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Textures Music Video for the song 'Awake', available on the album 'Silhouettes'.
The video was shot at the beginning of October in the Belgian Ardennes under supervision of director Rob Hodselmans (GEM, Room 11) and producer David Leite from Hazazah. The video has been made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Dutch TAX funds an incentive from the Dutch Government to assist Dutch artists with audio/visual output.

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Facebook: facebook.com/textures
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Oct 30, 2008




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Comments 1 235
dabrainyyyy 11 days ago
Love it!
Richard R. Patlan
Richard R. Patlan 16 days ago
I wish I knew any this band 10 years ago 😭
Zoa Cynic
Zoa Cynic 20 days ago
I came here to play homage.to my best friend who died yesterday.this was is favourite song. RIP Dikte
Adolfo Lagos
Adolfo Lagos 23 days ago
I don't f.. know how I lost the notion of time? when i listen this song every time!! I LOVE THIS
Abdi Perez
Abdi Perez Month ago
Pravin Kumar
Pravin Kumar 2 months ago
I R E F U S E T O P A Y T H E F E R R Y M A N !
Kronos my account got hacked
It doesn't get better than this.
Eugene K
Eugene K 2 months ago
2019 here?)
Ma Rio
Ma Rio 4 months ago
so brutal good ... awesome heavy dutchmen
neil macdonald
neil macdonald 5 months ago
F**K the cabal and the rothill die b4 I bow a totalerain government and I will ris eagian u reps wont bring it mit well come on ur esp bring it to me alone ! I dare u! yes I am saying i
neil macdonald
neil macdonald 5 months ago
miss this band so real tune back from when ppl had freedopm of speech now u don't lol goodbye yaolll lol !!!!!!!!
Izhaarahmed Qureshi
Izhaarahmed Qureshi 6 months ago
Marcus C
Marcus C 6 months ago
So there's a mention of cinder and ashen...can't be more Dark Souls than it is! \m/
Axel Sintes
Axel Sintes 8 months ago
Most powerful lyrics I've ever heard... One of my favorite songs.
Bruno Art.Tattoo
Bruno Art.Tattoo 8 months ago
Cyanopus 8 months ago
The vocal is Phil Anselmo in djent
Necro butcher
Necro butcher 8 months ago
Come back again with a bang.
Pipo Mantis
Pipo Mantis 8 months ago
Please reupload in HD
Bruno_CFH 9 months ago
Sai ano e entra ano eu volto aqui pra me deliciar com essa obra! TEXTURES É FODA!!!
Mili Maximus
Mili Maximus 9 months ago
Patriota Chileno Machista y Abstemio !
10 years and Still feeling like the first time!! (The disproportion of likes n unlikes is massive !)
adam martin
adam martin 11 months ago
2018 \m/
Leo Spielt
Leo Spielt 11 months ago
This is a really beautiful song 👍 I love the atmosphere and drive of it and the video fits perfect with the song
ʙɪᴄᴏʟɪɴᴏ ➀ ➈ ➈ ➈
Amo essa música / Love this song 🎶❤
JADC OSO Year ago
2018 y aun la escucho.
William H. Buttlicker
This is in my top 5 best songs ever, without any doubt! Can't believe it's not more popular than it is... And by the way, check out the live version they did for a radio station; I think it's a different vocalist, but man is it perfect!! Really loving this shit!
Naruto735 Year ago
Their best singer
Arber Balla
Arber Balla Year ago
00:00 to 02:00 pure awesomeness
Jani Remains
Jani Remains Year ago
Awesome song!!!
Why is everyone saying this is a Devin Townsend ripoff? *DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT DIDNT EVEN RELEASE ANYTHING UNTIL* _2009_ *THIS WAS MADE IN* _2008_ WTF? Seriously how hard is it to wikipedia search it? That man copied this band more than anything. Also, Drawing Circles was 2006, it sounds alot like this album. This isn't a new style.
Exgrmbl Year ago
+falt They are saying that because it's somewhat accurate, it's no fluke that so many people are seeing the similarity. It's not a rip-off, because it's quite original, but it shares sonic qualities reminiscent (especially the guitar sound and melody, listen to Night or Funeral off Ocean machine) of devin townsend's works, especially Ocean machine/Infinity (released in '97 and '98, respectively) and some other albums which predate Textures' work by several years. But that only applies to the opening, really.
RIP Textures. I'll never get to see them in a concert.
plantsinspace Year ago
3:24 sweet drum fill
Boris Medarski
f3rbs Year ago
Their best song!!!
Schrodinger's Cat
This video and song brings me freedom!
Boris Medarski
Boris Medarski 11 months ago
Nyarlah Year ago
Please Eric, sing again. You're missed.
Aswanth Rz
Aswanth Rz Year ago
2018? Anyone? Don't forget this amazing song..
Aswanth Rz Oh yeah 😎
Bryan huamani
Bryan huamani Year ago
But it does djent?
EasyModePC Year ago
Revisiting Silhouettes yet again...so many memories I had with this album.. By the way, did anyone else notice how similar Phenotype was to this album? It took me a couple months after it came out to realize this, mostly because I was still fishing for the grooves I expected from Dualism. But finally I was able to set aside expectations of their evolution and appreciate this album as it’s own thing...lol which kinda made Dualism the oddball out of their discography...just goes to show how amazing they were. Able to excel in groove and technicality, leaning far into one and/or the other, and slaying our minds the whole time.
Scatyricon Year ago
2018... still enjoying this so much
K M Year ago
This is their only good song. It's amazing. But the band sucks ass. Hard.
Javier Fontecilla
Kyle McClanahan WTF
Marcos Job Leija Salgado
Increíble canción
Eugene Collins
I envy folks that can sing. Gaaaaahd daaamn
pcservicevadim2 .pcservicevadim2
Cosmic ,..that video! that song (( freaking out of this world
Иван Year ago
Essa música é boa pra caralho porra. O vocal desse cara é muito foda.
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez 2 years ago
This is amazing, just. amazing
Akshit Dhumal
Akshit Dhumal 2 years ago
Saw them live last night in Bangalore and It was insane..\m/
Eros 2 years ago
Can't believe I'm gonna see this live, can't wait, even if they changed their singer
08sayandeep 2 years ago
way better than Sunbather and all !
Roberto Valentim
Roberto Valentim 2 years ago
2017 aew?
Wei Xian Ng
Wei Xian Ng 2 years ago
Starts off like a Katatonia song. Turns into a Meshuggah song midway 0.0
Tree 2 years ago
I may be depressed, i may seem meek, I might look weak, but I still have teeth.
Mr2 Mr2
Mr2 Mr2 2 years ago
Is he the same dog in l'enfant sauvage clip from gojira ? Is he ... The holy metal doggo, ya good boy
Notorious RíNg
Notorious RíNg 2 years ago
nh7 megalaya
Fairy C Rat
Fairy C Rat 2 years ago
I love how it becomes like an entirely different song at around 2 minutes.
ronniemation 2 years ago
my neighbor just turned me on to this band like last week. man this is amazing
שפססקף 2 years ago
very addicting song
Tree 2 years ago
2017. This is one of those songs that has kept me alive, to this day. And what a beautiful doggo.
flamio100 2 years ago
Haven't stopped listening to this song regularly since it came out. A true, time tested, CLASSIC.
Romina 2 years ago
Era de mi, para mi...
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