The 2020 Ford Explorer ST Is a Fast Family SUV

Doug DeMuro
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The 2020 Ford Explorer ST is a fun family SUV -- and today I'm going to review it to show you around the new Explorer. I'm going to take you on a tour of the new 2020 Explorer, and then I'm going to drive the new Ford Explorer ST to show you how it handles the road.
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Sep 19, 2019




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akanishta99 19 hours ago
How does the Aviator have a higher weekend score than this? This is a 400hp twin turbo SUV with extremely strong aftermarket support. There are people out there with 600hp Explorers beating sports cars in the 1/4 mile.
Nikkcade Day ago
I love the explorer. Such a handsome SUV. LOVED the outgoing generation, and this is definitely good too. Feel a little indifferent using the ST name on a crossover, but knowing Ford's current lineup, this is probably something I'm gonna have to accept.
Hunter Woodhead
Are we just going to ignore the USB-C in the second row? Like USB-C to lighting/micro USB do not exist??? He’s talking about a bower bar but doesn’t mention this
RexApplegate 2 days ago
In my day we would have called this a minivan.
Kylan Rogers
Kylan Rogers 4 days ago
The interior is really ugly
Kylan Rogers
Kylan Rogers 4 days ago
Doug's the type of guy to put eyelashes on his headlights
Maria Isabel Leal Gomes Fena
Good video!!
Charly Urian Se alii Lefoi ulufanua
Don't like the new automatic transmission gear more like a volume to turn up the bass in your sound system
Ayman Ra Lionheart
In year 2030 why 2020 Ford Explorer ST worth 5k and a ticking time bomb!
El_Ucca 6 days ago
That is hilarious how stupid that looks at 6:50 Why not put the parking sensor view to the on the upper right corner and the rear/front view camera on the bottom? That way there would be no stupid useless white space. Whan an idiotic design.
Lucas Luc
Lucas Luc 6 days ago
Boring :(
Anduril 7 days ago
$100 says the engine noise is piped in via the speakers.
Kevin Kiarash
Kevin Kiarash 9 days ago
King of the heal? I just test drove it, the 2020, since I had explorer from 1992 through 2008, I thought its time to go back to explorer as always loved the explorer....OH boy, they messed up big time in 2020, the interior is as garbage as my trash can outside, i checked out a few and they all were cheaply made with plastic. The guy showed us one and said this one is new just came in yesterday..... the interior lights were hanging from ceiling.... what a garbage... I am trying to be patriotic, but as long as we are making garbage, i have to go back to foreign cars. so SAADDD
akmeximo 9 days ago
What’s dripping/leaking from the bottom of the vehicle during the introduction?
Damilola Akanni
Damilola Akanni 9 days ago
0:12 The last gen explorer came out in 2011. There was a 2013 and 2016 facelift, though, with the introduction of a sport trim in 2012 for 2013 model year.
rasel benyamen
rasel benyamen 9 days ago
Wow the explorer car very good nice looking thank you so much for sharing this video godblees always thank...
Juan Cardona
Juan Cardona 10 days ago
That thing is so gay and lame looks like a modern granpa car
ShelbyZ2910 12 days ago
Man my 2017 sport has 2 usb and the electric port. Wonder why they switched it
Wizardnil 14 days ago
What a beautiful car! Got a 2017 Explorer Platinum and not only is it an off-roading beast, but it rides fantastically!
Dan 14 days ago
They should have blacked-out the blue part of the Ford emblems too.
Kameron Whitehurst
Kameron Whitehurst 14 days ago
I don't like ford because my dad died 😭
Hunter the Fisher
Hunter the Fisher 14 days ago
If anyone has a the 3.5 liter twin turbo engine you can get a chip for about $60 to $150 bucks it helps fuel mileage and can offer up to 35 hp which would be 400 hp
Hunter the Fisher
Hunter the Fisher 14 days ago
My moms 2017 Ford Explorer platinum has the driver and passenger massage seats
MrGorebusa 17 days ago
0:00 dis
Tony 20 days ago
I bought 2 of this car for my security detail
Nich Hollywood
Nich Hollywood 21 day ago
This is for all y’all that buy these and follow behind me on the road 🖕🏼
SincereSeason 23 days ago
Tho guy is horrible at this!
Void 24 days ago
Doug failed mention the other port which was USB-C when he thought there was only 1 USB port.
Scott Parker
Scott Parker 26 days ago
great review of this automobile, thank you.
rochab77 26 days ago
If you're going anywhere where you need those offroad dials you're in the wrong vehicle lol
Mathris 28 days ago
I love how your excited to talk about a Ford. I own one, I'll give you mine for a 2006 Acura MDX. Its a 2014. Still a piece of crap. And to top it off its a limited piece of crap.
pntdblack 28 days ago
Lousy score!
chase Plays
chase Plays 28 days ago
I literally got a ad talking about ford
johnathanqkr 28 days ago
Mid-size....lol... this is a full size SUV in almost all corners of the world.
