The 2019-20 NBA season to resume with 22 teams in Orlando | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Jalen Rose and Max Kellerman react to Adrian Wojnarowski's report that the NBA will invite 22 teams to Orlando, Florida, to resume the season.
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Published on


Jun 3, 2020




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Comments 80
rooseveltheath 3 days ago
So the NBA championship is going to be handpicked this year?..
mark spannar
mark spannar 10 days ago
They should just move the league to China.. NBA is garbage.
icyneo 21 day ago
oh good no more molly
d pog
d pog 24 days ago
This new chick is good at this. Only spoke for a few seconds but her intro was good. Pleasant voice too
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin 25 days ago
Dear Adam, this is stupid, use top 8 , three game series, 7game final , most fans just want to see the bucks vs lakers anyway
Bikes cars and everything in between
Television contracts,players contracts,owners profits but no fans. Who are they playing for,hmmm!
Anival Ortiz
Anival Ortiz 26 days ago
All this is a conspiracy so LeBron can win at least 1 in LA😂😂😂😂
adam burch
adam burch 27 days ago
The nba is a poison brand now, like the nfl.
Doc Rivers
Doc Rivers 28 days ago
We will win the championship.
jpin0002 jpin0002
jpin0002 jpin0002 28 days ago
Scrap this season. Whatever happens is going to have an asterisk next to it. Scrap it and maybe LeBron will retire. Please retire.
J Profit
J Profit 28 days ago
Sad to hear that 👑 may she watch over him from heaven
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 28 days ago
Why the players union would approve this is ridiculous .
Triston Wells
Triston Wells 28 days ago
That second wave of Roma comin, season will be scrapped. Callin it rn
Oscar Lozano
Oscar Lozano 29 days ago
If it end s in Oct, when does Next season begin? End of Oct, Nov ? December?
myname ismud
myname ismud 29 days ago
You better tell Lebron to call China for final approval
David Johnson Sr
David Johnson Sr 29 days ago
I'm intrigued.
Hicups Mod / Alan
Hicups Mod / Alan 29 days ago
Stephen A Smith’s mic is veryyyy good quality
Jose A
Jose A 29 days ago
I'm just glad the Phoenix Suns made it in!
Jake Sedano
Jake Sedano 29 days ago
HATE the idea😜
Donald Sexton
Donald Sexton Month ago
Just cancel the friggin season, this is getting beyond ridiculous at this stage.
P R Month ago
So the bottom 8 teams are assed out??
zeroismust Month ago
Man adam silver is excellent boss unlike the incompetant orangatun in the white house
Kenneth raiford
Kenneth raiford Month ago
I like the nba but I love football and if this was football I still would say just cancel the season stop worrying about the money its about people being safe all this we are going thru now and yall worry about basketball
Polo Blacks g
Polo Blacks g Month ago
So when will the next season start
Rico Wright
Rico Wright Month ago
They got this right but Washington should been out to
Al Zeus
Al Zeus Month ago
Cmon, let my Cavs get their 20th win
Natalie her
Natalie her Month ago
Lets go mavs
shwayne cox
shwayne cox Month ago
It doesnt make sense playing in an empty arena the excitement will be gone. They should have cancelled the season.
Ryan Kruse
Ryan Kruse Month ago
Let's hope this plan actually works. There's no guarantees it will and being able to crown a champion will take a lot. How many guys could test positive before Silver might officially cancel the season? There's a lot of time before this restart scheduled date and a lot can happen before then, especially since the protests could cause more outbreaks. I also would wonder: What would Silver tell people that test positive right before they go to Disney? Would be they not be allowed to end up going? I understand why he's still trying to crown a champion: Obviously because the season was almost over and especially money, but he also knows that the virus will impact next season as well and they'll have to play through the virus. Hopefully they can pull this plan off and in the event they don't would Silver still start next season in December and not on time in October?
V. Cuavers
V. Cuavers Month ago
Why Is Detroit invited ???
musicalmelodies Month ago
Stephen A like "yea the higher ups where watching and listening to my ideas" LOL...whatever makes him happy these days
Sr. Chiqi Tibum
Sr. Chiqi Tibum Month ago
Official verification that a bunch of teams don’t matter.
Dwight Yawg
Dwight Yawg Month ago
The dude that got 81 dropped on him’s face
Anyell Rodriguez
Y’all be socking socking
Kenneth Erickson
13 Western teams..9 Eastern teams...that is further proof that East is weak
Diego Delgado
Diego Delgado Month ago
So what happens when one of players gets coronavirus?
Frank L
Frank L Month ago
SEVEN more weeks of waiting.... that’s all I rly can focus on man. The boredom never ends
Josh D
Josh D Month ago
what if a player gets corona again?
IllustriousWOW Month ago
Duane Johnson
Duane Johnson Month ago
Sliver for mvp!!
