the 2019 macbook pro is perfect

Dave Lee
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My review of the 2019 8-core 15" MacBook Pro running the i9-9980HK processor.
Available here: amzn.to/2Es7aIv
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May 25, 2019




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Dave Lee
Dave Lee 4 months ago
BIker 24 days ago
Dave Lee are you american or chinese ? So stfu !
INDSR RSDNI 28 days ago
Joaquin Euraque
Joaquin Euraque 29 days ago
Man let me tell you something you're awesome
My question is: why do you guys keep buying them?
Hatsuzuki_ Month ago
alienware instead?
Dominic Tadena
Anyone got the link for that red-bg moon wallpaper at the video thumbnail?
techmaester Day ago
It would be “perfect” had Apple not removed the card reader, HDMI, USB3, and MagSafe starting in 2016.
Simon C
Simon C 2 days ago
What did I watch?
Ahyoung Byun
Ahyoung Byun 3 days ago
I'm surprised that you are Korean !! Keep it up with the good review videos !!
benamici studio
benamici studio 3 days ago
Your face show you’re really disappointed over & over again with MacBook .
marco polooo
marco polooo 3 days ago
Apple bought this guy
Snakeorliquid 3 days ago
OK Dave i need your help ahah, what to choose between the macbook pro 2019/microsoft surface laptop 2/ surface book 2/asus zenbook 13, or else? i'm a student, i want a battery that retains its capacity through time...like after 3 years its still almost the same battery life. And a powerful enough pc to run sometimes bigger programs such as photoshop? thanks
outcasted sushiboi
Snakeorliquid here is acer swift 5 www.amazon.com/dp/B07JLBJZD4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Cs4HDbPEQVMJG
outcasted sushiboi
Snakeorliquid www.amazon.com/dp/B07HPQPNV1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ei4HDbXSXZFT3 If your in the range, this is a great laptop, just choose the right model though, 60hz is the one to go, but overall, unless you REALLY like this laptop, i would suggest to not get it, but if your a gamer who doesn’t care to lose 144hz and instead have 60hz, go for it. Its a fine laptop, just too highly priced for what your getting. The acer swift 5 is not a gaming laptop, ( for once, ) but where it lacks in power, it gains in battery life and better price. For the quality your getting and at the price, and features, i would highly recommend as one of the best for battery life, that along with microsoft surface devices. Anyway, to answer your question, yes, the lenovo one has good battery life, nothing astonishing, but it will serve you well through out the day. From experience, lenovo devices have good batteries, they will last a decent time.
outcasted sushiboi
Snakeorliquid no problem, ill share some more links in a minute
@outcasted sushiboi thanks! I'll take a look at the Lenovo ;) if you have other Lenovo to suggest don't hesitate to share a link :) ps: but do you have feedback about the battery life of the lenovo, i mean, does it remain stable though time? Like you don't go from 10h to 5h 1 year later. Thanks :)
outcasted sushiboi
Snakeorliquid so i assume that the battery life thing was a exaggeration, right? So if your a student, want good battery life, and want it to be powerful enough to run big programs such as photoshop, then your options are: Surface devices, you can see which one is for you, they are generally good, but do some research to see which one is right just for YOU. Then you have Macbooks, but they are too pricy, and really there are better options out there for less money while being better. Then you have ryzen laptops, which to me anyway is a whole other category, Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, 14 Inch FHD Touchscreen Display, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Processor, 12GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD, Windows 10, 81SS000DUS, Black, Pen Included www.amazon.com/dp/B07TWHYTSQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_PdUHDbYNE029E this for example, great laptop, AMAZING battery life if your not pushing it too hard, will run photoshop great with s MUCH better gpu built in, than in intel. This isnt the only option, i would just recommend this one as the good budget option. All though if your willing to spend more money, ROG Zephyrus G (2019) Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop, 15.6" IPS Type FHD, GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, AMD Ryzen 7 3750H, 8GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe Nvme SSD, Windows 10, GA502GU-PB73 www.amazon.com/dp/B07QQ9LZZK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ikUHDbAK0KHEM this is best gaming grade one. So i would personally go for the asus ryzen one for high end, and lenovo flex for low end. Pick your poison, would recommend these two.