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 28 days ago
“Ford Explorer ST is a Fast Family SUV” Dodge Durango Hellcat; H0LD MY P0WER‼️
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 7 days ago
Yes. It’s always been a 3 row SUV for decades.
Anduril 7 days ago
Is the Durango 3rd row seater though?
gaming with sameer
gaming with sameer 29 days ago
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 28 days ago
Tesla has a terrible build quality. Btw there’s a Porsche Taycan Turbo S that is way faster and the fastest EV car
explore cars
explore cars Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-KJaZK1J1n7k.html do watch and like
Brian Barriger
Brian Barriger Month ago
BOTH Front Seats offer Massage, Doug. FYI
E- gor
E- gor Month ago
Good car, it's a pity that all Ford stopped importing into Russia (
Ayas Muthanna
Ayas Muthanna Month ago
Ugly vertical screen
bugoy kikay
bugoy kikay Month ago
*dodge durango and jeep srt laughing somewhere*
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 28 days ago
Durango Hellcat laughing at this
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey Month ago
That's not a thumb slot...its purpose is for cables.
Lesedi Teleko
Lesedi Teleko Month ago
It's so easy to say 2020 when you say 20020 is freaki'n confusing why do people say it like that
Oliver H1gh Sky'5
Hi doug demuro
schwagier Month ago
Mid sized family suv? Dude, this car is huge
schwagier 28 days ago
@Jonathan Losito Europe
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 28 days ago
@schwagier the Ford Expedition is the full size family SUV, not the Explorer. Btw are you from somewhere else besides US??
schwagier 28 days ago
@Jonathan Losito then Ford Explorer is gigantic, which does not change this one is huge
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 28 days ago
There’s a Ford Expedition which is even bigger
mustansir taher
mustansir taher Month ago
my parents are stuck on a Mitsubishi pajero
mustansir taher
mustansir taher Month ago
the difference is the new Ford is longer
TJ McMahon
TJ McMahon Month ago
pretty sure we’ve had explorers every model year since 1991
Respawn Month ago
The port above the USB in the back is USB C 👀. So it does have two ports.
rochab77 Month ago
Looks great from the side but that front end is fugly! Calling the interior cheap would be an understatement. Couldn't believe how cheaply made the interior is. Panels don't line up etc. Feels like they rushed it to the market. On the plus side its no longer a front whe drive bazed crossover and aside from the fugly front end it looks great from the side.
Peterson Oliveira
Boa noite carro 1972 blazer US mags nimilz vai amém bom
gaming with sameer
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 7 days ago
sameer malik and Tesla has T00 MUCH technology and their built quality is terrible.
gaming with sameer
gaming with sameer 28 days ago
@Jonathan Losito ford has no technolygy
gaming with sameer
gaming with sameer 28 days ago
ford is the worst tesla is the best
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 28 days ago
But you have a Tesla logo as your profile pic.
Fredo Bull
Fredo Bull Month ago
There is literally no usable 3rd row for adults in any SUV smh...
Ro Month ago
That screen is very ugly. Looks like a gen 1 iPad.
Dominic Mahabir
Dominic Mahabir Month ago
I have to pay thousands of dollars for this car and the cops gets to drive it for free, unfair
dumb popstar
dumb popstar Month ago
lol it’s still unsafe❤️
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home Month ago
You didn’t pull back the mid sit while you were sitting at the third row! We wanna see the leg room at the third row of course 🤷‍♂️
Scott Strang
Scott Strang Month ago
I'd really consider one of these since it's RWD.
Gabriel Jose
Gabriel Jose Month ago
ReZi YT Month ago
Wow a car my dad recently got. That's crazy to see my family doing well. I face a new 2017 fusion sport and it's a crazy first car.
Alex Gagnon
Alex Gagnon Month ago
Ford is the best american car maker for sure. They make some of the best car around.
Michelangelo Marenco
Doug is sponsored by illuminati bill gates
Charly909IE Month ago
Is there a model with a regular shift lever???cause the dial thing is fucking dumb in my opinion 🤣
Alex Witt
Alex Witt Month ago
Passenger seats also have the message function. -Explorer ST Owner.
SodaPressing Month ago
Dude the Explorer ST is insane. I saw one a few weeks back pull hard on a C7 Corvette from a stoplight. I'm sure the vette pulled around eventually but it shocked me lol
Smoke n Mirrors
Smoke n Mirrors Month ago
Doug: This is The Ford Explorer ST Jeep owner: It ain't no Cherokee trackhawk
XtremeGames Month ago
We all have to love the purple Band-Aid
Jay Cogan
Jay Cogan Month ago
I guess he’s never come across a Durango SRT or a jeep Cherokee track hawk?
