Thailand feat. Rip Taylor

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In memory of Rip Taylor, please enjoy this very silly segment from 2015, in which he helped us resolve an intractable problem involving Thailand and Hitler.


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Oct 9, 2019




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Jan Cleve
Jan Cleve 25 minutes ago
I am german, that is not okay. But I kinda want sent all our neonazis to thailand now and the AfD.
ผีบ้า พางง
Have see also the Indian genocide Is a shameful ugliness no less than the work of nazi But those native Indians No way to respond public relations The injustice that occurred to them As effectively as Jewish people in America and Europe Thai people generally lack common emotions Saw the Indian gangsters As was brainwashed from Hollywood cowboy movie Should be chased Destroy the entire land like those charged with Communism. In one era not long ago History Has always shown that Might is Right. Power is always fair. As for the Swastika mark, it existed before the Nazis. For a long time, only Hitler used it as a military symbol. It has the traditional meaning that Lucky and safe The swastika is swastika. It can't be interpreted as Hitler and the Nazis. The past was let go. Remember the lesson. Not as an excuse for establishing ourselves as the center of the universe like some countries
Nilssön Åkerlund
Nilssön Åkerlund 5 hours ago
Thailand: Disneyworld for Republicans.
bbppp 6 hours ago
NOT ALL of Thai people praise Hitler, We are EDUCATED and KNOW what he did. Stop judging like ALL of us are stupid and don’t know anything because of SOME people don’t know about it. And also, some of them use hitler as PARODY not PRAISING. I hope you guys get that 🙂
Munchman 7 hours ago
RIP Rip Taylor.
Jay Mart
Jay Mart 11 hours ago
Thailand was uneducated fuck this prick piece of shit
M T S 14 hours ago
ก็รู้อยู่ว่าพวก เราไม่รู้เรื่องแล้วจะมาถือสากันทำไม เป็นพวกแบบไหน พวกล่าอนานิคม
Alimin8r Day ago
Sad to relearn about Rip's fate, but don't Asian countries have a attitude problem with gay men? Pick another living mustachioed man for Thailand to be proud about, like Tom Selleck!
วัชรพงศ์ พนมภูมิ
ประเทศไทย เป็นมิตรกับ เยอรมัน ญี่ปุ่น ไทย เป็นฝ่ายเดียวกัน พวกเรารู้ว่าใครเป็นอย่างไร เราคิดว่าคนตะวันตก มายึดประเทศของเรา ดังนั้นคนที่ชั่วร้ายกว่า นาซี อังกฤษ ฝรั่งเศส และ อเมริกา
It’s also funny how Israeli crimes and genocides agonist Palestinians are never mentioned. The country is literally founded on European armed militias who bullied civilians into leaving or selling their land. It’s also funny how Israel is denying many genocides that are recognized by the world and the UN. I’ll too give you a minute to google that.... go ahead!
fun fact: swastika is a symbol of peace until the Nazis messed it up
RIP Rip Taylor
Vivien Dina
Vivien Dina Day ago
WTH is Thailand doing...
Ican FeeLIt
Ican FeeLIt Day ago
so it wasn't argentina he fled to
General Harambe
General Harambe 2 days ago
I would honestly wear the Hitler Teletubbies shirt.
Oscar Evans
Oscar Evans 2 days ago
The actual reason that Thailand likes Hitler imagery is because of his association with the Swastika, which is an ancient Buddhist holy symbol. It brings good fortune, and so they put it on things, but they sometimes 'remix' this with other people who famously used that symbol, because famous people and religious symbolism is a nice mix? This is where the historical ignorance comes in, fed by the presentation of Nazis as just the edgy bad guys in films, associating them with fiction characters.
Oana Manole
Oana Manole 2 days ago
You're amazing! i have seen your piece on Bob Murray and i came to subscribe. well done!
The Youtube's Critic
I don't see why the American goverment is offended by the tai people not caring about how bad Hitler was?
Caligo 4 days ago
To all of those, who think, Hitler survived the end of WWII: The soviets found Hitler in his Bunker in Berlin, dead, packed him up and buried him in the backyard of the soviet headquarters in Berlin, which then became the russian embassy. Years later they dug him up and torched his body. Information on that was made available when the soviet union broke apart. And as a german, it's good to know what happened to him, even if he never got actually punished for his heinous crimes. Worst thing is, genocides still happen and nobody cares, because it's no outright war and the other governments are not interested in protecting minorities if they lack influence and ressources.
caragio 4 days ago
As a Thai, I know it's inappropriate to use Hitler in many funny media. But c'mon, you western people don't know about how to respect our king or our Aisan cultures as well.
Missdreavus Day ago
caragio To be fair, westerners mock their own culture. But saying that making fun of royalty is just as bad as glorifying a man that committed genocide is extremely disingenuous.
