The 1975 - Full Live Show - (Vevo Presents: Live at The O2, London)

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The new album from The 1975 ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ is Out Now - The1975.lnk.to/NOACFID
The 1975 full live set from their headline show at The O2, London on December 16th 2016. This is Vevo Presents - The 1975.
Setlist Times:
The 1975 - 00:00:08
Love Me - 00:01:12
UGH! - 00:04:52
Heart Out - 00:08:00
A Change Of Heart - 00:12:45
Robbers - 00:17:47
I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it - 00:22:40
M.O.N.E.Y. - 00:29:43
Undo - 00:33:31
Milk - 00:37:25
Loving Someone - 00:43:10
She’s American - 00:47:33
Please Be Naked - 00:52:17
Lostmyhead - 00:55:51
Somebody Else - 01:00:50
Fallingforyou - 01:11:11
Paris - 01:16:44
Girls - 01:21:35
Sex - 01:26:17
----------- Medicine - 01:31:30
If I Believe You - 01:37:00
Chocolate - 01:43:30
The Sound - 01:47:25
The 1975’s live album ‘DH00278ID’, taken from this performance, is out now - The1975.lnk.to/DH00278ID
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Dec 25, 2016




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Comments 100
arnmd x
arnmd x 12 minutes ago
Your song its verry beautiful
arnmd x
arnmd x 12 minutes ago
I love you the 1975
Teresa Davis
Teresa Davis Day ago
Why has M. recently taken to sticking his tongue out constantly?
Mike Kowaleski Jr.
These guys just fuckin rip it. What a song to open with. Dope.
Josh Harris
Josh Harris 2 days ago
HOW YOU FUCKIN FEELING NOW!!!! hits different
Beer Nuttawat
Beer Nuttawat 2 days ago
Marina Cruz
Marina Cruz 3 days ago
Not me act like it isn’t 2:47am and don’t have to work tomorrow 🤣🙄
Iliana Barahona
Iliana Barahona 3 days ago
November, 2020
Matteo Bianco
Matteo Bianco 4 days ago
Slava Izvekov
Slava Izvekov 5 days ago
The 1975 are good live performers
Corporal Slip-TiT
“ this isn’t the studio josh? Turn these fucken phones off! This a fucken PoP concert! U ready? Stand up “🙌🍺🍺
Bogado Isabel
Bogado Isabel 5 days ago
hoy para mi es una fecha muy inportante por que cumplo años y eliji a matti por muchos motibo el es un joven muy agrdable y con mucha frscura me gusta su persona y su mucica y estoy pasando muy bien muchas gracias isabel .
HI SI 6 days ago
Gustavo González
01:08:15 😉
Amjad 6 days ago
Damn the last 1 minute of robbers hit different.
Jasmine Malla
Jasmine Malla 7 days ago
This was so good! Thank you for making this available. 😭
Elise Blumenfrau
Elise Blumenfrau 8 days ago
this works as an advertisement for red wine
Fhurusyifa Pagela
Mackeypoo! 9 days ago
I cried during "fallingforyou" because i was recently engaged and then i was abandoded and then she had sex with random people and my roomates, in my bed.
Ar lene
Ar lene 10 days ago
Drop another full concert like this with the last tour setlist. 🙏🏼😊😊😊
Rexson Paliuanan
Rexson Paliuanan 11 days ago
It's the 5th typhoon here in the Philippines, 4 more is expected before the year end. Watching this for the nth time yet it's still making me feel better. Aaaaaaaaa.
Atty. Borromeo Gomez de Liaño
None of my colleagues know the 1975. So when one asked for a song recommendation, I didn't just replied her a song, *I REPLIED HER THE 1975*
bubble wrapped submarine
pity coat
Gabriela Vignatti
Gabriela Vignatti 11 days ago
1:01:29 TT-TT
abbigail blue
abbigail blue 11 days ago
The O2 show reminds me of a girl i used to be madly in love with. We were long distance, and we decided to watch this together one night, she never really knew of the 1975 so i was excited to show her. They've been my favorite since i was 10 in 2013. I remember during falling for you, she told me she resonated with that song so much and she felt that way too, but not about me. She directly told me "its not you though". Shattered my heart into a million pieces. I've always wondered if anyone else in the world ever felt pain to that degree, or if i was the only one. It seems humanly impossible to live through it. I was 13 at the time, way too young for an ache in my soul that deep. I'm 17 now and i still remember how her favorite part was 1:13:00 to 1:13:40. These days all i do is write music about her and i've yet to heal. I'm not sure if she still listens to them because of me, and I'm not sure if she'll ever see this comment. Just incase she does i want to say, not a day has gone by where i haven't thought about you Saffire. She'll probably say this is bullshit
Roselyn Luceno
Roselyn Luceno 13 days ago
the more I watch this, the more I fell in love with it
oono sohei
oono sohei 13 days ago
Alejandra Carrero
Alejandra Carrero 13 days ago
Juju Benevides
Juju Benevides 14 days ago
afe que maravilha de show
Marlon Vinicius
Marlon Vinicius 13 days ago
Nem me fala, nunca vi um homem ser sexy com uma taça de vinho como esse men
Reynata Diva 31
Reynata Diva 31 14 days ago
I'll see The 1975 concert someday
bulleto garcia
bulleto garcia 15 days ago
damn good wicked cool I just found the new admire
john erish
john erish 15 days ago
the girl @ 19:52 is so cuteee :((((
Mark Pascual
Mark Pascual 16 days ago
2020 here and the crowd at A Change Of Heart - 00:12:45 sounds heavenly
brandon roderick
brandon roderick 16 days ago
Does any one know what doc martins he is wearing?
