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We’re settling the debate once and for all with a Texas Roadhouse vs. Outback Steakhouse Taste Test. Find out who will be the Food Feuds champ! GMM #1553
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Jun 10, 2019

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Comments 5 130
i’m numb
i’m numb 54 minutes ago
texas roadhouse all day
Kayleigh Stanley
Kayleigh Stanley 4 hours ago
Waffle House vs huddle House 😏
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 6 hours ago
Texas roadhouse is the best BUT i don’t know for sure because i never had outback
James Ventresco
James Ventresco 8 hours ago
Can we all just agree they both have good food But Outback is better
Chris Sleepsick
Chris Sleepsick 9 hours ago
Loved their interactions Also "hi were from outback--#@!$#!:#&(,)€,€ last . uxiidiqndbshhsjwi dc u jdowoooand it's time tsgdhvjpcoaouxyushdhssjwnnemsa lls *Me: what*
Khai Gautreaux
Khai Gautreaux 16 hours ago
They had california road house not texas
cute girl
cute girl 16 hours ago
Never been to or heard of Texas Roadhouse but they win
G 16 hours ago
However the biscuits from Texas road house are 👌🏽
ali sami
ali sami 17 hours ago
I feel like Outback was already sponsoring this episode
Not an aussie accent, not at all
gothmedli 19 hours ago
i only know outback
Lizzie 22 hours ago
Maybe it’s just my town but the outback near me is disgusting lmao
worldgone awry
all depends where you go, I go to texas roadhouse and outback all the time, road house is infinitly better here
For entrée that was a t bone not portahouse
Cole Iseli
Cole Iseli Day ago
road house
Ace Clan
Ace Clan Day ago
Texas Roadhouse!!!!
Addy Emore
Addy Emore Day ago
Why you hating on Texas
Austin Fontana
Austin Fontana 2 days ago
What about cattlemans
Infiniti Music
Infiniti Music 2 days ago
You know it's legit when GMM makes a video about it
xIRGhost 2 days ago
You guys should go to the restaurants and eat there bcc the food would look and taste a lot better............... all your food was very misleading in how they were presented
Power Hour
Power Hour Day ago
Someone's salty
Marquita Robertson
I'm a Texas Roadhouse woman
Sabrina Padilla
Sabrina Padilla 2 days ago
Miguel Garzon
Miguel Garzon 2 days ago
Boneless wings are just chicken nuggets
Tatum Feigle
Tatum Feigle 2 days ago
They should go to texas for this
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal 3 days ago
Did the chili have beans?
Jaguar God
Jaguar God 3 days ago
Longhorn ftw
marshall jacobs
marshall jacobs 4 days ago
Remember when the Bloomin onion was twice as big? When just seeing it was scary? When did they make it so small??
LanLock Gaming
LanLock Gaming 4 days ago
im not even sure i would have tasted the steaks , that and all of it looked fkn discusting
Roseblossom9029 4 days ago
I need to try outback I guess
John Paul Driskill
Roadhouse is better
Vincent Johnson
Vincent Johnson 5 days ago
Never heard of Texas Roadhouse
i like disliking things for no reason
id consider texas roadhouse more if rhonda shows me a good time
Jaaa Beee
Jaaa Beee 5 days ago
Are they gay or millennials? I can't even tell anymore.
Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook 5 days ago
I'm just casually watching two grown men eat, nothing to see here
Salwa akhtar
Salwa akhtar 6 days ago
Love how their content and moods are better without the 4 episodes a day smh
TheGuess2D 6 days ago
Texas Roadhouse is better.
Gaming Golden
Gaming Golden 6 days ago
saltgrass is a tier above, but none of them are as good as even a novice in their own home
Emma Snyder
Emma Snyder 6 days ago
Those accents were difficult to listen to
Richard Magallanes
Why did Australian get censored, what did he say?
Beth Walters
Beth Walters 7 days ago
Y'all tried Texas Roadhouse at a California location. If y'all came down to Texas it would be 100% better. Texas Roadhouse will always have my heart. 👍
Wombattler Day ago
If we had outback here in Australia, it might actually be good...
inkmeal 7 days ago
I want an entire show with Rhonda and Aussie feuding. Best new characters since Cotton Candy Randy.
N4RUTO 786
N4RUTO 786 7 days ago
Imagine having an argument over food chill
Cody Funk
Cody Funk 7 days ago
I never had a steak at outback that couldn't but used to pound a wooden steak into the ground. Might just be my location though, as all the outbacks are gone now.
The 5th King
The 5th King 7 days ago
I'll just say before watching the video... Roadhouse wins either way
Fred Crapse
Fred Crapse 8 days ago
CrippledHobo 15
CrippledHobo 15 8 days ago
Wat is Rhett talking about who doesn’t but gravy on mashed potatoes
Mohammad Ali Ghani
That's a lot of glasses
Lauren 8 days ago
Outback 🤟🏻😤
Meep owlz
Meep owlz 8 days ago
am i the only one who wants to decipher what outback aussie said
Virginia Papke
Virginia Papke 9 days ago
Can Kate McKinnon play Roadhouse Rhonda somehow please?
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