"That's The Saddest Excuse For A Pizza I've Ever Seen In My Entire Life" | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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It looks it too.
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Apr 17, 2019




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Comments 4 517
Lure Addict
Lure Addict 28 minutes ago
I love eating at home hence this place !!
ShangHigh 999
ShangHigh 999 5 hours ago
Me watching Gordon Ramsay while eating microwaved food lmao
AwkwardRenegade 20 hours ago
Gordon comes to a restaurant. Kitchen: Time to microwave some frozen food.
Völundr Frey
Völundr Frey 2 days ago
Is it just me who has never sent anything back in a restaurant, even when it's been really bad I've just paid my bill and gone to get something elsewhere. Maybe I should start complaining more.
Gnasni Day ago
Nah all those people there never sent something back either, they just found out Gordon is the kitchen so they act all uppity. Hadn't he been there they would've quietly eaten their food. If you don't want to eat boogers and cum I wouldn't recommend sending it back unless it really is just unacceptable Now if Gordon is in the kitchen and the food is bad you can safely send it back because he'll outright murder the fucker that tries to mess with your food (Don't forget that a 10$ meal standard is a world of difference from a 20$ meal)
SOLAIRE 3 days ago
ya allll of a sudden eeeeeeverybody's a food critic when Gordon Ramsey is in town
10 months ago today
Okuyasu Nijimura
Okuyasu Nijimura 3 days ago
Guy eating: it's a little garlick-y but- Cameraman: I'm gonna stop you right there.
X D 4 days ago
I’ve seen better pizzas in my back alley
Frank Miranda
Frank Miranda 5 days ago
Their pizzas are a disgrace to all pizza lovers
ryan nash
ryan nash 6 days ago
it's so obvious that people show up and send the food back just because they want to be on TV
Troll Mutant
Troll Mutant 6 days ago
americans complain too much.
DIO thE PotAto
DIO thE PotAto 10 days ago
reduce food wasted? just cook better so Gordon wont throw it into trash can
Tony Lawlor
Tony Lawlor 11 days ago
It's cheaper to buy fresh veggies from market and freshly killed chicken rather than pre-prepared stodgy muck.
Amducyas 15 days ago
When the Owner says she wouldn't give the food to her dog and i'm like I't your fucking food you BIMBO!!! xD
Juno 15 days ago
John looks like Joe with glasses.
Dinasty 936
Dinasty 936 15 days ago
Which épisode is this please
kiyosen L.
kiyosen L. 15 days ago
At least when McDonald's makes all their frozen food they made it so its not half bad and cheap, going to one of these places is like paying $40 to eat at one of the lower end McDonald's, you know the ones where the the fries are cold and soggy and the rest of the food isnt much better
OfficialmikeMike 01
I think Gordon Ramsay went to papas pizzeria
Holly Zaina
Holly Zaina 17 days ago
‘J-Willy’ Sounds like one of those creepy uncles who comes out of nowhere after 10 years and starts asking for money 😂 (No offence to anyone who has the name ‘J-Willy’ in there name)
Ha Thim
Ha Thim 18 days ago
When the food dosent taste good, then the manager is the problem. -OK-
laser325 19 days ago
2:46 "More food coming back than there is sent out.." Now that's not fair. People are bringing crap food from home and sending it to the restaurant kitchen...
david yalcin
david yalcin 19 days ago
I never send food back. I cook at home ;)
Alize Ridin
Alize Ridin 19 days ago
I just clicked on here to say this shit is so staged. Especially thumbnail. It blows me away people like reality fake TV. But it’s an opinion. I just don’t get it. But much love to those who do.
Robbie T
Robbie T 19 days ago
wth people gonna come when gorden is recording kitchen nightmares.... You know you probberly gonna eat ove ror undercooked rotten food.
Ryan Gove
Ryan Gove 20 days ago
If Gordon invited me to eat at a restaurant........I would pass.
Declared puma
Declared puma 20 days ago
I'm surprised he didn't say it's like eating a dogs ass
J Sanders
J Sanders 20 days ago
An owner who says they wouldn't serve their food to their own dog should be publicly shamed.
Mike O'Keefe
Mike O'Keefe 20 days ago
There is long hair in the kitchen........barf....
NoahB 2695
NoahB 2695 20 days ago
0:22 I got a 16 inch Pi......
dan o kelly
dan o kelly 21 day ago
Is half of the pizza is just ranch dressing? Eww
jimmy mok
jimmy mok 21 day ago
They should make a Gordon Ramsay skin in PUBG and make the pan twice as strong when using the skin
Laural ローラル
Can the episode names and titles go in the description so I can find them on my tv? Like, I love this, but it’s frustrating to not know what episode each are from!
