The 2020 Ford Explorer ST Is a Fast Family SUV

Doug DeMuro
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The 2020 Ford Explorer ST is a fun family SUV -- and today I'm going to review it to show you around the new Explorer. I'm going to take you on a tour of the new 2020 Explorer, and then I'm going to drive the new Ford Explorer ST to show you how it handles the road.
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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 5 309
Matt Bosley
Matt Bosley 8 hours ago
I don’t trust this Doug score...
Bubble Gum McGee
Bubble Gum McGee 12 hours ago
Hey I think Doug is Hot 🔥 🔥 🔥
Steampowered 22 hours ago
one small detail I like to point out "400 horsepower" with "93 octane fuel"
Mr J's Garage
Mr J's Garage 23 hours ago
Just drove one today.
Kaitlyn Lewis
Stuff stuff and More stuff
It’s crazy to think you can buy a hellcat or new corvette, or even a new Jeep srt 8 for 55k. Why would anyone want a Ford Explorer lol. I even own an explorer and think the price is just ridiculous. I mean, if you need a family rig but still, an explorer for that money is crazy.
Nissan370Z Day ago
Check out savagegeese's review of this pile of junk!
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 3 days ago
ok the majority of the US law enforcement purchase with its chargers, GM has a huge contract supplying its tahoes for law enforcement SUVs and theres ford still sucking cock trying to supply its explorers for cents on the
Calvin Dean
Calvin Dean 4 days ago
You couldn’t pay me to drive a Ford! They suck! I’ll keep my Tesla X and Lamborghini Urui... Ford = JUNK! Trailer Trash vehicle
jbn675478 2 days ago
every ford i've owned have been awesome. Not a single problem. Currently getting over 200mpg in my 2016 cmax plug-in.
Micheal Taylor
Micheal Taylor 4 days ago
Doug: The type of guy to make a noise like that climbing in and out of a vehicle 14:20
Jody Williams
Jody Williams 4 days ago
It is a 2020 update with the Sync 3 months before Sync 4 comes out. Knowing Ford, there will be no upgrade path. Avoid this SUV.
Rick Bakker
Rick Bakker 4 days ago
37.000 dollar?! In belgium it starts at 79.000 EURO (around 87.500 USD) and that's excluding VAT (21%) and registration (probably around 15.000 EUR in belgium)
Jose Brito
Jose Brito 4 days ago
I drive a POS ford explore. Worst suv. Junk
Todd Hall
Todd Hall 4 days ago
An SUV that does 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds and Doug gives it a 5 out of 10. That really makes the Doug score kind of silly.
Giovanni cardone
Giovanni cardone 4 days ago
This guy's scoring shit is horride
Shon 4 days ago
Who dressed this guy? There is no excuse for being dressed like that.
Jake N
Jake N 5 days ago
Doug is a type of guy who emails you then calls you and says he sent you an email.
jpage207 5 days ago
I can't be the only one who hates gear dials. Leave me my shifter goddammit
jbn675478 2 days ago
i hate shifters in automatics. They make zero sense and they take up valuable space that could be used for other things right in the center console. In fact that dial shouldn't be there either. You're not shifting, or changing settings with it, why does it need to be there? You're putting it in drive and then driving and not touching it again.
Kenta Virus
Kenta Virus 5 days ago
Is the front sway bar in the engine bay standard for all Explorers?
Green Bullitt
Green Bullitt 6 days ago
A tune increases the HP and TRQ numbers even further …. With another tune this ST crushes an SRT Durango 392
HardNougat 6 days ago
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson 8 days ago
he didn't talk about the enhanced brakes, it id not just colored calipers, is there any gearing changes? you can get chrome wheels instead of black, did nt talk about the new moonroof, not to thorough.
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson 8 days ago
wribg the seat massage feature includes driver and passenger, (it showed right on the screen he pulled up also)
Bastian Abarca
Bastian Abarca 8 days ago
the kind of car for “big al” family with big helen and their morbidly obese kids
Michelle Jones
Michelle Jones 9 days ago
Doug annoys people with his annunciation of HIS wooOurds.
BBQ Nut 9 days ago
The Explorer is so much better than that Hyundai and Kia garbage. I really like the ST I am looking at a new Caddy Escalade, Tahoe or the ST. I don’t know why more people don’t buy the Explorer, it rides very well, I mean it is amazing how well they ride. They are well powered and very reliable. It is also amazing the features you get on a XLT with a package added on.
BBQ Nut 9 days ago
That power outlet in the back is great for an Xbox. On the long trips the wife can drive and I can play some Xbox football!!!
Erick Laser
Erick Laser 9 days ago
Maybe try coming out sideways from the 3rd row
Erick Laser
Erick Laser 9 days ago
It probably eats a lot of power from the battery...massage option/usage especially.
