The 2018 iPhone X PLUS!

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iPhone 11 - the 2018 iPhone X Plus - Leaks & Rumors Part 2!
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Nov 18, 2017

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Comments 914
ZONEofTECH Year ago
The goal for 2017 is *400,000 subscribers!* And we're REALLY close to hitting that goal! If you're new to the channel, please *Subscribe* , *Tap the Notification Bell* and *Share* this video with all your tech friends! You won't be disappointed 😁 I promise! Welcome to the ZONE! 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿
Green Earth
Green Earth 2 months ago
You're really gorgeous 😍
Najeem Naime
Najeem Naime Year ago
ZONEofTECH hey there I hope you read this please let me know. What app or website did you use to get that kind off wallpaper I’m in loved already
Hadi R
Hadi R Year ago
Mark Dangerfield
ZONEofTECH yes I like those iPhone 10 iPhone 10 plus I want the iPhone 10 plus so it's a better phone than the iPhone 8 and I love to give it will you know the price when they come out I am waiting for the iPhone 10 plus
Cardi B is the rap Queen
Where do you get the iPhone x plus from.
Siqi Yao
Siqi Yao 16 days ago
well not quite plus but max
Arceus Bros TV
Arceus Bros TV 26 days ago
When your friends lie about having an iphone
Ned Hill
Ned Hill Month ago
Boy it ain’t no ten Plus plz show me at a store
P A R I Z Month ago
Cant search iphone x plus becouse only is xs max now is shops not have x plus
Philip Gunter
Philip Gunter Month ago
There is not no iPhone 10 plus it will be the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR
Ned Hill
Ned Hill Month ago
Philip Gunter ikr ppl are slow lol
Sirlie08 2 months ago
I need my button 🤬
Robin D. Best
Robin D. Best 3 months ago
Actually iPhone XS Max
newmanandbeyond 4 months ago
Meanwhile, APPLE releases an IPhone XS, IPhone xs (MAX), and iphone xr
Megan Lxc
Megan Lxc 6 months ago
His lying U apple hater
imma get dis phone next year
ML Vibes
ML Vibes 7 months ago
How much is that?
Sheikh Riyad
Sheikh Riyad 8 months ago
nice nice
ItsKris 8 months ago
Iphone xs max*
Ivan Dmitry
Ivan Dmitry 8 months ago
Only stupid people spend 1000 on a phone, RETARDS .
Death_ Run
Death_ Run 9 months ago
İzlerken note9 reklamı çıktı
Dhanesh Kumar
Dhanesh Kumar 9 months ago
I have a two iPhone x
Manny crossbow
Manny crossbow 9 months ago
Is it true what I Hearing the the new iPhone10 plus display is dim. I personally like it bright. I hope not. I think this is important. I enjoy ur videos thank you
MICHEE LUBOYA 9 months ago
where exactly I can find iPhone x pus to buy
CCTV 21 day ago
MICHEE LUBOYA You Forgot a thousand things everyday make sure this is one of them
sellerking판매왕 9 months ago
휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요 휴대폰 살때 판매왕으로 오세요
Marva Mason
Marva Mason 9 months ago
The current iPhone X is just too small. I really regret upgrading to it from my iPhone 6 plus. I am waiting for the new iPhone X Plus
Ernest Maccos
Ernest Maccos 10 months ago
Mr c pops
Mr c pops 10 months ago
when is the release date
Duc La
Duc La 10 months ago
Can’t wait to get Iphone 10 plus, I just returned 2 IPhone X because not happy with the carrier the signal strength,so I go back to my previous carrier,so I’m going to get IPhone 10 plus soon.
Kerissa Regis
Kerissa Regis 10 months ago
And iphone 8 plus 2
Kerissa Regis
Kerissa Regis 10 months ago
How much for an iphone x plus and iphone x
haaziq izaan
haaziq izaan 10 months ago
Which is iPhone X plus
Nitika Settho
Nitika Settho 10 months ago
Ziafat Ali
Ziafat Ali 10 months ago
I'm a samsung user since years but thanks to Apple for iPhone plus ☺. Gonna switch to iPhone.
Aldrin Clarang
Aldrin Clarang 10 months ago
How much?
TheRebekinga 10 months ago
Great video btw are you romanian?You have that vibe 😄
Exodus fivesixfivesix
Exodus fivesixfivesix 10 months ago
I watch most youtube videos on my phone. I also have big hands and typing on smaller iPhones is a bit harder for me. If x plus came out I would definitely consider it. Now if it came with finger print scanner would definitely buy!!
GoldenLyricz 11 months ago
*Lost Bain cells* I was so lost in this video lol but love your channel tho, haha good work
Archange Temba
Archange Temba 11 months ago
Umer Daraz
Umer Daraz 11 months ago
Either it's Samsung or iPhone x I'm just big fan of flagship smartphones
Shafay Ahmed _
Shafay Ahmed _ 11 months ago
I have iphone x plus
Snikitha Siddavatam
Snikitha Siddavatam 11 months ago
could u just tell if they r really releasing 3 iphones???????
Nazia Masood
Nazia Masood 11 months ago
Plz tell me the price of this iphone.plz.
Humaira Xephyr
Humaira Xephyr 11 months ago
How about you do a giveaway brother I would really love a iPhone x.
Myanan Darkaung
Myanan Darkaung 11 months ago
when come out x plus
Eric Platz
Eric Platz 11 months ago
If the ip67 isn’t Brought up the IP 68 I’m not getting it if any waterproof like some of the other cell phones dip it under the water to take pictures
Augusto R.
