The 2019 Kia K900 Is the Unknown Luxury Sedan

Doug DeMuro
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The 2019 Kia K900 is a $65,000 luxury sedan you probably haven't heard of. Today I'm reviewing the K900 to show you all about the Kia K900 and its cool features and quirks -- and I'm driving the 2019 Kia K900 to show you how it drives.
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7 фев 2019

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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro 15 дней назад
CORRECTION! The K900 is only offered this year with a turbocharged V6, with no V8 option. Big thanks to C&D and Motor Trend for getting this wrong. Last time I rely on them for info! www.motortrend.com/cars/kia/k900/ www.caranddriver.com/kia/k900
Abdullah Almosifer
Abdullah Almosifer 6 часов назад
In Saudi Arabia we get it with v8 options
Darkv0id 7 часов назад
isn't that 365 hp?
Baconfly11 6 дней назад
The lock button on the rear passenger control panel is there so you can relax ur arm on the arm rest without worrying about accidentally pressing buttons that would screw up the climate or radio controls
Adam Christy
Adam Christy 9 дней назад
Hey Doug Demuro, I'm glad you reviewed this true underdog luxury car, but it has more output than was stated in the video. Great review always a great car show. www.kiamedia.com/us/en/models/k900/2019/specifications#k900
GameShowFan9001 9 дней назад
In addition, that engine is the exact same one found in the Stinger GT, including the 365 hp I heard that the 0 to 60 time of this car was somewhere around the mid to low 5 second range
Amaan Ahmed
Amaan Ahmed Час назад
Canine hundred
saga vera
saga vera Час назад
I think having a rear control lock to all those buttons is kind of handy
Dmetal#1 5 часов назад
Kia is a solid ride
Hr. m
Hr. m 5 часов назад
WTF !!!! This is a KIA ???
Akash Jeeneea
Akash Jeeneea 7 часов назад
dude why you talk too much instead reviewing more on the car. cheers....................
Gabe Nydick
Gabe Nydick 16 часов назад
I'm guessing that blue dot is where the rear bluetooth antenna is so you can pair your phone while in the rear
Master Try
Master Try 16 часов назад
such an underrated car
Devante Morris
Devante Morris 19 часов назад
I think that Kia is definitely coming up in the automotive game.... better than Hyundai
Jonibravo День назад
It's not really european-friendly but it's a shame we can't buy those there. Please share this, the Taurus and the Flex with us!
jamal lowe
jamal lowe День назад
3:20 going good so far
This is pure 80's car porn :-)
That window mirror cameras are a brilliant idea!!
Vencarter День назад
Dammit KIA, I knew these existed but now it's definitely a contender.
Vencarter День назад
Me @4:34
Omzzz Z
Omzzz Z День назад
The paddle shifters on my Lambo are opposite Doug so that knob and indent actually might help the person who buys this
Tony Zset
Tony Zset День назад
This is by far the best of the best interior ever
Nexxarian День назад
The sound when you shut the car down has to be inspired by Windows XP
Remi Terjanian
Remi Terjanian День назад
Doug reminds me of Will Ferrel
Pedro Valente
Pedro Valente День назад
Kia canine hundred
Yeliab День назад
Can’t wait to get my K900 in 3 years for $12k
GRod Lol
GRod Lol 2 дня назад
Rear lock. Chlild lock. Is it that hard to understand?
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez 2 дня назад
Doug is the type of guy to tell people quirks and features of their car, while standing next to him in bathroom urinal
Funny farts smell funny
Funny farts smell funny 2 дня назад
Side view: BMW 7 series (especially the silver line at the bottom) - front and back view: Mercedes S-class
iBlewupthemoon 2 дня назад
Basically this is a modern-day VW Phaeton
Shawn J
Shawn J 2 дня назад
11:00 i think the point is that you don't accidentally mess with the controls when you have the armrest down
Kon 2 дня назад
Would be nice if the turn video had a warning feature to not turn. something yellow...maybe yellow border
T M 2 дня назад
Doug the type of guy to call an animation a movie
K ROC INDALAB 3 дня назад
I owned the first 2015 Kia k900 beautiful car drives good love everything about it I have owned Benz and BMW and I rather have the k900 mostly cause you get everything for half the price I currently driving the 2017 k900 cause I lease my car for 2020 I'm def getting this one this car is the one
Passion 3 дня назад
More mocking than a review just because its a Kia.
