The 2019 Cadillac CTS-V Is a Crazy Fast Luxury Sedan

Doug DeMuro
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The 2019 Cadillac CTS-V is a tremendously exciting, fast luxury sedan. Today I'm reviewing the 2019 CTS-V and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the new CTS-V. I'm also driving the new Cadillac CTS-V to review the driving experience.
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 80
jesus bass
jesus bass 31 minute ago
Mo Ebrahim
Mo Ebrahim Day ago
Doug‘s the type of guy to hide an owners Manual in the hidden compartment
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey 2 days ago
what lame scores. according to who? you? oh, like you matter.
Victor Schlecker
Victor Schlecker 2 days ago
You would be the only one on the race track with your cooled seats going
Victor Schlecker
Victor Schlecker 2 days ago
My dad has a Cadillac, the glove box broke and it’s expensive to replace
Spencer Sasse
Spencer Sasse 2 days ago
I'll never understand why Cadillac decided to put piano black on capacitive buttons. So many fingerprints....
SaltieTumblez Subscrūbe
All cars should have at least 1 household Outlet
weirdshibainu 6 days ago
Nice car. Terrible color combo
RT 87
RT 87 6 days ago
I love that hidden compartment where your phone charges allot of police don’t know about that compartment and it fits a 9mm perfectly
MrCoreylax 7 days ago
I wish they still made the 2door coupe 😖
Lepoldrio 8 days ago
02:00 the "then" sound really weird or is it just me?
Logos 11 days ago
Wowww just found my new dream car I guess lol
Slash racing productions
This car is the reason why gm is so much better than ford
Mujer segura
Mujer segura 12 days ago
Where can I get the radio system I dont want the Tesla
Marlo_A 12 days ago
hate how he rates the coolest cars and how they always have a low score
Mark StPierre
Mark StPierre 12 days ago
5:53 : Is "technologized" even a word? LOL
apex 408
apex 408 17 days ago
Just wait few years will be half the price
Dea Swe
Dea Swe 18 days ago
8:00 my Audi A7 2013 has this option!
Daniel Burns
Daniel Burns 22 days ago
You should do a show about the Cadillac sts v6 and sts v. I own a sts v6 I'd to see a about one of these models. Love your show .
Artsiom Liash
Artsiom Liash 24 days ago
Doug is the type of guy to say if he can give you a Doug score🤨
Lancer Lancer
Lancer Lancer 24 days ago
Is this camaro 2ss 😂😂
MustangCarl 26 days ago
I was gona buy this exact one as last year for this engine and this color is awesome but I had zero use for a 4 door
Evan Guthrie
Evan Guthrie 28 days ago
Why would you buy and ugly BMW that looks like every other BMW when you could get this?
Crash Webb
Crash Webb 28 days ago
God DAMN that's one hell of a sedan. Pretty much the only sedan I would put on my list of badass cars
elbato10 29 days ago
Jay Leno
Anthony Ledesma
Anthony Ledesma Month ago
That Euroclip cutlass in the background though
Dmitry Torba
Dmitry Torba Month ago
$105k for a brown car? Also, the real rear view mirror is there because GM knows the camera is going to break
Duty Raab
Duty Raab Month ago
totally disgusted they stopped making this !!
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 8 days ago
Aul T O R Q
Aul T O R Q Month ago
Doug is the type of guy to use a household outlet to blend a smoothie in his CTS-V
Keiston Reece
Keiston Reece Month ago
Ion like these V’s... they look rather bland. The V2’s the hardest!
Zoran D
Zoran D Month ago
The front is stolen from GTR-R Nissan and Doug please don't compare this piece of shit with real CARS!!!! This car is milion years back from AMG Mercedes please ;)
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Honestly speaking American cars are a thing to consider if you do want to turn heads...i mean everyone is going for Benz BMZ AUDI Lexus..
Choke And Bite
Choke And Bite Month ago
I hate shiney black plastic. Dust and finger prints show up way to easy. Other then that I want a ctsV sooooo bad 😭😭
Daniel Rodriguez
I'm dying from laughter from the peon part. I knew that was coming lmao 😂.
Georgeeno _28
Georgeeno _28 Month ago
The most insane sedan is the Dodge Charger hellcat this is the second best
Hugo Month ago
jordan Month ago
cadillac needs to bring back nameplates would love to see a modern deville and Eldorado
KuicK TrailerS
KuicK TrailerS Month ago
please review suzuki MEHRAN 😂😂
Mahyar Bozorgi
Mahyar Bozorgi Month ago
the best doug Tshirt ever
Fallen World
Fallen World Month ago
The color is gorgeous. Such a great car.
Cool Guy 99
Cool Guy 99 Month ago
This is my all time favorite sedan and looking forward to owning one in the future.
