Tfue Explains The Reason Streamers Are QUITING Fortnite And MOVING To Apex Legends...

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In todays video we have Tfue explaining the reason why all the big streamers besides him have MOVED over to a new game (Ninja, Myth, DrLupo Etc...) Let me know what you guys think down below!
Myth and Pokimane!
Ninja Funniest Moments!
Ninja Highlights!
Myth Funniest Moments!
Myth Highlights!
Ninja Vs Myth!
Tfue Funniest Moments!
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Feb 10, 2019




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Daily Clips Central
Daily Clips Central 2 months ago
Why do you guys think most streamers switched over to Apex? Do you agree with Tfue or is there another reason?! Let me know!
James West
James West Month ago
Judging by ninja’s gameplay at 9:47 because they find more bots to play against
Wiizzord 2 months ago
cristianmtz256 YT that’s harsh and premature, besides respawn entertainment( the creators of apex) have stated the “ea had nothing to do with the development” besides try the game for what it is before hating for what the publisher coincidentally is
Wiizzord 2 months ago
Elfman Strauss multiple streamers but even then now their playing since its fun
Wiizzord 2 months ago
naapuri hei if you go and chill with your friends in creative your basically not playing fortnite at that point your just using it as a hub
Wiizzord 2 months ago
Choricho Tv even though response payed multiple streamers to START playing their game, now their just playing it because it’s fun
-Insert Ironic Joke Here-
I like how when i search apex legends it gives me a fortnite video
BJJAddict_ 7 days ago
6:50 *FUS RO DA!*
Op Oopp
Op Oopp 11 days ago
Apex is actually kinda fun
JEBZ 18 days ago
1# is because fortnite is not fun
Decrever Receiver
Decrever Receiver 19 days ago
a lot of ppl got pissed on my first comment so lets just put it nice and simple. The game was fun while I was good and everyone else was a bot, and yea it is harder to get a win now but I don't really give a shiz so yea as I said *QUICK FLEX INBOUND* I have over 800 solo wins alone
Jonathan Antonio
Jonathan Antonio 24 days ago
I Will always play fortnite i'll make a disstrack on apex
karen durston
karen durston 28 days ago
There’s a lot a of-people going to Apex stop the game
Debbie Kirk
Debbie Kirk 28 days ago
Why did u qiut
leo-N8er Month ago
StReAmERs ArE QUiTinG ForTNiTe TO pLay ApEx
Alex K
Alex K Month ago
Lol just play the CS:GO battle royale thing
Ghostman Invisible
Because there only good at kids games
I'm. not. Famous.
Y'all do realize, all Fortnite does is kill and explore. It's technically Minecraft but the animals are good
sarah nalumu
sarah nalumu Month ago
My fortunate lobby had 30 ppl in it
Mckay fam
Mckay fam Month ago
You can stream snipe in apex
Real ShadoW
Real ShadoW Month ago
Yeah and they all play Fortnite again lol
Just Call Me GanG
Blaming everything on stream snipers doesn’t help him at all. He was less stupid playing Destiny and even then he wasn’t the sharpest pen in the box
Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao Month ago
No they are not
Saad Jawed
Saad Jawed Month ago
Add me a PS3
Saad Jawed
Saad Jawed Month ago
Add me a kik
Death Boy
Death Boy Month ago
ONE MONTH LATER He's playing fornite
Saba Gameng
Saba Gameng Month ago
apex is for noobs
Veronica Moody
Veronica Moody Month ago
I uninstalled it from my system two days ago
LOL Chris
LOL Chris Month ago
Who's here after Apex is dead?
Nazish Naz
Nazish Naz Month ago
Please tfue do not leave fortnite you are the best player in the world
King_Dan019 Month ago
Don't mind me. Just here to read the dramas that's happening in the comments section.
Nathan Month ago
Because it's 10x better...
Pink Potato
Pink Potato Month ago
Djovak Month ago
Apex is just better game, thats it.. At least for me
100,000 subscribers no videos challenge
Am i the only one who noticed that they gave a reason then put in a bunch of meaningless clips to get 10mins for extra add rev?
incredit Month ago
I swear everything that comes out of Ninja's mouth is cancer and cringe
TFH 12
TFH 12 Month ago
Even when he wins he complains
Fat Yoshi
Fat Yoshi Month ago
Apex Cucks Fortnite
APEX PLAYS Month ago
I have 1 view on my vid....its mine, that right there is the definition of depression🙁
Mr Greek
Mr Greek Month ago
You have to look at it from a streamers point of views Apex has been a breath of fresh air for them it's new it's a good game and they are enjoying themselves.