Abbi Ravindhran
Abbi Ravindhran 3 дня назад
Abbi Ravindhran
Abbi Ravindhran 3 дня назад
There are 3 speakers for optimum quality. The subwoofer, woofer and base
Abbi Ravindhran
Abbi Ravindhran 3 дня назад
Doug is the type of guy who does not wear watches but know who watches his videos
MiGujack3 3 дня назад
I love the car, it feels like a Lexus without the hybrid bullshit. I really hate the horrid KIA logo tho.
Halozocker104 3 дня назад
From the side it looks like a Mercedes
GC BLUE 3 дня назад
Doug the type of guy to review a car he has already done
Bong Lim
Bong Lim 3 дня назад
Nice car with an awful name
Mat c
Mat c 3 дня назад
Doug can you please review the maxima. I know it’s not the most exciting exciting car but it is a really good car
Buck Kahuna
Buck Kahuna 3 дня назад
Serious stealth wealth. I want one of these!
Ankur Jain
Ankur Jain 4 дня назад
How in the world you got a mill views on your videos. What the fuck are you doing man?
WK HD 4 дня назад
It's a Merc C class
Undici Giga
Undici Giga 4 дня назад
KIA is making great cars now. So happy with my new kia
Ed Valvonis
Ed Valvonis 4 дня назад
Doug is a type of a guy who wears cargos in the winter
Sarika Shimpi
Sarika Shimpi 4 дня назад
Please Volvo XC60
SevenDeMagnus 4 дня назад
Cool car, though I wish it was at least a Honda. Kia name, not sure about it...
SevenDeMagnus 4 дня назад
Cool "side mirrors".
Jacob Tothe
Jacob Tothe 4 дня назад
I need a car to make Windows 98 shutdown chimes when turned off.
John Wick
John Wick 4 дня назад
the turn-off feature is because Korean is narcissism
Gentel Men's channel
Gentel Men's channel 4 дня назад
The turn off showing off is like a old school Phone turn off😂😂😂
Gentel Men's channel
Gentel Men's channel 4 дня назад
Umm what did you said ? It's between Mercedes E class and S class?😂😂😂 does it even compare with a Lexus?
Greg 4 дня назад
This video is a lot less biased than the other one. I hope you and other people are willing to open up as a lot of brands people have strong biases against, regardless if you like the brands or not. Brands like Kia, Hyundai, Lincoln, and Buick are completely shifting directions and making some nice changes. Plus you have to remember every brand's individual vehicle may have a different mission than a competitor's entry in a segment.
Radi0he4d1 4 дня назад
Hyundai is doing the right thing by splitting Genesis into a separate brand. If K900 still wears a Kia badge, it's a problem. Unless they are trying to sit on two chairs at the same time and try two strategies simultaneously.
348frank348 4 дня назад
They could have done better with the front-end headlights and grill, looks like a fucking minivan
Samaan AlKhaldi
Samaan AlKhaldi 4 дня назад
♡ It's perfect and worth every penny ♡ Thanks.
kevq35 4 дня назад
Doesn't this have a 365HP twin turbo v6? Didn't it seem strange (an error) to say 311HP twin turbo v6 @Doug? It's 2019, not the 1990's. We've had NA v6 engines putting out more horsepower for over a decade,
kamel ghoul
kamel ghoul 4 дня назад
i love Kia ❤️🤗
Huang Chengjun
Huang Chengjun 4 дня назад
I see MB and Infinity interior elements in this car. But still a good design. Good job KIA.
energymc22 4 дня назад
16:20 you mean like my 2011 Ford Focus?
Brian Lobman
Brian Lobman 4 дня назад
I thought it was 365HP ?
Plowarrior1 4 дня назад
Damn, when I saw the steering wheel I fell in love... and then the camera pans over the Kia badge...
iggibars 5 дней назад
The base trim has the CHEAPEST looking fake wood I've EVER seen in a steering wheel!!!! SO CHEAPPPPP!!! Pause it at 8:13 and you will notice the texture doesn't match the other wood because it's just a printed wood look on plastic.
name 4 дня назад
iggibars The fake wood in a 2005 Mercury Sable looks better.
Cammylam 5 дней назад
He says why would u keep the middle seat down if u could put that middle thing down for a passenger. I say because there’s no space in the car 🙀
Chris Footy
Chris Footy 5 дней назад
Bro those controls in the back are just gunna fuck shit up.. imagine ur mates moving ur seat up and down while changing the radio every 12 seconds
Dan Means
Dan Means 5 дней назад
Doug can you review Volvo S90 inscription...
