Tfue LAWSUIT against FaZe Clan! #DramaAlert FaZe Banks Interview!

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May 20, 2019

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Comments 22 336
Keem: Breathes Banks: wait, Hold on Hold on bro
sXady-B0X- 6 days ago
It's a little annoying how true this is, XD
Can I get 1k Subs
Can I get 1k Subs 18 days ago
1000 SUBSCRIBERS WITHOUT ANY VIDEOS !!! U only have 350 sub
Banana complication
Pookie Tube Fan 2
This deserves the pin
tre azad
tre azad 23 days ago
yxngdumb.j 2 hours ago
And made him do yaggerbombs? 😂
PRP gaming
PRP gaming 7 hours ago
Fuc u keem
Brian Z
Brian Z 9 hours ago
Full Send sticker?! Gaaayyyyyy
Air Head
Air Head 10 hours ago
It doesn’t even matter, if he wants to leave just let his ass leave bruh
amer emam
amer emam 15 hours ago
Nefr Lean
Nefr Lean Day ago
Keemstar is so biased it’s to the point where I unsubbed because I was sick of this biased bullshit
Harunuddin Achiczy
Watch banks vedeo
EthanThe Walrus
EthanThe Walrus 2 days ago
he protecc he attack but most importantly he gonna sue them bacc
Elisabeth Stout
Elisabeth Stout 2 days ago
Wait I thought he didn’t belong to faze clan anymore
Kristian Mendoza
Kristian Mendoza 2 days ago
Easy dislike lmao
Organic 2 days ago
I dont like your face
JM FC 2 days ago
Your just taking sides with banks and you are a bully
JosephVLT 2 days ago
Keem Takling 1 sec Banks: Hold on, hold on bro
Maddy C
Maddy C 4 days ago
Dident know how smart faze banks was clap clap
Jacob Pisano
Jacob Pisano 5 days ago
Francisco Barros
Francisco Barros 5 days ago
Its turners skills not urs LUL
michael perez
michael perez 5 days ago
tfue is good player man wtf bro you killing faze clan biatch thats sad the pelo how help you bro
accbeast11 5 days ago
Drama 📢
Kevin Kevin
Kevin Kevin 5 days ago
Who ever watches this faggot needs fucken help can’t stand this faggot hope he burns in hell
Only good FaZe Clan is Tfue he called un basically a B****
Zaylexx Serrano
Zaylexx Serrano 6 days ago
4:39 banks is a lier
MuFf1NmAN Chenhall
Banks hit tfue with a car what do u mean he’s never been injured
BID1401 6 days ago
Most your content is copyright,stolen or doo doo I hate you!
Potato and me
Potato and me 6 days ago
I like how through out this video faze banks is just lying. The contract has been leaked. Faze also stopped tfue from getting sponsors which could have made him a lot of money
mOon -
mOon - 6 days ago
Can you stop with the intro or at least make it shorter bc I’ve only watched two videos and I’m already annoyed
red WOLF
red WOLF 6 days ago
When faze banks lies
12345 6789
12345 6789 6 days ago
Your a faggot your a faggot your a faggot your a faggot your a faggot your a faggot your a faggot your a faggot your a faggot your a faggot your a faggot your a faggot I'm just Kidding I love ur vids keep up the good work keemstar
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah 6 days ago
Tfue is right banks is talk so much shit
Pinguツ 6 days ago
you are dog crap, can you plz show the proof that faze is right
OPW_RALBORN 6 days ago
Tyranny 6 days ago
You’re a fucking idiot, if you call the cops for a 9 year old kid it’s not wrong because he’s under aged... right? So why do you have the nerve to get pissed when tfue decides to press charges/file a lawsuit against faze when the kid is also considered underaged? I’ve seen your tweets, and the fact that you can’t keep your god damn mouth shut is stupid. I’m only 15 and I have more brain cells than you will ever even shine light on.