Augusto R. 11 months ago
Very cute guy
Atir Butt
Atir Butt 11 months ago
These apple paid bloggers bla bla what is iphone x totaly trash
Rileigh Robins
I legit just got the x and now I hear about a plus one ughhhhhhhh😂
Honglei Cao
Honglei Cao Year ago
Lavish Lyfe
Lavish Lyfe Year ago
I hate how long we wait for the release
زين الفريداوي Zain
Colton Zetterberg
I am getting the iphone x or x plus
zucc Year ago
I just bought a iphone x its too good for me
Fortuner Indonesia
You're so sweet
Tara Phillips
Tara Phillips Year ago
How much will iPhone X plus be 2019 be next year when comes out this year
persona sin importanci
Pla subs in spanish
is it available now?
Memelord Andromeda
The reason why iPhones are expensive is bc they have aluminum parts.basically if anything has aluminum in it,it's gonna be worth a fortune.
Reyes Ccecilio
Iphone xplus please include a luminous apple logo at the back
Lenssa The Gymnast Who Is Smarter Than You
i think you should read those 11,959 messages!
Ja Mes
Ja Mes Year ago
IPhone Xs
Deduction Geek
I'm planning to buy Iphone X, but as soon as I heared that Apple will be releasing new iphones later this year, I'll wait for the release instead.
Jamaury Demelus
They copied samsung s9 plus
Jordan Johnson-North
i want the iphone x plus
Adam Seeve
Adam Seeve Year ago
Ma7md Osama
Ma7md Osama Year ago
I want that lock screen wallpaper on your iPhone X please 😭😭
Kyle J. Rhines
I hope this isn’t true. a bigger version of last years model is a shitty move on their part. They need to add a few extras in there for me to trade in my X on launch day. Just might keep this the second year. It’d be the first time I did that since the 6 plus.
It's ok to be gay
Apple is trying to fool us
M.Suhaemi 123
M.Suhaemi 123 Year ago
i want the iphone x
Ali Mohammed
Ali Mohammed Year ago
Bro i love your video
Naimur Tuhin
Naimur Tuhin Year ago
giggity Year ago
Why is everyone so crazy about iPhones? I never bought one and I never used one but I'm just curious, is it better then an Android? I have an Android and I never had any complaints but I'm looking for a better phone so I'm looking at iPhones but I like big iPhones, I don't like tiny phones. What's the biggest iPhone on the market?
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Year ago
I love this vid
Камило Бельтран
Alguien mas vio las tirillas amarillas?????
InsaneClown Posse
Is the IPhone X Plus worth buying? I never had a IPhone before.
Vishal Engti
Vishal Engti Year ago
any idea about the release date of Apple iPhone x plus
Vishal Engti
Vishal Engti Year ago
do reply brother
Vishal Engti
Vishal Engti Year ago
I'm eagerly waiting for it...
Jeff L
Jeff L Year ago
I got mine for half price suckers should have waited to may 2018
CeRdCe _TV
CeRdCe _TV Year ago
Наверняка я одна русская
David Gomez
David Gomez Year ago
I want a iPhone X plus
Sulaiman Raji
Sulaiman Raji Year ago
IPhone x plus all the way!!
Lu Jr
Lu Jr Year ago
All these models is pure madness. How about combining the features of your very best, and making one excellent phone, at an affordable price? You will literally annihilate the competition.
Sherif Shiko
Sherif Shiko Year ago
Perfect 👌🏼
md yeakub
md yeakub Year ago
give me a ipon
Drew Black
Drew Black Year ago
I want the iPhone X plus
Michael Stone
Michael Stone Year ago
ahahah guy looks like andrew garfield
JuJu P
JuJu P Year ago
I'll wait for the IPhone 10 plus because I like larger cell phones.
Puneet Aggarwal
Iphone 11- 6.4 inch Iphone XS- 5.8 inch iphone 9- 6.1 inch
Golden pen
Golden pen Year ago
..........................................anyone else have a problem with this guy's hand gestures? It takes away the focus from what he's trying to say and deliver.
S-Chassis Weekly
I want an iPhone X (smaller) (iPhone 5 size) won’t upgrade from my 8 until they make one.
Eli Conn
Eli Conn Year ago
iphone 10 plus all day everyday
alvin cin
alvin cin Year ago
Samsung s9 feature is miles awaaay
Dre Tucker
Dre Tucker Year ago
I will get the I phone plus ohhh yes , despite of the hairline on the top of the phone I would definitely take the large one then the small one .
Vanessa Dominguez
Gave Me All The Answers I Wanted 👏🏽 Thank You So Much Daniel!
Andrea Pyne
Andrea Pyne Year ago
iPhone 10 is small they need a plus
Fouzi 31
Fouzi 31 Year ago
Apple pleas we want an iphone x plus with sd card and a better battry life like the lg v 30 its the best battry life on all phones and fast fast charging including in the box no buy 80 dollar and charge 2 hours this is not fast charging do like samsung fast charging in 1 hours 30 minut the iphone x plus will be a beast
Melisa Jaime
Melisa Jaime Year ago
I am so happy my mom said she would get me a new phone on my birthday and this is coming out on my birthday and she is getting me this
Angel R
Angel R Year ago
Thanks for the review. :) But the paper analogy does not work haha. The diagonal length of half the paper is shorter than the full paper. Please don’t get school kids confused haha! :) I’m a math teacher. :D
nodi Miah
nodi Miah Year ago
when will iphone x plus come out in 2018?
Awwais Jeelani
Relessss date plzz
Flame TheGame
Flame TheGame Year ago
iPhone 10 plus is iPhone 11
Jeff Miracle
Jeff Miracle Year ago
U funny
mona archy
mona archy Year ago
So expensive .for rich people only .
Zorphio Junior
What is the release date for iPhone X Plus????
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