Dew Kith
Dew Kith 5 дней назад
If you hit the hazard light dose it show on both screen?
STEVEWONDA1976 5 дней назад
We all know Doug opened that first aid kit, stole a Band-Aid brand bandage and then put a new zip tie on it.
Victor Vianna
Victor Vianna 5 дней назад
I loved the car, but it need a panoramic sunroof to be perfect
rambokhooblall 5 дней назад
Thats the wannabe mayback. The k900 is still a beauty.
Emeka Iheanacho
Emeka Iheanacho 5 дней назад
The day I buy a Kia for $65,000 fucking shoot me
KnifeGuy375 5 дней назад
Nearly EVERYONE writes plural's WITH apostrophy here in the comment-section's! :D
KnifeGuy375 5 дней назад
These asian luxury sedans always look like blended together of Mercedes, Volvo, BMW etc...
Иван Олифер
Иван Олифер 5 дней назад
Cadillac XLR and CTS 1 grade, pls
Alexandru Maran
Alexandru Maran 5 дней назад
Very impressed with this car. Surprised it's a Kia
Macmax7077 5 дней назад
Love this thing! Reliability on Kias is great nowadays!
RYAN 5 дней назад
It’s still a Kia “aka” shit car
Shamar Games
Shamar Games 5 дней назад
Turns off car jingle plays:Thank you for driving the k900
lalos 6 дней назад
no one knows k900? dude, did you ever watched any NBA game? wtf nerd, be real. according to you, no one newer notices anything, drivers in america are bling, stupid and deaf.
Hamza Aslam
Hamza Aslam 6 дней назад
please review honda civic
shubs moonbeam
shubs moonbeam 6 дней назад
I hate this guy he keeps on yapping for nothing
Ben Klassen
Ben Klassen 6 дней назад
Another Korean knockoff. A reverse-engineered Audi. Not as much status as an Audi.
Clay Pickett
Clay Pickett 6 дней назад
Ive never wanted a kia or luxury car so ba din my life now
NPC with AI features
NPC with AI features 6 дней назад
you'll never pick up a blonde in this one, if she ever owned a nokia. I'll leave now
Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain 6 дней назад
Too much price for a car which is unknown to all.(sedan fact)
scheeenfilmiesgucke 6 дней назад
Lol. The clock knowledge bit was the first time he was actually funny! Nice one
Jesse B
Jesse B 6 дней назад
You complain too much
Matrix5600 6 дней назад
16:05 My 34k€ Golf can do that and its pretty useless to be honest! (17k€ if its standard)
Kooska Cat
Kooska Cat 6 дней назад
Mace Windu needles
Himanshu tyagi
Himanshu tyagi 6 дней назад
you are partial this time
Alex Y
Alex Y 6 дней назад
Unfortunately, I feel this car is priced a little too expensive for where the brand value is at currently. I buy in this target market and have been driving Benz/BMW for two car lifespans now. With what this car has to offer, I would've happily switched if it was about $12,000 less, and could provide this same quality for slightly less than a E class. If it were priced equal to a fully loaded C class, it'd likely take a big position in the market. Don't get me wrong: it's beautiful, luxurious, and has lots of tech... but for that price I (and I imagine many others) would pick a well outfitted E class every time.
Greg 6 дней назад
The turn signal camera is cool but why’d the temperature jump 11 degrees??
Matthew Badie
Matthew Badie 6 дней назад
why is Doug listening to 21 Savage
lukexists 6 дней назад
chauffeured by your mommy and daddy l0l
Kikuyumoja 6 дней назад
I'd buy this interior with all extras, but in a (Kia) van (if available). Like a European VW Touran, but with these extras.
Mr C U
Mr C U 6 дней назад
Move the front seats from the rear....NO!
BloodNGutsMurfy 6 дней назад
Perhaps you’d want to lock the rear controls so that you’re not accidentally switching radio stations and stuff while you’re resting your arm on the arm rest. Seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do.
Yassir Muhammad
Yassir Muhammad 6 дней назад
Korean Mercedese...
polustka 6 дней назад
What an awesome amazing looking car!
Rohmario Nugent
Rohmario Nugent 7 дней назад
Ill wait two years from nw when its worth $25000
Sothea Yi
Sothea Yi 7 дней назад
It has an exceptional value for the price comparing it to the other luxury cars such as Mercedes or even Lexus and gives it a 7 out of 10... That doesn't sound like exceptional, sounds more of a good value.
The Middle class dream
The Middle class dream 7 дней назад
Doug can be such a dick some times
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