The 1975 - Guys (Official Video)

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The 1975 - Guys (Official Video)
The new album from The 1975 ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ is Out Now - The1975.lnk.to/NOACFID

Music video by The 1975 performing Guys. © 2020 Dirty Hit, under exclusive licence to Polydor Records and Interscope Records


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May 21, 2020




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Comments 80
sandymark94 6 hours ago
Omg the first 10 secs of this song reminds me of sidelines by wallows
gabriela emilce arza
Los acordes son iguales al tema de hearts : all l wanna do is make love to you ....más lento pero suena igual 🤦
Carrie Healy
Carrie Healy Day ago
marissa fernandez
i'm so grateful for this band i really do love them than life it self, you guys really are the best thing that ever happened to me. thank you for saving my life and so many others as well. i love you.
thiely ster
thiely ster Day ago
Omg no words I just loved with all of me
Karrie Peterson
this song and music video makes me emo as fuck
Sam the Ram
Sam the Ram 2 days ago
This song has me wetting my eyes
Raimund Kuppelwieser
This song bring me back in the 80`s, the best thing that ever happened, thank you "Guys"
YODA kinchan
YODA kinchan 2 days ago
I have just one experience that I lived in rented apartment There r a lot of kinda my friends like elementary school student, highschool student who like to smoke weed,my friends who has respect each other and my lovely fwb. But now I’m livin with my mom in my hood. Sometimes I feel like miss or lonely for the day I used live alone (soz I was not alone tho) Then I felt like it’s kinda happy to be able to feel “lonely” Btw I recommend ya guys the song from japan Lonely nights/tofubeats
Alyssa 2 days ago
Yeah, Matty said somewhere in an interview these guys from this band were the best thing that happened to him.. :)
ハク 2 days ago
0:30 キュン死
Noël Ill
Noël Ill 2 days ago
I so relate to this song, I love my band! Noël & Jeremy 💜
Imsusangla 2 days ago
Me and my girls shared a rented apartment for almost 4 years. This is the last month, we’ll be living together. Life came in the way and now we have to choose a different home. I’ve had the best memories of my life staying with them and cannot imagine how 4 years gone by would have been without them. If one day, you guys stumble upon this comment, know that you are truly adored and I love you no matter what. Life has been an adventure with you girls around, mostly a roller coaster that we experienced but it was all worth it. ♥️
Katherine Riego
Katherine Riego 2 days ago
Crackhead The 1975 vibe
Federica 2 days ago
Why did the last clip of matty akone give me a sense of sadness? Can anyobdy explain my emotions to me?
la Sarda all'estero
This is just so cute ❤️
Burak DEMIRKOL 3 days ago
Di Di
Di Di 3 days ago
i'm not crying it's just smoke in my eye
Daisy Fadel
Daisy Fadel 3 days ago
This makes me cry 😢 this band is the best thing that ever happened to me ❤️
I-oon Disthon
I-oon Disthon 3 days ago
i barely see ross and adam here
JBL FAMILY 3 days ago
Listening to this song for the first time but it feels like something I already know 😂
Didhiti KC
Didhiti KC 4 days ago
Daisy Bell
Daisy Bell 5 days ago
can someone explain to me why people are talking about Harry’s watermin sugar here? im confused
tinne scheunis
tinne scheunis 3 days ago
He tagged this song on his video clip. That is also the beach where one d filmed a video
yeah i know
yeah i know 5 days ago
this reminds me of when joey moved out in friends lol
Cataleeya KimZhan
They look so cute
My eyes are raining
EmiLy SaNdRa 10273
Love it😊💕💖💙
Gavin Gardiner
Gavin Gardiner 6 days ago
Let get number one around world 🌎
Lyra Perez
Lyra Perez 6 days ago
Pamela 7 days ago
Pero que joyita de canción 🤘🌠
cutest bitch
cutest bitch 7 days ago
can y'all recommend more songs like this, y'know abt friends and all that
cutest bitch
cutest bitch 5 days ago
@umiis myname thanks! :)
umiis myname
umiis myname 5 days ago
Idk much but these are some similar to this song 1. The Walters - I love you so 2. Me and Michael - MGMT 3. This is the last time - Keane
