is too big and looks just like a chain link fence...😦🤢
laserjet2000 27 days ago
“Genesis does what nintendon’t!”
uts m
uts m 27 days ago
70 k . It still does not look luxury.
Arby Taufik
Arby Taufik 27 days ago
17:03 that's why i like Hyundai
ChristianZound 28 days ago
Haven’t even played the video and I can already hear him say “uuuuun deez is a 20..”
Lick Mike Hunt
Lick Mike Hunt 29 days ago
god i hate those wheels looks like only old ballsacks would drive this piece of shit
Bee be Cee
Bee be Cee 29 days ago
The owner's manual is thick enough to hide a Glock in there.
니빠보틀 Month ago
*which is hyundai's brand? HYUNDAI? HYUUUNDAIII?????*
Steve Wise
Steve Wise Month ago
A lot of people are debating whether this is a “total redesign” or just a “refresh.” When a car company changes all the sheet metal...I’d call that a “total redesign.” They will likely change the engine choices to include the their new 3.5 liter twin turbo and do away with the 3.3 twin and the V8...maybe a some interior changes, though I haven’t heard there’s going to be another “redesign” anytime soon.
vigjilent valiant
Front seats are not the same. Doug de Muro you mist it
PegaloShield Month ago
I would rather have this than an S-Class, even if i could afford both... Am I crazy?
efon wang
efon wang 16 days ago
@Ibrahim Remmo I have the 2019 s560 and let me tell you I wouldn't buy it again if it was the same price as this G90. Reliability is important to luxury car buyers. Time is valuable. My money would goto a Lexus LS next time. I don't think you or anyone without first hand experience can talk about which one is better. Especially not ridiculing other's opinions
Bob P
Bob P 21 day ago
Ibrahim Remmo You might want to check your facts. The first car, a steam powered car was built in 1769! The first combustion engine was built in 1823. In 1880 Benz developed his first car, but he did not produce the first car! Yes, the Benz was the first practical car, but he built his designs on other people’s work. So he was not the original. Cadillac was a luxury car company before Mercedes Benz was a car company. Mercedes Benz did not become a company until the 1920s. Before the 1930 they were 2 separate companies. So as a brand, Cadillac came before Mercedes Benz! Last of all you need to grow up and stop calling people names because they disagree with you.
Ibrahim Remmo
Ibrahim Remmo 21 day ago
Bob P and yes the s class is in fact the original go take your asian bargain garbage fake cars and stfu broke idiot
Ibrahim Remmo
Ibrahim Remmo 21 day ago
Bob P how Cadillac can be a brand before Mercedes hahahahahah Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimer invented the car my friend don’t spread fake news little idiot
Bob P
Bob P 22 days ago
Ibrahim Remmo I would never buy a S-Class because they are way over priced and ugly. I’m not a liar. I feel sad for people like you. Your talking about a car, yet you call people names, just because they have a different opinion. Why are you so defensive?
Dailydriver Month ago
I really love how much genesis has grown. That grille really bothers me tho ahaha. It reminds me of the Audi full face grill but it fails at that lol. The back and sides are damn good tho. I’m curious how reliable they will be. Maybe more competition to Lexus ? 🤔
AURORA Month ago
I had thought it must be terrible design(grill), but when I saw g90 on the road it was really surprising so gorgeous
Chaundra Buckels
Always been curious how the genesis uses something sooo close to the Bentley emblem???
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife Month ago
losing a bit of credibility in this video when this car doesn't get a 10 out of 10 on value.... I mean cmon it's like 99% percent of a top BMW or MB Sclass with 30-40 000$ less and it's not a great value lol ? it's like the best value in the entire car industry with the new Corvette
Cal Deezy
Cal Deezy Month ago
Rims look like 90s 5 series rims blown up
Scott Havens
Scott Havens Month ago
Wait no separate small aircon unit for the trunk ? To keep groceries fresh newly pressed clothes to ? Meeh
Dave Kolean
Dave Kolean Month ago
Those wheels remind me of a 2000 lincoln town car... There is absolutely not even a fraction of a comparsion to a car like the S Class the quality is poor and give it 6 months these things are falling apart..
Yeti Vanmarshall
and when Mercedes, BMW, and Audi are all flashing their check engine lights 3 years later, Genesis will be just fine.
Ether Secure
Ether Secure Month ago
Dude, what're you some commie? Quit giving these Asian vehicles good reviews.
GuanZe Liew
GuanZe Liew Month ago
It's basically a budget version of Mercedes Benz S Class AMG.
Brian Barnes
Brian Barnes Month ago
I’d be more interested in hearing about how it compares to Lexus vs MBZ. Seems like a closer competitor.
mayanking213 Month ago
I love how you dismiss those luxury creature comforts when you talk about 'em, lol you swoosh them with your hand and make a mean face also! LMFAO like they're nothing compared to "what you're used to having" lol 😆 it's my favorite part of your reviews!
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