The 1975 - Full Show (Live @ Pohoda Festival 2019)

Unite Pariahs
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Jul 12, 2019




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Kiyen Year ago
0:01 - 0:57 The 1975 0:59 - 4:17 Give Yourself A Try 4:18 - 7:52 Tootimetootimetootime 7:53 - 12:31 She's American 12:46 - 16:36 Sincerity Is Scary 16:40 - 20:40 It's Not Living If It's Not With You 20:51 - 24:18 Robbers 24:19 - 28:58 I Like America & America Likes Me 28:59 - 34:51 Somebody Else 35:34 - 39:44 I Always Wanna Die(Sometimes) 39:50 - 44:06 Love It If We Made It 44:18 - 47:38 Chocolate 47:52 - 52:46 Sex
Adib Afifi
Adib Afifi Month ago
god bless you
Ranny Vere
Ranny Vere 6 months ago
Hello Someone 😊❤️
Dario Donati
Dario Donati 7 months ago
Falling for you is definitely missing!!
Ranny Vere
Ranny Vere 7 months ago
I really need a girl that loves The 1975 ❤️ Greatest band ever!
Enda Grimonia
Enda Grimonia 3 hours ago
got stuck here-- let's go watch this theatrical concert before we're leaving each other.
marjorie moro
marjorie moro Month ago
every show is a fcking masterpiece
Teresa Davis
Teresa Davis Month ago
What is M. trying to accomplish by constantly sticking out his tongue? Is he preparing to do a Haka dance?
Camilo Berríos
Camilo Berríos 2 months ago
21:31 The 1975 bud bunny style
manuel saavedra
manuel saavedra 2 months ago
anuncio cstrm
deborah nardelli
deborah nardelli 3 months ago
Melhor banda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sasha 4 months ago
i’m missing these concert videos so bad
Irene Brunetti
Irene Brunetti 4 months ago
wish I were here
Vikki Geldenhuys
Vikki Geldenhuys 4 months ago
Tootimetooti sounds a lot like our SA music :)
Luisa Liongson
Luisa Liongson 5 months ago
Thanks so much for posting this but I am quite annoyed that there are some parts of the song that has been cut. :( but still,thanks so much for this. Godbless uuuuu
Elyssa Shackleton
Elyssa Shackleton 6 months ago
this just made me fall deeply in love with Hann
ハク 6 months ago
The 1975なしじゃ生きられない。
Cvita Radman
Cvita Radman 6 months ago
the twins doing a whole ass exercise
PORA 7 months ago
lexi 7 months ago
hann is transformed on stage,, their stage presence is unbeatable
Mirror Grain
Mirror Grain 7 months ago
When it started skipping parts in “Somebody Else” I had an anxiety attack 👀😳🤣
Luisa Liongson
Luisa Liongson 5 months ago
Me tooo! Also when all of the parts when there was a skip on the song 😭😭😭
Mirror Grain
Mirror Grain 7 months ago
Thanks for turning the volume up 🤣🙌🏽
Katherine Ch
Katherine Ch 7 months ago
I was ready to scream "NOW EVERYBODY IS DEAAAAAD" :(
Sam Gollings
Sam Gollings 7 months ago
Half of She’s American is ruined ffs. And the end of Robbers is fucked as well 😭
Wisconsin Aviator
Wisconsin Aviator 8 months ago
27:21 Ross and Adam were in sync
Chris Mayhew
Chris Mayhew 8 months ago
Awful sound quality, Seems to skip ahead on some songs...
Jelle Timmermans
Jelle Timmermans 8 months ago
Where is the sound?!?!
Himmam Muhammad Daffa
She had a face straight out a magazine God only knows but you'll never leave her Her balaclava is starting to chafe And when she gets his gun he's begging Babe, stay, stay, stay (Stay, stay, stay) I'll give you one more time We'll give you one more fight Said, one more lie Will I know you? Now if you never shoot, you'll never know And if you never eat, you'll never grow You've got a pretty kinda dirty face When she's leaving your home She's begging you to stay, stay, stay, stay, stay I'll give you one more time We'll give you one more fight Said, one more line There'll be a riot, 'cause I know you Well, now that you've got your gun It's much harder now the police have come Now shoot him if it's what you ask But if you'd just take off your mask You'd find out that everything's gone wrong Now everybody's dead And they're driving past my old school And he's got his gun, and he's got his suit on She says, babe, you look so cool You look so cool, you look so cool You look so cool, you look so cool You look so cool
힐리 8 months ago
the sound가 없네?
