the 1975 - somebody else // lyrics

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Apr 22, 2020




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Martin aragon
Martin aragon 5 hours ago
Tah potente 😎
Marietauwu Ortizxd
Marietauwu Ortizxd 9 hours ago
{Love Potion}
Damn this song hurts-
D Yo
D Yo Day ago
Best song
Rosa Vanhauwaert
Amo está canción
Paula Silva
Paula Silva Day ago
Favorite song ever!!
Taaniiaa Hernandez
This song it so preety
Dëmoniç Arts
Dëmoniç Arts 2 days ago
It hurts that I had to watch you want her over me a whole year of my life and you wanted her.
Amy Lee
Amy Lee 2 days ago
I don't want ur body but i hate to think about u with somebody else❤
Daniela Elana
Daniela Elana 2 days ago
I love this song so much I practically broke the play button. My favorite part below ⬇️ Everybody who says I should move on and give love another try: Get someone you love? Get someone you need? Me: Fuck that, get money I can't give you my soul 'cause we're never alone.
Street Sounds
Street Sounds 2 days ago
Hi everyone! I hope someone sees this :> like my comment and subscribe to my channel and i will do the same to yours. I also make lyric videos let’s help each other out! 🥺
John Paul Oli
John Paul Oli 3 days ago
Teko 3 days ago
Just found this song and I can’t stop listening
chimken nugget
chimken nugget 3 days ago
i just remembered this song existed and omg
Roman Godfrey
Roman Godfrey 3 days ago
This song will never be the same for me
DAI 3 days ago
The 1975 give me euphoria vibes and its the best thing ever
Your WallFlower
Your WallFlower 3 days ago
Im just shocked that I found this... It described my feelings so perfectly for a certain someone. The story fits so well i didn't even realize i was crying till the song was over Its not like i still love him, i just feel cheated that he got over so well and found someone in a short time while here i am trying to find the place i once had
Salvador Cardona
Salvador Cardona 4 days ago
Está la escuche por ti alis 🥺
Salvador Cardona
Salvador Cardona 4 days ago
@Aliss Rafael jsjsjsjs también te adoro 💕💕
Aliss Rafael
Aliss Rafael 4 days ago
Ay ! Te adoro jaja 💞
Ownxz Playz
Ownxz Playz 4 days ago
i miss my mom :((
You Are My Sunshine -
I still remember our memories with a smile, But you're intertwining your soul with somebody else
thewaywardpoet 5 days ago
This is a glorious song.
slaughtened 5 days ago
I. Don't like this song, even though it's a good song. My ex showed it to me. And I loved it. Then she just. Left me. Out of nowhere. And got into another relationship within 10 days.
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 5 days ago
it’s so hard to like this song when the band is problematic
Brayan Herrera
Brayan Herrera 6 days ago
I can't stop listening to this song 😔😞❤️
dead bunnie • 9 years ago
Nobody: My earphone: ⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️
Chris Wright
Chris Wright 7 days ago
god damn, this is one hell of a smooth song!🤩 😻 🙌 👨‍✈️
rlq ayn
rlq ayn 7 days ago
i listened to this when im jealous, like right now, lmao. love to hurt myself even more.
Joey Gonzales
Joey Gonzales 8 days ago
Thank goodness no simp September is over 🥺🥺🥺
watsup people
watsup people 8 days ago
I thought this was suppose to be an old song
Raven Clark
Raven Clark 8 days ago
Came here because i heard this was a great song, it definitly is not
Erick emmanuel Cruz hernandez 4D
Hoy me dejo mi novia :(
Edu 9 days ago
Como se llama este tipo de genero?
Eddie W
Eddie W 9 days ago
Hola me llamo eddie
Sofia Miranda
Sofia Miranda 9 days ago
estoy aquí porque leí un fic que se basaba en esta canción y me dio curiosidad, se que a nadie le interesa pero me veía en la necesidad de comentarlo
Sofia Miranda
Sofia Miranda 8 days ago
@Eddie W jahbjagf yo a ti
Eddie W
Eddie W 9 days ago
Jajajaja te amo
uni_el _
uni_el _ 9 days ago
I have a boyfriend but i am so scared of the day I will come back to this song and start crying bcs i will actually relate to the lyrics
金旻材 9 days ago
배경이 한국 아파트네요 ㅎㅎ
Hectic Official
Hectic Official 9 days ago
It's weird because you're already used to the pain.. But You still having tears 😀
B B 9 days ago
Found this song at the perfect time in my life. We decided to be friends with benefits after 2 years of dating. He was already starting to see someone else. One night I saw them leaving the bar together. I packed my stuff and moved to the west. Still miss him after 3 years.
