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In this video, Tfue hosts the Best Sniper in Fortnite "Comikazie"and he goes INSANE with his snipes and wins a Squad game all by himself!
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Intro Song by Marshmello x Roddy Ricch
Intro Song by Lil Skies
Outro Song by 916frosty
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Feb 10, 2019




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Comments 2 823
Fortnite Poggers
Fortnite Poggers 2 months ago
Comikazie is NUTS! Be sure to show him your support below! ruvid.net/u-comikazietv www.twitch.tv/comikazie twitter.com/Comikazie
Knightfall 18 days ago
Been subbed to him for long now
Adrian Sanchez47
Adrian Sanchez47 2 months ago
Xayrez 4'rhrgr
mk4 herd
mk4 herd 2 months ago
No offence but ur heavy snipes in this game weren't the best I can do better and I'm on console, but everything else was nice
Devyon Carr
Devyon Carr 2 months ago
I wanna see comekazie plu ll and ohmypulse play squads
Splashy '
Splashy ' 2 months ago
I ve been subbed to him for months now thets why I have xd in my name
Pinguiz 14 hours ago
Suddenly everybody is an Og Comikazie follower... Yikes
MashOnez !
MashOnez ! 19 hours ago
I think we all know who's the best sniper in the game and surely is not this dude. He's an amazing player tho...!
SaiYah 2 days ago
He didn't go off. That's his usual
CS_Joker69 S
CS_Joker69 S 2 days ago
Dark is the best
OG VERBZ 2 days ago
Must be nice to just be out there in the open, sniping people standing still without getting third partied
Radya Gardian Pranoto
Yess comikazie is being recognized
Thomas Churchill
Thomas Churchill 3 days ago
We shouldn’t have to wait to see the snipe
Mekines 3 days ago
I remember this guy from h1
JONATHAN IDK 3 days ago
What’s the song on the intro
Chumzeek 3 days ago
You should be copyrighted
DC DoublePump
DC DoublePump 4 days ago
In my opinion,Dakotaz is still the best snipers
Ewww Ivette
Ewww Ivette 4 days ago
Dayuumm my manz said “Lupo who?”
lol Risky
lol Risky 6 days ago
Dark 100 times better with sniper than this kid smh 🤦🏼‍♂️
Chumzeek 3 days ago
Mcreamy is better
AlvaroS046 YT
AlvaroS046 YT 5 days ago
You are stupid
PuR3 EastBeast
PuR3 EastBeast 7 days ago
Who’s the best fortnite sniper? Like- Dakotaz Reply- Comikaze
Chumzeek 3 days ago
Captain Competence
When you main battlefield
YouTube Shwish
YouTube Shwish 9 days ago
Theo 10 days ago
intro song plz?
Guguem Free Fire
Guguem Free Fire 10 days ago
10% *scar sound* 10% *barret soud* 80% *barret reloads*
Erick Trujillo
Erick Trujillo 11 days ago
“Be sure to wait till the end to see all his amazing snipes” *fast forwards to the end saves a bunch of time*
xd Rap1d XBOX
xd Rap1d XBOX 12 days ago
bro comi is the best
Mason Willoughby
Mason Willoughby 13 days ago
Bro I’m better at sniping. And I’m on Xbox. Shoot us console players are catching up🤨
Mr Macaroon
Mr Macaroon 12 days ago
Mason Willoughby no ur Not
Rez Mika
Rez Mika 13 days ago
Only og viewers of comi knows he was nutty in h1 snipping aswell
Maximillianmus 2
Maximillianmus 2 16 days ago
Mayby he is but like Dakotaz only loss 1 sniper fight in fortnite but hes good im not sure to be honest
Bryce Green
Bryce Green 16 days ago
I’ve heard of this guy before but never really checked him out until now. He’s absolutely insane, probably one of the best games of fort I’ve ever seen
Xavier YT
Xavier YT 16 days ago
Tfue: The best sniper comi Comi: yep Dark: I’m a joke to you
FAZE HIROSHIMA 17 days ago
Always Rage
Always Rage 20 days ago
YOOOO COMIKAZIE IS LITTY !!!! by the way anyone who wanted to know the soung in the outro its 916frosty - issues ! HE GO CRAZY ON THE TRACK
Big Momentum
Big Momentum 20 days ago
You missed the chance to put 69,420 in the viewer count inthe thumbnail
Cubit 25 days ago
Clickbaited , worst channel ever fuck you bitch
ben_tzatra 27 days ago
lmao i feel sorry for his team mates that left XD
Was captured Became one • 2 years ago
Ok I gotta stop watching this channel I can’t find the part where tfue hosts him, at least tell us when he hosts him because your vids are all passed the 10 minute mark
Random Gamer
Random Gamer Month ago
I've been a fan of comics for so long
יואב שוחט
10min. 5ads. 2ads per min. Sad, truely sad
Random Person
Random Person Month ago
U can’t do math sad,truly sad
xd Thrasher
xd Thrasher Month ago
Ive been watching comakazie yt since season 5
Crox Month ago
If he is better than me in snipes, then im USA president. He plays better tbh but i think, i don't know for sure but *I THINK* im better in snipes
Crusher Month ago
Thats his peen dawg
Martin Melana
Martin Melana Month ago
Do you guys even know dakotaz?
IzNight Month ago
Bro I sniped him check my latest vid
Gio Talentino
Gio Talentino Month ago
It's funny how he tried looting that guy looking for sniper ammo and picks up everything except that lol
John Panzarella
John Panzarella Month ago
0:16 nice try
Imbad Month ago
U mfs too late on my dawg comi❌🧢
Mason Kimball
Mason Kimball Month ago
NO! It’s not true DAKOTAZ is the best sniper!