Iñaki-NP 8 months ago
Why why why you fucked the songs? 💔
Blizzard cold
Blizzard cold 8 months ago
What are the editor doing with robbers???????????
Arunasva Bhuyan
Arunasva Bhuyan 9 months ago
There is a slight autotune in the mic right ?
Jackson Larison
Jackson Larison 9 months ago
Ah yes. Back before they sold preorders of an album that didn’t even exist for 8 months.
Diana Martínez
Diana Martínez 9 months ago
Who’s here watching in the middle of this quarantine???? Fuck covid
JG 1608
JG 1608 9 months ago
Great that they had cameras focused on all the boys throughout the show 💘
Mrs giroud sucks
Mrs giroud sucks 7 months ago
Absolutely! It was nice to see rest of the boys playing, especially Adam and his beautiful guitar skills.
Kaitlin Mathis
Kaitlin Mathis 9 months ago
I love the Lord more than them but I love them too and my bother girl friend likes them a whole lot.
Lori Pearl
Lori Pearl 9 months ago
George making faces during "Chocolate. " Love him. 🥰❤️
Sophie Mirigliani
Sophie Mirigliani 9 months ago
new music...... HA YOU THOUGHT
Cath Britton
Cath Britton 9 months ago
Best music alright my baby! These outfits are my fave
Japhia Huhndorf
Japhia Huhndorf 9 months ago
Ok but Adam at 36:54 is one of the most beautiful things I've seen
Han Ta
Han Ta 10 months ago
He was so well dressed in this!
Evelyn Arseneault
Evelyn Arseneault 10 months ago
The vocals in this whole gig are amazing! I think they're the best I've seen in a recording of him live. Mattyyyyyy babyyyyyy.😍😘💕
James Price
James Price 3 days ago
Auto tune
N O 10 months ago
Looks far better with black curls
myatnoe tr
myatnoe tr 10 months ago
Deleting Now everybody's dead part is really killing my vibe,
윌벤토리 10 months ago
Samuel Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez 11 months ago
21:28 and yet you dare to lag, stream. *YOU DARE TO LAG IN THAT. EXACT. PART.*
The Noova
The Noova 11 months ago
The City?
Tommy Cambron
Tommy Cambron 11 months ago
I love how modest yet hot the twins are
田中周 Year ago
Petra Charvátová
I was there, I hear myself screaming and this makes me cry more than anything in my life
Rogel Fierro
Rogel Fierro Year ago
the audio starts playing in mono from the minute 8:59
Pablo Amusquivar
I wanna be as high as Matty so bad right now 😂
Tommy Cambron
Tommy Cambron 11 months ago
Pablo Amusquivar so sober, you mean? Lol the dudes been off heroin for a minute
Jackson Larison
I’m glad they still kept the Box.
Joshua Vélez
Joshua Vélez Year ago
That moonwalk at 16:05 was pretty good, and smooth actually..
конни Б
конни Б Year ago
chng.it/tk5VNjtF if you want paris and mfc back on the setlist!!
Anita Lloyd
Anita Lloyd Year ago
Pea Ua Ma
Pea Ua Ma Year ago
Fab joyful dancers !
Laura Novak
Laura Novak Year ago
을묘 Year ago
I love his dance ❤️ Love it if we made it !❤️
JP Year ago
did he "sKrRt" at 1:03
David Power
David Power Year ago
there is a reason you dont hear this band on radio x. cos they are a pop band.
Pradya Prameswari P
what the f*ck happen with robbers?!
Nora Sansaluna
Why I literally can't breathe properly every time I listening to love it if we made it
Christine Chapsal
where's the f** matty voice?? but i looove the show !!
Irene León
Irene León Year ago
Where's A change of heart? :(
Drew Jamila
Drew Jamila Year ago
I can hear an auto tune but i still love it
skipping during iconic parts and overall sound quality really killed this video
Alice Fish
Alice Fish Year ago
he looks tired here tbh. but healthy so thats good
SR PD Year ago
Anyone knows what cigarettes Matty smokes?