jc blue
jc blue 8 days ago
Why do i have to see this when im currently in the very same situation :)
Eddie W
Eddie W 8 days ago
At least you didn’t move to Mexico. It’s ran by the cartels you know. No bueno
Wrinklies 9 days ago
Can’t be from 1975 as the lyrics mention looking through your phone well if it’s 1975 the lyrics would be looking through the phone book 😂
Yu Wai Han
Yu Wai Han 9 days ago
Aw. Baby Rourke Everything will be alright. Stay strong💪
Kaps Tuts
Kaps Tuts 9 days ago
smooth kido
smooth kido 10 days ago
She said she just needed space...
SOPHIA DE LEON 10 days ago
Ida Beck
Ida Beck 10 days ago
AshfordAH1Z 10 days ago
Play song at .75 playback speed
Naoki Yamashita
Naoki Yamashita 10 days ago
Paul EJ Parao
Paul EJ Parao 11 days ago
okay rna move ra nya puhon
kaikuhs 11 days ago
bitches be like “i’m fine” but then Somebody Else The 1975 3:46 ━━━━━━❍── 5:47 ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺ volume:▁▂▃▄▅▆▇100%
Maria Porto
Maria Porto 11 days ago
He was a jerk to me for 3 yeas and when I finally got the guts to leave him he shows up one week later with somebody else and says “I would never do to her what I’ve done to you”
LT_ PAISA 11 days ago
A year and 6 months of being together... now we’re strangers . I fucking miss you rebecca . I can’t live life without you baby . I miss getting otp every night , I miss us doing alot of things. Now we’re going out separate ways . I will never forget you rebecca. I love you princess
Stephanie Johanna Chon Pineda
Who tf is so hurt that this video has 16M views in 6 months
Олег Мерченко
СУПЕР !!!!!!!!!
Elaica takoyaki
Elaica takoyaki 11 days ago
Listening to this song at 5:00 am in the morning.
Elaica takoyaki
Elaica takoyaki 11 days ago
This song is literally good when u use earphones.
Santiago Andrade Alvarado
Ruby Skortez
Ruby Skortez 12 days ago
I love this song! Every time I hear it I just want to put on my rollerblades to rollerblade, dance, move and groove to this song! I heard this song shortly after getting over my long period of grieving over finding out the one I loved and wanted to be with truly loved somebody else the whole time we were dating. So I buried myself with work and focused on my money until I got over it. Lol. I love this song, it brings healing on every level (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and I can't enough of this song! Keep up the great work guys! I can't wait till my next day off so I can rollerblade, dance and grove to this song on the tennis court!😊💓💓💓👏👏👏👏👏
Kittens 12 days ago
We love you Rourke
Vanilla Girl
Vanilla Girl 12 days ago
Rourke, esta canción me lastima. No me imagino lo que debes estar sintiendo 💔
Alecs 777
Alecs 777 12 days ago
Why? Why girls?
Ayan Basu
Ayan Basu 12 days ago
still love this song
Muhd Hafiz
Muhd Hafiz 13 days ago
When a person you love the most leave you and go with somebody else...
Mali Mugan
Mali Mugan 13 days ago
Listening to this after “Little Dark Age” is... something else
Eddie W
Eddie W 13 days ago
Uhhhhhhhhh okay
Daniel E. Tobón Rodríguez
Para esos amores que cuestan dejarse ir.
Cesar Neymar
Cesar Neymar 13 days ago
Dedicated the best years of my life, turned around my whole world for that person and now:’) complete strangers 😞
a l y s s a
a l y s s a 14 days ago
Really sucks when you have feelings for your best friend who you also used to be attached to each other romantically, but now they have someone new and you now get to edit pics of them together for your friend
Avrie Lilly
Avrie Lilly 14 days ago
He said is ready for a relationship and dt he wants to stay the way we were and didnt want to define our relationship...but within a month he started dating sm1 new.
Minnesota Fats
Minnesota Fats 14 days ago
Wait for your Autumn
MAYA HALL 14 days ago
When the person you used to be with goes with somebody else... but they won’t let you move on..
