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Jun 15, 2019




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Comments 298
Sxylana1986 Hour ago
The first product u tried does work u have to use it in 5 second intervals x
Donteatacowman 5 days ago
This isn't a gadget, but if you try Barkeeper's Friend on that pan, it should work great!
Oblong Goggle
Oblong Goggle 13 days ago
Those pink sock cleaner things are good for wearing of you're mopping and need to walk over the wet area without having to remop
Rachael Butterly
Rachael Butterly 20 days ago
Use ice cubes! For wrinkle prone clothes in the dryer or if something is already dry and you want to get the wrinkles out throw that in by itself with some ice cubes
Phoenix Rose
Phoenix Rose 22 days ago
Can you do a video cleaning the bottom of the pots and pans with that drill thing. It would be so satisfying
wheeler taz
wheeler taz 23 days ago
No longer the age of 11 I’m not even around to go on Wish
wheeler taz
wheeler taz 23 days ago
I like mopping
Lita Carbone
Lita Carbone Month ago
For pans I've heard that using half a lemon and salt works well. Coat the bottom of the pan with salt and use the half a lemon to scrub. Rinse when done 🤓👍
RIPZYEE Month ago
Old Kitchen pot Natural coconut scrub clean pot
Anne O'Hara
Anne O'Hara Month ago
The base is for storing the adapter pieces
Nocturnal Nikki
Nocturnal Nikki Month ago
Normal fabric softener dryer balls are honest to god a LIFESAVER they keep ur clothes both soft and static free
I have those cleaning socks. I like to wear them when I'm mopping to get any corners my mop won't reach. I love mine!!!
Renske Month ago
I got a Wish ad on this video 😅😅
Just HANEEN fekry
Just HANEEN fekry 2 months ago
U are not useing the 1 one correct
Thats_brunna Brunna
Thats_brunna Brunna 2 months ago
I have that exact makeup brush cleaning pad
dynamite_ dolphins
dynamite_ dolphins 2 months ago
The brush cleaner: you need to touch the bottom of the cup.. I saw Laurdiy do it with a drill and some makeup remover..
The Blue Raven
The Blue Raven 2 months ago
With the brush cleaner is User-Error. I have one of those and I LOVE it. It works so well for me - then I clean my brushes almost immediately after use..
Sarah Vandunk
Sarah Vandunk 2 months ago
I just use the ceramic cooktop cleaner..
Sam Adam
Sam Adam 2 months ago
Who else got a Wish add before watching this Wish related video?
Kirsten Konoff
Kirsten Konoff 2 months ago
You should make spoons u can eat i seen it on tasty and i was wondering if u do it and tell us what u thing of it
Amanda 2 months ago
I got this mop from Wish. I love it. You turn it to "on" and then you put it in the water then in the top basket and press down and it spins the excess water out! My kids can even use it and the floor is clean it just wet. It came with two mop heads which are super soft. I use the extra one to clean the lining of the pool if we start to get any built up. www.wish.com/share/3277foncsa
Jodi Lily
Jodi Lily 2 months ago
U should do a vid with Mia maples
nonololo98 2 months ago
if you want to get rid of the dirt under your pan, make ketchup on it and let it work for at least 1 hour, then rinse off and it should actually be cleaner. Works well with me ^^ Greetings
Lotte Brink
Lotte Brink 2 months ago
Now I am actually curious what size ur feet are
theatredad 2 months ago
The wrinkle remover is for like if you have wrinkled clothes and don’t wanna rewash them. You get the same effect if you wet a sock and wring it out and put it in the drier with wrinkly clothes
summertime sad
summertime sad 2 months ago
I feel bad for all the money she spent on useless things
KellyJo’s Kreations
Try a Mister Clean Magic Eraser on the bottom of your pans. They truly are MAGIC!!!!!!😻
Fast doggo
Fast doggo 2 months ago
Putting, red, white, and black clothes together is pretty risky
Smackdown 2 months ago
Hi I love you very much I’m your best fan from Oman and please make Q&A Any one with me add like 🥰
Brittany Torres
Brittany Torres 2 months ago
I adore mopping!!
