The 2019 Bethesda E3 Showcase - LIVE on June 9th @ 5:30pm PT

Bethesda Softworks
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Demons. Vault Dwellers. Khajiits. It doesn’t matter who you are, or which games of ours you love, we want you to be together with us on Sunday, June 9, for our 2019 E3 Showcase featuring DOOM Eternal and so much more!
ESRB RATING: RATING PENDING to MATURE. May Contain content inappropriate for children. Visit www.esrb.org for rating information.


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Jun 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Dr Joe Kerr
Dr Joe Kerr 10 days ago
*Someone on the stage farts Paid fanboys: YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
Martínez Rincón Jovanny
Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
Yuet Lee
Yuet Lee 6 months ago
Red Fox
Red Fox 6 months ago
Just woke up and felt the urge to come say fallout 76 is trash for some reason today.
Riaan Swart
Riaan Swart 6 months ago
Everything these days with Bethesda is just about money.. Elder Scrolls blades is pay to win, or grind your ass of to get somewhere.. Then it isn't even Well optimized and STILL NOT on pc. Fallout 76 subscription fee bs. I don't know.. Please just don't fuck up the new elder scrolls.. I beg you.. No micro transactions.. I think we would love a fallout game on Android, not that shelter thing, a real game which you pay for.. Pls..
JamesMitchell451 7 months ago
How embarrassing
Matheus Franco
Matheus Franco 7 months ago
what a garbage, miss u fallout nv
R3VO7UTION 7 months ago
fuck this trash company
mikeraphone95820 1
mikeraphone95820 1 7 months ago
I have a question about fallout 4 you know the mission you go on in the memory tranquility lane machine getting Kellogg’s brain to explore does the diamond city radio host say something in one of the memories about the mayor being a synth and goes on to say never mind I said that
Ultramarine Ice Queen
15:23 For all the people saying Bethesda didn't give a time for Wastelanders release. "This FALL" Which is Sept, Oct, Nov. "Year 2" begins on Nov 14th of 2019. Now release will be 2020 Q1. More broken promises.
Daniel Frank
Daniel Frank 8 months ago
All I want for Christmas is for the dislikes on this video to be more than the likes. I won't ask for anything more.
Barbara Meza
Barbara Meza 8 months ago
Hey Bethesda i can be louder than the girl you payed in the front row but i here is the deal: 5$ for every whistle 15$ for every "WOOOOOO" 20$ for every "THANK YOU!!!" 45$ for every scream loud enough to be heard in a 6 meters radius.
Barbara Meza
Barbara Meza 8 months ago
8:00 "But the team kept working on it and you kept playing it" That's another way of saying "Ha! you bunch of suckers" XD
Lawbringer 8 months ago
1:6 6:7 7
x666x34b 8 months ago
BGS, turn away from the Dark Side and return to your fanbase. We miss you. Oh, and F.O. '76 still sucks.
Buzz 8 months ago
I came here from the Kotaku article to see what the fuss was about, Ikumi Nakamura. Yeah, ok. I get it now. (She is introduced at 21:35 .) "It's spooky!"
Roy Earle
Roy Earle 8 months ago
Bethesda, could you please do a better job ballancing stuff in the future? it happened with nuclear winter, and it happened again with vault 94. a lot of tough guys with high health and damage output crammed into a few square meters does NOT constitute a challenge. it's just cheap.
Yosef Hassan
Yosef Hassan 8 months ago
Bethesda: My d**k is big Bethesda crowd: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
acepesky 9 months ago
18:11 worst moment, youre welcome
mister kickasso
mister kickasso 9 months ago
i remember i stayed up till 2am in the morning to watch this. there are few moments i regret more than that decision
Strelives 9 months ago
Twiggy 9 months ago
How do people stand for man that literally sold you lies?