Imbad Month ago
Mason Kimball stupid ass 9 year old
Hitman 23
Hitman 23 Month ago
At the begingin i was like dude this snipes are shit but at the end i was like wow insane
Its Zenzo
Its Zenzo Month ago
I knew him before this I met him threw Randumb
ray moon
ray moon Month ago
He did not drop 29 kills clickbait but his snipes are insane
Sara Lee
Sara Lee Month ago
I remember this moment, we were all so hyped & even better, he won that game 🔥🔥🔥 -toxic mxsked
ItsJustAli Month ago
reminds me of call of duty
I want to be a Lime
The guy he snipes at 1:48 is my friend Oof
muhammad daniel
muhammad daniel Month ago
his hunting rifle snipes are the best!!
ramen Month ago
10 minutes..... what a surprise
Alex. jurio
Alex. jurio Month ago
And i thought that i'm good at sniping
DaPinguIsKing / piingoo
naME a bEtTeR SNiPer I’ll WaIT
Night Furry
Night Furry Month ago
Where is the tfue part?
Goyo Garcia
Goyo Garcia Month ago
Dks a way better sniper don’t disrespect him like that
genjo Month ago
DavoSpazzOu t
DavoSpazzOu t Month ago
I knew it was comikazie
Supreme Tuna fish
I’ve been watching COMI for forever he is a god.
Cash Dillard
Cash Dillard Month ago
This is how many times Comikazie reloaded his sniper 👇
Not Eztu
Not Eztu Month ago
5 commercials
Pee pee Gang
Pee pee Gang Month ago
Take a shot every time he fires his sniper
VikkiTG Month ago
Bro trust me this game is not even 1% of what his snipes are. He once hit a trick shot for a 30 bomb
RU49 Month ago
He gets noticed at last
Kaizaqu 468
Kaizaqu 468 Month ago
Wait so he hosted dk riht
ricem Month ago
no dk is ass people only think he is the best sniper because he always says “we hit those” when he gets an average snipe
Diana45251 Month ago
Chronium Milan
Chronium Milan Month ago
That game was probably the most comfortable video I have ever seen I didn't skip a single clip
mk lk
mk lk Month ago
Why is his lobby full of bots
kill me
kill me Month ago
Hes not the best sniper clickbait
UnknownSpam Month ago
How about me? Hmm UnknownSpam
Fake Name
Fake Name Month ago
I don’t watch comikazie but I came fro. Horn killing him
Fraxr Phobia
Fraxr Phobia Month ago
Can I please get a shoutout?
Ice Mike
Ice Mike Month ago
Dakota sucks at sniping now I think
Nemesis Nameless FNM Pro
U know how many millions of people that can do the same things this guy can? Like I literally have multiple clips of the same type of shots, like it’s so subjective and egotistical to consider urself the best at anything in Fortnite
Nemesis Nameless FNM Pro
I am the best sniper in all of Fortnite. I have clips. Don’t need to make content
Jo oreo
Jo oreo Month ago
Such a weird flex how so many ppl comment how they knew this dude before..facts
Elias Month ago
Theres better snipers than this for sure.
Goldifyed JR
Goldifyed JR Month ago
at 6:18 this guy ducks like there is a rpg coming them and the get sniped lol
Monster Gaming
Monster Gaming Month ago
went to the comment section just to see how people will roast dakotaz
toxic Month ago
*omg tfue just hosted me I wish I had a sniper to show off my skills chest at 0:45 : I got you homie.
brendan8799 Month ago
Are you Fortnite Funny too? Because y’all have like the same intro setup 🤔🤔🤔
Aiden Mortel
Aiden Mortel Month ago
My friends would always say that Ninja or Tfue is the best player But now after about 7 months I can prove them wrong.
Rhys Tuala
Rhys Tuala Month ago
I still think Dakotaz is better...scratch that, they’re pretty even imo!
Variaxt 2 months ago
Somebody sign this man
Azooku 2 months ago
I’ve been following him for a while now it’s great to see him blowing up!
Nxctom Voltz
Nxctom Voltz 2 months ago
"Best sniper" lmao in your opinion
EHR 10
EHR 10 2 months ago
He literally missed most of his shots 😂Dakotaz is still better in my opinion
The Real DrDeadpool
The Real DrDeadpool 2 months ago
Finally he gets some recognition by the big boys
SkyVapeQ 2 months ago
I made 19 kills in season 7
BlaZ3rZ 2 months ago
Aszurks 2 months ago
I'm happy that he's finally getting noticed
yesevil naes
yesevil naes 2 months ago
Clickbait thumbnail
ツDayRuined 2 months ago
I watch all his streams all the time he's NUTS
z Snakez
z Snakez 2 months ago
Comikazie is the best!!
Sven2590 2 months ago
Comikazie! My man❤️
Logan Hill
Logan Hill 2 months ago
That guys a psycho
Firat k.
Firat k. 2 months ago
watch my sniper montage , i took 3 out of a plane , i preasure it
Juicee 99
Juicee 99 2 months ago
How is he the best if he missed like 100
II GAZZ II 2 months ago
He’s been grinding since xd started and he’s become one of the best if not the best in xd content creators. Goated
Brett Carlow
Brett Carlow 2 months ago
Plot twist it is tfues smaller account and he host it when he’s off his main acc and he is filthy at sniping but wants it for his other acc lol all in all though this dudes nasty with it
y o t e
y o t e 2 months ago
finally hes noticed
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