the 2019 macbook pro is perfect

Dave Lee
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My review of the 2019 8-core 15" MacBook Pro running the i9-9980HK processor.
Available here: amzn.to/2Es7aIv
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May 25, 2019

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Comments 7 125
Dave Lee
Dave Lee Month ago
yeebloody wanker
yeebloody wanker 6 days ago
Lauri 12 days ago
Jan Willem Heemskerk
haha that was creepy!
Warren Dunne
Warren Dunne 18 days ago
Jack P
Jack P 18 days ago
Hilarious. Loving the new productions
Kingshuk Sarkar
Kingshuk Sarkar 7 hours ago
Now I get this, he's got beaten up so hard for the honest review
danz beard
danz beard 10 hours ago
JΛMΛ 11 hours ago
this or Surface Book II for college?
narong molyvan
narong molyvan 19 hours ago
NovaWolfy Day ago
Apple serviced my 13in 2017 Macbook Pro keyboard for free under warranty despite me replacing the thermal paste and disassembling the entire device lol. The repair took less than a day. I'm so grateful for this keyboard replacement program. They really seem to just wanna get these fixes out and avoid damages.
Webftpmaster Day ago
Click bait
Proloy Arafat
Proloy Arafat 3 days ago
Great ending 🤣
Joseph Martin
Joseph Martin 3 days ago
Catches fire
electro0n 4 days ago
The keyboard is crap...
Darkwear GT
Darkwear GT 4 days ago
Said the guy who just post a video talking how to use the window pc instead
grey head
grey head 4 days ago
Human centipad
Kerman Grandpré
Kerman Grandpré 4 days ago
Here is 25% OFF right now: *VDIGITAL­­­­.­­­­INFO*
Blake Gadd
Blake Gadd 5 days ago
That was fun to watch😅👍🏻
MadScientist 5 days ago
They upgrade the price
ecstaticity 5 days ago
Looks like someone doesn't care two hoots about the new shiny useless thing from Apple. Welcome to the club pal!
Marcin Lewandowski
Vanessa Johnson
Vanessa Johnson 5 days ago
This was fkn great
jerry khoo
jerry khoo 5 days ago
看了两遍才明白,开头和结尾是有关联的。cook is coming!!😄
Alan J
Alan J 5 days ago
Hahahahahaha. I love you Dave 😂😂😂😂
Rookie Budget Fishing
Lmao epic ending with 50 gummit officials. Lol how dare speak of the garbage they have done here? Lmao
Lonzae Queen
Lonzae Queen 6 days ago
Watching this entire video made me so anxious
Rahil 〽
Rahil 〽 6 days ago
He was standing ... I’ll be uneasy now whenever I watch his videos .
Anais Tafur Stølen
Wait, they had problems with the keyboards? I have never notice that..
Rishabh Bhandari
Rishabh Bhandari 6 days ago
Best video everrrr....
Zaidan Mockbill
Zaidan Mockbill 7 days ago
2wheelphoto 7 days ago
it's a great machine
Usman Ramay
Usman Ramay 7 days ago
Rest in peace my friend, just rest now
Yannick Roy
Yannick Roy 7 days ago
Hi Dave, I want to upgrade from my Mid-2010 iMac to a Macbook Pro that will last me 8-10 years, futur proofed!! I'm very perplexed about buying the new 2019 Macbook Pro ( 2.4GHz 4X core 8thGen i5 16Gb Ram 256Gb SSD for 2640$ Canadian) with the unresolved keyboard issue! Would you switch to a Window's laptop?? I'll mostly doing light audio/video editing. I'm really tempted to go with the Lenovo P52 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H 6 core 32Gb Ram NVIDIA Quadro P1000 4GB, 512Gb SSD for 2620$.... I'm not certain switching to Windows would be good or not since I haven't used Windows since 2008!!! What do you think?!? Could you do a video for the average consumer/ pro-sumer ready to drop 2-3K$ on a Laptop? Thanks
Mashiro Shiina
Mashiro Shiina 7 days ago
wtf is with the intro that scared me lol looks like a cam recorded creepy video
Jami 8 days ago
well i always thought you made your video by sitting on a chair. :P
10klegit 8 days ago
The intro made me subscribe.... well payed sir!
