The 15-Year-Old Who Stabbed Her Baby | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

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Jessica Coleman was a cheerleader, a star athlete, an honor student, and only 15-years-old when she stabbed her newborn son in the chest. The next day, Tom, the baby's father, disposed of the child's body in a nearby quarry. For 6 years, police made it their mission to bring the person responsible for the crime to justice before arresting Jessica and Tom. In 2006, Jessica spoke to Oprah via satellite from the Lorain County Jail in Ohio, where she was serving a six-year sentence for the death of her baby boy. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit bit.ly/1ODj0x7
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The 15-Year-Old Who Stabbed Her Baby | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network


Published on


Jan 17, 2019




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Comments 23 102
Shaunie Wright
Shaunie Wright 22 seconds ago
that precious boy is in heaven shame be to the evil mother selfish girl what a horrible story can you imagine the pain that little one felt being killed im very glad shes in prison she has a lifetime to think about what she has done not sure her sentence but hope its life
natasha imai
natasha imai 29 minutes ago
This is horrible This lady should be in jail for life
KimChi Nguyen
KimChi Nguyen 55 minutes ago
What a monster!! I have two babies and my heart breaks for this
katrina Mackenzie
Yes Oprah you tell it like it is
katrina Mackenzie
Oprah is very brave to keep her cool,what a piece of s...this girl is and a liar
katrina Mackenzie
no tears
katrina Mackenzie
Disgusting girl
king Clement
king Clement 2 hours ago
This is soon disturbing
White Soul
White Soul 4 hours ago
Oprah clearly didnt buy any of that story.
flashclynes 4 hours ago
You have to kill babies legally or you go to jail.
P T 5 hours ago
No tears.
Danielaaa 6 hours ago
starfish2405 8 hours ago
Wow...shes is having soooooo much trouble lying! Every sentence clearly a lie... no tears. Fake fake fake.
Mangle Berlanga
Mangle Berlanga 8 hours ago
This was premeditated! They had already decided to keep the pregnancy a secret no matter what. He would stand on her stomach to hide it which they knew could kill the baby. She said she had to pretend like nothing happened after and her and her bf decided no one could know. The whole thing seemed planned and she is a horrible liar
Jamie-leigh Landeg
Jamie-leigh Landeg 11 hours ago
Makeuppova Channel
Makeuppova Channel 11 hours ago
Little Tangerine
Little Tangerine 11 hours ago
This is why you shouldn't force women and girls to bring their fetuses to term, especially when there are clear signs of no interest in motherhood. The infants, once corn, will get hurt or die from negligence sooner or later anyway. And then you just waste precious time and resources of the mom and taxpayers.
Robert Dyer
Robert Dyer 11 hours ago
That's the longest bout of "dry crying" I've ever seen . I hope by now she has truly repented. Jesus help this young woman .
MelyEli03 11 hours ago
Sick evil monster I don’t believe her story. She will kill again it’s written all over her face. She’s cold if she was my daughter I would never speck to her again.
Violet Joy
Violet Joy 11 hours ago
It's interesting how she carefully chooses certain wording to try to sound innocent, most likely for legal reasons. "I made a terrible mistake" , "I stabbed him just in case he was in pain... but I think he was stillborn", and "I'm really sorry". Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. Truly remorseful people don't talk like that. There were no tears. Stepping on and stabbing a baby are not "mistakes"; that's either a personality disorder, mental illness or both. She shows no empathy or remorse.
Where are the tears that she's apparently crying? Wipes away nothing. Ummmm..
Lin Bell-Booth
Lin Bell-Booth 12 hours ago
Pathetic, how can the family not know! Such a waste of tax payers money in the prison. She have been penalised with death penalty😡😡🤬
angelica hachero
angelica hachero 12 hours ago
Ophra clearly knows she is lying...
Just Me
Just Me 13 hours ago
she is not even crying and is trying to be the victim
Amanda C
Amanda C 13 hours ago
She is only serving 6 years ?? Pathetic pos! Don’t open your legs and then start playing vitamin! No heart
Rachael L. Johnson
Rachael L. Johnson 14 hours ago
Story is all over the place, doesn’t make sense. Send her back to jail!
Deka Dove
Deka Dove 15 hours ago
Oprah had a straight face all tru the interview ...
Shada Brown
Shada Brown 15 hours ago
i can't believe this
Aalia Asim
Aalia Asim 15 hours ago
Wow... I feel so bad for her... her invisible tears have really bought me :'(
Paula G Whyte
Paula G Whyte 15 hours ago
How can anyone do what she did? A newborn baby? The most beautiful thing in the world?! What isn't she capable of?! She says, "OMG, this can't be happening to ME again!?" Did I hear that right?! To her?!