Aidon !
Aidon ! 16 days ago
been listening to this again and again since the pandemic. helps me get through these tough times.
Melissa Gonzalez
Melissa Gonzalez 16 days ago
Arkan Chaniago
Arkan Chaniago 17 days ago
Fallingforyou - 1:11:11 What time you coming out? We started losing light I'll never make it right If you don't want me around I'm so excited for the night All we need's my bike and your enormous house You said some day we might When I'm closer to your height, Till then we'll knock around and see If you're all I need Don't you see me I I think I'm falling, I'm falling for you And don't you need me I I think I'm falling, I'm falling for you On this night, and in this light I think I'm falling (I think I'm falling), I'm falling for you And maybe you, change your mind (I think I'm falling, I think I'm falling) I'm caught on your coat again You said, "Oh no, it's fine" I read between the lines and touched your leg again (again) I'll take it one day at a time Soon you will be mine, oh, but I want you now (I want you now) When the smoke is in your eyes, you look so alive Do you fancy sitting down with me maybe 'Cause you're all I need According to your heart My place is not deliberate Feeling of your arms I don't want to be your friend, I want to kiss your neck Don't you see me I I think I'm falling, I'm falling for you And don't you need me I I think I'm falling, I'm falling for you On this night, and in this light I think I'm falling (I think I'm falling), I'm falling for you And maybe you, change your mind
Dahminique Foley
Dahminique Foley 17 days ago
I need some friends that would just say fuck it and go with me to see them live 😩
Miguel Reyes
Miguel Reyes 17 days ago
Porque pvta madre no fui al conciertooooooo
wayfaring moe'
wayfaring moe' 17 days ago
you guys in that hall is the luckiest group of people in the world
TUESDAY 19 days ago
love you ❤
andrea 19 days ago
yo what is adam throwing at the fans in the last part??
Ruby Ann Isik
Ruby Ann Isik 19 days ago
oh edi sana ol diba London HAHAHAHA
Bullwinkle The Moose
that transition into chocolate is so fucking good... damn
Melvin Ramos
Melvin Ramos 20 days ago
I am from Guatemala. Is very good this music. I love you the 1975. This best team 👌👌
Mya goetsch
Mya goetsch 20 days ago
That saxophone has me weak😩
Jessieca Marie
Jessieca Marie 21 day ago
chris has been blessed
Noemi Cortes
Noemi Cortes 21 day ago
Every month i go through withdrawls so I come here and cry 🤣 I MISS THEM SO MUCH 😭 i want live music back
Chelinka Rafiesta Sahara
I wish to see your concert one day after I have admitted continuing my study in Sweden. Matty your music saved me from sadness!
annemariiie 22 days ago
Watching this in November 2020 and hearing Matty say "It's been a mental year, hasn't it?" about 2016.
Bogado Isabel
Bogado Isabel 22 days ago
me encanta el flaco tiene un estilo unico muy buena sus canciones y me encata es muy coqueto muy fino es muy canchero me gusta como luce su vestimenta muy bueno fue un placer en conoserlo .
Ralph Purge
Ralph Purge 24 days ago
Jozay Thaxton
Jozay Thaxton 25 days ago
I'm so love, with this
Iram Oswaldo Reyes
Iram Oswaldo Reyes 25 days ago
covid-19 makes me want to die but I see this live and it makes me want to live again
Santiago Arana
Santiago Arana 26 days ago
That intro before they played Somebody else was literally epic, I could feel the atmosphere when everybody scream out, Wonderfull.
toni xo
toni xo 26 days ago
i watch this at least once a week
YJ W 27 days ago
bumkibumk 27 days ago
sometimes you just wanna be chris..
Varun Padmanabhan
Varun Padmanabhan 28 days ago
Come to India......
Rory Thorns
Rory Thorns 29 days ago
I'm sorry but that sync up for Chocolate was beautiful.
aina no one
aina no one 29 days ago
10/27/20 i did not join the class bc I attended this virtual concert that happened 3 1/3 years ago... xoxo to the band that saved my life
Michelle Ball
Michelle Ball 29 days ago
I am sitting here pissed to the highest of piss - tivity that I missed this band. I know I was stationed in Tokyo, raving my ass off when they came out, but that IS OF NO EXCUSE! And here I found them ONLY because I lost someone to suicide and heard the song "Fallingforyou" which devastated me. Looped it into my infinite pained heart for hours, for days on end, then, explored further and found THEM.