AivansShow 8 days ago
Marquees: "it is fucking perfect, so as the iPad pro, the only two devices which can be named PRO AHHHHHH"
L1llyfire 8 days ago
Immediately knew something was wrong when each word in the title was lowercase
Sam Kulmiye
Sam Kulmiye 8 days ago
The beginning has me dead. I was like what in the Taliban 😂😂😂
Anmol Sambayyanamath
Wait for iFan. It will cool it
Milind Agarwal
Milind Agarwal 8 days ago
You been standing the whole time? Dude 🥺🥺
Marco Prova Tutto
Hi Dave, I enjoyed your fun intro! Besides that, I've got the new MacBook Pro with 6 cores, and then stumbled upon your video! Does your video mean that I've paid less, and got the same performance, at the end? (6 cores make less heat than 8 cores). That would make me think I'm lucky!! ;) ciao!
JM 9 days ago
Are you making fun of the ones killed by ISIS???
Pom Pom Jerseys
Pom Pom Jerseys 9 days ago
Damnit all we want is an HDMI port and a USB port.
A bunny that will chew on your cables
Except for the fact that you literally can't upgrade or fix anything unless you send it to apple (and even then its unlikely to be fixed). Cause you know, you can always just throw it away after 2 years or so, and get a new macbook, cause who cares about climate change right? Let's produce even more unnecessary electronic waste
Jason Mulliken
Jason Mulliken 11 days ago
28 seconds in and can drop a like and go to the next video, love it!
Joe Maldonado
Joe Maldonado 11 days ago
Ronald C Krause Jr
Ronald C Krause Jr 11 days ago
Something as trivial as the keyboard... They claimed to have made it better, but it is not. Why pay for this type of hardware when this is proven to be subpar material? It's like having a Corvette with a Prius engine
anu stobs
anu stobs 11 days ago
invest 10$
Signs 11 days ago
My employer gave me the funds to buy a MacBook Pro 2019. I've been using the Macbook Pro for two days now, and honestly- If I paid for laptop out of pocket, then I would've returned it and brought the Surface Pro 6 instead. People are seriously overhyping apple products
abhishek99999ify 12 days ago
can someone link me the vcr vintage type overlay he used in the beginning
Roberto Villani
Roberto Villani 12 days ago
in other words : the MacBook is still a Rip off
ronindebeatrice 12 days ago
Dave are you a fan of Vincent Vinesauce?
Bill Jason Almero
Bill Jason Almero 12 days ago
Apple needs to fix the faulty keyboard tho...
TheGoldenTNT 12 days ago
Hahaha Why did everyone think he was SITTING in his videos, you can clearly see he is standing 😂😂😂
God's_daughter 11 days ago
I'm a new subsciber, have only watched 2 full vids so far and already realized he was standing the whole time
Paul D
Paul D 12 days ago
I had the 2017 MacBook Pro...i liked it but after a change in job found that I wasn’t using it as much as my iPad but i found my iPad limiting... the keyboard starting having issues with keys and even the ‘a’ disappearing from the key itself - apple replaced it... within 4 months the keyboard has started to have issues again ... i decided to trade it in for the new iPad Pro - i have the flexibility to have it as a desktop setup, on my lap, as a tablet...plus with the changes coming in ipadOS 13 it makes it ideal for my needs - the MacBook Pro may be powerful, but the design and durability are bad ...i would not recommend the MacBook Pro.
Onix Junes
Onix Junes 12 days ago
I would love to support a company that puts progress and what’s best for the customer BEFORE profit, i know it’s a lot to ask for but a company like that builds loyal lifelong customers as long as they have only the best to offer.
Tao Sun
Tao Sun 12 days ago
Kuan Liang Liu
Kuan Liang Liu 13 days ago
What happened?
LiberatedMind 13 days ago
Why not buy a PC, apply an apple sticker and save the hundreds / thousands?
teamachinr 13 days ago
It's the best review EVER
Keeland Thomas
Keeland Thomas 13 days ago
Hey Guys, I actually bought the MacBook Pro 15 A week ago and it's actually not that bad of a Laptop. Simple, Fast, Reliable. Everything I need for Traveling in Summer. Who do you know would like get one.(amzn.to/2F3W7pb)
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson 14 days ago
BEST intro and exit yet!
Larry John
Larry John 14 days ago
I thumbed up a clickbait video... Still can't believe it
Rahul Deepak
Rahul Deepak 14 days ago
MacBook Pro: I am perfect 😊 iPad Pro: hold my beer 😡
Bound Music
Bound Music 14 days ago
so it starts and it's shocking and during the vid there's knocking and then at the end someone's like Good morning. Wow so creative YOUNG TARANTINO UP IN THIS BIH !
Mr. Fil-Am
Mr. Fil-Am 14 days ago
Man, f*ck App ☠☠☠
Keven Brito
Keven Brito 14 days ago
They need to fire Tim Cook.
chris witness
chris witness 11 days ago
Add 10K 👍 to that.