Paula G Whyte
Paula G Whyte 15 hours ago
She doesn't cry when she talks about the baby's birth...or about it falling into the toilet or how she fell on top of him. Or when she talks about stabbing him. Not at all.
kate a
kate a 15 hours ago
I feel so bad for that girl. she had no resources for help and clearly her boyfriend was willing to step on her, which cant be healthy in a relationship.
Carolyn Rombardo
Carolyn Rombardo 15 hours ago
That is one of the most disturbing stories i have ever heard...this young woman is very ill.....mentaly ill..that was alot worse than a young woman making a bad choice ..n tom ??..he should b in jail too !!!..n..the mom ??..jeeze lady ..r u serious right now ??..ur a nurse ?..n..didnt notice ur own daughter looked different ??..6yrs ??..is all ??..for doing this evil deed ??..I hope u never become a mother in ur lifetime...i cld not think of doing that..to an animal..he didnt look right ??..maybe bc that other JO..was jumping on ur belly..u didnt have an ounce of maternal instinct !!!..not an ounce..through the first half of that confession ??..u had to firce tears to show some remorse...ur inhuman !!!!
Eva Reidy
Eva Reidy 16 hours ago
She's a monster! That poor poor baby could have had a great life. No one feels pity for you, so stop crying and looking for sympathy
Sven Figueroa
Sven Figueroa 16 hours ago
Stupid editing. I stopped at :39 secs with that please, pity, help, whatever excuse shot of her
Truthful Future
Truthful Future 16 hours ago
She was being stupid. She should have told someone about the baby, they probably would have helped her. I do feel kind of bad for her though because she was scared. But it was still her fault, and she’s lying about something
Courtney Bell
Courtney Bell 16 hours ago
He was dead when he came out... great way to be in denial about the fact that you murdered him If he was really dead, why did you stab him?
Nelly Doodlenoodle
Nelly Doodlenoodle 17 hours ago
I don’t feel bad for her at all. Vile women !!!! It’s absolutely disgusting
Jade 17 hours ago
Oprah is fed up lol
Dbl dd
Dbl dd 17 hours ago
She need to be fixed like a 🐕
baby gamer
baby gamer 18 hours ago
How could u rip poor baby
Aila Schrey
Aila Schrey 18 hours ago
Only 6 years? !?!?
Vincent 19 hours ago
You said correct very much the American girl Americans you guys are heading no where with the attitude of carelessness uncounted termination of babies killing in fosters killing by mothers boyfriends uncounted number of deaths of innocent kids oh lord
Tania Pitama
Tania Pitama 19 hours ago
No tears.
Nikita Tiwari
Nikita Tiwari 20 hours ago
How come she hid her pregnancy the entire time????
spartan 995
spartan 995 22 hours ago
i had a cleft pallet wen i was born so if that was me, she would have murdered me
Jasmine Leopard
Jasmine Leopard 23 hours ago
I feel like she’s not being honest but also she was 15... it’s not ok but she was a child. She didn’t realize the full weight of her decision, and she didn’t fully understand her options. She was clearly scared if she hid the whole pregnancy. I’m not saying it’s ok, but I do have SOME sympathy for her.
Ayah Hassan
Ayah Hassan 23 hours ago
I am a kid but is it normal to get a baby out in just a 30 minutes??
irena dubrovna
The firebombing of dresden, germany, or the nuclear bombings of nagasaki and hiroshima , or the genocide at a place they , "the whites" would later euphemistically call, Wounded Knee - it is not called " baby killing " when The State does it.
renee hedglin
you are a cold blooded murder.
renee hedglin
i don't feel bad for just for the baby
Pamela Hamdy
Pamela Hamdy Day ago
How cold you gotta be to kill a little baby ? Let alone , your own baby ?!! Unbelievable!! She should rot away in prison !
rima Chetry
rima Chetry Day ago
She is psychopath
Sophie Jonkman
To be honest, I can't imagine the horror she went through. She was only 15 when she got pregnant. I'm 17 now and I wouldn't know what to do if I fell pregnant. It must've been horrible for her, but she should've seeken help. She could have gotten an abortion early on, now she had an abortion when the fetus was already born.
Smokey 420
Smokey 420 Day ago
A six-year sentence for murder? That's a perversion of justice!
Skylar Moon1234
He’s in a better place now but she should of told her family sooner...
Skylar Moon1234
I can’t believe she killed him...but she ended his pain..
karena apus
karena apus Day ago
I have feeling her mother knew everything. Not only is she a nurse but in the beginning she also mentioned her mother was like a friend. Nurse and friendly mother didn't know for 9 months her daughter is pregnant?
alamosgirl Day ago
No tears and she’s a lousy actress
Sienna Ballard
I was born with a cleft palate it’s when you have a whole in your throat making u not be able to eat properly
Rebecca Briggs
Female psychopath. It was all about her and her life. Her boyfriend stood on her stomach. She calls him "it". False emotion. Very scary person. Thousands of teen girls have troubled homes and pregnancies without doing any of what she did!! I have sympathy only for the baby.