BeautybyDal 4 days ago
I feel like I’m the only one in love with the dam keyboard 😂😂
infiniTube 4 days ago
Manx Keys
Manx Keys 4 days ago
Many people likes to watch reviews but they already know they can't afford it. ^_^
aa0201 4 days ago
"Good morning!" LMAO
Bhavneet Sachdev
Bhavneet Sachdev 4 days ago
😂 😂 😂
Jun Aldeza
Jun Aldeza 5 days ago
bought a MBP 2019 15" i9 8-core 512GB 16GB ram just 5 days ago. Froze and auto-restarted 2 times already due to the infamous Bridge OS kernel panic. Apple support were clueless as to why it happened. I went back to reseller for a replacement (same unit). Now, it hasn't happened yet (crossing my finger).
Jun Aldeza
Jun Aldeza 14 hours ago
After using for a few days the crash had happened again twice in just an hr period 😠 with a newly replaced unit. Now, I have reinstalled the macos then upgraded to catalina (beta). Hope it fixes the issue but I’m extremely upset coz I have high expectations with this product lines. Definitely not worth buying...
Zaffree 5 days ago
if you went to buy- 1. New Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB) - Space Gray amzn.to/308qozG 2.Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) - Silver (Previous Model) amzn.to/2QhicZs 3.New Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB) - Gold amzn.to/2LCiNAv 4.Apple MacBook Air MJVM2LL/A 11.6-Inch laptop(1.6 GHz Intel i5, 128 GB SSD, Integrated Intel HD Graphics 6000, Mac OS X Yosemite (Renewed) amzn.to/2LDaGUr 5.Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, Touch Bar, 2.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) - Space Gray (Latest Model) amzn.to/2OeKkJQ
RIP Betty White
RIP Betty White 5 days ago
bought a Late 2016 15" today. hoping it'll be iite; only has 60 cycles and looked to be really mint. Paid $1400 USD; base model with 450 and the 2.6Ghz i7.
Chris Venter
Chris Venter 5 days ago
The intro is 🔥
Karl P
Karl P 6 days ago
This laptop is perfect for me because I only work for about 2 minutes at a time.
Ali Salahat
Ali Salahat 6 days ago
WTF I’ve just watched?
Gregg Re
Gregg Re 6 days ago
Cost of litigation is another factor they considered in doing the keyboard warranty program..
Louvre DeWitt Bukater Neuilly EnLay
Wow, no mention of the lack of ports?
Ahmad Wahyudin
Ahmad Wahyudin 7 days ago
Good Morning Dave : Oh Tim Cook, What's Up ? Let's come on in.
Shantanu Singh dhiman
This video changed the perspective how we see Dave's videos! Yes he's standing !!
dst rr
dst rr 9 days ago
Never getting another one of these things until they fix the keyboard.
Akash Barman
Akash Barman 9 days ago
Yo snazzy proved that apple cares about fan noise and they will run hot but keep fanspeed low
김혜진 10 days ago
왜 한국어로 제목이 되어있지
J.B. Ferguson
J.B. Ferguson 11 days ago
mac book pro is hands down the best product on the market.. I recommend this specific mac book.. macs are my favorite to work with and they will be for you too once you get started amzn.to/2Q80lE7
Kerem Albayrak
Kerem Albayrak 11 days ago
yo bro if you dont like it you could give it to me anytime you want;)
Vinay Tiwari
Vinay Tiwari 11 days ago
Confused between surface book 2 (specially skeptical about hinge on back) and surface laptop 2..which one is better
măpișpecapac 12 days ago
Brahma Bull
Brahma Bull 13 days ago
Anyway is this MacBook Pro 15” i9 2019 a good Mac or not? What about the high temperature? Better then i9 2018? Thanks in advance
Miister Sike
Miister Sike 11 days ago
Warm tomatoes🍅
Naresh Kumar K.V
Naresh Kumar K.V 13 days ago
Oscar level performance icchav kada bhaiyya intro lo
Sriganesh Sharma
Sriganesh Sharma 14 days ago
The Tim Cook good morning was everything! 😂
Rob827 15 days ago
Butterfly keyboard numba one
Geek Technologies
Geek Technologies 16 days ago
What was that ending though?
