The 10 Greatest World Records In Football History

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▷ In this KYSTAR video you will see the best world records in the history of football. Unbelievable and amazing football records. Guinness world of records football edition. (sport)
List of Football Records:
1. Longest goal ever scored
2. Longest headed goal ever scored
3. Hardest/fastest shot ever recorded
4. Fastest red card ever
5. Fastest red card ever by a substitute
6. Fastest goal ever scored
7. Fastest goal ever by a substitute
8. Most goals scored by a goalkeeper in a career
9. Most goals scored by a player in a calendar year
10. Loudest crowd ever / loudest fans ever
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Nov 19, 2016




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Comments 5 355
KYSTAR 2 months ago
UPDATED VERSION OF THIS VIDEO🔥: ruvid.net/video/video--3ru1efys7g.html
Oscar Cuyabazo
Oscar Cuyabazo 6 days ago
Oscar Cuyabazo
Oscar Cuyabazo 6 days ago
@Simpleng Guhitkkiiiduduaó2weeedo
Otis Wilson
Otis Wilson Month ago
Song plz
Artur Guzy
Artur Guzy Month ago
Nawzajem Dobranoc i
Epick Crom
Epick Crom Month ago
Yo where is the mighty Socceroos record 31- 0 with Aussie Archie Thompson scoring 13 goals??
Andreas Hoppe
Andreas Hoppe 21 minute ago
The blue shirt: when your girlfriend texts you that she's home alone
Mehmet Atalay
Mehmet Atalay Hour ago
Fastest shot ever for 211 km/h? Search for Hami Mandıralı from Turkey in 90's... He has shoots over 230 km/h
Jon Pearse
Jon Pearse 9 hours ago
Fastest red for a sub should have been a foul and a yellow card the other way for diving
insurge 84
insurge 84 10 hours ago
Panelka zidane copa del mondo
cepin09 cepin09
cepin09 cepin09 11 hours ago
5:00 Messi offside
Blackjack650 jones
Blackjack650 jones 12 hours ago
Laughing at the stupid red card is only possible in corrupt countries because it happens all day every day
Mehmet Ali Okutan
Mehmet Ali Okutan 18 hours ago
Desibel record to Galatasaray fans ultraslan
Mattia Marcato
Mattia Marcato 18 hours ago
Like se sei italiano
Turan Akif
Turan Akif 19 hours ago
ciaran bailey lewisham
Ciaran carlin football club
BEŞİKTAŞ bir kara sevdadır gerisi tefarut dır..
Proxima Centauri
Glad that this video didn't come with some retarded house techno music
Ram Jam
Ram Jam 2 days ago
02:28, de que se ríe el bobo?
sadettin kalkan
sadettin kalkan 2 days ago
BeşiktAŞK çarşı🤩
Versao 2 days ago
2:40....Neymar, is you???
Jon Sidds
Jon Sidds 3 days ago
I can't be the only one who thinks at 2:28 is Kevin Hart running off the field. Not looks, just the way he walks off the field.
Karol4x. Dexeb.mCm.
erdem yapıcılar
Kuru gurultude rekor kirmisiz bir tek , Turk futbolu adina gurur duyduk
David L
David L 3 days ago
2:02, lol
Zigadiboom 3 days ago
The caption for this clip at first glance looks like Muralitharan getting red carded for chucking lol.
Raymond 3 days ago
0:43 _Uno reverse card_
City Cam
City Cam 4 days ago
amazing compilation
Ghola Tleilaxu
Ghola Tleilaxu 4 days ago
What happened to Serge Djiéhoua is called "blat" in Romanian football slang :)
Jhonny Greenz
Jhonny Greenz 4 days ago
the fastest red was jus bc the ref can see 😑🇨🇳
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike 4 days ago
Imagine the keeper scores more goals than the strikers....😂. Whoopss
Tobias Lausten
Tobias Lausten 4 days ago
Name of the beat?
Gdtsgdgst Hdysysgsy
0:22 my love video :X
Ggv Fhv
Ggv Fhv 4 days ago
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m
Daniel Soria
Daniel Soria 4 days ago
Loudest crowd ? check Boca Juniors or Racing Club from Argentina
LucianDevine 5 days ago
I have to ask, in the second clip, why was the goaltender that was scored on even on that side of the field?
ali tarhanaci
ali tarhanaci 5 days ago
En hızlı şut 214 km ile hami mandıralıya aittir develer
Salvatore Bertulino
İbrahim halil Pamuk
Sonu güzellll Beşiktaş. Türk takimi
Eli Arroyo
Eli Arroyo 5 days ago
Eli Arroyo
Eli Arroyo 5 days ago
Im RE# B\ue And lellow
Anwar Iman
Anwar Iman 5 days ago
Look at this 3:43👀
falcon eyes
falcon eyes 5 days ago
2:09 he crying inside but bare it!!!! black lives matter!! 👇
Torab Abdullah
Torab Abdullah 5 days ago
2:45 what was so rule breaking that the referee had to use red card? Poor decision making.
Adithya Kumar
Adithya Kumar 5 days ago
3:31 wow what a jump man🤤
KR7 Dudes
KR7 Dudes 5 days ago
Shashank Gawali
Shashank Gawali 6 days ago
What is the background music....anyone?
falcon eyes
falcon eyes 5 days ago
crowd voice!!! lol
Rogerio cene e mito aqui no brasil
Oscar Cuyabazo
Oscar Cuyabazo 6 days ago
Kuvak Satar
Kuvak Satar 7 days ago
10. Loudest Crowd Ever Yes this my country ÇOK YAŞA TÜRKİYEEE (TURKEY)
Kerem Tucker
Kerem Tucker 7 days ago
Hello from Turkey Love u Beşiktaş ❤️⚫⚪⚫❤️
0x777 7 days ago
Holy crap, 141dB. You could start a supersonic aircraft next to those guys and you'd still hear their chants. That's some dedication!
