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The 1975
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"Robbers" from The 1975's self-titled debut album. Available to buy now: smarturl.it/The1975deluxealbum


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Sep 4, 2013




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Alyssa Morganthaler
Alyssa Morganthaler 14 hours ago
You wanna go rob a bank or somethin’? I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️
Zenaku Setsuko
I came here because of blaster's short ver. HAHAHAHAHA
hoi polloi
hoi polloi 3 days ago
something about their music makes me feel less alone
Ashley Yvonne Aranas
lesyeuxdlv 6 days ago
lesyeuxdlv 6 days ago
mochi ferret
mochi ferret 7 days ago
my mom has really good taste in music
Welcome to JiemTV
Tiktok brought me here
Miya Hoshino
Miya Hoshino 8 days ago
Hello, you probably won't see this and all but I miss you. I'm here listening to this song that we practiced for before, for your crush's birthday. I actually didn't want to help you and all but you were so adorable and all I just had to. Right now, I just miss the jamming and the duets we had together. Everything in the band, our friendship, I miss it all. I hope you're doing all right in that other side of the world. I'm doing alright. Difficult and all but I'm still happy, and we're still together, haha proved you wrong. Either way, I do hope the day our paths cross happen to come again. Thank you for the friendship. Have a great life.
byang byang
byang byang 9 days ago
I really love this song. This reminds me of my first love. :(
Team Belleza
Team Belleza 9 days ago
You look so cool
Team Belleza
Team Belleza 9 days ago
the one who shared this song to me , He already left me :)
faeiyt bearbo
faeiyt bearbo 11 days ago
7 years ago?! am i that old huhu
Aimee Marcos
Aimee Marcos 13 days ago
One person Introduce me this kind of Song and I love it
김준석 14 days ago
로제 rose roses
aj lagoras
aj lagoras 14 days ago
I love you palagi
azula 15 days ago
love driving with this on
Flendz 112
Flendz 112 15 days ago
Love your dirty face.
Tracy Cascayan
Tracy Cascayan 15 days ago
Avocàedos 16 days ago
Always in the mood for this kind of vibeee 🥺💞
Chaeyoung's OG fan
Chaeyoung's OG fan 16 days ago
Khatrizce Villanueva
leaving a comment to look back after years HI OF U SEE THIS PLS LIKE HEHE
PjStorm27 16 days ago
This song is timeless. Also has the best intro to any song I've every heard. It gives me the chills every time.
Veronica Vicente
Veronica Vicente 17 days ago
Wanna listen to this near the ocean at 3am under the moon and the stars with the sound of the wave not with anyone but myself😖
Hyacinth Reine Sanchez
you are enough, you are loved.
Ronak Saxena
Ronak Saxena 17 days ago
Why am I crying ? Who is cutting onions ? 😭
Muramasa jr.
Muramasa jr. 18 days ago
So I now know the reason why this is suddenly blowing up in the Philippines. The K pop fans are always invading my shiiiiiit
SydneyLoves Makeup
SydneyLoves Makeup 18 days ago
Devin hayes said that this song is one of his all time favorite songs and blake rose's lost and on the outside's how did you know and Devin is in the band on the outside! #The1975 #Robbers
Christian 19 days ago
Christian 19 days ago
Christian 19 days ago
Christian 19 days ago
Windy Fuentes
Windy Fuentes 19 days ago
Nostalgic 🥺
makayla newhall
makayla newhall 19 days ago
go to cry song
Mary Lance Doroja
Mary Lance Doroja 19 days ago
Leaving a comment to look back after 10 years
Patricia Pacia
Patricia Pacia 20 days ago
I wonder if my soulmate is here, listening to this song hehe
Septic Gaming
Septic Gaming 14 days ago
Jared Leyaley
Jared Leyaley 14 days ago
I'am here
Septic Gaming
Septic Gaming 15 days ago
Septic Gaming
Septic Gaming 16 days ago
@Patricia Pacia same
Patricia Pacia
Patricia Pacia 16 days ago
@Septic Gaming I'm just wondering hahaha
memeng love
memeng love 20 days ago
i cant sleep because someone laugh in our room and my sister is already asleep
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez 21 day ago
Rhlgull 22 days ago
My best friend told me about this song. It’s a good song. I’m happy.