Brandon 13
Brandon 13 9 days ago
It has the iPhone 11 Pro charging port
Drake Boy
Drake Boy 10 days ago
Fuck you 🤮🤮 you suck
mjkulikow 11 days ago
Hahahaha, there is a reason the 2nd row is captains seats, just walk between them...
Sneaker Head
Sneaker Head 11 days ago
V6 hell no FCA is way better Jeep Durango etc
Enrique Moreno-Torres
No sunroof?
Victor Kononenko
Victor Kononenko 12 days ago
So, for $58k I could by a Merc GLE, Volvo XC90, maybe BMW X5, AudiQ 7,8, Jag F-Pace, Acura MDX, Lexus GX, and the Lincoln Aviator for Pete's sake.... Why would I pay that money for a Ford SUV? If you want 0-60 American muscle, then you should be looking at Durango SRT or Jeep Trackhawk.
dan dan
dan dan 12 days ago
After watching two of Doug Ford videos, I am being bombarded with Ford ads...
David Lopez
David Lopez 13 days ago
Yea one of these cut me off so I had to show her what the sport can do if you have balls and give it all she’s got
Kid Peso
Kid Peso 13 days ago
I’m only here to see if I could have nice comfortable car Sex
Dion White
Dion White 13 days ago
We want the RS version lol....
AV1978AZ 14 days ago
You are wrong about the massaging seats option. My 2016 has the option too. If you look above there is passenger right there. Same options. Both front seats massage.
avi007bondster 14 days ago
it's funny you call that mid size ..
Matthew Bykowski
Matthew Bykowski 14 days ago
can i just say fake range rover
Darkdodger137 14 days ago
Doug's the type of guy who refers to your new baby as "it".
Maximum Dank
Maximum Dank 15 days ago
Thing is massive.
Andrew davidson
Andrew davidson 15 days ago
Just say phone lol jeez doug we all know you have a smartphone!
sprhowie 16 days ago
So many bad decisions that the previous Explorer did far better, third row access, more cargo space, not a fucking shifter dial, proper screen etc, etc.
sprhowie 2 days ago
@jbn675478 yes everything is new, I'm saying as in the only thing that's better than the previous is pretty much just drive train, everything else is side step or step down like the few big ones i listed.
jbn675478 2 days ago
@sprhowie caranddriver.com/reviews/a28072325/2020-ford-explorer-drive/ the entire platform is new, and the previous platform was pretty old.
jbn675478 2 days ago
@sprhowie it has more than just the drive train but ok.
sprhowie 2 days ago
If they're old enough to use the seat belt themselves, they're big enough that the seat is in the way.
sprhowie 2 days ago
@jbn675478 Why? my 2017 fits adults comfortably, and they can access easily with more room and more cargo room. the new gen has 1 thing better than previous..... drive train, and even that is not good enough to justify the new explorer.
Jarrett 16 days ago
Forgive me if I missed it. But he said that the last explorer style was released in 2013, but the 2016 model had a few changes as well didn’t it?
Henry Cooper
Henry Cooper 16 days ago
Dude That's More hp Than A Focus RS
Frank Em
Frank Em 16 days ago
Meanwhile, a mustang has become an SUV....
Angelo louisjeune
Kyle Weaver
Kyle Weaver 17 days ago
perfect for moms who think they are cool
Aaron Kellams
Aaron Kellams 17 days ago
The 2020 is so fuckin ugly
META 19991
META 19991 18 days ago
I had to disliked this video to 1k disliked!
Bob Beaman
Bob Beaman 19 days ago
Acceleration is a 5 out of 10? Are you serious? I own one and it flies. You didn't even test the 14 speaker sound system. It's thumbs down for you.
Nick Lubera
Nick Lubera 19 days ago
Doug is the type of guy that gives doug ratings after sitting on Fire hydrants
John Dell
John Dell 19 days ago
I think I like the Aviator version of this, but I think I'll stick with my Trackhawk for now.
pontiacGXPfan 19 days ago
How many people watching this video know that the Lincoln Aviator is based on this?
X Lord Sonic
X Lord Sonic 19 days ago
2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee trackhawk is way faster
jbn675478 2 days ago
it starts at 86k, meaning it's not in the same class. Dont be a tard
Warren Tia
Warren Tia 17 days ago
@Ryan Serdan that guy stupid. LOL
Ryan Serdan
Ryan Serdan 17 days ago
X Lord Sonic no fucking shit, it’s a supercharged v8
night stalker
night stalker 19 days ago
Before yall get mad...remember kids, $37k for Ford really means $27k out the door
Bryan Rennie
Bryan Rennie 19 days ago
What color is this ST?
DeviceNation 20 days ago
Doug is the type of guy to wear a shower cap when he washes his hair.
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