Forrest Robles
Forrest Robles 22 days ago
This is a very annoying pattern.. People knowingly come to a shitty restaurant for the sake of getting momentary recognition, by complaining about food that they already know is going to be terrible.. These are the most pathetic, desperate, and embarrassing members of society.
Six Beer Math
Six Beer Math 24 days ago
Honestly, it's bar food. All the "glamorous" customers show up because they hear the name Ramsey for a 10 dollar sandwich and expect it to be gourmet
Spider-Mang !!
Spider-Mang !! 25 days ago
God bless middle America lol 😂 buy it defrost it send it lol 😂
joe woodchuck
joe woodchuck 25 days ago
I had a pizza in northern New York that I swear had a "sauce" consisting of nothing more than than Campbell's tomato soup directly from the can.
Retro Ownz
Retro Ownz 27 days ago
Bruh I swear maybe it’s just similar packaging but those burgers that he dropped @1:18 looked dead ass like the burgers we serve work man.
The Bird Music Playlist
The owner reminds me of Toby from The Office.
Raven Blaze
Raven Blaze 27 days ago
welp not eating there ever
Spookified 27 days ago
i'd still eat it, it's pizza cmon
Polyjaveskie Ceniza
Damn freshly frozen
Hayden Cutrone
Hayden Cutrone 27 days ago
That food looks like shit they need a new chef
Fayd Bills
Fayd Bills 27 days ago
Gordon needs some authentic midwestern cuisine. Buffalo carp, catfish, horseshoe sandwiches, etc.
Mrihave20toes 28 days ago
Fish sandwich. She didnt like it "holy mackeral"
you’re delusional
i feel bad for this owner. he’s so depressed
regardé par-dessus
Imagine what ppl in 3rd world countries, where ppl are dying from hunger every day, would think of this show
Asif Khan
Asif Khan 28 days ago
The kitchen utopia Gordon Ramsey vouches for is so ridiculous. 1. It is impossible to cook and serve everything fresh. Dude it is a regular running kitchen with normal human being working, not Masterchef xyz. 2. Even Gordon Ramsey's and Heston Blumenthal's restaurant has allegations of preserving food and unclean kitchens. 3. Why he goes on and throws food, I have no idea. Food taste is just an art and like all arts, it is subjective....not every day we encounter hotshot food connoisseurs. *Absolute Gibberish*
Terri Seaton
Terri Seaton 28 days ago
Don’t people know if Ramsey is at a restaurant that’s the last place they should want to eat?
Ian Stephenson
Ian Stephenson 28 days ago
That pizza makes me want to throw up Edit: So does everything else
Mutten Mong
Mutten Mong 29 days ago
thanks Gordon, I never go eat order out no more, best you do everything yourself...at home. Taxes and government enable poor quality and service. There you go!
zhinka 29 days ago
most people wish they got the quality of ingredients that I put into making my dog's dinner!
something cool?
something cool? 29 days ago
The thumbnail looked fucking disgusting
robert coffin
robert coffin 29 days ago
it's a setup. the show provides the customers. they are over critical on purpose. and Ramsey is pompous and rude. and a person who pulls food out of his mouth with his bare hands instead of spitting it in a napkin or spits it onto his plate is just gross! he is a total food snob! i actually ate at one of his restaurants. the food is very high quality. but i didn't like the taste. plus, the portions were to small for the price, like most restaurants you're hungry again an hour later. now, this will probably gross some of you out but i would enjoy an Italian beef sandwich soaked in juice w/green peppers rather than ANYTHING on his menu!
bubbly871 29 days ago
*waiter brings ice water* Gordon: is this ice stale? Waiter: it’s frozen Gordon: *sighs*
Dorian Alexander
Dorian Alexander 22 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂 ahhhh. That’s funny.
scottydu81 28 days ago
bubbly871 Fresh ice > frozen ice
yandrsupreme 29 days ago
This is a fast food place. So apparently you are not allowed to use ANY frozen product in any restaurant, no matter how small or low cost. I eat frozen food all the time, and don't think it's gross.
cellogirl11RW 29 days ago
Puke! 🤮
Yuuto Kazuya
Yuuto Kazuya 29 days ago
If someone insults a person by telling them they’re like *that* pizza, STOP THEM. I mean, that’s an insult to the pizza
Dani 28 days ago
nice pfp
Venustraphobia 29 days ago
The sad thing is that I’d probably eat all of that because I have no standards
George Smith
George Smith 29 days ago
Problem with most restaurants the menu is too large. Concentrate on a few items cooked fresh.
freddy h
freddy h 29 days ago
Its Primitive Cave man StyLE lmaoFF
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