Julianne Deitrich
Julianne Deitrich 22 days ago
Me laying in bed upset about failing an exam.. Listening to this song because it's time to let go of failure and keep moving forward
Yaah Goon
Yaah Goon 22 days ago
Super love the intro
Piragua Guy
Piragua Guy 23 days ago
me in public listening to roadkill: THE MAN IN THE GIFT SHOP CALLED ME A mean word
Couper Hess
Couper Hess 24 days ago
Petition to get this on radio mirror park
imean idk
imean idk 24 days ago
im drunk with ma friends rn lol
Andrea Bella
Andrea Bella 25 days ago
idk what's wrong with people who dislike this
JmJm 26 days ago
I wanna cry but there are people watching me and if i cried they'll judge me.
Myrtw Flou
Myrtw Flou 23 days ago
people wil judge anyways so you might as well do what you fckin want dear
Josiah Spangler
Josiah Spangler 26 days ago
This song reminds me of vibes at the beach when the sun is almost gone under the water and all the city lights are bright and your driving with this at mac volume or a moment Remember or late night
Aaryav_Tech&More 27 days ago
Awesome song
renzes 27 days ago
you look so cool :(
imma girl
imma girl 28 days ago
Ashmeng Gerodoza
Ashmeng Gerodoza 28 days ago
someone brought me here yayyyyy #R #🐿 #🌹
Dawg Spit
Dawg Spit 29 days ago
where did the music video go???????
Link Blocked
Link Blocked Month ago
This is a ✨ MASTERPIECE ✨
soyuz nirushimy
soyuz nirushimy Month ago
This comment will be seen 10 years from now on. hi thereeeee 😁
Erlinda Merciales
S I R I Ë L K Month ago
I regret making this song, my ex and mines.
kowareta otoko
kowareta otoko Month ago
i suggest this song to her... I miss her
israzan omi
israzan omi Month ago
i can't believe that i've been obsessed with this song for 2 years, even forever!
Howls Zoldyck
Howls Zoldyck Month ago
I’m currently here sitting at the sofa My parents are fighting i think this is gonna end up in a divorce.I dont wanna hear what they’re yelling so i tap RUvid then tap whatever song it is
Fiona Nicole Llave
Ah, it has been 7 years and the magic is still here.
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda Month ago
Camren só lembro delas
Nefertari Pierre-Louis
Best Indie throwback playlist on Spotify. You're welcome 🎸🤟💖 open.spotify.com/playlist/1toxa7l0YpxnlBPfEixB6m?si=59U4LiAWTgmBx8DdPyKsHg
Jo Mi
Jo Mi Month ago
Ana Loreine Enriquez
kkrizza mey
kkrizza mey Month ago
Fave song eveer😭✊
mix Month ago
MA IX Month ago
I've been obsessed with this song for 4 years already oml
xyvrl imperial
xyvrl imperial Month ago
Chloe Ashley Ç
Chloe Ashley Ç Month ago
If you don’t like these type of music, you’re not human causeee !!
Juan Flores
Juan Flores Month ago
Duc Anh Nguyen
Duc Anh Nguyen Month ago
the begin beat feellin like everything is dusky at first and an electric guitar just enlighten everything so slay
Elvira Hernández
Lara Styles
Lara Styles Month ago
this song make me wanna close my eyes and just dance, alone, like im always
J.A.V Month ago
ఆ ఆi love u girl.
Bianca Pesigan
Bianca Pesigan Month ago
Now everybody's dead And they're driving past my old school And he's got his gun, and he's got his suit on She says, babe, you look so cool You look so cool, you look so cool You look so cool, you look so cool You look so cool
wijii Pamulagan
wijii Pamulagan Month ago
If you are here your good music taste in 2020 .
hey andromeda
hey andromeda Month ago
I wonder if my crush is here, listening to this. Hi, dier!
Lemylyn Panao
Lemylyn Panao Month ago
this song reminds me of the person I like.. Gabrielle.
Jomar De Guzman
Jomar De Guzman Month ago
I had a crush on someone from my senior high, but I never told him I liked him. I just kind of watch him from a distance. I really had a crush on him for like 3 months without even having an actual interaction with him. I'm a college student now, she has a girlfriend and I just found out that we were at the same university. I don't have crush on him now, but I still get shy whenever I walk past him at the uni.
