Texans vs. Colts Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019

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The Houston Texans take on the Indianapolis Colts during Week 7 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Tyler Drey
Tyler Drey 17 days ago
2:28 was such BS
Venancio Carrillo
Venancio Carrillo 3 months ago
Colts 💙
red88alert 4 months ago
Colts are trash. Texans all the way!
OldManJ 5 months ago
How far the “mighty” colts have fallen lol trash ass team
DJ Chill Will
DJ Chill Will 5 months ago
why did the texans take a safety?
Captainnoone 5 months ago
DJ Chill Will if they punted from the back of the end zone then the colts would have likely scored a touchdown since they would be around the 40 but with the safety they were further back and it was still a 7 point game
Los Ross
Los Ross 5 months ago
Hold on mannnn They ruled D Watson down on that Touchdown they took back from Hopkins but I Literally saw Matt Ryan get his leg held exactly like that yesterday or maybe longer VS The N.O Saints and the Refs said NOTHING about him being down..... 😐 where they do that at?
Los Ross
Los Ross 5 months ago
2:30 on here and 11:55 on the Atlanta vs Saints Game watch y'all
Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks 6 months ago
TY with his ownage of Houston
RunEmHard 728
RunEmHard 728 6 months ago
If somehow Houston can protect Deshaun Watson and give him time to pass then maybe they'll have a good chance of winning.
Immigrxnt 6 months ago
Came back to remind myself what we go to to the Texans Thursday 😂😌 #BleedBlue
Ella Playz
Ella Playz 6 months ago
Derrick luv
Derrick luv 6 months ago
Watson has a 👌 arm but dude is slow 😂 as he'll.
Robert Gunner
Robert Gunner 6 months ago
Haha the Texans suck!!
Robert Gunner
Robert Gunner 5 months ago
@OldManJ they're going to lose in the first round. They could barely beat the Bucs today. Texans basura. Hell the NS Mustangs are better than the Texans. Possibly the Roughnecks too.
OldManJ 5 months ago
Robert Gunner I’m sorry where are y’all now? Lol
Vincent Wei
Vincent Wei 7 months ago
Why am I watching this after watching the week 8 Texans game?
Bill Gates
Bill Gates 7 months ago
Stills was manhandled by Leonard. That was a nasty stiff arm.
Isidorus Hispalensis
A seldom call by the refs. Called in the grasp. To protect the quarterback. If he would have thrown the ball the first time instead of the fake, he would not had called it. but he did it twice while in the grasp of the defender. so he called the rule in the grasp. Not used much these days. But it was the correct call.
BORN AGAIN 7 months ago
Stop sleeping 💤 on the Colts. #ColtsNation
OldManJ 5 months ago
BORN AGAIN I’ll sleep all I want to. Trash team
Sry imasweat
Sry imasweat 7 months ago
Jacoby is a really good qb
Sry imasweat
Sry imasweat 5 months ago
@OldManJ this is from a month ago and yes he's disappointing but hes not a trash qb just a young quarterback
OldManJ 5 months ago
Brendan Gibson incorrect
SY Kim
SY Kim 7 months ago
*럭이 있었다면 우승후보인데...수비가 저렇게 좋은데...*
Rxptile 7 months ago
Crazy how the colts are able to use discipline and strategy to outplay these mobile big-play qbs 🔥
InfiniteTruth4Ever 7 months ago
We Ready #Jagnation😈
Just Smiles And Laughter
I love it how the Colts had the worst Oline until Luck left. What changed??
Christine C
Christine C 7 months ago
They had one of the best oline with Luck last year.
Just Smiles And Laughter
@Justiceorelse ohhh. Thanks
Justiceorelse 7 months ago
The GM changed from Ryan Grigson to Chris Ballard. The bad o-line was constructed by Ryan Grigson
Getting Instructions
Brisset look like he’s been training with Payton Manning
andromeda gen
andromeda gen 7 months ago
As of right now jacody deserves MVP consideration. Most teams lose thier starting qb a week before the season and are done from the jump. And honestly the colts look better now then they did with andrew.
Lusky_42 7 months ago
Damn my man d wat can’t get a damn break ... he’s still a damn warrior though no doubt !! Get the man some protection sheesh !!
Long hair don't care yup
Jacoby is the Texan's new daddy
T.C. Thompson
T.C. Thompson 7 months ago
9:20 All three phases of the Colts team played a part in this victory
T.C. Thompson
T.C. Thompson 7 months ago
Dear Texans fans. Refs did not commit penalties. Your players did. High penalties is the fault of the coaching staff. You got robbed of a touchdown and gifted a touchdown by the refs, so the score was unaffected by bad officiating. Accept the loss and stop trying to support your misplaced bravado in trying to "prove" the better team lost. It didn't. It is playing the Broncos on Sunday.
Deion Barnes
Deion Barnes 7 months ago
They first time losing
Austin M
Austin M 7 months ago
This game was never even close
Khrys Wagner
Khrys Wagner 7 months ago
Y’all not gone speak on the touch down by Watson ?
Lexx Breeland
Lexx Breeland 7 months ago
Jacoby lookin like daunte culpepper out there
Anthony Vega
Anthony Vega 7 months ago
Oline trash
Jivy Dremsa
Jivy Dremsa 7 months ago
10:16 Roblox
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 7 months ago
Colts 4-2 Texans 4-3 Jaguars 3-4 Titans 3-4
aidan beroud
aidan beroud 7 months ago
Jezamiah 7 months ago
Shoutout to Q. Nelson who neutralised JJ Watt all game
Christine C
Christine C 7 months ago
Not really. Q wasn’t his responsibility and JJ Watt had a ton of pressure.