Polly the Bird
Polly the Bird Month ago
Streamers and youtubers are being paid to play it
Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell Month ago
fortnite is trash lmfao. Its not the stream snipers
Disaster Month ago
All apex needs is solos and cross-platform and fortnite is fucking gone
chessking jackson
A whole bunch of people think apex is the new number one People are blinded by its first few stats and think it has won But mark my words, the growth will not last. For Fortnite and complex marketing rules will change that fast And in one or two months players will realize Rumors that another battle royale will take over are but lies Fans who were so sure Will realize how blind they were, For even though many reply’s will state “Apex will be the new fortnite, mate” They will soon look back at this feat and say “neat, I admit defeat”
chessking jackson
Still blind, for apex you yearn But soon you will learn
Xpok 59
Xpok 59 Month ago
+chessking jackson bruh, apex winned in less than a week what took fornite almost a year, and not a single update has dropped
chessking jackson
For those who think fortnite is dead, you are actually blind to the statistics and are just making up conclusions.
Ghoul Unifiy
Ghoul Unifiy Month ago
Fortnite joined the chat Apex joined the chat Fortnite left the chat
Loogi 27
Loogi 27 Month ago
xd kelly
xd kelly Month ago
they better not mess up season 8, dragons will be the new planes
skankhunt420 Month ago
Well i mean we WANT to make millions playing a video game just like you WANT your fans to not stream snipe.. you donnnnt alllwaysss gettt whattt you wannnntt but sometimesss you make millions off of a videooo gammeee. Stop crying
Rorisjack Plays
Rorisjack Plays Month ago
I don't get this, why do people think Fortnite is so good? It's nice but, it's not that great or creative, I totally understand that people find it fun and all, but it's not that great that it can't be besten or eventually die, do guys like TFUE think that it's gonna live forever? :P
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith Month ago
Harry Goldschmidt
I bet you one sub you wont pin this
4spect Month ago
Bro apex wayyyyy better than fortnite
ItsNeso Gaming
ItsNeso Gaming Month ago
It just boring now, jump, loot, repeat on the same map for more than a yr, ppl want something new, fortnite was adding stuff but the game still felt the same and now its boring
Stephen Cooper
Stephen Cooper Month ago
Fornites awesome apex sucks I deleted it after 10 games or more and if its because ppl are watching them stream and killing them put the videos up after the game
Expanding Universe Creations
Cool Video !!! Custom , No Copyright music, Subliminals, gaming on my channel check it out everyone thanks :) Much Love
Wayde Tuke
Wayde Tuke Month ago
The’re moving to Apex becsuse it’s actually sick
Don't sub 2 me Plz
Leave twitch and become a content creator on yt
alk0731 Month ago
Jamal khalil
Jamal khalil Month ago
Let’s be real tho fortnite started dying in season 5
Daniel Caskey
Daniel Caskey Month ago
I'm still surprised so many people played this trash game. What was the appeal? Because everyone else was playing it?
BronzeJourney Month ago
There is literally no difference between pubg and apex other than 'legends' which is quite bullshitty concept and doesnt add anything worth mentioning to the game(Almost every ability either useless, or completely and specifically situational.) Apex is greater game when compared to pubg and fortnite, but its still a battle royale, which turns any game into a garbage. So i got stuck at this personal paradox of mine, cant quit the game because its fucking great and well made, but it eats away from my character personality and soul because im betraying my brethren and playing a fucking battle royale. Like The Ring, you know? Will turn into a fucking gaming gollum or something in the end i guess.
Advay Doongoor
Advay Doongoor Month ago
Fortnite has bad graphics
Advay Doongoor
Advay Doongoor Month ago
Fortnite is 👎👎👎👎Apex legends is 👑👑👑
PerfectShows Month ago
More like Apex Losers
Matheo Haukland
Matheo Haukland Month ago
I bet you one sub you wont pin this
broken Month ago
ngl i rather see ninja play apex than fortnite.