NoVa RuTic
NoVa RuTic 7 days ago
U know ur not a real news reporting ur just a retard that wont leave tfue alone about a 11 year old highsky and wont stop tweeting him. Stfu and get a life
Fisty Cool
Fisty Cool 7 days ago
“We all would know without keem” p u ss y
Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia 7 days ago
Fuck keemstar and his dead family
chief's FOR LIFE
chief's FOR LIFE 7 days ago
pussy all you do is start trouble
Magnus Dahl—Olsen
Gay ass bitch
Flaco 7 days ago
Keemstar ur trash ur just another FaZe dick rider
Round Table Sports Network
A contract is a contract. Work is work. Specified work especially. Percentages are percentages. This kid can go back to the competitive realm or he can get with the team he wanted to try to gain fans from. For real. Like it can't be about anything more than needing fans for when life hits and this private sect don't necessarily pay for insurance...
Yarnie FCU
Yarnie FCU 7 days ago
Fuck banks his mom
Głïtčhęd x 3d
Killer peen star
KriM_Rain 7 days ago
tHe lAw iS tHe LaW anD yOu cAnT breake it bro u actually suck lololol
KooL BC 7 days ago
Ur hella bias to faze tfues in the right All you racist mufuckas saying but u white and a bitch save it hoes
AxzonyxA 8 days ago
Who is tfue ?.?
Bot MJ5000 ツ
Bot MJ5000 ツ 8 days ago
Tiffany Liddell
Tiffany Liddell 8 days ago
Keemstar sucks! Watch grade under a’s video!
XpRaptor 9 days ago
Of course Banks is going to be saying no to everything. Hes trying to act as if Tfue is just delusional.
Leo Tttt
Leo Tttt 10 days ago
Listen listen LISTEN
Nellie Bautti
Nellie Bautti 10 days ago
You suck
777stepankin 10 days ago
just found out tgay's real name is Turner Tenney lmao that's fucking gay as fuck
fuckdaswine 10 days ago
wow these days you can get rich from just sitting on your ass playing games alll day, real honest hard work, very physically demanding
fuckdaswine 10 days ago
thats how gamers deal with their problems
Songbird21 11 days ago
Let keem talk damn. You’re giving Romeo Lacoste vibes
Danny Hatzikonstantinou
They only took 60k but they have the ability to still take that 80% or whatever it is should Faze choose to. They might have waited for Tfue to keep on making that paper then Faze and his team would still have the right to take that 80%
The Pride
The Pride 11 days ago
Why am I even watching this *I don't even care*
NIGGER FAGGOT 11 days ago
Keem: exists Banks: one sec, listen to this
TACgawdlike 11 days ago
Tfue on toppppp bitch
The Weekdays
The Weekdays 12 days ago
Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips 12 days ago
I mean 60,000 dollars is what some make in a year so I mean banks needs to chill his tits
Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips 12 days ago
Yeah faze is some bs true my bro ski
James Christenson
James Christenson 12 days ago
Do you feel like an idiot yet for continuously siding with FaZe? Oh shit, that's right, you're a shyster, too. How's your own violation of labor laws situation going?
XVVXIV 12 days ago
Tfue: removes Air Banks:We will get to that later
XVVXIV 12 days ago
Bruh this video got me DEAD AF
RED OPPS 12 days ago
Damn forgot to take a shower because my just looked at the time and it’s to late to...
confused. 13 days ago
confused. 13 days ago
Btw I understand that what is happening is very sad and I feel rlly bad for banks he doesn’t deserve this and this is only satire content ~leafy
Roda Abdulla Aljabri
He’s lying he just want to go out from the fazes I swear
Isaac Herrera
Isaac Herrera 14 days ago
Homo for tufe ????
