Thai Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand. The Stalls around Central World and Ploenchit

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Mar 31, 2016




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Jau Huei
Jau Huei 11 days ago
11:04 I think can add some more oil
عمر شريف
عمر شريف 2 months ago
MERC 2 months ago
I'm Mexican and OMFG That grilled squids look hella delicious. I will pour some salsa verde into it to put the finish touch
Bender Bending Rodriguez
1:29 damn i want one of those squid
Anh Chàng Ciu Đơn
it's cheaper than Vietnam @@
riskifauziahh kiki
riskifauziahh kiki 3 months ago
Suka banget 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Karima Lamrini
Karima Lamrini 3 months ago
So good
Codee Curbee
Codee Curbee 3 months ago
Fvck that BGM . It freaks the hell out of me 😑😑
ولاء ابوالعزم
WhatMyName 0
WhatMyName 0 3 months ago
Why i type halal street food and this pop up??
ThePt898 4 months ago
in this world have many country has seafood but my country THAILAND that has น้ำจิ้มซีฟู๊ด seafood sauce . It make different taste from your countries and the taste is delicious and has been accepted by you are
Michel de Jesùs
Michel de Jesùs 5 months ago
It would be great if someone could write the food street's name.
Upa Nokk
Upa Nokk 4 months ago
Thais like many other food that tourists do not know. Tourists eat only few thai food.
mawasorangutan 5 months ago
I don't want to buy food from anyone who used gloves for cooking, coz when you work on heated cooking range, those gloves would eventually release some of its toxic properties to the food
Tu I Tam
Tu I Tam 5 months ago
Love Thai street food 🤘👍😍👍👍👍👍
ابو حفص
ابو حفص 6 months ago
مصطفى الميساني
لعبت روحي
Igor Santos
Igor Santos 7 months ago
OGUZ TURK 7 months ago
Bravo!!!Top100+ Thai street food!
Crazy Asian Things
Crazy Asian Things 7 months ago
Those squid looks delicious! Thailand is one of the lowest living countries in South east Asia. Rentals are cheap (as low as $100/month), food are delicious and cheap (as low as $100/month), really love Thailand so much!
Kevin Martyn
Kevin Martyn 7 months ago
In fact if i was from overseas i would look elsewhere to experience Asian food culture as it gone in Bangkok!
Kevin Martyn
Kevin Martyn 7 months ago
I live in Bangkok and as far as i am aware "ALL" the street vendors have been removed around Bangkok by the government/police including Sukhumvit..... so this food information is no longer good!!!!
Fammable12 7 months ago
Kevin Martyn well this video is years ago
Will Oliveira
Will Oliveira 8 months ago
Pega no dinheiro, pega na comida Não tem uma máscara pra cobrir o rosto Tose em cima do camarão
Magical adv
Magical adv 8 months ago
Love from iran🇮🇷😍🤗💖💕🧡🤩
David 8 months ago
They work so hard for the money to support their families. So for those haters (food) can go and eat MacDonald.
David 8 months ago
At 35.09, the tourist in white t-shirt has not even taste the food but add on all the extra. 😭😭😭
hongsaikruw 8 months ago
Its Not this AIDS India No Globe Style , Love Thailand
Ana Arabi
Ana Arabi 8 months ago
كل واحد من غير العرب اعطيه لايك العرب لا
Ritam Samanta
Ritam Samanta 8 months ago
It's a lol to wrap sausages inside a dosa
Denny 8 months ago
Indonesia has the best culture and nature in the world unlike monotone Thailand. But really, our street foods are so shitty compares to Bangkok. I don't eat pork even tho I am a Buddhist. But those Thai people can make the pork meals representable until my mouth waters. Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya are the heaven of street foods. Even better than those in Taiwan, Japan or China.
Margaux Margaux
Margaux Margaux 9 months ago
Where is this place in Bankok?? I wanna go here ang eat a lot!! Looks yummy all
Upa Nokk
Upa Nokk 4 months ago
Easily find in many areas of Thailand
The Tears of Jungkook
That squid looks so good I love Thailand so much! Best country (love from a Malay😂)
2018 :D
2018 :D 9 months ago
This is not bad. I saw NYC street food dirtier.
Mr.Hngxk 9 months ago
HISA ASMR 9 months ago
wow~~~~~~ good~~
Tony V
Tony V 9 months ago
Le plastique c'est fantastique ...
dare2b da1
dare2b da1 9 months ago
Handling money and preparing food without gloves!? Nope! I have just been to an Asian country and noticed people selling street food wore disposable gloves. Food tasted even better.
ronie sambora
ronie sambora 10 months ago
Aneh ya ko di tailan se food Kaya jajanan biasa ajj Sendangkan di indonesia kayanya mewah ,,padahal hasil laut indonesia lebih berlimpah ,,ada dengan negriku
Kitsana Bunmathan
Kitsana Bunmathan 10 months ago
Was essen immer thailand digga
jeabond steady
jeabond steady 10 months ago
Foodie Hoodie
Foodie Hoodie 11 months ago
Plastic is everywhere!!!!
Quoc Cuong Le
Quoc Cuong Le 11 months ago
Davi Mello
Davi Mello 11 months ago
I love this Street food
Fayu Street Food
Fayu Street Food 11 months ago
We call it sotong. And thats so delicious
malkhyta rhiyudhy
malkhyta rhiyudhy 9 months ago
Sotong mah beda lagi mamen.. Itu Cumi.. Yg kau maksud itu bodynya lebih gemuk.. Ada lagi yg disebut Gurita..
jenifer fabiola
jenifer fabiola 11 months ago
looks good to see yaaaaaa
slick rick
slick rick 11 months ago
Still alot cleaner than a McDonald's kitchen
WBG Delgado
WBG Delgado 11 months ago
november132 Year ago
everyone here is complaining about the hygiene and having weak immune systems (shouldn't have gotten vaccinated then) meanwhile all I can think why put banana with plastic cheese??
eve tamjaren
eve tamjaren Year ago
I don't know why some people said that street have bacteria but they have bacteria but if you eat in fancy restaurants you don't even know what they do in the kitchen and street food you can see how they made and in restaurants you can't what they exactly do with the food maybe some rat running around in the kitchen I just don't want people complain about street food are not clean enough / have bacteria food is food if its really I don't see people who live like that die from what they eat everyday
Lynn Willison
Lynn Willison Year ago
Food looks good. Over use of plastic!!!
Nita Cruise
Nita Cruise Year ago
Never have i eat barbecue Squib before but I sure would try it!
Memoire eX Shinwu
Really really hungry games
Monoque Emon
Monoque Emon Year ago
Omg im Cravingg
Yum 😋
GreenEye ChanNel
ถ่ายแต่กระทะคนสวยไม่ยอมถ่าย555 You know? 8.05 She said " Why you focus only pan not on me. I'm so beautiful" 🤣 I want to see her face!
Camilla Casticilanos
Agathe Mauer
Agathe Mauer 7 months ago
Nice food
nette hardy
nette hardy Year ago
Thai street food-best in the world👍 love from Malaysia💜
WON TV Year ago
Ngon qua ☺☺☺
Y53 Hh
Y53 Hh Year ago
So yummy
Khairul Leon
Khairul Leon Year ago
*Tonton juga guys Vlog gue pas berburu makanan aneh di Thailand :)* e
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