adiel kanantha
adiel kanantha 17 days ago
I will buy macbook if they spec out with a rtx gpu
Nagbhushan Menasigi
Hi Dave - thanks for the video and I love the way you put it simple, could you please consider my video? This is a serious problem with Macbook pro 2019 model. Many people are facing this even with a new replaced macbook. I think you must include this in next review. Its been just a month with the latest model of MacBook Pro 2019 and i have started seeing this flashing screen issue when i woke up macbook. The issue happens only when i turn it on from sleep. It's intermittent but happens for sure, have given it to repair center and will see what they have to say. I also contacted Apple customer care who did couple of troubleshooting steps like NVRAM, creating new user, safe mode but none helped. I bought this MacBook Pro from bestbuy. ruvid.net/video/video-etWlvxPD2f8.html
Sharooq Salaudeen
Sharooq Salaudeen 19 days ago
Comon. Nobody wants a bulky ass macbook like u showed at 3:24. Thats just plain ugly. I love the minimal form factor ,so does everyone else. You are just saying shit for content
fictionforlife 20 days ago
That backhanded compliment about the Apple keyboard program tho XD
The_little_grey 20 days ago
chachacamel 20 days ago
I just bought one yesterday. Constantly turns off at 45%, number of restarts or SMC resets isn't fixing it. I found online others who had the same issue with no resolve, some people returned multiple times and were on their 3rd or 4th NEW Macbook Pro 2019. Maybe anyone here can chime in?
MisterMirza 20 days ago
Dude I loved this video. It was very entertaining with the skit and everything. Definitely pushing the boundaries of tech review channel. It’s nice you have creativity here man.
Skull Greymon
Skull Greymon 20 days ago
jonah ramos
jonah ramos 21 day ago
Every laptop has thermal limitations no cap
mikes gt
mikes gt 22 days ago
$4400 .... that is ridiculous
Obada Shaheen
Obada Shaheen 22 days ago
Good “Moning” 😂 Tim
Raphael Toast
Raphael Toast 23 days ago
_"I'm afraid I can't let you do that Dave."_
Mohammad Darawsheh
Mohammad Darawsheh 24 days ago
Is it just me or does it look like that someone kidnapped this guy to do a video
Malcolm Holmes
Malcolm Holmes 23 days ago
_Thats the joke_
Henry Jacobs
Henry Jacobs 25 days ago
Apple just wanna make money by Hypes. Just like the Yeezy shoes. Use a celeb, let them use or wear and boom! Instant millions. Just like Brad Pit used havaianas slippers. It cost 2dollars before then went up high LOL
Rustin Cohle
Rustin Cohle 25 days ago
I watch Linus Tech Tips too Dave!
swosse 25 days ago
my 2016 mbp is the biggest pile of shit. cant wait for my razer 15 to get here. its such a crap laptop i'll deal with windows again. horrible keyboard, horrible battery life, constant thermal throttling, the frame dents if you look at it, stupid fucking chinese dongles in every room of my house now that are in various states of working or not working since i only have 3 goddamned ports, the trackpad is so stupidly big that the few times i do write on that shit keyboard i trigger palm rejection constantly, what else, oh my right speaker sounds horrible, anytime i play a video with headphones off it gets a laugh. you guys don't even update the goddamned processors fir 4 tears and i couldn't even get 32gb ram until recently. absolute joke. professional if you're a barista. edit: i typed this on that piece of shit keyboard so forgive typos its how timapple wanted me to type
Andrés Velasteguí
Excelent video
skunky bass
skunky bass 26 days ago
How does the 6 core do?
Sylvia Lopez
Sylvia Lopez 26 days ago
read it in chinese accent or die!
Yeet’s Corner
Yeet’s Corner 26 days ago
i9 9980HK is gonna thermal throttle like hell... It could hitn 100C+ at heavy tasks.
Walrider 27 days ago
Why would I pay 2500 when the Matebook Pro is only 1250
Kash 26 days ago
Because the Matebook is by Huawei? Just get an XPS 13 and call it a day.
Marc H
Marc H 28 days ago
honestly I just miss a actual physical ESC key. Touchbar is such a gimmick.
Karam Eisa
Karam Eisa 28 days ago
Woah i never thought he was standing all this time ! dude you are a beast
Radi0he4d1 28 days ago
Now this is art.
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