demasiado perfecta :(
Patricia Alambraini
grupo perfeito dms
i love brow...
Fashion3K- True Style Never Dies!
Lovely, love Canada www.fashion3k.com
Tim Bernard
Tim Bernard 8 days ago
lets be real this songs for george
jose ramon muñoz lorenzo
Que fuerte abrazo fuerte puro arte flamenco ECT un anuncio de cada un tema té en tú ya a propaganda joo que fuerte abrazo cordial dragón blanco buenas noches adjunto envío mi nik e ganado ECT AST pronto 🙂
julius malvadão
julius malvadão 9 days ago
danlol lollol
danlol lollol 9 days ago
ah i live the 1975😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Len 9 days ago
Linavatic Swift
Linavatic Swift 9 days ago
i didn’t even know Harry recommended this song in the watermelon sugar mv i just came here to cry over my second favorite band and now ive been completely broken
I hope you guys could come again to Japan. waiting the time.
Hi-TeCh 10 days ago
Huh this is 1975? Looks more 90s or early 2000s
Sarah Tomasson
Sarah Tomasson 10 days ago
oh my god they're so TINY
Jason Langstaff
Jason Langstaff 10 days ago
Better and Better each release!!!!!!
Andrew Darley
Andrew Darley 11 days ago
Missed a trick not calling this song 'lads, lads, lads but whatever. 🎈
Ajay K
Ajay K 11 days ago
Nostalgically refreshing song!
sukanya parashar
sukanya parashar 11 days ago
No I don't care about Harry Styles I'm just here for the song
Aimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal
rocco zenarola
rocco zenarola 11 days ago
this song is so pure and beautiful
baby shark
baby shark 12 days ago
first history by 1d and now this 😔❤
Robb enturesss
Robb enturesss 12 days ago
Z Queen1
Z Queen1 12 days ago
🥺 Beautiful
alezzzia 13 days ago
this song is so pure it reminds me of friends🥺🥺🥺
Kuba normální kanál
Nice song.
Viki Perry
Viki Perry 13 days ago
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Matthew Isenberg
Matthew Isenberg 13 days ago
I wanna know what he’s saying at the end :(
Guardeva Hero
Guardeva Hero 14 days ago
I got fireflies vibe
Mané Ghalayan
Mané Ghalayan 15 days ago
Y'a que des anglais ou je rêve
BlackRoses 15 days ago
I ain't here because of Harry. This band is my fucking life can yall please appreciate it.
Januari Christine Tampubolon
i love them so much @the1975
Patrick Wright
Patrick Wright 15 days ago
Finally a sequel to their song ''girls'' lol
Tucha Lewa
Tucha Lewa 16 days ago
The Text of the Song in the Video is a good idea for Songs. Its better to unterstand .This schould be in evrey song
Gabriela Zózimo
Gabriela Zózimo 16 days ago
This song is so amazing. It really touches our hearts, 'cause it shows that he really love his bandmates and they have an special friendship.
Quapadople 16 days ago
0:46 Interstate 275 sunshine skyway bridge
Moonroof 16 days ago
dont let this be goodbye
Fernanda Letelier
Fernanda Letelier 16 days ago
Mura 16 days ago
god this is such a cute song i love it
ubxydul _
ubxydul _ 16 days ago
CH 2:17
Rajat Mishra
Rajat Mishra 17 days ago
😊😊Best thing happened with me when I listen this song guys such a beautiful song 😊😊
Dea Widiantoro
Dea Widiantoro 17 days ago
halo flamboys, apa kabar kalian? pasti sibuk dengan keluarga ya, semoga kalian semua sehat, rindu banget jogja tahun 2010-2014, u guys r the best thing that ever happened to me ;'") salam rindu dari gue yg bakal punya anak juga 👨‍👩‍👦
Thidaporn T
Thidaporn T 17 days ago
this is so cute
Dana 17 days ago
seeing matty smile so much has me sobbing i love it
Dana 17 days ago
matty really is the main character in this indie coming of age film.
Dana 17 days ago
literally sobbing i love this guys so much. this is so nostalgic and heartwarming and im too emotional rn.
Connor Mullan
Connor Mullan 18 days ago
Oh man what a tune.. It makes me feel pretty blue. Fucking tune
John xyz
John xyz 18 days ago
People need to start listening to such songs instead of braap bruup terrrr skrrrrr ehhhhh raps
Matthew Isenberg
Matthew Isenberg 13 days ago
Wait those raps are called songs?
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Caleb Fitzsimmons
Caleb Fitzsimmons 18 days ago
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