Milkdudd Drop
Milkdudd Drop 14 days ago
take a shot every time faze banks cuts off keemstar
HockeyGamer720 14 days ago
If FaZe Banks is telling the truth, then he should release the contract
Quit - MR
Quit - MR 14 days ago
No a contract is a contract he can just release it it has to end this was tfue decision
Ky The Gamer
Ky The Gamer 15 days ago
Banks- tfue was drinking way before we met him and way before he was 18 on his own FBI- FBI OPEN UP
Ky The Gamer
Ky The Gamer 15 days ago
Keem-blinks Banks- wait wait wait I’ll get to that
Boop Bop
Boop Bop 15 days ago
They take 20 percent
Prime Toxic
Prime Toxic 15 days ago
2017-diss tracks 2018-boxing 2019-LAWSUITS
T -Series
T -Series 15 days ago
Tiffany Mayer
Tiffany Mayer 15 days ago
The betrayal
Chris Walsh
Chris Walsh 16 days ago
Aaaaaand your still Shit
Neme515 16 days ago
t-gay has a whole new meaning
Emilia Nowinski
Emilia Nowinski 16 days ago
Banks was so lying
AlexZ 16 days ago
They forced me to live in a huge house breathe and was peer pressured into drinking and gambling well also making millions a day
Shadow hunter
Shadow hunter 17 days ago
Alex is leader and one of faze calm dumby
Ulf Heitzmann
Ulf Heitzmann 17 days ago
faze banks just sounds like a weasel who tries to flee the sinking ship before he and his shady "fazeclan"are getting rkked hard in court. "(yeah contracts says i can take 80% of millions, but because i am a noice boy who loves the kid i only took 20% and not more than 60k)". Seriously? 2019 is not 2005 anymore, esports gaming is bigger than most regular sports nowadays, and faze bank the rat, tries to grab as much money with his shady contracts before it gets regulated.
LiL Haze HZ
LiL Haze HZ 17 days ago
If you sub I’ll sub back
Ulf Heitzmann
Ulf Heitzmann 17 days ago
Why does this slimy manipulative faze bank dickhead, who is so full of himself and his "fazeclan" always talk nonstop, and always pretends to be the victim. "This Tfue was a nobody, i gave him all my connections, my friendship, my trust, blah blah", (and a contract that says, we fuck you up when you leave our clan (6 months no public gaming) and yeah we kinda also take 50 - 80 % of all your income. But because i am a good boy faze banks (who even drools over dollar notes in his profile pic), we write down a contract where it says 80 % but thats joke, i only take 20 % max and in total not more than 60k even though he earned millions and due to contract i can get my bigshare of those millions. But i didn t do it, because friendship and love and trust amongst gamers is more important than millions of dollars. If thats true, (which i doubt ) faze banks is the nicest guy on the planet. But sounds more like he wants to weasel his way out of that before he gets rekked in court.
this avatar is hated by democrats
After all the contract was bad.
ChicLaRose 17 days ago
*ThE fAcT oF tHe MatTeR iS*
Carson Cunningham
Carson Cunningham 17 days ago
Fuck this old fuckers still doing this with his life I would have killed myself by now
Stoopid 17 days ago
Fuck tfue
Dominic Walsh
Dominic Walsh 17 days ago
Ollie Griffiths
Ollie Griffiths 17 days ago
everyone complaining how banks cuts keem off heaps... Bruh Keem relies on bull shit evidence and is just a shit-stirring snake no cap dog
Jade Hopcroft
Jade Hopcroft 17 days ago
Keem: a- Banks: WAITWAITWAIT hold on hold on I'm gonna get more into that later. Edit: He was actually disrespecting Keem by interrupting him sooo much.
ItsUrBoiCraig 54
ItsUrBoiCraig 54 17 days ago
Fast as fuck boi
RedNasty7 17 days ago
You know a person is lying when they’re constantly defending themselves. Banks: broooo listen bro
MBC - Relectro
MBC - Relectro 18 days ago
Tati:I'm a drama legend Banks:hold my beer
SOBxLeBron 18 days ago
James Charles: Ive done the most drama this year!!!! Tfue: *hold my 20%*
Savage BNV
Savage BNV 18 days ago
Next Deaquan will sue TSM for taking 80% of his hairline
Kaiden Bellot
Kaiden Bellot 15 days ago
Kaiden Bellot
Kaiden Bellot 15 days ago
Savage BNV damnnnn
the headless stickman
Tfue --> Tsue --> Tsueries
MrAwesome_10 Twitch
Bruh he just dissed Tfue by saying he was no one before FaZe
amina 18 days ago
No one: Tfue: Hold my underaged drink
DsM 18 days ago
Logan Laughlin
Logan Laughlin 18 days ago
Keem star starts hitting facts FaZe Kay: that was InSaNE bRO
MrElite 18 days ago
hold up hold up hold up wait bro
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