Thanksgiving Leftovers | Weird NHL Vol. 35

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It's the highly anticipated, much delayed Thanksgiving edition of Weird NHL featuring lights out play in Boston, macho Movember dusters, Fleury fooling the scoreboard operator, horrible cellys and terrible bounces!
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Published on


Dec 3, 2019




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Comments 378
inget angett
inget angett 2 days ago
10:03 jarry doing his best flopp ever
Brice Williams
Brice Williams 3 days ago
The guy in the top left corner😆. 2.51
ShinyZevee '
ShinyZevee ' 12 days ago
At 2:51 theres a Coyotes fan in the top left corner flipping off the Leafs players..
maura helman
maura helman 13 days ago
“it’s fire, we need run”
abby abel
abby abel 14 days ago
Brayden Agger
Brayden Agger 17 days ago
Tampa is the best
Trystan Tate
Trystan Tate 20 days ago
3:04 when you have had 1 to many beers😂
Nicholas Eastman
Nicholas Eastman 24 days ago
2:51 how has nobody noticed the Arizona fan flipping him off
Nightsgrow 26 days ago
The editing of this is glorious. I would love a compilation of people failing their celebrations
MattyIceyyy Month ago
“leafs are taking it on the chin” HUH
Pizza Time!
Pizza Time! Month ago
12:16 mood
tapsi Month ago
9:01 nice rapping
paul marr
paul marr Month ago
RJ Web
RJ Web Month ago
3:45 is it just me or does that sound like a nascar commentator Allen bestwick
PDB 24 days ago
I think it is
Courtney Abbott
Courtney Abbott Month ago
SoL1t xD
SoL1t xD Month ago
9:00 rap
Max Mayfield
Max Mayfield Month ago
2:30 the save that got 4 coaches fired😂😂
Pierre Berglund
Pierre Berglund Month ago
Aho really like to make weird goals 😄 He is always in these vids..
Ryder Jacobs
Ryder Jacobs Month ago
anyone else see that guy give him the middle finger on the left at 2:49
Duncan Van Norden
It’s fire. We need run. 🤣
Jackson Ramsey
Jackson Ramsey Month ago
I actually had to touch my screen it was so dark 😂
BR cuber
BR cuber Month ago
2:50 look at the guy in the stands on the left front row
Sidney Shaw
Sidney Shaw Month ago
Sitting here on December 31st and Malkin has indeed been FIRE the entire month of December......
Q U A T T R O Month ago
0:40 Crosby did that too
caleb zimmerman
caleb zimmerman Month ago
2:35 Toronto scored with a money puck in nhl 20
janhockey71 Month ago
Haha yes
Library Of Thoughts
Weird moments... Rather like 13 minutes of NHL goals..
Jan Polívka
Jan Polívka Month ago
Rittich docela smolař
Oceanz 7
Oceanz 7 Month ago
Look at the guy In the audience at 2:52
Chase Ticknor
Chase Ticknor Month ago
Sepulchral Miasma
Joe Bowen's commentary for Engvall's first goal LOL
Justin LeM
Justin LeM 2 months ago
Good hit by Wilson on ovechkin
Nrrblock unboxings and gaming
2:52 what a jerk
Kale Leaf
Kale Leaf Month ago
rumich hg
rumich hg 2 months ago
2:52 lol guy in the back
rumich hg
rumich hg 2 months ago
fire we need run
Kyle MacIntyre
Kyle MacIntyre 2 months ago
the music was sooo annoying
л к
л к 2 months ago
Ceci est un message pour le renforcement parce que j'aime bien ce que tu aimes
Nerys Ghemor
Nerys Ghemor 2 months ago
How many times do I have to say it...unless your name is Pekka Rinne, you are NOT the third defenseman, so stop going outside the crease and trying trick shots. (Ironically, the clip where HE gets scored on, he was not outside the crease.)
Eighth Wonder
Eighth Wonder 2 months ago
Those St. Louis throwback Unis are sick! Reminds me of the brief Gretzky-Hull era in St. Louis.
Christopher Mackness
12:57 that remix😂
TORQUEgaming 2 months ago
Bruh 4:30 😂😂😂
Sabertooth 26
Sabertooth 26 2 months ago
yoooo justin dowling is my cousin
Alperen Bulbul
Alperen Bulbul 2 months ago
0:22 does it means they lose their power play?
Zachary Cohen
Zachary Cohen 2 months ago
2:51 look to the left
Alan V
Alan V 2 months ago
All of my fantasy goalies appeared in the goalie turnovers part of this
Are 2 months ago
We all laughed, but what does "I need be fire" even mean
Brent W
Brent W 2 months ago
4:37 With comebacks like that and his "Do I look nervous?" remark, Binnys gonna have quite a few of these comebacks I can imagine in his career!
Jess GW
Jess GW 2 months ago
"Well, my friend said if I got a hat trick this season I could name his firstborn son, so pretty excited about that."
adhdpl 2 months ago
This sport is phenomenal !! :)
bananas will rule the world
OG Kennedy
OG Kennedy 2 months ago
Malkin- if I'm drunk I play very well
Cooper Pollock
Cooper Pollock 2 months ago
"it's fire, we need run"
Connor Arsenault
Connor Arsenault 2 months ago
@2:51 the dude flipped him off 😂
noobyfordays 2 months ago
3:53 anyone see the russel Wilson jersey?
Bill Sandiego
Bill Sandiego 2 months ago
The lady catching her beer killed me. Love this series!
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Stewart 2 months ago
2:51 guys giving him the fingers
Jeo potato
Jeo potato 2 months ago
New team joined NHL Calgary Fails
Gianni Puface
Gianni Puface 2 months ago
9:48 That was no mistake. Lucic is still a Bruin.
Lil Bit Official
Lil Bit Official 2 months ago
Rip Babcock 2:32
Mintflame 2 months ago
We need boom and hes gone on spotify
Dragon 2 months ago
2:51 the wild fan on the left
Nitrous NOX
Nitrous NOX 2 months ago
Xynv you mean Arizona
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