MAYA HALL 14 days ago
I honestly don’t understand how people cheat.. if you catch feelings for someone else just break up with the person your with now. I’d rather have my heart broken then to find out it was behind my back
Priora Ether
Priora Ether 14 days ago
This song was my absolute rescue back in winter 2016-17... The cold weather just felt so perfect with the way this music made me feel. Now, it doesn't feel that cold or painful, but I'll always remember this song.
Deyanira 15 days ago
And if I was his "somebody else" would it hurt less?
Ruby Vanessa Marrufo Ojeda
es como si te llevara a otro mundo ME ENCANTA
david Esparza Hernández
I just was so high while I was listening to this beauty song 🤩🥰🔥🥴
Yeasin Arian
Yeasin Arian 15 days ago
*when no one understood, 1975 was always there*
MostafaMo 16 days ago
This song breaks my heart even more
KRAZIEST 16 days ago
Cerys Jones
Cerys Jones 16 days ago
The more you relate to this song, the more heartbreaking it is to listen to it.
Roberuto 17 days ago
but its my fault...
gdcarlson1 17 days ago
this song could be on repeat for hours and i wouldn't mind
Lupita Valles
Lupita Valles 17 days ago
esa rolita para hacer el delicioso asi bien puerko y con muchos sentimientos encontrados !!!
zroh_in 17 days ago
Playback speed 1.25x
Khatrizce Villanueva
leaving a comment to look back after years HI OF U SEE THIS PLS LIKE HEHE
Jada Drier
Jada Drier 18 days ago
first time listening: i can’t tell if it’s gonna be like a pop-ish song or not oh shit this bops can be a song i can cry to i love it
Andrej Ilievski
Andrej Ilievski 18 days ago
She still is the one I think about at night, why must she be so great yet such a monster to leave me like that
Gregorio Sevilla
Gregorio Sevilla 18 days ago
said he wasn’t ready for a girlfriend,got together wth my best friend the next day :)
Eddie W
Eddie W 13 days ago
Lol what a simp
Random Vlogs
Random Vlogs 18 days ago
Some people said don't cry we don't need other people but they are wrong because we know deep down inside we are created to feel lonely and we need to get to feel the love again
bigbassman619 18 days ago
Looks like I’ll be alone again for the rest of my life
CharlieBow 19 days ago
Given? Anyone?-
MostafaMo 19 days ago
I will never get over her
Soule 19 days ago
sounds like a song you'd hear in rocket league
Belen E.G Urra
Belen E.G Urra 20 days ago
Dancing this alone in the middle of nowhere...
Susana Cho
Susana Cho 20 days ago
Nobody to get over it... but still moving towards finding the best of yourself!
᯽ Chagoya
᯽ Chagoya 20 days ago
this hits different when the somebody else is your best friend and you dont want to hurt anyone so you let everyone else be happy besides yourself:)
MrSanfrinsisco 20 days ago
I haven't cried over her in over 3 weeks now. Fuck, why do I do this to myself.
y a s m i n
y a s m i n 21 day ago
said he wasn’t ready for a girlfriend,got together wth my best friend the next day :)
y a s m i n
y a s m i n 19 days ago
@Caya._. thank you
Caya._. 19 days ago
awh I'm glad you're starting to move on :))
y a s m i n
y a s m i n 19 days ago
@Caya._. haha yeah ! i recently started talking to a different guy frm my school online and he’s not half as bad :) still at night i cry about him but i would have to move on sooner or later !!
Caya._. 19 days ago
Omg are u ok
Marlene Pintos
Marlene Pintos 21 day ago
l love yoi
Monbebe 22 days ago
This song makes me extremely sad lmaooo 😭
sierra leaf
sierra leaf 22 days ago
i usually cry bc of this song bc my mom left me with my grandma bc she chose drugs over me she had 7 kids including me and me and her sang this everyday together but knowing i wont be able to do it again makes me sad.. i miss her so much but she probably doesnt care about me she drank alot too i hate life right now i cant get over it even tho its been a year i still remeber her face,smile everything i hate myself
Adam Heron
Adam Heron 22 days ago
This track is absolutely beautiful
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 22 days ago
No hablo ingles
Doomsday Supernova
Doomsday Supernova 22 days ago
One day he didn't reply to my message and the morning I woke up, he said he doesn't have feelings for me anymore and I deserved better. The next day I looked up to his status he's with somebody else. :c Now this music plays in my mind for a couple of times now.
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