Micky Bender
Micky Bender 7 months ago
Maaan that Texans O line is so suspect, and their RT #63 ist garbage-got beat on every single pass play, they took him off the field way too late. They have to help Deshaun.
Eric Counsel
Eric Counsel 7 months ago
Why did the Texans take that safety?
Tj Wright
Tj Wright 7 months ago
Bro Dashawn wasn’t even down that shoulda been at TD
Legendary Kid
Legendary Kid 7 months ago
Texans need to sign josh gordon asap❗️
Kevin Alexander
Kevin Alexander 7 months ago
Ray Pratt
Ray Pratt 7 months ago
WTF are the Texans LB's??the middle of the field couldnt be any more WIDE OPEN!!
Cameron Cage
Cameron Cage 7 months ago
7:03 - 7:32 the ball game right there
sky langford
sky langford 7 months ago
Watson has and always will be a choke job.......
jaydeep kang
jaydeep kang 7 months ago
nil refs are so bad like are u kidding me ??? 2:34
Brownd Beanz
Brownd Beanz 7 months ago
Brissett casually winning is the best. He reminds me of Peyton, using brain over brawn. Awesome.
mad gamerguy
mad gamerguy 7 months ago
2:50 if y’all saw this game live you know it was rigged they pull on d wats leg and they ruled it a sac smh 🤦‍♂️
Justiceorelse 7 months ago
illegal motion at 06:13...... refs made up for it
T.C. Thompson
T.C. Thompson 7 months ago
Texans did an illegal motion and got a touchdown out of it. S.M.H. at fools
DBGaming 7 months ago
8:34 see how good Kenny stills is when he has an actual Qb
DBGaming 7 months ago
4:57 dumb ass keep your head up
DBGaming 7 months ago
4:15 dayummmmm
DBGaming 7 months ago
2:41 bruh wtf
ginger 7 months ago
Two very good teams battling, pity that the Patriots will *smack* them both.
Mr Clean
Mr Clean 7 months ago
The Colts have the best O-line in the NFL. That left side is the best since John Hannah and Leon Gray.
Some Guy on the Internet
Texans need Tytus Howard back
Akeem Jones
Akeem Jones 7 months ago
Indy defense needs to be better, plus his O line
ALEX SPAHR 7 months ago
Football fan
Vera Golovkova
Vera Golovkova 7 months ago
That Darius Leonard stiff arm on Kenny Stills tho
Beau Smith
Beau Smith 7 months ago
Hope we can do something magical this season with this QB and O line.
Andrew Granger
Andrew Granger 7 months ago
If the Colts D tightens up a bit more, they can be trouble.
Johnny Valencia
Johnny Valencia 7 months ago
This the best all around colts team we've seen in a while
Miles Robinson
Miles Robinson 7 months ago
the Colts were *Lucky!* this time. I'll get the Bears and UNC football to whoop them!
John-boy 7 months ago
No! Yes! No! Greg Gumbel: "I'm so confused". That was one heck of a catch by Ebron and a tremendous day for him. Brissett seemed much cooler in the pocket than Watson.
James Daniels
James Daniels 7 months ago
What a game!
Jeremy Keesling
Jeremy Keesling 7 months ago
that stiff arm that leonard gave stills!
Victor Allen Jones
Victor Allen Jones 7 months ago
Texans have more balls than the Cowboys.
EdmacZ 7 months ago
The Texans doing their usual Texan thing. Just when it looks like they’re going to take the next step forward, they blow it. Look out for the Colts.
Rose-Gold Dre
Rose-Gold Dre 7 months ago
Colts lose manning, then Andrew luck an we’re still second to them in the division
t1ao 7 months ago
And it's not like brisset is even a good quarterback it's just that the Texans pass defense is so bad
Christine C
Christine C 7 months ago
Jacoby is actually pretty good.
t1ao 7 months ago
This would be would be a blow away by the Texans if they actually had a defense
T.C. Thompson
T.C. Thompson 7 months ago
This would be a blow away by the Colts if they had Peyton Manning again. Ifs....
David Kolb
David Kolb 7 months ago
Jacoby, right now, this season, is the best QB in the AFC South...
YoursTruly Sinner
YoursTruly Sinner 7 months ago
I just here “And that is complete”
SkinCarver 7 months ago
Colts stadium looks even better with the roof open.
forreal pat
forreal pat 7 months ago
That was a great game. Both teams. 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈lol lol lol I told you. The COLTS are supergood. U can't see them. Like me. Vote for me. SMOOTH TV. 😁 FREE label, Foreal. Pat
George M
George M 7 months ago
The Colts earned the win but wow, Watson's receivers just couldn't hold on to his throws sometimes. I was a Watson doubter but really I think he just needs more support.
Greatness Is earned
Greatness Is earned 7 months ago
The refs made this victory possible for the Colts . The Refs should get the game ball . Called a sack that wiped away a touchdown pass when Deshaun clearly wasn’t down . They also called every little ticky tack call they could think of and it kept some drives alive for Brissett that would have resulted in kickoffs but instead led to scores . The Texans had more penalty yards than they had rushing yards .
Rebelhuncho 7 months ago
Eric ebron catch was AMAZING
Andrew Greer
Andrew Greer 7 months ago
"That is complete."
Shaun McGrew
Shaun McGrew 7 months ago
Wow!!! The Colt's O-line is the real deal. Probably the best in football right now.
P M 7 months ago
Houston fans blaming the refs. 🤣.
Joshua McRae
Joshua McRae 7 months ago
I'm very happy for Jacoby. He's been great for the Colts since Luck's retirement.
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