The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star

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Oct 18, 2019




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Comments 80
amy Xx
amy Xx 18 hours ago
the fact this video has 20 million views is very satisfying
himom boomer
himom boomer 20 hours ago
I love that you put a Johnnie Guilbert song in here, it’s so supportive and wholesome 🖤🖤
KC G 21 hour ago
The things Mark has to deal with, 15:25
Orla Tobin
Orla Tobin 21 hour ago
I love the way Shane's channel icon is a picture of him in makeup.Yet this was his first client 😅
ThaSoda Fam
ThaSoda Fam Day ago
Shane is more relavent and has more subscribers then jake paul, YASSS. Sis get that coin.
Adelaide Linser
Me seeing them wearing masks while watching in 2020😷😷😔😔
when i saw the newly decorated house i actually started crying...
Name 07
Name 07 2 days ago
15:57 Jeffree during the morphe phone call 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 He’s so freaking funny
The Truth_uk
The Truth_uk 2 days ago
Wow Shane’s got more subscribers than Jeffery he’s smashing it. 👏🏻
Matthew Harjo
Matthew Harjo 3 days ago
“Over party! ... the good kind.”
Unicorn Guru
Unicorn Guru 3 days ago
Jeffree: “So we are going to do a conference call..” 2020: *shook*
The Ruler
The Ruler 4 days ago
March 13 is Friday 13 😰
Lucaa Gracee
Lucaa Gracee 4 days ago
Rewatching during corona, and idk why but I REAALLLLYYYY love the intro to this series
Step Chicken
Step Chicken 4 days ago
17:38 I cant😂😂
Kate 4 days ago
Is no one talking abut it how Andrew swore🤣💀
Keira Sweeney
Keira Sweeney 5 days ago
i love how much jeffree just hands the reins to shane
That Chic Nic
That Chic Nic 5 days ago
But wait, where did Morgan get that suitcase stand because I live for it and I want it.
Cesar Luis
Cesar Luis 5 days ago
Ah this point, I think Shane can honestly start an actual series on Netflix. I mean... this editing and all the stuff is just phenomenal!!! Seriously!!! I love this!!!
potaytoes rule
potaytoes rule 5 days ago
Why did i cry when they said their goodbyes to the house??
Caoimhe Murphy
Same like idek why it was just emotional...... until shane started kissing the fridge😂🤦‍♀️
Wolf98 0987
Wolf98 0987 6 days ago
Ngl I'm so proud of Shane 💜💙💚💛
Kai Dragon
Kai Dragon 6 days ago
I know I probably shouldn’t comment this but Eugenia cooney is starting to lose weight again and I know it’s not my business but I’m just worried and thought you should know before it gets out of hand again
Mar Bosch
Mar Bosch 6 days ago
It’s sad how people don’t even know anyone involved in the series and yet have the nerve to say that it’s all an act to get more views. Shane seems so down to earth to me just because of his past, and to even think that he would fake his emotions is just outrageous. Ah, and for all you haters, people trying to buy the conspiracy palette broke the internet.
jeffery star is sexy
Ha gay boys
Jenna Brook
Jenna Brook 7 days ago
She’s the one that took the GREEN OUT OMGGGGG NO
liife_niight 7 days ago
I bet Jeffree burned that pillow of Nate???
Tobias 7 days ago
Jenn S
Jenn S 7 days ago
"You got a dick appointment." Ryland is my spirit animal
Leah Burnette
Leah Burnette 7 days ago
I’m here from quarantine, rewatching all these series, Im living for jeffree Star, Shane dawson and johnnie’s song in this video, just me?
Priscilla Peyton
Priscilla Peyton 7 days ago
Taja Devi
Taja Devi 7 days ago
Hunter McDonald
Hunter McDonald 7 days ago
Jeffree is so nice bruh 😭🙌
Olivia Lee Merriman
8:09 no one gonna talk about how cute it is when the puppy goes under the bed?
Art D best
Art D best 8 days ago
So I'm feeling like shane and Jeffree's relationship is like a lil sister big sister relationship.
Idiotic Ferret
Idiotic Ferret 8 days ago
Shane moving houses was so sad for me, his life changed so quickly but I’m so proud of him and his family.
Wascally Wabbit
Wascally Wabbit 8 days ago
When he started talking about how much he misses his old home I thought he was going to kiss it for awhile like the walls or something but was disappointed when he didn't but just got to the part where he did! 😂Awww
Aye Renee
Aye Renee 8 days ago
23:24 anyone else notice it says "manaer" instead of manager? thats so funny
Aliyah Jozele
Aliyah Jozele 8 days ago
Did anyone else completely start bawling when they walked around the old house 😭 like my heart legitimately hurts. 🥺❤️
Trinity Hoyt
Trinity Hoyt 8 days ago
The Johnnie Guilbert song jkhjgrfkgbhk.jkgfde
Milk 9 days ago
I love Shane deeply but he’s gotta work on that eyeliner
yameili perez
yameili perez 9 days ago
I hope honey is doing well🙏🙏 it's been a while since i seen her💖💖
Tiffany Henry
Tiffany Henry 9 days ago
laura kelly
laura kelly 9 days ago
This is Shane's winning lottery ticket
Bryn McCarthy
Bryn McCarthy 9 days ago
anybody else watching this again and literally crying over them walking around the old house? no? me either...
