The 1975 - If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)

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The 1975 - If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)
The new album from The 1975 ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ is Out Now - The1975.lnk.to/NOACFID
Directed by Adam Powell
If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know). © 2020 Dirty Hit, under exclusive licence to Polydor Records and Interscope Records


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Apr 23, 2020




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Comments 100
ingo riedlinger
ingo riedlinger 13 hours ago
that one is a ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dream
D C Day ago
See ya online, all the time. MSN ‘pretend to be offline’ stalking back in the day
Lays Vieira
Lays Vieira Day ago
This song make sadness take a walk
Matthew Armitage
Matthew Armitage 2 days ago
Greatest band of modern times xxx
Wingbar 2 days ago
This song has happy summer vibes written all over it
Hua Piao
Hua Piao 3 days ago
åwl the twœym
Gabrielle Margaux
It's 2021 and I'm back I'm still shy tho
Declan Stark
Declan Stark 3 days ago
Somthing about the 1975 that makes me feel good and I don’t know what it is
Yasxxie 3 days ago
When I heard this song, I started to fall inlove with the 1975 🍁
Claire Marie
Claire Marie 4 days ago
i love u
Nathaniel Talisic
Iyanka Zam
Iyanka Zam 4 days ago
I'm not shy I just hate people
Ben der Biber
Ben der Biber 4 days ago
Im so sure I heard this song at H&m
angelyn chrst
angelyn chrst 4 days ago
2021 anyone ?
Leah Cotton
Leah Cotton 5 days ago
Time for the “yazz flute” ? 🔥
JSwingy 5 days ago
Need someone to look at me like Matty looks at that mic
ola1505 5 days ago
cheapest music video ever :D but still totally works!
Whomping Willow
Whomping Willow 5 days ago
Gold ♡
Sushi Sushi
Sushi Sushi 5 days ago
Ben James
Ben James 6 days ago
Good tune but the bass player looks like some freakish giant. I’d sack him and find a shorter guy if it was my band
chris burns
chris burns 6 days ago
He has a amazing singing voice and songs top fan
I Just Reddit Channel
Love this song. I can hear influences of the new wave movement, and a little U2 in there.
Roberta Bezerra
Roberta Bezerra 6 days ago
I see her online all the time I'm trying not to stare down there While she talks about her tough time Girl of your dreams, you know what I mean There's something 'bout her stare that makes you nervous And you say things that you don't mean Well, I found my hotel I called up the twins It's seven in the morning so they won't let me in I need to get back I've gotta see the girl on the screen "Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes I'm not playing with you, baby I think that you should give it a go" She said, "Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes I wanna see, and stop thinking If you're too shy, then let me Too shy, then let me know" I've been wearing nothing every time I call you And I'm starting to feel weird about it Sometimes it's better if you think about it This time, I think I'm gonna drink through it But I see her online And don't think that I should be calling all the time I just wanted a happy ending And I'm pretending I don't care about her stare While she's giving me a tough time Well, I found a motel It looked like the bins I think there'd been a murder so we couldn't get in I need to get back I've gotta see the girl on the screen Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes I'm not playing with you, baby I think that you should give it a go She said, "Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes I wanna see, and stop thinking If you're too shy, then let me Too shy, then let me know (too shy, then let me know) Well, if you're too shy, then let me me know (too shy, then let me know) If you're too shy then let me go" Oh, yeah I see her online all the time She said, "Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes I'm not playing with you, baby I think that you should give it a go" She said, "Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes I wanna see, and stop thinking If you're too shy, then let me Too shy, then let me know"
Mista Mark
Mista Mark 7 days ago
This is what I like to call a //B//O//P//
cheezburger 8 days ago
video budget: 20 bucks
inquiring mind
inquiring mind 8 days ago
Excellent, mates🐕
Denis Lahaie
Denis Lahaie 8 days ago
Pete Townsend brought me here
Rendy Pratama Healy
now lomme
now lomme 8 days ago
He kinda looks like my english teacher from the side.
Gabrielle 8 days ago
Someone recommended this band on a Chase Atlantic song vid saying they were similar to them. Checking it out here rn. Ooh this is great!