Winifred Year ago
Why upload a concert if you're going to cut off ANY part of the actual gig? After Robbers, Somebody Else was also cut off in some parts. Absolutely irritating.
Michael Mathenge
It just had to be robbers and somebody else.....im angry😤😤😤
Marigge Year ago
Where is Loving Someone????
Ahna Jackman
Ahna Jackman Year ago
it just had to be robbers :/
Graeme Houston
guitarist looks like sickboy
Ryan Cardoso
Ryan Cardoso Year ago
Best always wanna die performance in my opinion, I wish it didn’t skip parts though
Ralph Ferrara
Ralph Ferrara Year ago
i like them but the lead singer acts like a frigging junkie
Kyler Goodshield
Dissing on mattie is pretty dumb. he is the heart and soul of this band
MrBlue Year ago
I'd love just a piano version of Love It If We Made It
Merve Ercan
Merve Ercan Year ago
The skipping parts on chocolate and robbers was so annoying
vacation lover
Chivo Graphy
Chivo Graphy Year ago
Dude wtf is wrong with you
Marty’s dancing 😍🤤🤗
Bernice Elaine Buenaventura
Im so pissed off because of the "now everybody's deAAAAD" part
Iñaki-NP 8 months ago
Fuck sake I hate it
Elle Ashcroft
Elle Ashcroft Year ago
Whoever the hell decided it was funny to removed literally the most iconic part of robbers needs to reevaluate all life choices... I’m concerned for them
sofia 7 months ago
omg yes that long note is my favourite part
Lori Pearl
Lori Pearl 9 months ago
George making faces during "Chocolate. " Love him. 🥰❤️
Toon Jane
Toon Jane 9 months ago
that's the fucking annoying thing about live streaming. it always lagging at the crucial moment. Like you miss the goals when you're watching football. LOL
sorakishimoto 9 months ago
This is the reason why I checked the comments.
absolutely incredible
@Unite Pariahs for all us 1975 fans
Megan Nethercot
Who the heck screamed that loud at 29:14 😂😂
Megan Nethercot
His voice in robbers omg its amazing his range jeezzzzz
Nim Rod
Nim Rod Year ago
What do u mean? Robbers are fucking botched here. Other half is removed.
Megan Nethercot
I don’t get why he puts auto tune on tootime ☹️
Megan Nethercot
I understand that but I love his natural voice
Alice Fish
Alice Fish Year ago
it's part of the song. like the other instruments- its adding to the style and vibe
cherylzie Year ago
i always tear up at the chorus of "i always wanna die", despite the lyrics the melody is so beautiful and emotional.
Stacie Becker
Stacie Becker Year ago
RIGHT?! They are legit the worst.
Sanglura Pachuau
Why so serious..ooohhhhh..luv itt..
Ines Year ago
Im cryin rn i cant
Ines Year ago
Adam u talented human
Ines Year ago
Damn we need to protect this smoll band with all cost
Werlon Humberto Martins Martins
isaia18 Year ago
Maledetti fottuti GENI!
Clara Cynthia Devi
😭❤️😭😭❤️ this band keeps me alive
girlie Year ago
did adam just hit the woah at 12:15?? Lol cutie
girlie Year ago
i think ross washed his hair, it looks so soft and bouncy i luv him
bjorn Year ago
Would you be able to find mac demarco show from pohoda ?
Jack Duncan
Jack Duncan Year ago
“They luvin’ ih they are”
minki yun
minki yun Year ago
00:00 ~ 52:46 best song ever
Sasha 4 months ago
The Crazy Sombrero Dude lmao bruh 😭😭😭
The Crazy Sombrero Dude
I believe that is made by One direction mate 👍
Schuyler Wood
Schuyler Wood Year ago
I looked dumb as hell screaming "now everybody's dead" when the damn stream buffered.
Kong Allen
Kong Allen Month ago
Heather Clark
Heather Clark 3 months ago
I needed that giggle fest sooooo bad ty bbs
Heather Clark
Heather Clark 3 months ago
love u guyzzzz
Heather Clark
Heather Clark 3 months ago
Dafne. Year ago
Schuyler Wood loool same
Jack Swift
Jack Swift Year ago
Needy geeky garbage...spoilt little egotistical rich boys trying to be rock stars😂😂😂
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