That One Time at Summer Camp... | Hannah Stocking

Hannah Stocking
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Aug 18, 2018




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Comments 6 739
Jymy Brockman
Jymy Brockman Hour ago
5 : 30 they’re holding hands
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez 13 hours ago
1:34 she is acking smart
Amina unicorn Girl 2
Hannah I voted for you Like if you voted for Hannah 👇🏻
wolfy stories
wolfy stories 2 days ago
0:34 anyone else see that person in Orange or just me
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 2 days ago
3:30 just started to make me laugh of the the cringe
Kylie Cohen
Kylie Cohen 2 days ago
hayley12b 2 days ago
2:47 almost choked on my ice lolly 😂
farrah b
farrah b 3 days ago
Hanna you should be a scientist
Lydia Collins
Lydia Collins 4 days ago
Omg I love you
Starwolf playZ
Starwolf playZ 4 days ago
What was that moving thing in 0:33
Elise El-Kassar
Elise El-Kassar 5 days ago
Who else saw the Orange person crime in the tree 0:33
Keshawn Vlogs
Keshawn Vlogs 5 days ago
Who’s smater like for Hannah stocking commet for lele pons
Rosie Crooks
Rosie Crooks 5 days ago
Why does Hannah have a moonboot on
Nothing At All
Nothing At All 6 days ago
6:06 me after school is over
Bespoke Fitness Training
Who else pressed this vid but is not really watching it just scrolling through the comments and pressing other people's comments that say stuff like ' ooohhh did u see that gay girl in a gross blue bikini eating a popsicle whilst peeing in the woods?' Haha crazy example but it works 😂😂
Sylvia Shipmon
Sylvia Shipmon 7 days ago
I hate you
Amie Fletcher
Amie Fletcher 9 days ago
Eclipse_Lmao 9 days ago
I sell free replay buttons! Have some! 6:06 6:06 6:06 6:06
Alexandra Montlaban
I want to go to havard too hannah
Bàñàñà Gäçhä
UMMM Hannah You Sure You a Have A Brocken Leg XDDD
Cyrrus Lowe
Cyrrus Lowe 10 days ago
Omg building with pasta and marshmallows is impossible
TheWolfzAngle 47
TheWolfzAngle 47 10 days ago
ღlσνєlу ραѕѕισи fяυιтღ
0:33, did anyone realize that orange figure n the background climbing that tree? Is it Will Farrow?
Darcy Allen
Darcy Allen 12 days ago
The curs is broken OMG the voice in dying
Fortnitedude 12 days ago
He called his mom and said he won when they haven’t even started 😂😂
Madison Balonie
Madison Balonie 12 days ago
How did the teacher not notice the purple team cheated on tug of war?
Mira Mouasher
Mira Mouasher 12 days ago
Madison Balonie that was part of the joke
Junior Arevalo
Junior Arevalo 12 days ago
Your beautiful
Ellen Regala
Ellen Regala 12 days ago
The curse is broken😂
Hodman Kozar
Hodman Kozar 13 days ago
The principle eating spaghetti and marshmallow oooooh
Marissa Whitson
Marissa Whitson 13 days ago
@ 3:26 and 3:27 is me when I finally get a bf🤣😂😭 I love watching ur vids Hannah 😘
Pedro Mejia Perez
Pedro Mejia Perez 13 days ago
Worried Cat1234
Worried Cat1234 13 days ago
During the tug of war, someone had to tie the rope to a tree
Ciara Williams
Ciara Williams 14 days ago
😆 lol hanny is so funny 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Layla Flemming
Layla Flemming 14 days ago
Savage also means wild or ü domesticated
dandelion.wierd 123
1:16 that's me when there is just a tiny fly
YO YOUTUBE 15 days ago
What happened to Hannah legs
Lele Pons
Lele Pons 15 days ago
Hey everyone!!!!!!✋✋✋✋
Melissa Pennington
Melissa Pennington 15 days ago
Melissa Pennington
Melissa Pennington 15 days ago
Green Soccer Man
Green Soccer Man 17 days ago
Congrats on 6mil
Ninas Sweetpalace
Ninas Sweetpalace 17 days ago
2:45 I can't stop😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
aran floyd cavero
aran floyd cavero 18 days ago
I know what are you doing Reading the comments
Goodie Good
Goodie Good 18 days ago
I love you hannah
Goodie Good
Goodie Good 18 days ago
I'm a men
Alex Srey
Alex Srey 18 days ago
At 4:09 when your embarrassed because your friend can't rap
Alex Srey
Alex Srey 18 days ago
When he fell I could not stop laughing
Jayanna Patterson
Jayanna Patterson 18 days ago
I love you
NNKGachaGirl :3
NNKGachaGirl :3 19 days ago
NNKGachaGirl :3
NNKGachaGirl :3 19 days ago
3:31 is probably the funniest part of this video XD 😂 😂
Karlee M.
