Testing Weird Shoes I Got Ads For!

Rachel Ballinger
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My feet were confused
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Jun 13, 2019





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Comments 2 785
Elizabeth Wagner
Elizabeth Wagner 3 minutes ago
If the first shoe is so hot wear it where it snows
Emery Snively
Emery Snively 4 hours ago
Your dogs are really funny and cute
10:40I’m dying 😂😂😂
Giana Volpigno
Giana Volpigno 13 hours ago
“This is not Alabama!!!” -Rachel 2019
Jeralyn Herrera-Andrade
Im dieingggggg😂😂 " What ? What Is This ?? No ! No Incest ! This Is Not Alabama !! " 😂😂
Oreocookiegirl 2019
Oreocookiegirl 2019 23 hours ago
And now we present Dapper Yeezy’s!!
Chloe Schuldt
9:14 just 9:14 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
Ozzisiya Day ago
Tia Zaki
Tia Zaki Day ago
10:42😂😂😂 watch till da end
The bear 5678
60% comments THIS IS NOT ALABAMA 10% I love snoop 10% I love blaze 20% snoop or blaze
astrid polanco
I love your videos I’m your biggest fan can you give me a shout out or can you mention my name it’s abigail bye love you oh and I love your dogs❤️🐶
kambri moore
kambri moore Day ago
I hate y
Sophie vlogs xx
Matthew J Bade
A winter shoe in Wisconsin is a snow boot.
amaiah rindfleisch
amaiah rindfleisch
That is offensive cause I love in ALABAMA
Mya Gomez
Mya Gomez 2 days ago
Sorry but a water moccasin is a cotton mouth snake ok not shoes they poisoners literally soo don’t get bitten 😃😃😃
It’s Just Jillian
I would wear the waterproof shoes in the snow because my socks get drenched in the snow
Felicia Clayton
Felicia Clayton 2 days ago
"No incest! This is not Alabama!!" That's it I'm done. 🤣🤣😂😂
Kermit Kermit
Kermit Kermit 2 days ago
I’m from Alabama P.s. This isn’t Alabama
Abby Fuentes
Abby Fuentes 2 days ago
Next video you should try different types of *waterproof* shoes, BECAUSE SOMETIMES THEY SAY THERE “ WATERPROOF’’ but they really aren’t?
Abby Fuentes
Abby Fuentes 2 days ago
*ME* :oh I love Rachel she is so funny in her own ways 😂❤️🤡
Abby Fuentes
Abby Fuentes 2 days ago
*Rachel looks back* R: DId yoU JUstt fARt 💨? mE: 😂😂😂 I LOve rAChel Like or comment if you do to and I understand if you don’t 😊
Flames Op
Flames Op 3 days ago
I live in Alabama and I laugh at those jokes
Gi Gacha World
Gi Gacha World 3 days ago
Lol *see’s comment’ * Almost THE WHoLE CHAT Is PeOPLe saYING scoop
Allie 5000
Allie 5000 3 days ago
She is tan
Cambria Izatt
Cambria Izatt 3 days ago
I think your brave to hit your toe with a hammer and waste money on shoes you do not like and I think your awesome
Claire McCallum
Claire McCallum 3 days ago
No incest! This is not Alabama! 😂 I DIEDDD!!!
Brie Ackerman
Brie Ackerman 3 days ago
Who’s Matt ?
Kiegan Wilbur
Kiegan Wilbur 3 days ago
Life with 5 dogs is worse than 2
Niwde Ollirum
Niwde Ollirum 4 days ago
9:16 Rachel:no Viewers:😳 Young viewers:what happening
Boops Starlight™
9:14 LOL
Emily Schwartz
Emily Schwartz 4 days ago
Wear 2 pairs of socks with the indestructible shoes
Kharson Castell
Kharson Castell 4 days ago
No incest ! This isn't Alabama!😂
coral smith
coral smith 4 days ago
Whats the waterproof trainer called ? I need this
Vanessa Hernandez
No one: Rachel: No incest! This is not Alabama! 😂
Jennifer Diaz
Jennifer Diaz 4 days ago
Rachel’s quote of 2019 “NO INCEST!, this is not Alabama” lol love you Rachel. 9:17
brieana scofield
brieana scofield 4 days ago
Crocs are better
Canadian ninja Warrior
RIP Rachel ciao
Jazz Thorman
Jazz Thorman 4 days ago
umm.... im from nz and i'm a kiwi watcher and i just wanna tell you that they shave sheep and reuse it so it dosent go to waste, they need hair cuts just like dogs do. its super cold here in nz,its usually -2 degrees Celsius
Karine Furini
Karine Furini 5 days ago
No incest. This is not Alabama. Everyone is mentioning this but come on that is one of her best quotes.
Adysen Johnston
Adysen Johnston 5 days ago
9:15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivia Miller Vlogs
What type of dogs are Snoop and Blaze?? Sorry For Asking!
Charlotte Mcconville
I love you and your dogs
Kylie Alford
Kylie Alford 5 days ago
...definitely not a water moccasin 😂. I thought you were talking about the snake, I was half asleep and I heard water moccasin (witch I’m terrified of snakes and spiders so I thought you were going through some rough times) and I just assumed you had a water moccasin by your feet 😂😂
Alison Sinnett
Alison Sinnett 6 days ago
"NO incest, this IS NOT ALABAMA” got me ded😂
Katie Mckee
Katie Mckee 6 days ago
6:00 her shoes look huge
Dom The Alien
Dom The Alien 6 days ago
Not a water moccasin 👀👀👀 I sure hope not. 🐍 💀
Simply_ NaeNae
Simply_ NaeNae 7 days ago
Anyone watching this July 12th? I AM!!
martienz Bantum
martienz Bantum 7 days ago
Rachel no incest this isn't Alabama Me 😂😂😂😂
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