The 1975 - Full Live Show - (Vevo Presents: Live at The O2, London)

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The new album from The 1975 ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ is Out Now - The1975.lnk.to/NOACFID
The 1975 full live set from their headline show at The O2, London on December 16th 2016. This is Vevo Presents - The 1975.
Setlist Times:
The 1975 - 00:00:08
Love Me - 00:01:12
UGH! - 00:04:52
Heart Out - 00:08:00
A Change Of Heart - 00:12:45
Robbers - 00:17:47
I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it - 00:22:40
M.O.N.E.Y. - 00:29:43
Undo - 00:33:31
Milk - 00:37:25
Loving Someone - 00:43:10
She’s American - 00:47:33
Please Be Naked - 00:52:17
Lostmyhead - 00:55:51
Somebody Else - 01:00:50
Fallingforyou - 01:11:11
Paris - 01:16:44
Girls - 01:21:35
Sex - 01:26:17
----------- Medicine - 01:31:30
If I Believe You - 01:37:00
Chocolate - 01:43:30
The Sound - 01:47:25
The 1975’s live album ‘DH00278ID’, taken from this performance, is out now - The1975.lnk.to/DH00278ID
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Dec 25, 2016




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Comments 100
Lesley Juarez
Lesley Juarez 14 hours ago
it’s been 5 years since iliwys and i’m currently watching this at the gym and am so FUCJING emotional bc i miss concerts so fucking much. FUCK COVID
TBR 20 hours ago
half the views of this is just the engaged couple reminiscing
Chelsea Duyog
i want to be Chris too @ 1:08 👁️👄👁️
Hampe Månsson
The 1975 - 00:00:08 Love Me - 00:01:12 UGH - 00:04:52 Heart Out - 00:08:00 A Change Of Heart - 00:12:45 Robbers - 00:17:47 I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet Unaware Of It - 00:22:40 M.O.N.E.Y - 00:29:43 Undo - 00:33:31 Milk - 00:37:25 Loving Someone - 00:43:10 She’s American - 00:47:33 Please Be Naked - 00:52:17 Lostmyhead - 00:55:51 Somebody Else - 01:00:50 Fallingforyou - 01:11:11 Paris - 01:16:44 Girls - 01:21:35 Sex - 01:26:17 Medicine - 01:31:30 If I Believe You - 01:37:00 Chocolate - 01:43:30 The Sound - 01:47:25 (for myself because the original comment is not pinned)
MrRight James
MrRight James 2 days ago
The guy is an idiot though isn't he?
Hernán Patricio Bravo-irátchet Arriagada.
what do you need ?
Hernán Patricio Bravo-irátchet Arriagada.
you are in co nditonier air....?
HHernandez 3 days ago
i miss going to concerts T_T the elated feeling to listening to a live music UUUGH
Jarrad C.
Jarrad C. 3 days ago
1:50:28 The boys bringing some serious energy during “the sound” guitar outro 😝 the biggest vibe.
C. Babs
C. Babs 4 days ago
Watching them play is really incredible. This set's performance of "If I Believe You" especially is out of this world.
Hector Felipe
Hector Felipe 4 days ago
You look so coo00ooo0oL 🎶
Ryan Chase
Ryan Chase 4 days ago
This! This is how a pop band is supposed to do it!
gidya 5 days ago
Mechee Y
Mechee Y 5 days ago
how many times have you seen this video? I'll go first. 25 times.
Daniel Casjim
Daniel Casjim 6 days ago
A quien no le hubiera gustado estar en ese concierto
Nate Levinson
Nate Levinson 6 days ago
The erect comb dimensionally cry because liver archaeologically double about a two softball. drunk, grouchy dibble
Sweeneytv 6 days ago
38:23 that drum fill is so cool
Sherry Light-n-Love
Reminds me of the cure energy just looking at him :) Dreamy
Ana Margareth Omambac
missing you so bad, the 1975 ☹️
Sara Louise
Sara Louise 7 days ago
wow i really love music
Gabs Burgoa
Gabs Burgoa 7 days ago
This song remember me to INXS, it sounds like they, I like it
Aryan Pratap
Aryan Pratap 7 days ago
Mohang_gngz 8 days ago
The guy who proposed during at this concert is a massive legend
Kane NUFC87
Kane NUFC87 8 days ago
22:40 such an underrated song
Glenda Atienza
Glenda Atienza 8 days ago
I don't know what happened but this is the first time I watched this concert and I'm so in love 😍 I keep repeating it! Haha
Candace 9 days ago
Its 2021 and I'm still watching this
Isys Nuñez
Isys Nuñez 9 days ago
bot 10 days ago
Koudey12 TTV
Koudey12 TTV 11 days ago
I wonder how many times the beautiful people at this concert visited back here to re-watch.