Louis Mahon
Louis Mahon 8 days ago
I'll be honest, not a huge fan of the 1975. But this song, this song is really damn good
Arden Ely
Arden Ely 9 days ago
I found out this band few days ago, and I love it!
Sarah 9 days ago
My parents FKa twigs and Matty
A T 9 days ago
internetmaster1 9 days ago
Good lad. Nice voice.
One Geek
One Geek 9 days ago
4:30 you rock man! >:) (Y)
fabulousr2d2 10 days ago
one second into the song, instant like 😍
Arnab Dutta
Arnab Dutta 11 days ago
FYI, those shadows are the real singers....
Darius Smith
Darius Smith 11 days ago
This came out a day before my birthday, how did I not notice?
Sarah O
Sarah O 11 days ago
This song sounds or could've been good for the movie licence to drive back in the 80's 🙌🙌💗
Emmanuel Lugar
Emmanuel Lugar 11 days ago
Remind me of the taxi driver
Isabelle N
Isabelle N 11 days ago
make more classy songs like this one please
Gemmie Ryan
Gemmie Ryan 12 days ago
Happy song, fab band
Dank Fellow
Dank Fellow 13 days ago
they missed playing live so much that the music video for this song is them playing it live instead of a studio version
Alexander Moneypenny
It's just the best song of all time really isn't it
Adam Barker
Adam Barker 13 days ago
I actually prefer this version much more than the album one.
Paul Joughin
Paul Joughin 12 days ago
Oh Yes!
Carlos Castellanos
Carlos Castellanos 14 days ago
elreads 14 days ago
this is my first time listening to the 1975 and wow. i missed a lot.
J Clue
J Clue 6 hours ago
Welcome fam lol
Christopher 15012
same i’m a brand new fan and have only heard 4 songs
Paul Joughin
Paul Joughin 12 days ago
Yes, You have.
Akimbo 15 days ago
Diego Alejandro Carvajal Rodriguez
Esta canción es una joyita, entre propios y extraños debemos reconocer que es una belleza. Me ponen a vibrar... Saludos desde Bolivia 🇧🇴.
Aiah Sanjose
Aiah Sanjose 15 days ago
Brittany L
Brittany L 16 days ago
When the sax came in, my clothes were done for.
Strontium9T 13 days ago
I was taking a sip of my drink when I read this comment. When I laughed, some of it came out of my nose. Well done!!! I salute you!!!
Jake Buckner
Jake Buckner 16 days ago
Kohl's men's department was the sponsor of this video
Rafid Aziz
Rafid Aziz 16 days ago
The vaccine we all needed.
TheEndTrend 17 days ago
I swear, I cannot stop listening to this song!!
Shivani Kulshrestha
i know its a problem
inutyans 17 days ago
My most favorite song of 2020
odvedokikrema 14 days ago
also Constance by Spiritbox, give it a listen
Pong Kun
Pong Kun 18 days ago
I love u so much very much right now 🇹🇭from Thailand
camille 18 days ago
the sax part omfg
Abigail mcintyre
Abigail mcintyre 18 days ago
YES my soul needed this 💖💖💖
村田亜季子 18 days ago
1975 Happy new year!!ASTLA VISTA!!XXXX.😀🐰♥️🤎💜🖤🌟🌟🌟🌟🌍🌍🌍🌍♥️♥️♥️♥️😀😀😀😀
InFiniTy Gaming
InFiniTy Gaming 19 days ago
The Ksi video brought me here.This is sick.