Anox TheFighter
Anox TheFighter 15 days ago
Don’t you think this is a little bit too far
Roberto Ravone
Roberto Ravone 15 days ago
Hi Dave may i ask you where did you buy the long tube led light on the backside of your video? Will be great also link to buy them!!! Thanks in advance!!
magno 15 days ago
RIP you're gonna get sued by Apple and Tim Cook for using his trademark "Good Morning!"
Can someone explain the meaning of this review to me? Like I'm very confused. The title of this video implies that he loves this computer and that it's a great buy. However, his actual video said otherwise. He didn't seem all that pleased with the computer when reviewing it. So, what is it? Does he like the computer or not?
Evil Morty
Evil Morty 15 days ago
Lmaooo liked that bit
Jay-Ar Jamon
Jay-Ar Jamon 15 days ago
OMG! You've been standing all this time throughout the years?
sam 15 days ago
Wow good review again, definitely better than those who only throw the geekbench performance chart and can't review anything related to what's going to happen in daily usage or working
Yourdailygracie 15 days ago
Do their iMacs have the same issues? I’m a photographer and looking to replace my 256 ssd 8 gbs ram 2013 MacBook Pro laptop this year. Any recommendations with an equal or better screen?
Jasmine xiao
Jasmine xiao 15 days ago
Great 👍 review
Quincy Gillespie
Quincy Gillespie 15 days ago
Yeah you were totally held hostage in a cave and made to say that. 2 grand and you don’t even have a 10-key? Lmao!!!!
Yosef Roth
Yosef Roth 16 days ago
I bought a 15 inch pro in February of 2019 WHY THE.FU ** isn't mine a 2019. 😒😒😒😒😒😒
Ivona 16 days ago
What is the name of the lights in the background?
Level 4 Helmet
Level 4 Helmet 16 days ago
I remember this from Linus he had a black eye and two people with mask
GavinM91 16 days ago
I was done with MacBooks when I had to pay £80 for a charger 😂 mad
Jay McA.Projects
Jay McA.Projects 16 days ago
Probably Apple Sponsored
Hossain in Motion
Hossain in Motion 16 days ago
So, Dave, I understand the pun, but what is the verdict? I bought this laptop and the battery sucks, doesn't last more than 4 hours like last year model 🤮. I do programming. Is this normal? Also, I don't know know if I can call these laptop anymore, as my lap would burn due to hearing issue.🔥🔥🔥 Can somebody shed light here and attest that this is the new norm and I have to live with it!! 😑
cats rule
cats rule 16 days ago
my windows XP laptop is GOOD it is seriously powerful.
Damahua 14 days ago
I knew XP when I was in kindergarten
Seems😒........ To me!
tush43 16 days ago
Just wanna say that *Asians Rule*
Harshit Gupta
Harshit Gupta 16 days ago
The most creative tech reviewer... awesome!😂😂😂
Will Iam
Will Iam 16 days ago
Rajdeep Dey
Rajdeep Dey 16 days ago
Steve Jobs Ghost Came by To Visit Dave...
TheDarkKnight 16 days ago
Brilliant sense of humour!
Alan Xu
Alan Xu 16 days ago
fking love it.
Victor Hugo D
Victor Hugo D 16 days ago
R.I.P Dave, see you in another Mac, I mean... in another life. 😊😊
Edoardo Siani
Edoardo Siani 16 days ago
A Big Mac?
Kamal SIMOU 17 days ago
The perfect twist doesn't exi...Oh wait Forget about the Mac pro the guy was standing all these years?!
Jyu Viole Grace
Jyu Viole Grace 10 days ago
yeah lol
Juan Francisco
Juan Francisco 17 days ago
Lazy fix for an overpriced product. When will consumers realize they’re been cheated stemming from greed on apples part.
Xemerius Sieben
Xemerius Sieben 17 days ago
That Tim Cook good morning at the end was really good 😂
Joseph 8 days ago
Tim 
X X 10 days ago
Tim Apple.
AMV 6rxly
AMV 6rxly 17 days ago
Bruh that intro. Thought he was being held captive
Xemerius Sieben
Xemerius Sieben 17 days ago
AMV 6rxly no way dude
Muhammad Muneeb
Muhammad Muneeb 17 days ago
Paul Williams
Paul Williams 17 days ago
$4000 😧😧😧
Ivan Guerrero
Ivan Guerrero 17 days ago
7000th comment
11a5f0041b85 42aaac71fb3f45cc60
(I didn't test the computer but it sucks)
Marshmallow Puff
Marshmallow Puff 17 days ago
Your videos are informative and hilarious 😂 Great stuff 👍
BNG Studio
BNG Studio 15 days ago
Rantceck 17 days ago
oh no
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