OKSooo_ Month ago
Falling for you always breaks my heart but I can't stop listening to it.
latus Month ago
ryn Month ago
this is my comfort concert
Pengu 27 days ago
Dendy Muris
Dendy Muris Month ago
sideshow bob. is that you?
Albi BA
Albi BA Month ago
Medicine (1:32:01) is my favourite part of my medicine
Chris Gregory
Chris Gregory Month ago
Fall 2014. Boston's Logan Airport luggage carousel. While waiting to pick up my elderly parents, I spy a guy in black leather pulling his luggage off the carousel only to have the contents spill to the floor and begin to move away from him on that carousel. Fellow plane passengers retrieved bits and pieces of what looked like equipment, handing the pieces to him while one, then another, and another man, all in black, approached the man (Matty). "Those guys look like they could be musicians," I said to my 50-something self. Later, my elderly mother told me in the car that she felt bad because the Southwest Airlines flight attendant had announced that The 1975 was aboard, but no one clapped or responded. Next day, I asked my class (I teach) if anybody had heard of The 1975. Several young female students were envious and stunned at my story. And since then I've been a big fan and hope to see them live one day on a stage--and not at a terminal!
Suraj Das
Suraj Das Month ago
I can't express how much i love this live show.. 🔥 My Favourite Heart out
jjae jae
jjae jae Month ago
진심...최고다...이때 갔어야 했다...ㅜ
Juhi Hasan
Juhi Hasan Month ago
18:39 when ROBBERS starts playin Goosebumps man
george oro
george oro Month ago
probably the 25th time when I'm watching the show, one conclusion, absolutely jewelry, regret I couldn't be there.
roberto rojas
roberto rojas Month ago
"we are way more compasionate but abortions for all, sex change for little children, yeyyyy and if you think different than me you are evil"
homadyuthi ambavarama
I wanna know how many of us went straight up to SOMEBODY ELSE
Christina De Oleo
the name of the second song pleaseeeee
Harry Franklin
Harry Franklin Month ago
kyrac99 Month ago
just fell in love with them all over again
Mariana Duarte
Mariana Duarte Month ago
undo is so underrated, gosh
Jetix Gaming
Jetix Gaming Month ago
endgame final battle
cheehee mint
cheehee mint Month ago
everything about this video is pure aesthetic
Olivia Shearer
Olivia Shearer Month ago
its the "she says, babe 𝘣𝘢𝘣𝘺 you look so cool" for me matthew .
Sabrina Tanni
Sabrina Tanni Month ago
1:13:30 "I WANT YOU NOW"
iz Kyo
iz Kyo Month ago
Even though this band is recommended by my ex which I'm grateful for, I still love this band even though everytime I play one of their songs they reminded me of her. Oh well, cheers to y'all.
Chen 2
Chen 2 Month ago
I mean this whole video is such a art
smt Month ago
Heard this band for the first time yesterday, in a random playlist on spotify. Been watching this live show for the third time a in a row. This sh*t is addicting!
yanaaah Month ago
di ko alam kung pang-ilang beses ko na tong papanoorin ngayon PERO MISS NA MISS KO NA KAYO
A L Month ago
It's incredibly sad that there will never be another "era" like this of theirs, so to speak. The fanbase as a whole will remain loyal, but 2016-2018/19 was definitely their peak. The 1975 was absolutely The Rolling Stones/Beatles of our generation for the years 2012-2020. It's crazy how fast things change, and end.
Jelle Timmermans
Jelle Timmermans 17 days ago
@A L mwa maybe who knows lmao lol XD
A L 17 days ago
@Jelle Timmermans They are, but they're all in their 30s and their teenage-girl fanbase is growing up. They're still going to make great music I'm sure, but I truly thing their biggest era is over. Big groups stick around after their main fame has passed, but that initial excitement and mania fades
Jelle Timmermans
Jelle Timmermans 20 days ago
isn't that a big dramatic? they are working on new music right? why is this the end
norty_rider 25 days ago
Why has it ended?
sophie Month ago
that into physically hurts me
Jonathan Melena
Jonathan Melena Month ago
Are we just not going to talk about chris at 1:08:10?
jinny y
jinny y Month ago
Love it😭😭😭😭
loveonly Month ago
The 1975 💓
Fester Vain
Fester Vain Month ago
10:19 best part in this whole concert They are magical. Truly a remarkable band💙
Yashmiene Toquero
Valentina Diez
Valentina Diez Month ago
las vibras que me transmite The 1975 es increíble por dios
黑暗拳侍 Month ago
薛丁格的工程師 你怎麼有把握去會領八萬? 真以為台北是很好混嗎
Kou Luka
Kou Luka Month ago
The cutie boy at 16:13. I hope you don’t cry in cars. 😔
Alvin Matthews
Alvin Matthews Month ago
Hearing Math Healy sing gives me the goosebumps! God.
Serena Hussain
Serena Hussain Month ago
I really need the London 02 one from Saturday in february 2020 uploaded. I recorded everything on my phone and lost it and I know it is only phone videos but it really hurts knowing I lost EVERYTHING from the tour. Pleaaaase upload if it was recorded.
The sound is amazing live. So glad you captured it in this quality. Top notch stuff here friends!
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