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In today’s video, Lizzy Capri invites her friends from Team RAR Stove’s Kitchen as well as special guest Bailey Payne to another epic TikTok challenge video. Lizzy invites her friends Stove and Bailey to attempt some of the most popular life hacks on TikTok to see which ones actually work and which ones don’t work. Watch to see @Lizzy Capri , @Stove's Kitchen , and @Bailey Payne try all sorts of viral TikTok challenges like the homemade soda slushi hack, Oreo Dunks, Cereal Bowl in a box, Balloon IPhone case, and many more! Watch to see which TikTok life hacks work and which ones don’t in this epic challenge video and Comment below with what you thought about this epic vlog!
$1 DATE VS $100 DATE!!
📷INSTAGRAM → instagram.com/lizzycapri/
⏰TIK TOK → www.tiktok.com/@lizzycapri
💬DISCORD → discordapp.com/invite/lizzycord
Business Inquiries: lizzy.integrations@teamrar.com
This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
This footage is property of Dream Team Studios LLC and is not allowed to be repurposed without written consent from Dream Team Studios LLC. For any requests from media contact us at lizzy.integrations@teamrar.com




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Comments 80
邱銘珊 2 hours ago
Abdullah Hameed
Abdullah Hameed 23 hours ago
I test these viral tik tok hack i got into trouble well i got into trouble little bit i guess well never mind
Abdullah Hameed
Abdullah Hameed 23 hours ago
Abdullah Hameed
Abdullah Hameed 23 hours ago
Hahahahhahaahhahahahahhaah hahahah.............mhmhmhmhmhmhmh haha I can't STOP LAUGHING I DON'T KNOW WHY HAHAHAHHA I DON'T KNOW WHY I AM LAUGHING SO MUCH..........I'm sorry .....................
Jorge Argueta
Stove is always hungry
Mechs Day ago
Bailey is
That girl Jolie C
Ian Minchella
Ian Minchella 2 days ago
I love food
Srey Touch
Srey Touch 2 days ago
Hi i love you and also who is stuck at home because of virus make the like blue if your stuck at home
jijo susan
jijo susan 2 days ago
The soda slushy hack worked very well🍾
jijo susan
jijo susan 2 days ago
Comment down below👇 leave a like
Omar Flores
Omar Flores 3 days ago
Oooooh lizzy h
sier1140 sier1140
when you posted this it was my birthday
Mariam Sultan
Mariam Sultan 3 days ago
Cool but I don't like pls who show off like that u know sur I'm saying
Darren Lim
Darren Lim 5 days ago
Litzy. Capri
Milly Davies
Milly Davies 6 days ago
2020 corona
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson 6 days ago
Carleen Thomas
Carleen Thomas 7 days ago
Jasmin Tellez
Jasmin Tellez 7 days ago
This was posted on my brothers birthday
Hollie Naden
Hollie Naden 7 days ago
I HAVE A PRANK ITA A PRETTY COMMON ONE... CLICK READ MORE TO FIND OUT... You get a bottle of Coca Cola, then like get a mento and get a small hole some how threw it and put some string threw it, then get the end of the string, tie I knot at one end and put it the other end of the stings under the coke lid and cut off the end, then if anybody tries to open the coke bottle the mento falls into the coke, and fires out at somebody, I did this to my brother, it was hilarious pls try this! If you do this please can I have a shout out, and let people know it was my idea?!!
funmi isiaq
funmi isiaq 7 days ago
Doing stuff is in the house 🏠
Naba Badshah
Naba Badshah 8 days ago
The phone case that is probably if you are traveling or something and you don’t want to get your phone scratched and you don’t have like a case
Lyndi Sakuray
Lyndi Sakuray 9 days ago
I think that they put some milk off camera and mixed it before the put it in for cream
Natalia Studios
Natalia Studios 9 days ago
Go fallow me on tiktok davidtoprani
Patsy Govender
Patsy Govender 10 days ago
I did the soda one and it worked
Ale Jurado
Ale Jurado 11 days ago
When Liz put the sport braw on her ex boyfriend say her and his eyes went dig dig
Amelia Riley
Amelia Riley 12 days ago
Put on rubber gloves
Tish Tash
Tish Tash 12 days ago
And you leave the soap then add water
Tish Tash
Tish Tash 12 days ago
They put milk in the Oreo cream!!!!!No wonder yours was lumpy...