Mk Rainbow
Mk Rainbow 2 months ago
For your pans try using brillo pads (I think that’s what they are called) they help deep clean dishes
Gypsy Julene
Gypsy Julene 2 months ago
Why am I so excited over a dryer which has a light inside
Ann-Helèn Milli Asmyhr
The last thing u used (for the pan) we use at work at it works like magic! The one we buy is from eBay tho and it's really hard (not soft like the one u got) so maybe you just got a bad one 🤔
Ales 333
Ales 333 2 months ago
This is random but who else loves the word "panflet" ? 😂
lauren hibbitts
lauren hibbitts 2 months ago
It looks like for the robo mop thong the charger is a 12 v cord I’m sure you have one in your house or can find one at the thrift store even they are very common cords and can be used for a bunch of different electronics
Elizabeth Sardina
Elizabeth Sardina 2 months ago
Can you try out the beauty blender washing machine
Eif O
Eif O 3 months ago
You need the brushes to touch the bottom a bit. Just as it would in the massage thingy pad, it needs a bit friction to get the foundation etc of. I heard many great reviews in those where they do that - letting the brushed touch the bottom a bit. And maybe using it a bit longer in the water than the 2 -3 Seconds u do. :-) Great video though in all 👍🏻
Shayline Martins Maia
I think if you left the brush inside for more than 5 sec, it could help it, also, try to use makeup remover instead of soap😂
monique Frank
monique Frank 3 months ago
My first wish experience was the free for signing up item, it was a French fry cutter. It was terrible it was in no way sharp enough to slice a potato , in fact I don’t think it would slice through a slab of butter! Into the trash it went.
Mya. Dïaz
Mya. Dïaz 3 months ago
This makes me want to clean
Claire Grace
Claire Grace 3 months ago
I would keep the brush cleaning set cause I would use the spinny part to wash my brushes on the silicone pad then I would keep the container to spin my brushes in the container to dry them and the water wouldn’t fly everywhere!!😊
tweedybird 3 months ago
They need to put one of those rubber brush pads on the bottom of the bowl so the brush has some friction to help with cleaning! I noticed that got a lot of product off when I tried it! Plus they’ll dry faster
Aliya Passovoy
Aliya Passovoy 3 months ago
Clean your brushes with a bar of soap. Just scub against the soap and it is cleaned easily.
Gage Adams
Gage Adams 3 months ago
I hate to vacuum I love to mop so don't asume
Beth 3 months ago
I only use the brush cleaner to dry my brushes if I need to wash and use straight away. I use the cleaning pad like yours and then spin them to dry. Works well 👌🏻
jc channel
jc channel 3 months ago
Why dont you introduce us to your kids
Makenzie Dames
Makenzie Dames 3 months ago
u need to put more water can u make a vid two and put more water in it
Michaela Uson
Michaela Uson 3 months ago
Anybody else got a wish ad?
John Vazquez
John Vazquez 3 months ago
Buy some grill screens and your set for the pans
Tenacious Terri
Tenacious Terri 3 months ago
Use a little oven cleaner on bottom of pan it works great
emma Rose
emma Rose 3 months ago
THE makeup wash thing i mean
emma Rose
emma Rose 3 months ago
THE first One My Mom has it but its not being dry so its not true
Lauren Sherratt
Lauren Sherratt 3 months ago
On the first on The random piece needed to go in the bottom of the bowl
claudia brett
claudia brett 3 months ago
The things you put on your feet are mops, you can buy them in uk stores. You put your liquid cleaning solution on the floor and mop up with them on your feet :)
you're the yee to my haw
*fancy , woo*
Shelly Beans Jellybeans
They have a makeup brush cleaner that looks like a little kids washing machine! You push the buttons and it spins and dries than and then it has a little hose to drain the water out. It's about $10 but I wonder if it actually works or if it's a flop and just gets the brushes a little wet lol
Manar 3 months ago
13:34 تكنلوجيا عاليه للتنظيف 😂😭
Zeynep Şimşek
Zeynep Şimşek 3 months ago
What she has kids?😮
Hannah Y
Hannah Y 3 months ago
She reminds me of Rachel ballinger
Ellabit41 3 months ago
9:13 I have those!!!
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