Linda schenk
Linda schenk 11 days ago
wer ist hier wegen Ema Louise?😅
spider soma
spider soma 12 days ago
This is my first time ever listening to this band. Holy hell, what have I been missing? I enjoyed every song.
Daisy Bell
Daisy Bell 11 days ago
glad you’ve found them!
fabian 12 days ago
wer kommt von ema louise😂😂😂
// LSB //
// LSB // 12 days ago
So I heard...
ShittySiri 12 days ago
I was supposed to see them today, I'm so happy I atleast can see them here
Shamata and Vipassana
1:15:38 lol
razis henry
razis henry 14 days ago
The city?
Hannah Mari
Hannah Mari 14 days ago
Anybody in 2021 watching this for the nth time? Same.
Mathilde Day ago
Fadhel Reynaldi
Fadhel Reynaldi 14 days ago
pandemic bring me here
B Terty
B Terty 14 days ago
Shite band, rely on on backing tracks and an over use of lights and visuals. Take that away the turd is in full view
Eynar Flores
Eynar Flores 14 days ago
My song the like🔊🔊🔊🎼🎼🎼🎤🎤
Tony Miller
Tony Miller 14 days ago
what a load of shit
Alice S
Alice S 14 days ago
Oscar Monroy
Oscar Monroy 15 days ago
Born in 1975 and rocking out to 1975 in Hollywood 🤩🥳
Eduardo Sosa
Eduardo Sosa 16 days ago
muy buenoooo
Kristan Perez
Kristan Perez 16 days ago
Everyone who gets to watch the 1975 live are fucking lucky,, cries in poorness
Ana Alexzandria
Ana Alexzandria 16 days ago
Honestly their opening had my adrenaline going
Shamata and Vipassana
Undo - 00:33:31​ 😭
Mod Mysterio
Mod Mysterio 17 days ago
The lighting on this show is PHENOM!
B Terty
B Terty 14 days ago
Imagine if it wasn’t! Everyone would see that actually they are a terrible band 😂
Camilo Andres
Camilo Andres 18 days ago
Excelente concierto 😎
Melisa Duete
Melisa Duete 19 days ago
Podre decirme que soy una vieja chota a mi misma, pero prefiero mil veces la compañía de este concierto, un buen vaso de cerveza o vino y mi soledad; a socializar con el mundo y las personas que conviven en él. 🤣🤣🤣
Anna Chung
Anna Chung 19 days ago
Abegelle Ghibli
Abegelle Ghibli 20 days ago
Abegelle Ghibli
Abegelle Ghibli 20 days ago
Abegelle Ghibli
Abegelle Ghibli 20 days ago
Napat 20 days ago
This is so cool, I can't wait for myself to go to The 1975's concert 🪐❤️ See ya after Covid-19 :-)
Ann 1989
Ann 1989 20 days ago
This is free therapy
Gina Beltrán
Gina Beltrán 20 days ago
I'd give out a kidney to go to one of their concerts 😭
B Terty
B Terty 14 days ago
Please don’t 😭
Jhustine Prin
Jhustine Prin 21 day ago
Salvador Angelo Arguelles
2021 anyone?
Napat 22 days ago
Meeee 🙋🏻‍♀️
Hammer Steve
Hammer Steve 22 days ago
I'm 57. I've seen a million bands come and go. There is something about The 1975 that makes them utterly unique. It's very hard to describe it or put your finger on it. They are brilliantly unusual.........the lyrics are ridiculously good and strangely put together in a way that is joyous. Long may they live on........there is genius in there.
Hammer Steve
Hammer Steve 18 days ago
@Becki Gross Ha Ha.......THE 1963 & THE 1966 !!! ....Love that. Glad to know I'm not the only golden oldie out there enjoying this band. I kind of wish I was 25 again but what can you do...???. This is great, great music. They have totally taken over my music listening. Just love their music. Age has no boundaries to music appreciation.