Anastasia Horne
Anastasia Horne 12 days ago
Comment down below if you do not want to get the corona viris
Dania Psychi Tejano
I love you liz
Xavier bermudez
Xavier bermudez 13 days ago
Lizzy is so crazy
Xavier bermudez
Xavier bermudez 13 days ago
You are so crazy
Callie Ronnau
Callie Ronnau 13 days ago
i love life haks
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez 13 days ago
Ron Horne
Ron Horne 14 days ago
Hi lizzy I wanted. To let you know that my dad is a firstresponder at the fire station
Emily Peet
Emily Peet 14 days ago
On the first hack the slushy one on the gator rade u didn’t shake it
scott slayton
scott slayton 14 days ago
Mo Pie
Mo Pie 15 days ago
I like your underwear pain😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Lily Battiste
Lily Battiste 16 days ago
Play Kotor
Rebecca O'Connor
Rebecca O'Connor 16 days ago
Claudia A
Claudia A 16 days ago
hi lizzy
Ruben Harooni
Ruben Harooni 16 days ago
Jennie Ivey
Jennie Ivey 16 days ago
try do the hack when you put popkorn curnels in a hair staitner for 5 minuites and it makes popkorn
miss Mac
miss Mac 16 days ago
Gamer Ryan
Gamer Ryan 17 days ago
Maja XD
Maja XD 17 days ago
Yaylo Xbot
Yaylo Xbot 17 days ago
0:47 Try to read the plasticbag at the left
Summer McCarthy
Summer McCarthy 18 days ago
Sneaky 18 days ago
Me been fan since 2017
Fantasy dragon Gaming
The balloon works
Kieran McCabe
Kieran McCabe 18 days ago
hi liz
Lj Wilkes
Lj Wilkes 18 days ago
Like if baily and lizzy should get back together ⏬
Kim Jorgensen
Kim Jorgensen 18 days ago
I love when stove says hot hot. And his face
Rockstar 57
Rockstar 57 18 days ago
I'm one of those people that takes the marshmallows out and eats the rest like if you do to (me: I don't think anyone does that)
Livy5248 19 days ago
I did the balloon one
tt the baddest boss otp
For the ore6u needed to put it for longer
Mix Up Brothers
Mix Up Brothers 19 days ago
U and Stove should be bf gf
Calliei Hudson
Calliei Hudson 19 days ago
I hope you stay home and stay safe and be healthy
Jacob Long
Jacob Long 19 days ago
Get a whole box of cereal in one sitting and I would eat it
Stephen Persons
Stephen Persons 19 days ago
stove you only use 4 or 3 pices of tolet paper
Kristen Miller
Kristen Miller 19 days ago
1:32 you can see that project zorgo is in the background
Izabella Castellon
Izabella Castellon 19 days ago
Izabella Castellon
Izabella Castellon 19 days ago
Oh my gosh that is so weird
Harper Rivers
Harper Rivers 19 days ago
hi like the vidoe if your stuck at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aya younes
aya younes 19 days ago
What ever mood I am in I feel like watching lizzy capri . Like if you do or do not feel like watching lizzy Capri or comment. Beyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Fun world With cousins
sierra arth I’ll pray for you and everything you’re a nice person godlove you always how do you think you
Fun world With cousins
aya younes Whoa whoa hold up you’re being mean to the person who lives in videos to like your video so I think you’re being a Rado me
sierra arth
sierra arth 18 days ago
I love watch lizzy challenges
Kellan plays Roblox
Lol stove the toilet clogger 😂
Kellan plays Roblox
Aaly Ahmed
Aaly Ahmed 20 days ago
Lizzy you r not fashion at all
Mileigh Siebrandt
Mileigh Siebrandt 20 days ago
I love you Lizzy
Destiny Gunter
Destiny Gunter 20 days ago
Is stove your boyfriend
mailani1130 20 days ago
eryone let's be cleen
Kizzie Edmonds
Kizzie Edmonds 20 days ago
However I am a Fan of liz💐🌷💎
Kizzie Edmonds
Kizzie Edmonds 20 days ago
Funny 💎🌷🌷🌷🌷💐💐💐💐💐😂😂🤩🤩🤩🤩🤗🤭
Abby Plant
Abby Plant 21 day ago
Lizzy you hand a hole in your bra
Minh Thong
Minh Thong 21 day ago
Mike Renard
Mike Renard 21 day ago
The last two weeks of my family and family I www.davesmith.com/used/Ram/2019-Ram-1500-2ffd987d0a0e0adf7507821f22daf337.htm
Amazing Adriana
Amazing Adriana 21 day ago
Do more life hacks!!!
Yawo Goyito-Mensah
Still in the other boys I mean got they both look cute
Karen Price
Karen Price 21 day ago
did you move house
Evelyn Castro
Evelyn Castro 22 days ago
I did the Oreo one it melted I left it in the oven for 30 second
Janine Gato
Janine Gato 22 days ago
Hi lizzy
Joleen Bennell
Joleen Bennell 22 days ago
hi milley
Joleen Bennell
Joleen Bennell 22 days ago
hi lizzy
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