Wingbar 2 days ago
Which one
Seungtae Jin
Seungtae Jin 19 days ago
I miss you, but I haven't met you yet So special, but it hasn't happened yet
Matt Angelo Santiago
I wanna be like you matty, we're same name and nickname 😭. Please make a new album 😭.
what a great way to start 2021
simson chhetri
simson chhetri 20 days ago
what beautiful song..yaa it’s sound i’m listening a 19s song..This is best part for this song..Love u gyz for give us a beautiful song
edwin jeovani santos cuellar
Es un lujo de canción por tal razón se ganó el respeto y la admiración de toda la audiencia de Radio Femenina 102.5 El Salvador consagrandola como la # 1 del 2020 de 111 mejores. Felicidades THE 1975.💙
brandon lewis
brandon lewis 22 days ago
Does anybody remember how they filmed, but never released, a video for She's American? Hadn't crossed my mind in years til tonight. I have now seen the video. Life is weird like that. Also, kinda felt like I was committing a crime. Weird vibe lol
The Quarantine Family
Wow is this The 1985
ken Krak
ken Krak 22 days ago
In 5 years we will listen to this song again nostalgically.
toby gillette
toby gillette 22 days ago
All shit
john doe
john doe 22 days ago
Fooking figs!! Lame duck soup here!
heestenhats 23 days ago
Thjs song is really good, even though i don't understand a single word form it. And i speak perfect English
Joel P.
Joel P. 23 days ago
Considering that you spelled *this* incorrectly, it's not surprising.
Jose Francisco Gomez
I'd like to have a time machine and go to the 80s listening to this song
Sara Cristina
Sara Cristina 23 days ago
Always in love ♥
Jovie Escorido
Jovie Escorido 24 days ago
The 1975 is the whole mood
Ricky Contreras
Ricky Contreras 26 days ago
That’s awesome
poisonblack 420
poisonblack 420 26 days ago
Brendan from Counterparts sent me here.
Baby Ox
Baby Ox 26 days ago
3:40 is the thing happen to
Josh Monagle
Josh Monagle 27 days ago
ΔΓΚ Andy
ΔΓΚ Andy 27 days ago
came for the new song, stayed for 4:04
deflep007 28 days ago
they just how know to make good catchy tunes ,,plain and simple
Matthew Giridharan
Matthew Giridharan 29 days ago
Let's see who's here because of KSI's influence
Emily Rowse
Emily Rowse 29 days ago
That saxophone instrumental 😍🎷😍
Rama Shon
Rama Shon 29 days ago
Oded Fried-Gaon
Oded Fried-Gaon 29 days ago
#OdedFriedGaon #OdedMusic #Audioded
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee 29 days ago
George looks so cool in this video!! Love George!
Martin Campopiano
I can't stop to hear this fucking song!!! 😍👌👍💪
Giordano Marotto
Welcome to your lies there's no turning back everybody wants to be too shy...☺1975 has rewritten well Tears for Fears' evergreen .
delfos aquino
delfos aquino Month ago
great i like you band ✨
Tane Tumarae
Tane Tumarae Month ago
This Saxophone Solo made me love the Saxophone, I used to hate the sound of the Sax, but the thing is, this sounded like he was playing a Guitar Solo with the hammer-on & offs.
ASTROLAB Month ago
Muf315 Month ago
I am thrilled, that Synth-pop is back. Back in 80s. Electronics in the background, guitars and voice in the foreground, and sexy saxophone solo in bridge part. I fall in love with this song.
Batang 90's
Batang 90's Month ago
Brings back memories when me and dinosaurs live together
Rai Month ago
I'm Japanese. I don't fully understand what they say, but their music is awesome
TheCrimsomCard Yugioh
The song is about fucking over facetime lmfao! Thats lit what its about
Nathalia Oliveira
Nathalia Oliveira 12 days ago
I am fluent in english, I miss just some words, but still don't understand about what they are talking about lol
Jon Woodmass
Jon Woodmass 16 days ago
Look at Newcastle upon tyne. We are a loving people x
heestenhats 23 days ago
Well don't feel bad im English and i don't understand a single word
Konpei 猫
Konpei 猫 23 days ago
Sansei desu
مهدي مومن
واو 1975 مسيرة خضراء 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦😘😘
Noel Manarpiis
Noel Manarpiis Month ago
Can't believe it... this song is reminiscent of the 80s tune...
Howard Koor
Howard Koor Month ago
Alicia Martínez
the Bri'iest of the Bri'ish
Yessica Corona
Yessica Corona Month ago
The beat/guitar kinda sounds like MJ's black or white
Lucie Le Thieis
Lucie Le Thieis Month ago
I like everything about this music
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