Ian Steer
Ian Steer Month ago
Dude this video was over after the first 30 seconds thanks
galih pratama
galih pratama Month ago
I don't why i hate ninja rn
Parseval De Palma
respect for the ad placement
Shiina3 Month ago
Apex isnt as good as most people think. Its a cool game, but its not gonna be the fortnite killer. Everyone hates Fortnite because its "overrated", and People hate stuff that gets a lot of attention and recognition. Fortnite isnt a bad game, its just because of the toxic community and the people who havent played it and just go with the flow and say its bad. Tbh, Im starting to think that most of the people who are saying "apex is better than fortnite" havent even actually played apex and are just bandwaggoning....
Baller Boys
Baller Boys Month ago
Also tfue your accent racist as fucj
Vigilance L
Vigilance L Month ago
maybe EA trying different way to marketing the game through paying streamer because advertising game long way before release make people assuming the game is going to bad because EA logo on it edit : don't get me wrong, i hate EA too but respawn is different
The Batman Guy
The Batman Guy Month ago
Because everyone's a tryhard builder and that shit's annoying.
SuperLoli 64
SuperLoli 64 Month ago
Y'all really think that 60 players is gonna help streaming sniping. It's happend forever, fortnite is not different.
Hey Month ago
A billion dollar company won’t even change my email and I even confirm it’s my real email
0113 Month ago
I'm switching to big chungus
Pepe De Franko Beryllium
Tfue hasn’t left cause he needs to uphold his best player spot he just needs to let go in my opinion
SAGEツ Month ago
i don’t see why people even wanna play apex i really don’t think apex is that fun, neither is fortnite, but one game i think is fun is realm royals period.
Ital1x Month ago
Not to flex but I’m eating a cookie
LIKE: Apex Legends. COMMENT: Fortnite
The unknown 476
The unknown 476 Month ago
Firewall Month ago
Its not because of stream snipers its because, apex is more popular and makes them more money. You can get stream sniped in apex to.
nah bro apex is fun as it is new
PillowFighter Month ago
Pacman is dying...
CalazaBR Month ago
I've tried to play fortnite, but when I saw de first character dancing I quit.
TheCrazyGamer [Ita]
fun fact= no one cares of course for save the world uwu
TheCrazyGamer [Ita]
reason: views
TheCrazyGamer [Ita]
reason: views
W 𓇳 T
W 𓇳 T Month ago
Fortnite literally helped ninja out. If it wasn’t for fortnite ninja would be not that famous.
she loves Zak
she loves Zak Month ago
They quit because they’re not the best anymore
Black Wolf Gaming
you watch a lot of these videos and ask your self. do these steamers use wall hacks, that don't show up on streaming programs?? their reaction times + ability to find, aim and shoot enemies are almost (to me) impossible with out wall hacks. | if wall hacks are not in play ( or any other form of cheating) then these people must dedicate a majorty of there time to becoming so good at something that ultimately has no benefit in the real world.
Black Wolf Gaming
that or smoking pot has lowered my reaction times to the point that ive become a noob again.
im switching to undertale,minecraft and mobile legend?
[INVENT] djdan23
3:40 and people call ninja toxic
Sprite Month ago
I want fortnite to die so I won't have to worry about everyone being a tryhard
Sprite Month ago
The thing I hate about fortnite is that EVERYONE is good, every fight I see the exact same builds, everyone is turtling now as well as using pyrimads it's so annoying
pheonixlord234 Month ago
Symfhunny is a spaz eu is better noob
Extrem3 GAMrS
Extrem3 GAMrS Month ago
Once a stream sniper. Always a stream sniper. 🔫
Extrem3 GAMrS
Extrem3 GAMrS Month ago
If fortnite is gonna die they might have to click this button 🚨 season 2 🚨
Æther Month ago
The problem fortnite is literally children not even in a “I’m toxic ur trash kid” way they are literally like 9,10,11,12 and they are what is ruining it how annoying is it when you have terrible loot, no health and like 10 kills for example then a player who looks like they just clicked random skin and bakclbling kills you, full health and shield and amazing loot, you their first kill
Jesiah Mossbarger
Then just don’t play pop up cup god it’s that simple
Deniz Dayi
Deniz Dayi Month ago
Fortnite died after season 3 people that still play the game have alot of free time on their hands
Fortnite isn’t dying. Too many fucking kids love this game and it’s free. It’s just won’t be media popular anymore
AdamFrom Youtube
Finnaly no good players in fortnite
Chris Month ago
No their not
HansPlays _
HansPlays _ Month ago
Symfuhny played himself
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