Becki Gross
Becki Gross 18 days ago
I am 54 and I completely get what you are saying. Its been a very long time since I have come across a band that I cannot get enough of! The music is unique and it makes any day better when I listen. The live shows are also amazing. I have been twice with my sister who is your age. We are the oldest ones there and we could care less. The last concert we went to we got shirts that said "THE 1966 and THE 1963". We were in the 2nd row and got a thumbs up from Matt Healy on the attire. Love this band!!
Marley Al
Marley Al 22 days ago
2021 listeners, where you at?
Z Lasu
Z Lasu 23 days ago
I come here every time I feel really anxious
technicolornami 23 days ago
When I was super manic and just going to concerts for the hell of it, I'll never regret going to theirs. Matty has saved me from myself loads of times, I come back to this concert everyday sober and more level headed and I still feel like I am there. Brilliant band to listen to and even moreso when live.
Cameron Thompson
Cameron Thompson 24 days ago
Somebody else....epic live
Nahuel Caye
Nahuel Caye 24 days ago
Me encantó
Lucas Gardoni
Lucas Gardoni 25 days ago
2021 and I'm still here!
nya wrong
nya wrong 25 days ago
Anyone else here for the listening party?
nya wrong
nya wrong 25 days ago
@Andrea Fernanda thank God!!!! I was hoping there would be a live chat or something
Andrea Fernanda
Andrea Fernanda 25 days ago
ellie osborne
ellie osborne 25 days ago
LOSERKID VARTE 26 days ago
30.01.21 anyone??
Joaquin Navarro
Joaquin Navarro 27 days ago
Anyone else enjoying this marvelous gig in 2021?
Alex 27 days ago
Watching in 2021 and can't wait until this can happen again
Night Odyssey
Night Odyssey 28 days ago
Honestly I keep coming back to this. Is there anything better than this version of Heart Out. Completely captivating.
Manoel Ramon
Manoel Ramon 28 days ago
I am 50 years old dancing with my 2 years old granddaughter... we love this band
hannah alex
hannah alex 29 days ago
I miss concerts so much
tbsdrummer87 29 days ago
I love playing this full screen with the lights dimmed at home as casual entertainment during CoVid. It's so relaxing :-)
kira sussane
kira sussane 29 days ago
I have listen to this concert obsessively since the pandemic began it just makes me want to 💃💃
Chau Nam Loc
Chau Nam Loc Month ago
The annoying japan compatibly instruct because key immuhistochemically ban including a squealing propane. extra-large extra-small exuberant, right fir
Hi, I'm Mirage
Hi, I'm Mirage Month ago
♥ The crowd is amazing. Was feeling down, put this on and just laid on my bed and just enjoyed the vibes. I feel a bit better now :)
Alfie Gipps
Alfie Gipps Month ago
straight chills for 2 hours, the vibes are immaculate
Javier Laines
Javier Laines Month ago
Mi grupo favorito 😍
chaim Month ago
I can’t believe that this was taken 4 years ago!
GREYBACK Month ago
- Me in front of you: 1:14:07
Izzy Smith
Izzy Smith Month ago
anyone else here for England's 3rd lockdown??
Kate’s5SOS Party
Stacey Aldridge
Stacey Aldridge Month ago
I watch this a couple times a week. It never gets old.
Priyanka Month ago
L U C K YYYYYY people!!!!! All of them!!!
Natalie Jones
Natalie Jones Month ago
Sitting here in 2021 imagining what it was like to see this live rn. Starting w love me? I would die to hear them start a set w this in the future....oh my god
Ollie bert
Ollie bert Month ago
What a band 👌🏻
Sunidhi Chaudhary
Na_nakorobi Y.
Na_nakorobi Y. Month ago
The 1975 is definitely the band for the healing, change my mind I dare you
Ishita Pandey
Ishita Pandey Month ago
This is beautiful
Jasmine Month ago
Not me coming back to this every week since lockdown begun 🏃
El Sebas
El Sebas Month ago
I like this british Gustavo Cerati
정예인 Month ago
Marie Flora
Marie Flora Month ago
Adoro 🇧🇷💚🇧🇷
Christina Alyssa Damaso
I go here everyday
julianne wayS
julianne wayS Month ago
It's 2021, and this is still therapeutic during wee hours.
Julia ali08
Julia ali08 Month ago
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