Robert Kretz
Robert Kretz 9 days ago
Ugh. If I had to take a shot for every time someone said “I’m scared” or “I’m nervous” I would be blackout
The Schneple -Empire
Did anyone else cry when they went over the memories of they're old house?
Eriq Denton
Eriq Denton 9 days ago
I don't really care about the make-up industry but this business world, drama, and friendship documentary is super interesting to watch
Iris xx
Iris xx 10 days ago
so cool that this came out on my bday,made it a great day
Yana Shah
Yana Shah 10 days ago
I just realized that these videos were re-edited after the release
MaddieP74 10 days ago
I’ve never seen Shane move so fast as he did when he went to kiss that fridge😂USAIN BOLT IS QUAKING!!!
Mia Isabella
Mia Isabella 10 days ago
You know what confusing about Shane . He has 20 something MILLION SUBSCRIBERS and he doesn’t think people will buy .LIKEEE WHAAAAAAT 😅😄
Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth S. 10 days ago
Wow, I had noo clue... most people do not. Thank you for making documentary's like this and I am sorry that bad stuff has to happen with success. But It does prove that pot does not have to make one stupid. Thank you for proving this....
Aoishe Das
Aoishe Das 11 days ago
This is Netflix for free
Syeda L.
Syeda L. 11 days ago
20 million dollars. That’s not including the gloss. The makeup bags. The mirrors. The merch he put out. I cannot fathom how much money these sisters made. Jeffree, what the fuck?!
Sister Kaylee
Sister Kaylee 11 days ago
Jeffree is a very smart business man. Which is very important to have in the industry. Hate him or not, you have to admit his formals are the best of the best. Jeffree knows what he is doing, helping Shane through this process. I have the conspiracy palette myself and seeing the behind the scenes makes me feel so special, haha.
Oinker 11 days ago
When Jeffree Star said, “ Shane is the holiday collection. “ He look so shook.
Sister Kaylee
Sister Kaylee 11 days ago
I know ur not friends with James anymore but it would be cool to see his life behind the camera....maybe use him for views. It would be a great series tho. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Valentin .21
Valentin .21 11 days ago
Ready since 2019 😂 23:28
Lindy V
Lindy V 11 days ago
I was rewatching this series during quarantine and heard the no interruption song again...its become my quarantine theme song when I need a pick me up!!!
Geek central
Geek central 11 days ago
1:53 : me thinking ;omg- SCOOBY DOO..!
Lalinox 11 days ago
THEY PREDICTED CORONA I TELL YOU 23:28 !!! Conspiracy lmao
MsLittleBastard666 11 days ago
"Things come in threes" ......... They broke the internet. That was the third thing when you think about it.
Jordana Loutitt
Jordana Loutitt 12 days ago
Shane can do better makeup than me wtf!! jk love you Shane!
Blxssom Dreams
Blxssom Dreams 12 days ago
I wish I had a friend ship with my bff like Jeffree and shane this laugh a lot and has a amazing friend ship
5k Subscribes with no videos challenge
Watching this knowing that this palette was a huge success shows that shane deserves all the love in this world
Emalee Casey
Emalee Casey 12 days ago
Shane: Pokes his eye out Me: Laughs my was off
What's up my dudes yeet
Watching this and remembering Shane at the beginning of his career AND NOW HE MAKING BANK just shows how he is the godfather of RUvid.
Gacha Bella
Gacha Bella 13 days ago
17:35 me in theater
Madison S
Madison S 13 days ago
BRO the edits and quality is amazing. I feel like it is a whole official documentery movie. Im SHOOK. 👏👏👏💙
sophie koren
sophie koren 13 days ago
I got so sad when Shane went into the old house and showed all the memories 🥺
Aza Art
Aza Art 13 days ago
Is Shane gay?
Aza Art
Aza Art 13 days ago
Mr. Woof ohhhh okay
Mr. Woof
Mr. Woof 13 days ago
Emma Rose
Emma Rose 13 days ago
Izzy Finland
Izzy Finland 14 days ago
15:58 reply button
Julia Operchal
Julia Operchal 14 days ago
i wanted to cry when the girl kimmy said that she wouldn´t wear the green color. FUCK.
April Fernandez
April Fernandez 14 days ago
Me:already seeing Shane in balenciga shook to the sister co Also me:
Isabella Belleza
Isabella Belleza 14 days ago
I love Shane’s dogs
Natalie Peterson nataapet
Shane and Jeffree both really deserve this
Megan Rowe
Megan Rowe 15 days ago
Who's dying of laughter cause Jeffrey is wearing a mask and now in 2020 we have to wear our masks haha haha ha ha ha ha like if u agree 👍also who thinks it would be a good vid 2 see Jeffrey in this 👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👑👑👑👑👑👑
Alicia Durbajlo
Alicia Durbajlo 15 days ago
My god I literally started crying at the start with the whole house thing that was there house they had everything there 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
yolo bythelastone
yolo bythelastone 15 days ago
7 minutes into the video and im already crying.
Caitlin Cooney
Caitlin Cooney 15 days ago
I love how it's called the 20 million dlar deal and it has 20 million views. Coincedence? Nope they are ICONIC
Caitlin Cooney
Caitlin Cooney 15 days ago
Also I know I spelt a lot of things wrong
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