"That is wacky!" | Weird NHL Vol. 36

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Plenty of wacky and wild moments from the past few weeks of the NHL season including a bizarre broken net, a Gritty takeover, an unusual McDavid mistake and Ovechkin's blow torch
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Published on


Dec 12, 2019




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Comments 424
Bobby K
Bobby K 2 days ago
It's hockey. Nothing special here.
Brekken Hill
Brekken Hill 2 days ago
jojo siwa soso jiwa
Aaron Duran
Aaron Duran 3 days ago
2:57 I was at that Ducks Game
Sauron Ikov
Sauron Ikov 6 days ago
12:41 the face we all make when we see a girl naked
Reprogramming Mind
Fantastic editing1
Aarnavo 6 days ago
“Is he doing a creme brûlée?” HAH BRUH
That One Guy
That One Guy 12 days ago
Can we appreciate we saw the same 6-0 Leafs-Red Wings game like 4 times😂
Peyton Sugar Rush
Peyton Sugar Rush 12 days ago
The hurricanes are in like every other clip😂😂😂
Joseph stalin
Joseph stalin 13 days ago
averylynn s
averylynn s 18 days ago
Alex Burress
Alex Burress 21 day ago
Hey. Doc I believe the blowtorch was for wonderwall quickly drying ear you're placing they get cold
Matty Shreds
Matty Shreds 26 days ago
3:10 !! wow!
Tommy Ellis
Tommy Ellis 27 days ago
A first time hockey watcher would think Rinne is the worst goalie in the league from this video
Matthew Gavorcik
Matthew Gavorcik 27 days ago
Go bucks and go Jackets
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Tick-tock Videos
Whoever wins that makes
A Morales
A Morales Month ago
5:48 There was three wacky moments in the same game
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Jamie Maxwell
Jamie Maxwell Month ago
“I don’t know the rules” 🤣
Thomas Wallingford
Don't worry McJesus, Marchand is going to do worst than that in a couple weeks.
Trevor Chrysler
Trevor Chrysler Month ago
Marchand doesn’t deserve assistant captain
Sebastian Servello
12:53 that is how you know someone serves the motherland
Cpt. Crunch
Cpt. Crunch Month ago
4:09 No fall arrest harnesses? Hope the ministry of labour doesn't watch that clip haha
JakeTheGamer13 Month ago
That was funny ,I love weird nhl I have watched all of them.
Lancaster Responding
12:40 my boy seeing dem titties for the first time...probably?
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis Month ago
Boston goal tender: I am going to save this puck. Net: I am going to end this man whole career
Crash X
Crash X Month ago
Imagine editing this vids
Mac Sam
Mac Sam Month ago
That McDavid "penalty shot" was the first penalty shot I ever saw live. 😂
GlossyLake Month ago
6:30 Song in the background??
Malcolm Bautista
12:40 Is that guy ok
Swift Fishin
Swift Fishin Month ago
It’s weird seeing the predators without my NHL 20 character helping them out
Preston eats his pickles :P
Thats wack
Erin Townsend
Erin Townsend Month ago
Cherry Milkshake
381 comment
Simon Schaefer
Simon Schaefer Month ago
Can someone explane me what Happens in First Seconds of The Video ?
NicoHans SD87
NicoHans SD87 Month ago
One of the players from Vancouver Canucks smacked the puck with his hand and his teammate was gonna get the puck but he didn’t want to because you’re not allowed to make a hand pass. Also, the other team didn’t want to touch it either knowing that the referee would blow the whistle anyways.
Xavier Rollins
Xavier Rollins Month ago
Damik Van Sabben
Yo this is funny
きよこ Month ago
I inspire to be like these goalies, SUCH focus.
STNeish Month ago
I don't know how many times I've had that happen to me in the net, where the puck pops up in the air and either drops JUST over the line, or goes perfectly off my stick or glove or shoulder or soemthing and EXACTLY into the top corner. It's startlingly common.
Shawn Blocher
Shawn Blocher Month ago
Also 2 former Star players are in a weird video together.Who noticed?
Shawn Blocher
Shawn Blocher Month ago
After Carolina scores a center ice goal. Oiler fans:*starts leaving*
Tape It
Tape It Month ago
I hate those announcers who are wrong and swear they are right. Then say o what a save. Lol smh
Jack Month ago
George Washington
1:39 clean shot
Finley Jones
Finley Jones Month ago
If it goes through the side, give them 2 goals, one for the goal and one for the extra effort.
RCLuv Month ago
If you're a canadian hockey fan, and ever think the cup would go to a canadian team with so much US money involved...
owen blunt
owen blunt Month ago
3:47 as a toronto fan i love those numbers
Станислав Рукан
I came home tired, hungry, cold and pissed. Then I saw that there was a weird NHL waiting for me and I am no longer pissed
Alberto Kellgren
Someone Already made this exact comment
Victor Summers
Victor Summers 2 months ago
Great Stuff...Yup mmhmm that was WACKY...Keep Up The Good Work & TY 4 Sharing !
gaspump 2 months ago
Gritty sucks.
TheAdditionalPylons 2 months ago
12:41 ....Oh muh God I play for the Devils
Luca Perry
Luca Perry 2 months ago
hey guys what doing
Luca Perry
Luca Perry 2 months ago
Pia P
Pia P 2 months ago
Watching a german hockey game
Sepulchral Miasma
Sepulchral Miasma 2 months ago
4:35 The epitome of Detroit's Season :(
Knights Alliance
Knights Alliance 2 months ago
I hate the bruins Commentators with a huge passion they think the bruins are all that
MaxwellPugg123 2 months ago
12:34 is awesome! 😂
calevera riffed
calevera riffed 2 months ago
Is that porn music as the outro??? Y
Haeloth 2 months ago
1:05 Weirdest thing about this clip is that a team is bad enough to let Toronto shoot 48 shots and score on 6 of them.
Re ve
Re ve 2 months ago
Can someone explain me what happened in the first clip?
NicoHans SD87
NicoHans SD87 Month ago
One of the players from Vancouver Canucks smacked the puck with his hand and his teammate was gonna get the puck but he didn’t want to because you’re not allowed to make a hand pass. Also, the other team didn’t want to touch it either knowing that the referee would blow the whistle anyways.
Peter Newbranch
Peter Newbranch 2 months ago
Seriously, 3 shots this week was impossible to see even on the cameras if there was a goal or not. And we used to complain about old bad quality TV, now we got HDTV and it is stil not enough. We boomers demand that they slow down hockey so we can see it =)
Jet_Tort 2 months ago
Im noticing that nost of the highlights are for the away team😂
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