ErectusH Month ago
i had a crush to one person but my crush in that person lasted for 6 years idk my feelings is a shit
Lara Aguilar
Lara Aguilar Month ago
Lucky Mark Bandal
Hi The 1975 comment section! You may not care about this comment or what, but Im dying. As Im typing this message and listening to this song on repeate, Im slowly dying inside (The Office reference). I just can't take this anymore the level of stress and exhaustion Im getting into right now. I thought I can because "Im already a grown up". But reality slap the shit out of me. The only thing that added in my life is my age. Im not moving forward, Im not maturing, Im not progressing. Actually Im in my worst year of my life. This is becoming a living hell for me. Im constantly being beating up by the idea that I have a ton of workload and catching up to do. I don't really wanna die, I just want to be at peace again. No work, no responsibilities, just me watching PBS videos and NBA highlights and analysis. That's my definition of "peace". But no, I can't do stuff like that anymore. Im scared and Im not ready enough to "grow up", sorry but I just can't. I tried, trust me I really do. But the fact that Im feeling all of this stuff right now is the proof that Im still not ready. Did I tried asking for help? I am so sensitive that whenever I tried asking someone for help and got ignored I never ask again. Even just subtle signs that Im asking for help. Because for me opening up and asking for help is like your rubbing and forcing someone to listen to my lame-ass life and say something "nice" about it. That's why Im so hesitant in terms of asking for help. Sorry, but I just can't dammit I just can't Im so sorry. Somebody help me.
From My Writes
From My Writes Month ago
Do you friends that can help you ?
a a
a a Month ago
i hope i reach you by this. stay safe, I'd be contented with that for now. let this song remind you of what we had back in june, 1703 mf'ing bat
Kim DJ
Kim DJ Month ago
stay stay stay stay stay
Rohan Lesnar
Rohan Lesnar Month ago
I m 25 now when I ll be older my children would think that I m a loser then I offer them this song.............thank you THE 1975
Caleb Groncki
Caleb Groncki Month ago
I love the 1975! You guys rock, you have such a unique sound. Your guys music has gotten me through some rough times aswell, thank you guys! Best wishes to y’all. Much love!
J C Month ago
Whose here because of Rosé?
Aries Paul Tuason
I'm here before 20M
andy wandy
andy wandy Month ago
i love seeing that people still listen to this song :)
niklaus ynion
niklaus ynion Month ago
Love this song
LenaIsplaying Month ago
So glad I got this tittle tattoed on me for 7 years now, still my fav song, video and tattoo.
Jenielyn Sumugat
"but if you'd just take of your mask to find out everything's gone wrong" the way this fits money heist
Sumaiya Sadiyah Siddika
you look so cold
Reign_ JL's
Reign_ JL's Month ago
idc what u say but Chaeyoung brought me here. Don't ask why and shut up.
The Professor
The Professor Month ago
Who TF is that
Janika Kylkera Marie Chua
Its 2020 and I'm still here
celeste ღ
celeste ღ Month ago
now the comment section is full of blinks saying the same shit. thanks for ruining it
Nao Yoshikawa
Nao Yoshikawa Month ago
Finally found this cuz of tiktok 😳
divas divvy
divas divvy Month ago
ok but WE'RE not here because of rosé. we've been here since long
BLANKK BLANKK 18 days ago
@imneell I think u misunderstood something here, I called them underrated cause they deserve more popularity because of their talent, and someone who's famous among the public like BlackPink mentioning them could help them to get the popularity they deserve. Rosé alone has 32m followers,while each member of BlackPink ranges from 30m-42m While The 1975 has 2.8m. So if Rosé mention The 1975 those who do not know the band among the 32m followers of her will now get an idea about this band and may start checking their music and will become a fan of theirs. I hope u understand what I've been saying from the start
imneell 18 days ago
@BLANKK BLANKK so many people in my town don’t know blackpink as well I don’t count them underrated it’s obvious you don’t follow them to say this cause you don’t know their achievements and how they raised their popularity
BLANKK BLANKK 19 days ago
@imneell uhmmm try asking 100 people in ur town and those who know them can be counted with ur hands, being mentioned by someone who has huge following will give them more exposure STOP BEING A GATEKEEPER.
imneell 19 days ago
@BLANKK BLANKK they are famous for their songs : chocolate, somebody else and more they are not infamous
imneell 19 days ago
@BLANKK BLANKK sorry but the 1975 aren’t underrated what ur saying???
ItsMe Bitch
ItsMe Bitch Month ago
ErectusH Month ago
hahahahahhahaha serious? hahahahahha
Naomi SH
Naomi SH Month ago
Me enamoré de alguien en cuanto me envió esta canción
salome lepiten.
salome lepiten. Month ago
salome lepiten.
salome lepiten. Month ago
Mag 3 years na akong pabalik-balik dito sarap mabohai
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