Bloodylaser 9 months ago
That guy in the front was clearly paid off.
applecottage 9 months ago
Mom: Dinner's ready! Me: 1:02 :21
Brandon Vigil
Brandon Vigil 9 months ago
Bethesda needs to take a look at TES Renewal, Fallout Miami, ect. and take some pointers. Go back to their roots. That is all 99% of us want. No need to change anything, no need to get with the times or modern trends. Just give us more Bethesda goodness, you know, that thing that they did for years, and haven't done in years. I shouldn't be more excited about some mod for a 8 year old game more than I am about a brand new Bethesda title.
Linda Hawks
Linda Hawks 9 months ago
I hope they do more Dishonored! And FYI Orion SUCKS, it's been glitchy since it's pre-release!
Golden GamingYT
Golden GamingYT 9 months ago
Amaan Ahmed
Amaan Ahmed 10 months ago
Awful show but still better than EA.
Powerful Aura
Powerful Aura 10 months ago
WTF happened to Robert Duffy?
That Guy
That Guy 10 months ago
What are they clapping about? A fresh chance at being bent over a barrel?
Ian Yad
Ian Yad 10 months ago
Bethesda: *actually fixes and properly updates Fallout 76, and has a roadmap adding NPCs (for free), thus listening to the fans and showing it's more than a cash grab. People who have only probably played the game for 30 minutes at launch: "Lol, Bethesda doesnt know how to listen to the fans. They only want money."
crazyinsane500 10 months ago
Just because everyone has quit Fallout 76's bullshit, doesn't mean you get to go around lying about it being fixed. The fact that news keeps breaking out of the echo chamber of the last few players for that shitshow about how the game is STILL being broken and made worse to promote the microtransactions will always trump your attempt to lie.
Fir_33 10 months ago
Wait. Maybe fallout 76 is just a placeholder, sorta a think to keep us busy, while they reveal the REAL fallout game, or even better... elders scrolls 6
Reg Eric
Reg Eric 10 months ago
The guy from Wolfenstein is so nazifobic.
Jordan Evans 95
Jordan Evans 95 10 months ago
Waste of time don’t watch it
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 10 months ago
I use to respect you and appreciate you as a great developer of great games. It saddens me to say go f@@k yourself but you did it to yourself as you continue to shit on your fans. F@@k you very much
timo rüschke
timo rüschke 10 months ago
Gabriel Karuzo
Gabriel Karuzo 10 months ago
21:55 *thank me later*
Zenarchist 10 months ago
Ouch man. There is no worse feeling as a gamer than watching your favorite games developer crumble and die in front of your eyes. What the hell are they thinking?
Мудрый молерот
Fallout 76 is a very good game. Do not throw it
Yadiel Silva
Yadiel Silva 10 months ago
The passion is gone, plain and simple. You either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain. You attempted to pull a fast one on your customers as a way to release a lazy half-baked mess by taking advantage of the hype built up and still make money but it didn't work. So let me guess, you'll do the same with Elders Scroll 6 and Starfield won't you? Well, goodbye then. It's such a shame to see what you've turned into, really.
Julien Brown
Julien Brown 10 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-2kRRYgf54oM.html OI BETHESDA CUCKS WATCH THIS
Paul Krüger
Paul Krüger 10 months ago
the dagger
the dagger 10 months ago
i have a new hit game idea for "the Bethesda"...its called [poo: dream of me]
Kamden Grant
Kamden Grant 11 months ago
Is this Bethesda or ea?
Xappy 11 months ago
You want money that bad ? make skyrim multiplayer and add a beautiful price tag I'm sure there will be people willing to pay 20+ eur for that
Leo Krupp
Leo Krupp 11 months ago
realmothecatlover4310 11 months ago
Bethesda: EXISTS Roblox: im about to end this companys whole carrer Roblox: changes logo to square with hole inside Bethesda: im hating roblox for copying me!!!
Imix Sophia
Imix Sophia 11 months ago
this was so fake... who would be cheering like that stupid boring games? this is not like cyberpunk2077 so fake hype that it makes me puke, and the games... so boooooring
M_U_S_E 11 months ago
Wow, you guys are starting to ruin Id slowly, good thing New Blood exists and are responsible for games actually better than quake ever was.