Urantia Wins
Urantia Wins Day ago
Urantia Wins
Urantia Wins Day ago
Brent King
Brent King Day ago
How skinny is Oprah here
Aira Zedd Valenzuela
Can I just say she’s a horrible actress! No one buys that fake crying
Patti Nelson
Patti Nelson Day ago
She was in deep deep denial...
Alyssa Stella
I think the baby was deformed because Corey stepped on her stomach
Alyssa Stella
Moms don’t want to see their children in pain but sometimes they hurt them more
Alyssa Stella
Stand on your stomach?!?!
Nankaykhine Win
Don't acting like you are sad. Don't cry .
Soccer Mom 81
Six years??😭😭😭 This Woman makes me sick!
Ivon Dominguez
My wig flew.
My wig flew. Day ago
He was stepping on the baby so was the baby already dead
Dez Mentz
Dez Mentz Day ago
My 2yr old pointed out his dead fish as dead. How can she not know if a baby is alive or dead? Idk maybe the pink skin vs. blue?? She allowed her bf to stomp her belly, too cheap for an abortion, to trashy for adoption. I see a narcissist that thinks she's above another life...period...I hope her rights to children are forever revoked. Put her bf in prison too
Vialmind Day ago
No tears , no remorse and only 6 years? this is sad, if she didn't want to keep the baby she could've put him up for adoption instead of killing him.
Lucy Hartnett
Nope 4mins in and I can't watch anymore.
General English
Wait is it actually possible to hide a baby bump? Come on, we all knew abt Kylie Jenner although she kept it away from the media whole time
Akeem Nembhard
Stop with the lies!!! You're a monster and you should be spending the rest of your life in prison!!! Do you have any idea what this beautiful angel could have become??? He could have been the one to find the cure for Aids or Cancer etc. You robbed this innocent child of his future,i hope that even when you are out of prison you will still suffer everyday for the rest of your life.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Day ago
This is like a horror movie.
MISEON K Day ago
This is so sad! But I am not buying her story! That poor innocent baby didn't get a chance, and her and her loser boyfriend tortured this poor angel entire her pregnancy! And her mama didn't know her own daughter was pregnant?? She lying!
Joanne Wilkinson
give her a break
That Girl Mads
Think of all the loving parents that could've cared for that baby if only she would've been a little more responsible.
That Girl Mads
I get that she was young, but as a mother how do you not ask for help for your baby? How do you not reach out to your parents for help? Either she has parents she didn't trust or a crazy boyfriend. Maybe both. I feel for her, but how do you let a helpless infant go through this. How do you let your boyfriend stand on your stomach holding your baby? How did her parents let her date a senior? Those around her failed this girl and she failed her son.
Elyse Marie
Elyse Marie Day ago
Oprah knows she is a liar.
Elyse Marie
Elyse Marie Day ago
Girl PULLLEEEAASSSEEEEE any person with a human heart would have tried to save that baby. Wth
oso822101 Day ago
Where are the tears Jessica??
Stacy Thao
Stacy Thao Day ago
Girl. She’s only crying cause she know she got caught.
Motionless dark
What a monster!!!!Hopes she rots in prison! Wait don't tell me she's out of jail bruh....she needs to be in jail for life she makes me sick!!!
Nikki E
Nikki E Day ago
She should of got death. U can tell she not sorry.. and I'm not buying her fake crying.
LaDolcevita 2 days ago
Sorry but my daughter is 13 and would never even think of doing such a horrible thing.. this girl is evil and so is her boyfriend. They could have given that poor baby up for adoption or even abortion, not this!
izzy W
izzy W 2 days ago
this is sad but i will still always dislike oprah
Dayz 2 days ago
She’s lyinnnngggggggggg
Mary Kinuthia
Mary Kinuthia 2 days ago
Has no remorse, parents are crazy.
Professor Woland
Professor Woland 2 days ago
This crazy broad will still be able to get a boyfriend
Elaina Stanislawski
This is why we need to legalize abortions. You’re just pushing for unsave methods and “murders”
Express Your FrencH
She is SO ugly in every way.
Missi Christensen
She fucken feels NOTHING
Katrina McCormack
She made a huge mistake. She knows that. I’m not taking her side but you don’t know what was going through this poor girls head. She was in shock and she was scared. I’m NOT saying what she did was right but no one can assume or say what she deserves or why she deserves it. Jail time, sure but in my opinion she doesn’t deserve to be hated on so horribly. She will have t9 live with this until the day she dies and she knows that. Leave this poor girl alone
Rachel Partida
Rachel Partida 2 days ago
I hate her commentary about her son. She disregards his entire existence. I hope she rots.
sunniallwein86 2 days ago
Poor girl. Even though she is lying..
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