Bada Saab
Bada Saab 8 days ago
Bro hats off to your efforts.what a beautiful compilation. Keep it up
Raman Appu
Raman Appu 9 days ago
The fastest red card in this video is fake, the playtime at the corner is 82 mints
Janissary58 9 days ago
the fastest red speedrun%any
Juan Devaliee&Dexeb.k.l
inutil suverzivo
inutil suverzivo 10 days ago
Amazing goal by the best player in history LORD BENDTNER
DungHoangGaming 10 days ago
0:27 who is that goalkeeper
Ryder 10 days ago
World: So, who's the best free kick scorer, messi or ronaldo? Rogerio Ceni: Hold my beer
Abhinaya Bintang
Abhinaya Bintang 6 days ago
Busta...,Straight Busta !!!! Shit CJ, Shit !!!! Oh shit !!, run !!!! By : Ryder, Ganton 1992
Subdidk Jqvdifkjr
Subdidk Jqvdifkjr 11 days ago
Agent of Chaos
Agent of Chaos 11 days ago
3:03 Nice touch syncing up their dance to the video music....LOL
Michel xXx
Michel xXx 12 days ago
Não podia faltar o M1TO com seus 131 gols
Vital Servil
Vital Servil 12 days ago
kenbe la baz
Abhinand K
Abhinand K 12 days ago
Messi fans like me 💖💖💖
CLIRIM ABDIAJ 12 days ago
The 3 seconds red card is by Greek yeam
Nxnxkk Jxnxn
Nxnxkk Jxnxn 12 days ago
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja
Djalfksbabdks Bsandbakdh
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja
wisgd Horueu
wisgd Horueu 13 days ago
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya
VATO AKAVELLY 13 days ago
Brudi sind 4 Ecken die im Tor landen bei einem match record aus der Ecke und das eckige direkt
Maegan Barrett
Maegan Barrett 13 days ago
Asmir Begovic goal
ziyad hzeen
ziyad hzeen 13 days ago
حكم قذر عنصري حاقد ..هذا اللاعب لم لكونه اسود ولم يرتكب خطأ لكن الحكم عنصري حقير
ABU Swaleh
ABU Swaleh 13 days ago
Imagine playing as an away team, and the home team fans cheering like that
Burak Kuş
Burak Kuş 4 days ago
Ask Timo Werner about it
paulo roberto
paulo roberto 13 days ago
Pele scored 126 gols in 1959.
Ziauddin Khan
Ziauddin Khan 13 days ago
@2:27 best reaction to a red card ever.
Purple Edge
Purple Edge 13 days ago
2:13 *_Look at me!_* *_i'm a total retard! ( ^.^)_*
athletic bilbao johan
Greek racism referee..
sunny Tomar
sunny Tomar 13 days ago
Lord bendtner
Kyuya Seivenstein
Kyuya Seivenstein 14 days ago
Faster watch this video "0 sec"
Wiz Haytham 187
Wiz Haytham 187 14 days ago
After Bendtner, It’s Lucas Moura
Dyahz Ddhsh
Dyahz Ddhsh 14 days ago
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja
Hdvskkx Lamdbhd
Hdvskkx Lamdbhd 14 days ago
I need boy friend
Mitu Raj
Mitu Raj 14 days ago
3:19 Lord Bendtner
Javsksn Kansidn
Javsksn Kansidn 14 days ago
Arib Hossain
Arib Hossain 15 days ago
What a Smile !
Samuel Gyankomah
Samuel Gyankomah 15 days ago
The way he said warning for headphone users I thought it was so loud so I completely turned down the volume but when I turned it back up although it was loud it wasn't like I expected
Samuel Gyankomah
Samuel Gyankomah 15 days ago
I like the way the guy who got the red card laughed🤣🤣
Chwerb Tv
Chwerb Tv 15 days ago
0:20 beat plz ??
STUPID FREAK 15 days ago
That foul wasnt no red card. A yellow card at best dats just straight up racism in football
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson 15 days ago
Arsenal 49 game unbeaten is one of the best!
Sheela Kavya
Sheela Kavya 15 days ago
I wanted see hand of God by maradona
Ali Cem Sayın
Ali Cem Sayın 15 days ago
Messi Absolute beast
Eiwjsjvd Dyowskgx
Eiwjsjvd Dyowskgx 16 days ago
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan
Eduardo Ferraz
Eduardo Ferraz 16 days ago
Rogerio Ceni, the Myth Goalkeeper.
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva 16 days ago
211km sounds like bs
Wkekmdmdc Mcclfkfmg
Yang pilih allah like.
Jsnxkmx Kwnddk
Jsnxkmx Kwnddk 16 days ago
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m
Memdkxmcmc Mxkdkddkkx
Yang pilih allah like.
s84 16 days ago
Number 6 is very awesome fast goal ever .
Fueoosjzgx Dyaikzgx
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja
Wkekmdmdc Mcclfkfmg
I need boy friend
Dbdb Sndh
Dbdb Sndh 16 days ago
Sthdvgsg Gshdvdgh
Sthdvgsg Gshdvdgh 16 days ago
Meldfkgmg Mdckckcmvmv
Kwekdkfmg Mckckvgmv
I need boy friend
Fucek 17 days ago
Mafia football
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