The Guy Who Asked
The Guy Who Asked 11 months ago
"Demons. Vault Dwellers. Khajiits. It doesn’t matter who you are, or which games of ours you love" *none of them* you didn't even make doom
general conerad
general conerad 11 months ago
14:26 that plasma caster is all it takes for me to come back to this game 😂
EB Cloud
EB Cloud 11 months ago
fallout 76 never forget
Truth118 11 months ago
So has Todd Howard offered an apology on behalf of the company or anything? "Sorry guys, we have no clue what we're doing anymore, but please buy the DLC."
Ching Chong
Ching Chong 11 months ago
it's getting gayer
BeaStBoiy64 11 months ago
We don’t want streaming. We don’t want mobile games. We don’t want Bethesda online games. We want what you do best. Single player games that you can play offline.
максим шестаков
Bethesda!!! Хватить сосать хуи пожалуйста. На вас больно смотреть.
Video Stealing099
Video Stealing099 11 months ago
*Looks for the word "LIVE"* *Sees that theres no Live chat* Excuse me wtf
fruitypeebils 11 months ago
i seriously thought that crowbcat edited in audience applause after todd says the criticism was well deserved. thats hilarious
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson 11 months ago
Dump your garbage somewhere else
Brian Lloyd
Brian Lloyd 11 months ago
Are they audience paid or something? Thats ridiculous 😑
¿notThe onlyOne?
¿notThe onlyOne? 11 months ago
First they release a shit game with false advertising that also comes with game breaking bugs and loads of more otherworldly shit and now they’re catering to the lgbt to score good rep. how fucking low can this company get.
Daniel 11 months ago
Im just here to comment how lame Bethesda is. I watched this whole presentation from linked twitch account and havnt received the twitch drops to my ESO account yet. Support just responded with the drop rules. What a waste of time and terrible customer service.
Hovik Vanoyan
Hovik Vanoyan 11 months ago
Cringe-fest, as usual.
piflnokyd dykonlfip
piflnokyd dykonlfip 11 months ago
i was the 7000th dislike :)
Glass Bottles
Glass Bottles 11 months ago
Lol I wanna meet the yeah guy 😂
Jonas Jeronimo
Jonas Jeronimo 11 months ago
the name of the song is How High
Sébastien Daigle
Sébastien Daigle 11 months ago
There is something incredibly wrong with this crowd. They probably need to rethink their strategy because it ridiculous. Nobody was excited watching this. This means the crowd is bought.
TheGoldenMinecart ///KaiTDM
Gieneshio Subspace
Gieneshio Subspace 11 months ago
Eu ver este evento sem sonysta reclamando em português, assim é muito bom idioma ingrês 😅😘😊
Mateus Santiago De Melo
Hohh... Can't wait to Bethesda to announce Elders scrolls 6 Battle Royale! Exclusively on MOBILE! It'll be awesome! The game we all are wishing for! 😂🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂
Arn'viir Hunkrahmaar
Arn'viir Hunkrahmaar 11 months ago
Go back to the chess club!
Aaron 11 months ago
One has to wonder how many of the "likes" on this video were also paid for by Bethesda?
Aaron 11 months ago
Mobile games and Fortnite 76...paid audience...shit company. What happened to the Bethesda I used to know and love? Feelsbadman
Константин А.
fuck GAYthesda. fuck tes blades.
killmyindianbrother 11 months ago
Those cheering are probably time travellers from when Bethesda was great.
Someguy 11 months ago
Look at em. Right there front centre! paid fuckin shills!!!
Liam Toye
Liam Toye 11 months ago
21:43 you're welcome
Tesco Express
Tesco Express 11 months ago
Austin Reineccius
Austin Reineccius 11 months ago
I’ve realized the reason Bethesda keeps shoving Skyrim down our throats is because it really was the last good game Bethesda made.
bLUNtsAw 11 months ago
Ring of Fire? Come on man be more original, stick with the theme of your own game!! A ring of radiation a rads storm perhaps??? Oh wait was there no Johnny cash song for that? Who’s your creative consultant? They should be fired.
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