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia Month ago
Review the v2
chrisutubeism Month ago
I like that body line that goes through the door handles and vent.
marqueso1600 Month ago
I'm digging the color!!! My 14 Silverado is a brown stone metallic and I also have 600+hp Yee!
T L Month ago
You could stash something else in that hidden compartment
max r
max r Month ago
That rear camera is gonna get mud, snow and ice on it so fast. Not functional
ArtilleryFire Month ago
frank valdez
frank valdez Month ago
one day! ONE DAY!!
The rear microphone is for active noise cancelation and is also used to tune exhaust notes that are electronically fed back into the cabin via the audio system.
ArtilleryFire Month ago
So Kinda like the i8?
Dexxer Mp
Dexxer Mp Month ago
Looks good but will probably stop working at 60k miles
matthew schneller
14:19 a vehicle what size?
Zlatomira Paeva
Zlatomira Paeva Month ago
the front lookslike a nissan gtr
Zlatomira Paeva
Zlatomira Paeva Month ago
@ArtilleryFire :/
ArtilleryFire Month ago
@Zlatomira Paeva not sure why you are saying no, but ok
Zlatomira Paeva
Zlatomira Paeva Month ago
@ArtilleryFire no
ArtilleryFire Month ago
@Zlatomira Paeva no
Zlatomira Paeva
Zlatomira Paeva Month ago
​@ArtilleryFire the top of the headlights
Al Taylor
Al Taylor Month ago
This is a true American muscle car in pure luxury it's a shame they stopped making them
Aishik Ashraf
Aishik Ashraf Month ago
Can't beat that GM *quality!*
Troy Truong
Troy Truong Month ago
Not interested. If u want sports, get a real sports cars. If u want a daily sedan, get a real daily sedan. Its a confused car. I used to like sports sedan. Now i see no points. Not ideal for daily use. Not ideal for racing. Its a sedan!
Adrian Vidales
Adrian Vidales Month ago
That ‘87 white cutlass in the back though
Shuby Duby Pro blackness
21 minutes of race car shit
josh moore
josh moore Month ago
Scores are way too low
Krabby patty
Krabby patty Month ago
how much
Tyler Eckart
Tyler Eckart Month ago
“There is a household plug incase you want to drive down the road and plug in your blender” 😭
David abott
David abott Month ago
I have to say with all honesty your reviews of car's are very helpful i wanted to thank you for your complete review very informative
Dsep1203 Month ago
I thought it was a CT6V
RJMUSIC Group Month ago
It comes with a stash spot! I'm sold 🤯🤯🤯🤯
FEROX Month ago
The plug is for laptops...
veenoable Month ago
Is it reliable?
Evan Okeefe
Evan Okeefe Month ago
I'd buy that car just to clean the infotainment system.
Stefan Djalminha
the best mirror solution for not hitting any pavement when parking was done by toyota over 20 years ago - the mirror on the pavement side tilts down a bit so you can easily see the curbs. no cameras, no complicated tech - you could never tellby the looks if you did not know toyota camrys of that time had that feature.
Mark Campos
Mark Campos Month ago
It's a shame they dont make them stick shift
Eliu Q
Eliu Q 2 months ago
I dont want to drive fast. I just want to blind others 💕
Yeezy Season
Yeezy Season 2 months ago
Ray donovan brought me here
Wyclife Joseph
Wyclife Joseph 2 months ago
Am sure Cadilac owners use that space to keep weed, coc and crack
Jeff Geiger
Jeff Geiger 2 months ago
My friend has this exact same car substance in 07 model looks like Cadillac and change shiting many years f*** them they need to get off their asses
Richard Hiller
Richard Hiller 2 months ago
Very sad that this is the only Cadillac worth buying over the last 27 yrs
godblesschild808 2 months ago
Or you can hide your joy there in a government shutdown so cops can't see u smoking haha
anthony palazzolo
anthony palazzolo 2 months ago
Did Doug say peon?
Brian Cullen
Brian Cullen 2 months ago
Such a waste of a forward facing camera. Great finger print catchers too.
Murdock MacIntyre
Murdock MacIntyre 2 months ago
How fast is it... It really really REALLY IS FAST!!!!
Brian Cullen
Brian Cullen 2 months ago
Your wrong about the globe box, it's a safety feature to jeep you concentrating on the road. Silly Billy.
Brian Cullen
Brian Cullen 2 months ago
It's not all about horsepower Yankee.
Ultra Instinct Goku
Ultra Instinct Goku 2 months ago
Hellcat charger has entered the chat.
stefano gristina
stefano gristina 2 months ago
Please shorten these videos I can not stand how there are 20 plus min
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