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 28 days ago
There’s a Durango Hellcat coming on sale soon and it’s WAY faster than thisssss
Tony M
Tony M Month ago
Doug the type of guy to wear a face mask in the car while driving alone! #Special
Turbo Cichlids
Turbo Cichlids Month ago
It’s not fast at all lmao
Will Valentine
Will Valentine Month ago
I honestly can’t stand Doug but i love in depth videos of cars like this
James Tyler
James Tyler Month ago
Explorer sucks. Its a huge station wagon. It has the ground clearance of a Taurus. Its not a real SUV.
Bryan F
Bryan F Month ago
You should add the actual gas mileage that your were getting... also I didn't hear anything about towing capacity.
George Vargas
George Vargas Month ago
Literally around the corner from where I live Melrose and Cannon 😂
cptdavidwebb Month ago
They just wont put a coyote in it will they. Well I guess i just wont buy one.
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 28 days ago
Well there’s a 2021 Durango Hellcat coming on sale soon and it’s a lot better
Armani Alvarado-leon
At 3:15 he said it’s 2019 but it’s 2020😂
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 7 days ago
He didn’t say that.
Nicks Reaction
Nicks Reaction Month ago
You dident relize the mirrors and doors have red st logo projectors
Obli Vious
Obli Vious Month ago
Ummm the grand Cherokee wasn’t mentioned once??
Coorky Teen
Coorky Teen Month ago
My Mazda CX-9 has those sun shades
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 7 days ago
All of the modern cars has those built in sun shades now.
Omar Lomeli
Omar Lomeli Month ago
The last Explorer came out in 2016...not 2013
Joseph Romano
Joseph Romano Month ago
There's your problem right there....none of these are Sporty. You're re-defining the word. It's a truck. With black wheels. That's about it.
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 7 days ago
Thisssss isn’t a body on frame based SUV. The Expedition is the bigger full size SUV not the Explorer.
John Roussakis
John Roussakis Month ago
Ford should’ve kept the Focus (and its variants, the ST and RS) in the North American markets for longer
Stavros Gavrilis
You missed the biggest quirk of all. The quad pipes are fake
Arav Kulkarni
Arav Kulkarni Month ago
His LEGO t shirt is so wholesome
Tactical Trex
Tactical Trex Month ago
$55000 for a plastic interior?! the Alfa Romeo Stelivo is $10000 less expensive and has an awesome interior
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 28 days ago
Even the refreshed 2021 Dodge Durango has a better interior than that
Mrman Yousef
Mrman Yousef Month ago
سيارة جميلة جدا بصراحة good nice car
Tennyson Morisset
He forgot to mention that it has massage seats
Jeremi Van Winkle
Great review, as usual, Doug! One detail you missed...the rear USB port is NOT the only one, above it is another in USB-C form...very forward thinking of Ford!
Fungal Cream
Fungal Cream Month ago
5 out of 10 on acceleration? How
Evan Month ago
Doug takes himself walks picking poop with his own bags
Hakeem Jahmen
Hakeem Jahmen Month ago
Hello, i always enjoy your videos from Australia. but i noticed that u really speak way too fast in most videos lately.
Daniel Costa
Daniel Costa Month ago
You should show the real exhaust not on a angle. Little pipes into nice chrome tips
Mark Simrow
Mark Simrow Month ago
it doesn't deserve the ST badge, it's a Sport.
Troy Truong
Troy Truong Month ago
Good jobs dumb consumers. Yall want the hideous ipad that sticks to the dash. Yall got it. It looks pathetic. This new trend are so dumb thanks to dumbass consumers.
Alex King
Alex King Month ago
I hate it when people drive these. Looks like a ghost car
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 28 days ago
A Rolls Royce Ghost??
Mr Trooper
Mr Trooper Month ago
00:15 you forgot the 2016 explorer so about 4 years. I'm sorry I just really hate when people forget about the 2016 explorer IT'S FOR YEARS WE HAVEN'T HAD A NEW EXPLORER IN 4 YEARS I'm just saying
NeonBlueApple Month ago
Can’t wait to start seeing modded ones on the street. Cruise up in my focus st like yoo!
Walter Sovchack
Walter Sovchack Month ago
It's actually pretty easy to determine whether nor not an explorer is a police vehicle or not. All police Explorers have their roof rails deleted.
George B
George B Month ago
Yeah, how about F** K cops getting ANY new equipment and we put that money into neighborhoods and communities instead. I don't shed tears for dead cops. They can all burn in hell. 👍🏻😉🇺🇸
Aldo Gonzalez G
Aldo Gonzalez G Month ago
horrible car, doesnt compete with any other on the same price range. interior sucks
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 28 days ago
Yea. The 2021 Durango Hellcat will be on sale soon
Brett636 Month ago
Just one thing to note I recently test drove one of these and the passenger seat does also have the massage function. Doug states only the drivers seat, but both front seats have it.
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