Krystal 4 days ago
The ABC whistle blower exposing Jeffrey Epstein three years ago should be a good story for this RUvid channel, there will be a million laughs in that story. In a strange twist, it was Trumps fault once it got to LastWeekTonight
sol walker
sol walker 4 days ago
"no Jews ever" that's a pretty hot take there rip
รหัส คับ
tharathep thawipat
ตลกละไอ้สัส มีแค่คนไทยแค่ไม่ถึง 1เปอร์เซ็น มั้งที่ไม่ทันกับสัญลักษณ์นี้ ไม่ใช่ทั้งหมดสะหน่อย ในมุมมองของคนไทยบางคนมองว่ามันเ็นเรื่องตลกเพราะไม่รู้ว่าจริงๆฮิตเลอร์ทำอะไรไว้บ้าง แต่มีอยู่คนหนึ่งที่คนไทยรู้จักดี คือประยุทธ์จันทร์โอชา เผด็จการที่มาในคราบของ ประชาธิปไตย นี่ก็เหมือนกัน ถ้าต่างชาติเอาประยุทธ์ ไปยกย่อง คนไทยถึงจะรู้สึกเคืองบ้างเช่นกัน แต่มันก็เป็นความจริงที่คนไทยไม่รู้จัก ฮิตเลอร์ มากพอ เห็นมันเป็นเรื่องตลก.
Jordan Stewart
Jordan Stewart 5 days ago
I guess people thought I joking when I said Asian have 0 identity they all wanna be white............Smh
James Suter
James Suter 5 days ago
I keep seeing people saying Thais don’t know how bad Hitler is. I know plenty of Thais who know. They just don’t care...pretty simple. And they have no reason to care nor shared history in the matter. Good luck trying to get Thailand to change its ways.
Scott Kelly
Scott Kelly 5 days ago
Ugh.... Hitler was responsible for the deaths of 10s of millions of people ... yes, Jews were a major target, but... to the people of Thailand, do you think that is meaningful??? Hitler was a despotic murderer. I know his hatred of the Jewish people was despicable, but do you think that means anything to someone in Thailand? A comparison to Pol Pot would be more relevant and ... maybe ... impactful.
Crountry Man
Crountry Man 6 days ago
I'm from Thailand I know Hitler is a bad person, but he never hurt us. So we don't care much about him. But the person who attacked us is England, France, is what we remember.
liamdude5 7 days ago
So, John Oliver doesnt like Jojo Rabbit?
Mr Azlan the Landlord
The swastika is originally a Buddhist symbol
Ghost Recon
Ghost Recon 7 days ago
so why did the child have a Hitler under the swastika you neo nazi
Dan Jakeway
Dan Jakeway 7 days ago
Hit La? I can't even hit So or Fa for that matter. I can't see the TV, I lost my spectacles again.
sooner811 7 days ago
Why doesn’t Mr. Oliver do this same bit criticizing all the morons in the USA who enthusiastically wear Che t-shirts, and put stickers of him on their cars, and use his picture as their avatars?
T W 8 days ago
This is so racist. As a Thai person I feel offended if his joke. Not everyone the same but yes this man is so ignorant.
Ghost Recon
Ghost Recon 7 days ago
you lot praise one of the worse men in history. I've lost all respect for Thailand
RenZ hgw
RenZ hgw 8 days ago
Some people, they don't know because there is no teaching.
daveusaz1218 8 days ago
I lived in Thailand and never saw one Nazi Germany ad or billboard or boy band
judacia 8 days ago
RIP Rip Taylor
Dan Rodrigues
Dan Rodrigues 8 days ago
$1.98 Beauty Show...
WeirdTV 8 days ago
Rip Taylor is such a good confetti thrower
Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn 9 days ago
Ummm....yeah, I mean no one goes ape shit about Churchill. Churchill is no different than Hitler. Churchill was every bit a White supremascist, anti semite, anti working class racist as Hitler. His views on these issues were identical to Hitler. However, it was the British parliamentary system that prevented him from realising these views. He literally starved millions of people to death, incited riots, brutalized people, and made them into indentured servants aka the slaves after end of slave trade. He advocated the use of posion gas and other chemical weapons (as did USA btw. USA even supplied the chemical weapons to Irq for use on Iran). But all of that was overseas, in some colony, not in Europe like Hitler. But apparently, that is okay. It only matters when it is us. It never matters when it is the others. And that is why Hitler is the most evil person who ever lived and Churchill is the greatest Briton ever. But when you think of it, the English Empire of old and The current American Empire has more blood on its hands than Hitler, Stalin and Mao put together. And those three have massive amounts of blood on their filthy, filthy hands. No amount of Normandies can help wash that blood off. To the rest of the world who don't live in the Western self created narrative bubble and who have actually suffered at their hands, all of them are the same - monsters.
Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn 5 days ago
@TheChiller007 exactly my point
TheChiller007 5 days ago
churchill alone killed over more than 4 times the people than those who died in holocaust, by orchestrating Bengal famines in India and not even counting the british atrocities in rest of India, the western hegemony in world media can really brush aside some real hard facts to suit their narratives
Nguyen Le Hoang
Nguyen Le Hoang 9 days ago
wtf Thailand :))
I'm gay UwU
I'm gay UwU 9 days ago
Hay i'm from thailand I know Hitler And some known about the Nazis and Hitler killed millions, but most were Jews But i like soviet
Eithikon 555
Eithikon 555 9 days ago
ล้อเลียน​คนไทยงั้นหรือ​ 555 . . . . . คิดได้ไงวะ​ อ๋อ เรื่องขำๆ​มั้ง
George Costanza
George Costanza 9 days ago
Thailand was a part of the axis during world war 2 and it overthrew the puppet government and had a fascist government for decades so I think that explains why they like Hitler. Also the Holocaust probably didn’t happen the way it’s told in Western propaganda
Scott 'Holden McGroin' Ruthven
Great, looks about 10 minutes before Rip actually passed.... Cunts....
Scott 'Holden McGroin' Ruthven
Erm, get a grip...l I would wear a Tellitubbie Hitler shirt....
Gunslinger71603 10 days ago
Rest in peace rip taylor first time i saw you was in waynes world 2
Rob V.
Rob V. 10 days ago
Rip Taylor? Never heard of him before.
I am a Chicken
I am a Chicken 10 days ago
Mostly Thai history is mention about Sukhothai to nowadays kings and wrath The burmese sacked Ayutthaya in 1767,But admire for invasion of Cambodia and Laos. Maybe a bit of world history (1 page). :(
Pond Chanpream
Pond Chanpream 10 days ago
I don't know Nazi I from Thailand T-shirt Nazi it's nice hahahlolol
เเป๊ะขายขวด มีขวดมาขาย
ประเทศที่ล่าอนานิคม ต่างอะไรกับฮิเล่อ เลวเช่นกัน
TAE XD 10 days ago
Thai people are chill people. Thailand has freedom. In the dressing, wearing a Nazi shirt is not a mistake. I also knew about Nazi history. 50-60% And how many of you know Thailand's history? Thailand is not alone in the Axis. There is still Thai freedom. You should study well before coming out to curse. Westerners tease Asian people. And what do you know about Asia and your history of killing indigenous people? And you all cut the Buddha head from Asia Thailand, Laos, Kamphucha , Burma, already dropped items 🤔🤔🤔🤔😒
majupeetube 10 days ago
Hitler is that bad? Really? Why don't all of Westerners see what makes Hitler? Please go back and look at the history of how terrible France and England do to the world especially Asia and Germany before Hitler exists. Thai people are not stupid about world history. But we don't believe the history on one side.
st ts
st ts 10 days ago
You are only interested in the history that is relevant to your country. Have you ever been interested What does Japan do with Thailand, China, Korea, Singapore, Myanmar?
31 ศฐากร นิชานนท์
31 ศฐากร นิชานนท์
@Tlffln sAVAge อ่าา
Tlffln sAVAge
Tlffln sAVAge 10 days ago
Saharat Panpha
Saharat Panpha 10 days ago
fyi: Here in Thailand we emphasize an awful lot about "past kings who saved the country", they also try to plant weird mindsets into kids such as : We won't be able to live without the King, The King cannot be criticized and so on. Old Thai people be acting like dust beneath the King's feet
wangson 9 days ago
@Saharat Panpha I didn't ask you anything. I do believe however that there are far worse things in this world the extend far beyond your choice of words.
Saharat Panpha
Saharat Panpha 9 days ago
@wangson Why do I understand the social trends, you ask? That's because I'm Thai. There are a lot of things here even more horrible than my terrible word choice.
wangson 9 days ago
I was about to give your comment and enthusiastic "thumb's up" thanks to your apparent understanding of current Thai social trends until I read the line, "...Old Thai people be acting like...". That kind of "rapper-speak" makes people seem poorly educated.
high240 10 days ago
"Release the demon". oh believe me he did...
BeBee 11 days ago
มาฉลองริผเทย์เลอร์กันเถอะ :)
BeBee 11 days ago
It’s strange that I’ve lived in Thailand my whole life (born and raised) yet I’ve never seen signs of this. I think it reflects more on the lower class and the education system than anything else which is sad.
k 11 days ago
i feel so embarrassed lol
Vasper Klaye
Vasper Klaye 11 days ago
little boy and fatman
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