Parvez Ramirez
Parvez Ramirez Month ago
How bout they make the other team as a crowd/audience. Ain't that cool? 😎
Li-An Month ago
Are staff and players going to get tested for the virus before and after games?
Chad Moody
Chad Moody Month ago
Steven A Smith is so painfully inarticulate and stupid.
bojo perez
bojo perez Month ago
playing regular season is idiotic. just jump straight to playoffs
La$ean (YNBM)
La$ean (YNBM) Month ago
Don't Let This Distract You From The Fact That GEICO Can Save You 15% Or More On Car Insurance 💯💯
Jim Yoss
Jim Yoss Month ago
The NBA should "put" 2 more teams together that's rosters are filled with NBA players whose teams did not make the "playoffs." Chose a couple former coaches for this run & let em' ball. It'd only add to the excitement & drama of this proposal.
Austin Cruz
Austin Cruz Month ago
Prayers up to Karl Anthony Towns and his family that’s tough it’s bigger than basketball
okir rama
okir rama Month ago
NBA is definitely a money hungry corporation....owned by comnunist China
Alberto Gonzalez
1999 all over again
Paul Chung
Paul Chung Month ago
Florida Corona is spking up more than 1000+ daily cases, Why florida? They should go somewhere like Idaho or Montana where there is no Corona?
Lil Davee Plug Gang Posse
Bucks taking it
Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge Month ago
Guys the protests will finally end when the NBA begins 😂
Sorry Dave
Sorry Dave Month ago
this won't happen, 2020 has other plans
Dan Stickle
Dan Stickle Month ago
Man's who does the thumbnail is having too much fun 😂
Def Jam
Def Jam Month ago
the African Community would like to trade Stephen A Smith.. Jason Whitlock.. Marcellus Wiley... Tiger Woods... for Nick Wright... Chris Long.. Aaron Rodgers.. Max Kettleman.... immediately💥
King Cobra
King Cobra Month ago
Question ... in the playoffs will the games be at there home court ? And in the finals will the game be at there hone quarts like as soon as playoffs start everything is back to normal ?
charlywilde Month ago
What’s wrong with Max??? Was he high???
Travis Rehder
Travis Rehder Month ago
Will playoffs best of 5 or best of 3?
Ray Utsiwegota
Ray Utsiwegota Month ago
God bless Jaylen Rose I'm not willing to become a basketball player but man I copy his moves
Wise Rise
Wise Rise Month ago
The suns are 6 games back Stephen A
Abdullahi Mo
Abdullahi Mo Month ago
Plot twist: 8 missing teams never return to the NBA
A Reitz
A Reitz Month ago
Stephen A. can talk for 20 minutes without saying a thing.
John Cisco
John Cisco Month ago
I First Take needs to fix their audio
TyLee GAMEZ Month ago
What does this do to the 2020-21 season?? Oct. would be the start of next season..
Bill Ebert
Bill Ebert Month ago
Why isn’t it 11 teams per conference?
Leon612 Month ago
All Lives Matter.
Guitars rcool
Guitars rcool Month ago
Yeah Buddy!!
KIngsneverdie Podcast
Max actually kept his statement short for once
Jarius Isaac
Jarius Isaac Month ago
I wish it could of been all 30 so Vince carter could of came back and play his last game for the hawks
Chris Wilks
Chris Wilks Month ago
what is the thumbnail😂😂😂😂😂
Detroit Flacko
Detroit Flacko Month ago
Imagine NBA during the week and the NFL on the weekend
randall jacob
randall jacob Month ago
Right, the play will be what it is. Not as good...close to being as good... Cancel the season. Return fresh. ready November 1 2020/2021 I want to see a level playing field for all. It's great the top players are ready to go. But the bottom 8 players on roster may be rusty and won't be playoff quality NBA basketball
Stupid...these guys will need months just to get the rust off.... That'll be the excuse, for the players, playing worse than they usually do during the season. Not that that's very good either. No matter what kind of ego driven goofy season they put together.... Are they going to go right into next season...??? No preseason??? So if you got 3 months b4 october... Is it really that important for LeBron to possibly win his last title by default??? Cause next year....it won't happen.
Schauncy North
Schauncy North Month ago
I rather them have and all out tournament for the chip main not for sure how it would work but be really exciting. Smh
DeKyle DeLowry
DeKyle DeLowry Month ago
The dislikes are from the Portland Trail Blazers Staff
ONUKA KALU Month ago
Ray Cash
Ray Cash Month ago
Who's waiting on skip to somehow find a way to hate on Lebron?
CharlieV - LAKERS4Life!!
Trevon Jackson
Trevon Jackson Month ago
That thumbnail picture is everybodys face when we heard the news
oscar Villavicenzio
I dont know if the Blazers are going to make it this year
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