Karlee M. 19 days ago
6:07 😂😂
Tina Shanae
Tina Shanae 19 days ago
*the curse is broken*😂
Lila Chapman
Lila Chapman 19 days ago
2:45 is a mood
Red Panda Hannah
Red Panda Hannah 20 days ago
ive done the marshmellow and pasta thing before
Indah Bintang
Indah Bintang 22 days ago
I like the yellow team boy funny
Lucy& Leah
Lucy& Leah 22 days ago
Man: “I have a lighter in my pocket” me: *bursts out laughing*
Michelle O'Brien
Michelle O'Brien 23 days ago
hi iwatch your vidios all the time and you are soooooooo funny sorry i am tiping so lte because i just got to comment thank you you are amazing
Aidan Bal
Aidan Bal 23 days ago
AAAAAAAAAAA that Tarzan guy
Aidan Bal
Aidan Bal 23 days ago
It’s that Tarzan guy who makes me pee
Aidan Bal
Aidan Bal 23 days ago
That guy who fell at 2:50 mad me pee
judith engelbrecht
judith engelbrecht 23 days ago
What happed to Hannah s 🦶 foot
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl 24 days ago
Hannah you are really smart
Local Kid
Local Kid 24 days ago
2:45 IM LITARALLY DEAD😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😁😁
Alora Clement
Alora Clement 24 days ago
0:34 anyone realize there is someone behind the camp instructor in a orange suit climbing the tree
Juliana 1234
Juliana 1234 24 days ago
I can’t stop replaying 6:07 ! 😂😂😂
Jay Trabulsi
Jay Trabulsi 25 days ago
0:33 is when u see a guy
mayra hernandez
mayra hernandez 25 days ago
5:43 had me laughing 😂
Aurelia Wild
Aurelia Wild 25 days ago
Rodrigo Lopes
Rodrigo Lopes 25 days ago
5:45 i thought the boys voise was soft but it was so loud and low but he still cute 😂🤣
kbenkyane 25 days ago
Hannah whats wrong , why do you have a cast ,i noticed it at 6:12 are you ok what happened
Jelly 3
Jelly 3 26 days ago
Pause video in 0:33
elizabeth nickel
elizabeth nickel 26 days ago
what did you do to your foot
Abigail Kelly
Abigail Kelly 26 days ago
Arissa Sewell
Arissa Sewell 27 days ago
"The curse is broken" 😂😂
Ratha Sandy
Ratha Sandy 27 days ago
Did anybody realize that Hannah was wearing a cast the whole time and when she was dancing on the table
Elise El-Kassar
Elise El-Kassar 28 days ago
What is Hannah wearing on her foot
peyton jury
peyton jury 28 days ago
Actually Sabrain
Actually Sabrain 28 days ago
I had a lighter in my pocket
Best friend and me
Best friend and me 28 days ago
Did u guys know lele deleted Amandas Successful videos then when Amanda asks lele said because I’m Latina DUDE SO IF A COP ASKS WHY DID U KILL YOUR DAD? BECAUSE IM LATINANANANANANAN XD
zlixed 197
zlixed 197 28 days ago
yeahhh you aint going nowhere
Izzy Marion
Izzy Marion 28 days ago
3:23 that shoe what happened?
Necee B
Necee B 29 days ago
2:44 to 2:47 had my DYING!! LMAO
A Godoy
A Godoy 29 days ago
I’m going to like my own comment because no one else will:(
Maylen Reyes mendoza
Hannah what snog is that
Aryanna Yaya Morales
2:44 me trying to look athletic in front of my crush
Hoor Mob
Hoor Mob Month ago
Lol the guy tried to jump but he fell on his face 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Myla Burns
Myla Burns Month ago
“The curse is broken!” 😂 the voice he did I am dying omfg
mikhael mercelin
5:47 omg the best moment
Angel girl Houston Texas USA
Hana why did you not win why!!!!!
Aaliyah Rojas-Andrade
The time you published this it was my birthday
alex sanchez
alex sanchez Month ago
5:48 yea you ain’t goin nowhere yellow team be’s like woooow
Aariyauna Wallace
I seen the lost boy climbing a tree
mariana otero
mariana otero Month ago
0:34 there was a guy climbing a tree
strom leah
strom leah Month ago
I like how she puts in the "forgotten camper" doing funny things XD
Abbie Relton
Abbie Relton Month ago
5:47 I wet my pants laughing
adrian plays
adrian plays Month ago
5:45 when the nerd brings out its demon voice: YEAH U AINT GOING NO WHERE !!!!!!
Bespoke Fitness Training
Lauren Garcia
Lauren Garcia Month ago
I spelled it wrong
Lauren Garcia
Lauren Garcia Month ago
“ I think I have a liter in my pocket “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅☺️🤣🤣
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